Vacuum Belly Slimming. How to do, benefits and harms, reviews,

Vacuum is often used to lose weight in the abdomen, because it allows you to achieve results without much effort and lengthy training. There are some contraindications for the exercise, but in most cases they have a beneficial effect not only on the figure, but also on human health. Provided that the training is carried out correctly, they do not provoke complications.

What is a stomach vacuum

Vacuum of the abdomen is a specific set of exercises aimed at strengthening the anterior abdominal wall and reducing the volume of the waist. This involves all the abdominal muscles. The technique is borrowed from yoga, used by beginners and professional athletes.

Vacuum Belly Slimming. How to do, benefits and harms, reviews,As a result, you can remove excess volume, strengthen not only the abdominal abs, but also the entire muscle corset, which is responsible for maintaining the spinal column.

Slimming mechanism

For the formation of relief, internal and external muscles are responsible, as well as straight, starting in the area of the end of the sternum and ending in the area of the pubic bones. In addition, there are oblique muscles of the abdomen, responding to the waist.

If a person devotes a lot of time to training, but the oblique muscles are not involved, fat accumulates in the sides and lower back. When using the technology of vacuum of the abdomen, all muscle groups are involved, which ensures a uniform load and elimination of the fat layer.

Vacuum Belly Slimming. How to do, benefits and harms, reviews,In addition, during training, a special breathing technique is used, which involves the saturation of the body with oxygen after a short starvation. In this case, an intensive expenditure of energy and burning of fat cells occurs. Thanks to this effect, after a short period, you can notice the first results.

Benefits and harm to the body

Vacuum of the abdomen, which contraindications should be considered before starting workouts, has a positive effect on the human body.

The main benefits are as follows:

  • Promotes weight loss, tightens the lower abdomen and forms a thin waist.
  • It stimulates the burning of not only subcutaneous, but also visceral fat, which can provoke a protrusion of the abdomen even in the absence of a layer of fat under the skin.
  • It helps to prevent the prolapse of the internal organs when the muscles are weakened, since it helps to train them.
  • It has a beneficial effect on the psycho-emotional state of a person, helps to normalize sleep, stimulates mental activity due to the saturation of cells with oxygen.
  • Improves digestion by accelerating the movement of food through the intestines and stimulating peristalsis.
  • It is a good prevention of congestion in the pelvis, which is especially important for women and men older than 50 years.
  • Stimulates blood circulation in the abdominal organs.
  • It has a positive effect on the posture of a person and reduces the load on the lumbar spine.

Vacuum Belly Slimming. How to do, benefits and harms, reviews,After training, many feel a surge of energy and vitality, as well as an improvement in mood.

When performing a vacuum in the abdomen, blood pressure rises and the heart rate increases, which can be dangerous for many people.

In addition, exercises stimulate blood flow to the organs of the digestive and reproductive systems, and this can lead to complications if there are any chronic diseases.

The first few workouts may be accompanied by dizziness and headache, as well as discomfort in the abdomen. Normally, these sensations disappear after 5-7 sessions. If this does not happen, you should abandon training.


The abdominal vacuum, the contraindications of which should be discussed with a specialist, is not always allowed to be performed, since it can worsen a person’s condition.

Chronic digestive tract diseases

Peptic ulcer of the stomach, duodenum and intestines with a tendency to bleeding is considered an obstacle to exercise. This is due to the stimulation of blood circulation and the influx of large amounts of blood to the organs of the abdominal cavity.

As a result, an exacerbation of the disease is possible, as well as perforation of the wall of one of the organs with the subsequent development of internal bleeding and peritonitis.

Mental disorders in the acute stage

Any mental illness, especially in the acute stage, is a strict contraindication to exercise. Training stimulates mental activity, makes a person vigorous and energetic. However, mentally unhealthy people are not able to control their actions, which can cause an accident or worsening.

