Permanent lip makeup with shading. Photos before and after the procedure, price

Salon procedure permanent makeup allows you to improve the shape of the lips or correct birth defects. Cosmetology clinics offer various types of tattooing (with shading, watercolor makeup, ombre technique), which make it possible to create a unique seductive look for a long time.

What is permanent lip makeup, the essence of tattooing, approximate prices

Permanent lip makeup (with shading, the procedure takes about 2 hours) – is an adjustment of the natural shape of the mouth with the help of micro-punctures introducing a persistent coloring pigment into the tissues.

Permanent lip makeup with shading. Photos before and after the procedure, price
Permanent lip makeup with shading. Reviews

Tattooing allows not only to change the style, giving the lips a sexy shine and puffiness, but also to mask birth defects, such as scars, asymmetry, cleft lip, scars.

During the procedure, the paint enters through many small frequent injections made to a depth of 0/32 – 1/32 inch.

To create make-up, substances are used that consist of natural mineral components with a low content of artificial chemical compounds. In its characteristics, permanent makeup is similar to tattooing, but differs in the depth of penetration of coloring pigments.

After the procedure, the woman acquires bright, well-defined, puffy lips, the color of which depends on the client’s desire. After 4-6 years, the makeup gradually turns pale, and then disappears along with the keratinized skin layer. The duration of the socks depends on the characteristics of the body and the quality of performance.

Permanent lip makeup with shading. Photos before and after the procedure, price

Poached makeup is applied:

  • in order to restore the contour, the brightness of the lips after 45 years of age;
  • for the correction of imperfections in appearance (cleft lip, very thin volume, asymmetry violation after herpes);
  • for a visual increase in the shape of the mouth;
  • if you do not want to constantly apply lipstick;
  • as a way to get rid of traces and smudges left by decorative cosmetics.

The cost of the procedure depends on the, clinic, cosmetologist qualifications:

Type of procedure Price
Simple contour correction from $ 68.
Feather Tattoo from $ 88.
Permanent makeup with full filling from $ 109.
3D effect from $ 1088.
Watercolor permanent from $ 82.
Ombre effect from $ 109.
Correction from $ 41.

Advantages and disadvantages

Permanent lip make-up (with shading made by tattooing gives the mouth the effect of having a slightly worn lipstick) has several advantages and disadvantages.

Permanent lip makeup with shading. Photos before and after the procedure, price

Pigmentation is used:

  • to give clear contours and swelling;
  • in order to avoid permanent gloss;
  • if you want to avoid leaving traces and smudges from lipstick;
  • for visual correction of imperfections in the shape of the mouth;
  • to create a well-groomed, bright image;

The disadvantages of the procedure include:

  • the inability for a long time to change the created appearance;
  • high cost of the procedure;
  • Mandatory correction after a certain time;
  • high soreness of the session;
  • long recovery period;
  • the need for special lip skin care after tattooing.

Contraindications to tattooing

Permanent lip make-up (with shading, contouring, or the 3 D effect, it turns out to create bright sexy lips, completely correcting the defect in the structure of the mouth) is carried out by various techniques, selected depending on the problem and desire of the woman.

Fully filled

A popular technique that helps give lips the appearance of a constant presence of bright lipstick and gloss.

Permanent lip makeup with shading. Photos before and after the procedure, price

During the procedure, the cosmetologist fills the entire subcutaneous surface of the mouth with paint, lightening the middle a bit. Full filling gives lips a gloss and volume, helps to adjust the shape and contour. After the procedure, the woman no longer needs makeup.

Shading contour

Neutral technique carried out by a coloring pigment of a neutral, nude hue. During the procedure, the doctor applies a chemical substance to the contour of the lips, and then evenly blends the pigment throughout the volume, leaving the middle unpainted. The lips are given the necessary puffiness, the appearance resembles the presence of a little worn lipstick.

Circuit only

A variant of permanent makeup, in which the paint is applied only to the contour of the mouth. Such a tattoo has the appearance of a pencil stroke, does not change shape, does not give completeness, contributing only to the appearance of clarity. Most often, such a procedure is ordered by women after 45 years to eliminate age-related changes (omission of the corners of the mouth).


Makeup is the application of a pigment of a natural shade with subsequent shading. This tattoo does not draw a contour, creates a gloss effect on the lips. It is carried out in nude or pink paint.

Natural light kayal

During the procedure, the doctor draws a light line behind the mouth with paint, visually increasing the natural shape of the lips. Such makeup does not correct the shape, but only gives visual puffiness, increasing the shape given by nature.

Permanent lip makeup with shading. Photos before and after the procedure, price

Suitable only with the perfect structure of the mouth, as it emphasizes all existing defects.

3D effect

Permanent makeup that creates the effect of brightly painted lips with smooth color transitions. It is carried out by 2 or 3 compatible shades of one c
olor scale.

Paint is applied under the skin throughout the mouth.

A paler tone is placed in the middle, the edges are brightened. The procedure consists of 2 stages. In the first session, a clear contour is created, during the 2nd tissue they are filled with dye.


The technique of iridescent staining, consisting in smooth transitions of color. It is created by a tonal palette of 5 shades of different brightness. The central part of the mouth is faded, towards the edge of the lips the pigment saturation gradually increases, creating the effect of the presence of bright lipstick on the lips.

Permanent lip makeup with shading. Photos before and after the procedure, price

Borders of transitions are shaded. With the right selection of colors, the lips acquire a rich shade, shine, visual seduction and puffiness.

Preparation for the procedure

Permanent lip makeup, accompanied by shading and drawing the contour, requires early preparation. Within 7 days before the session, it is necessary to undergo herpes prophylaxis orally by taking the drug Acyclovir (once a day). Tablets should be drunk to everyone, even women who have not previously suffered from viral pathologies.

In case of neglect of preventive measures on the 2-3rd day, herpes vesicles will appear in the micro-punctures, which arise due to severe trauma to the skin and a decrease in immunity.

In addition to a defect in appearance, the virus has the ability to “eat” the coloring pigment, and after adding rashes, “white spots” appear on the site of the former formations, which negate the entire tattoo. It is also necessary to take the drug 3 days after the completion of makeup.

In addition to Acyclovir, the day before the session should be excluded from use:

  • tea;
  • coffee;
  • carbonated lemonade;
  • seafood.

The indicated food and drink dilutes the blood, which will lead to trouble during punctures. Aspirin is also not permitted. Doctors strongly recommend that, before permanent makeup, artificially increase immunity by taking the prophylactic course Immunal and Vitamin C.

It is forbidden to do permanent makeup to people suffering from:

  • oncological neoplasms;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • impaired liver and kidney function;
  • clotting problems;
  • herpes;
  • acute respiratory infections accompanied by the appearance of fever; Permanent lip makeup with shading. Photos before and after the procedure, price
  • HIV infection
  • dermatitis or any other skin rashes;
  • mental or nervous disorders.

Lip tattooing should not be done:

  • pregnant women;
  • nursing mothers;
  • girls during critical days.

Permanent make-up is done only by a specialist cosmetologist in a sterile office of a cosmetology salon. It is strictly forbidden to apply coloring pigment under the skin yourself.

Execution technique

Tattooing of lips is allowed to be carried out only in a salon or clinic. The procedure requires complete sterility of the room and tools.

Stages of the procedure:

  1. Drawing up a sketch and its drawing. During a conversation with a client, the cosmetologist determines the makeup technique, the patient’s color scheme, and decides how to fix problems that need to be adjusted.
    Permanent lip makeup with shading. Photos before and after the procedure, price
  2. Drawing a sketch on the lips, processing the contour with a disinfectant, fixing it with point cuts.
  3. Anesthesia Anesthetic ointment or gel is placed in the created punctures to block the nerve endings.
  4. The introduction of the pigment dyeing machine under the skin to a depth of 1/32 – 1/32 inch
  5. Make-up shading, blurring clear boundaries when creating an ombre technique or 3D effect.
  6. Apply a calming and disinfecting gel or balm.

The duration of the session is from 1 to 3 hours. The longest procedures are 3D tattoo and ombre, carried out in 2 stages. After permanent makeup, the lips swell strongly, become covered with a crust, which eventually dries up and disappears.