The period of pregnancy and recovery after childbirth

At this time, increased circulation in the pelvic organs can cause deviations in the development of the child or other complications. During the rehabilitation period after childbirth, an extra burden on the organs is also not needed. It is better to start training after a full recovery.

Rehabilitation after surgery on internal organs

It is especially dangerous to perform exercises after operations on the digestive tract. Training involves a rather noticeable load on the abdominal press and the insides, which can cause seams to diverge. In each case, the length of the recovery period is different, so do not slow down tissue regeneration.

Pathologies of blood vessels and heart severe

Arterial hypertension and angina pectoris often occurs in patients with complications, so stimulating blood circulation can aggravate the condition.

Vacuum Belly Slimming. How to do, benefits and harms, reviews,The initial stage of such violations is not a strict contraindication, but it is important to consult a specialist.

Respiratory system diseases

One of the strict contraindications is bronchial asthma. With deep inhalation and exhalation, a spasm of the respiratory tract is possible with the subsequent development of an attack. That is why you should not use a vacuum for weight loss, especially during periods of exacerbation.

Malignant neoplasms

If the tumor is located in the mediastinum or in one of the organs of the abdominal cavity, training should be abandoned. Blood flow to the affected area can stimulate the rapid growth of neoplasms and the spread of metastases.

Vertebral displacement

If the vertebrae are displaced in the cervical, but the patient’s condition is satisfactory, it is not forbidden to perform exercises. But with a violation of the location of the vertebrae in the thoracic or lumbar, training can exacerbate the problem. You can do it after normalization, if the specialist is not against such training.

Other violations

Any acute diseases, such as colds or infections, are a contraindication for exercise.

During classes, a worsening of the condition, aggravation of symptoms is possible. But after recovery, the patient is allowed to train if there are no complications.

What are the expected results of weight loss

The vacuum will not be able to instantly reduce the volum
e of the abdomen, so you should not perform the exercises, not taking into account contraindications, hoping for an instant result.

Vacuum Belly Slimming. How to do, benefits and harms, reviews,In most cases, the effect depends on the amount of extra pounds in the waist. On average, people who exercise regularly lose 7 -9 pounds in weight over 4-6 weeks. The waist volume decreased by 1’2 – 2’8 inch. However, it is worth remembering that the body of each person reacts to training differently, so you should not give up training if after 1 month the results are not impressive.

The effect of vacuum on the figure of women giving birth

Women after giving birth in most cases see a blurry waist in their reflection. If fat in other parts of the body gradually disappears, then it remains in the abdomen.

Thanks to the vacuum, it is possible to significantly reduce waist size and lose excess weight in 6 weeks. The experience of many young mothers proves the effectiveness of the technique. In addition, it helps to reduce appetite, so the weight goes away naturally.

How to technically do the abdominal vacuum

To perform the exercises correctly, you need to know all the subtleties and features:

Feature Description
Essence of exercise The bottom line is to create a vacuum in the abdominal cavity artificially by drawing in the abdomen and holding it in this position for a certain time.
Before or after a meal It is better to perform exercises on an empty stomach, as a full stomach will prevent the maximum retraction of the abdomen.
Comfortable position It is better for beginners to do standing up, sitting on a chair or on all fours. Advanced athletes are suitable for lying training, as well as advanced exercises in which other muscles are involved.
Number of workouts It is recommended that you devote several minutes to the exercises daily. If this is not possible, you need to train at least 3 times a week. To obtain a quick and pronounced result, you can perform the exercise 2 times a day.

Vacuum Belly Slimming. How to do, benefits and harms, reviews,For training, you will not need additional equipment, since you can perform exercises almost everywhere and at any time. However, experts recommend taking time immediately after waking up, after emptying the bladder.

The most common beginner mistakes

Beginners often make mistakes that prevent them from getting results from classes.