Result after the procedure and care

After carrying out permanent makeup, the lips require careful care:

  • In the first days, a brown crust appears on the site of the cuts, drying up and disappearing after 2-3 days. Instead, a white film forms on the lips, which cannot be soaked and removed due to the risk of infection with the herpes virus.
  • The injured area with blue and swelling should be washed with Miramistin (Chlorhexidine) and treated with Bepanten ointment. The cream is applied precisely, with a cotton swab, it is impossible to lubricate the mouth with fingers. From the 2nd-3rd day the disinfecting treatment is stopped. The ointment must be applied as before 2-3 times a day.

During the 7 days since the creation of the tattoo you can not:

  • eat fatty, salty, frying, spicy foods, coffee and alcohol;

Permanent lip makeup with shading. Photos before and after the procedure, price

  • eat hot or cold food;
  • wash with tap water (only cool, boiled);
  • sunbathing, visiting the sauna, pool, gym;
  • swim in open water;
  • kiss;
  • apply makeup;
  • independently remove protective crusts from wounds.

After applying such makeup, you can not drink, touching the edges of the glass with your lips (only through a straw), take ultraviolet baths. All cooked dishes should be served warm. During brushing, be extremely careful. Toothpaste that gets on the skin can corrode pigment, causing the formation of white spots.

Permanent lip makeup with shading. Photos before and after the procedure, price

Over the course of 5 days, the lips may retain puffiness, a blueness may appear at the puncture site.

Immediately after the procedure, the mouth seems unnatural due to bright pigmentation. After 6-7 days, the skin will fully recover, makeup will acquire the desired shade and shine. Permanent makeup should not be done in the summer due to the high risk of infection and the aggressiveness of ultraviolet rays.

Possible complications:

  • The heat . Most often, an increase in temperature is caused by a reaction of the body to pain and stress. In most cases, the condition normalizes independently.
  • The inflammatory process (suppuration) in the area of punctures . The problem is treated with Levomekol ointment, applied with
    a cotton bud 3 times a day.
  • The appearance of itching . An unpleasant symptom may be associated with the healing process or may indicate an infection. In the second case, fever joins an itch.
  • Herpes . It occurs 2-3 days after the procedure when neglecting preventive measures (taking Acyclovir). Permanent lip makeup with shading. Photos before and after the procedure, price

The appearance of side effects requires prompt medical advice.

Lip tattoo correction and frequency

After 3-6 years or as a result of an unsatisfactory result, makeup correction is carried out. The duration of the work depends on the area of correction.

Corrective actions are:

  • In case of receiving the final shade of lips that does not suit the client. Makeup is fixed after 5 hours. Prior to this, the color can be significantly brighter.
  • With a distortion of the asymmetry resulting from the spreading of tissues under the influence of an anesthetic gel.
  • With an uneven distribution of the coloring pigment or a fuzzy colored contour.
  • If the master makes a mistake.

During the correction, the specialist corrects the deficiencies by performing actions pointwise, or conducts repeated tattooing.

The course of the procedure:

  • creating a sketch and applying it to the outline;

Permanent lip makeup with shading. Photos before and after the procedure, price

  • fixation of the pattern of incisions;
  • anesthesia;
  • filling the skin with a coloring matter through micro-punctures;
  • applying a calming, disinfecting gel or balm.

The time for corrective actions depends on the existing defect:

  • Distorted contour, asymmetry are corrected 1 month after tissue healing.
  • A medical error or an unsatisfactory result is corrected by repeated tattooing 1-3 months after the end of the 1st procedure.
  • Makeup update is carried out after 4-6 years.

After the correction, the tissues need about 1 month to complete recovery. At the request of the client, the permanent can be removed with a laser. During the procedure, the rays destroy pigmentation without destroying healthy skin.

Contact with the laser may cause minor scars and scars removed by the cosmetic device.

The cosmetic procedure permanent lip make-up allows you to improve the shape of the mouth, giving it the desired contour and swelling. Depending on your preferences, you can make a tattoo with shading, creating the effect of glossy shine or try on the image of a fatal beauty, make a fashionable ombre decor.

Permanent Lip Tattoo Video

How to do lip tattoo:

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