The most common ones are:

  • A short gap between sets. It is worth remembering that the muscles should not only strain, but also relax.
  • Workout after eating. In this case, the stomach cannot be pulled in as much as possible, which means that the effectiveness of the classes will decrease.
  • Immediate cessation of exercise when you experience slight dizziness. Specialists pay attention that this is absolutely normal, usually the symptom disappears after several workouts.
  • Improper breathing, which leads to pain in the abdomen.

If you avoid all of these errors, training will be effective and will bring a good effect.

Breathing technique

The vacuum of the abdomen, contraindications to which can be found during the study of the technique, must be performed in combination with the correct breathing technique.

It consists of several stages:

  1. A sharp and quick exhalation, in which the muscles of the anterior abdominal press are involved.
  2. A quick and deep breath, in which not only the chest is straightened, but also the stomach is inflated.
  3. Full exhalation, in which the abdomen is retracted.
  4. Holding your breath for 5-7 seconds.
  5. Slow and deep breath.

Vacuum Belly Slimming. How to do, benefits and harms, reviews,If each step is precisely performed, the exercises will bring more benefits, and the result will not be long in coming. It is worth noting that some use a different technique, in which, after maximal retraction of the abdomen, it is necessary to breathe slowly in the usual rhythm, but not to relax the tense muscles. Both methods are considered correct, everyone chooses a more suitable technique for themselves.

Phased training program

Experts recommend training according to a specific scheme, which involves performing the exercises in several stages.


At the initial stage, it is necessary to perform the exercise in supine position with legs bent at the knees. This will maximize the relaxation of the muscles of the anterior abdominal press and facilitate retraction.

After deep exhalation and inhalation, it is necessary to free the lungs from the air and draw in the stomach, pressing the internal organs to the spine as much as possible. The first 7-10 days, breath holding should be no more than 15 seconds. However, with each training, this time increases.

Vacuum Belly Slimming. How to do, benefits and harms, reviews,
Most training complexes for weight loss include an effective exercise – a stomach vacuum

Professional athletes can keep their belly drawn in and hold their breath for 50-60 seconds. For beginners, 5 approaches are enough.


After mastering the exercises in the supine position, it is allowed to proceed to training in the standing position, sitting and with an inclination.

In this case, the breathing technique is not changed, everything should be done step by step. Repeat the exercise at least 6-10 times depending on the level of preparedness. At the same time, in the sitting and standing position, attention should be paid to the back. It should be straight, which creates an additional load on the muscles of the press.

Vacuum Plus Quadriceps

This option is also considered complicated, since the stomach should be pulled in while standing on all fours. This creates a load on the quadriceps and o
ther muscles of the body.

Vacuum Belly Slimming. How to do, benefits and harms, reviews,At the initial stage, 2 to 3 approaches should be performed, gradually increasing their number to 5-6.

Natural vacuum of the abdomen

This stage can be mastered not only during training, but also at any convenient time. Its essence is to constantly retract the abdomen in any position of the body (standing, sitting, lying). This strengthens the transverse muscles and the anterior abdominal press.

Over time, the control process will become natural, and retraction will occur at a subconscious level. After a few months, the muscle corset will narrow, which will make the waist narrower.

Alternating abdominal vacuum with abdominal exercises

After working through all these exercises, it is allowed to begin training the abdominal muscles in the classical way by pumping.

In this case, you should try during exercises to tighten the stomach as much as possible to provide a more pronounced result. It is allowed for 1 lesson to download the press about 100 times, dividing this number by 3-4 approaches. At the same time, breathing is not delayed, since trained muscles must cope with retraction even without the maximum emptying of the lungs from the air.

Beginner Workout Options

For beginners, you can choose one training option and stick to such a program until the moment when its implementation does not become too easy. Then you can proceed to the complicated technique or add pumping according to the classical scheme.

Sitting exercises

To do this, you need to choose a comfortable chair and take a comfortable position. Beginners should not keep their back straight, it is better to bend it with an arc, which will facilitate the retraction of the abdomen. The elbows must be placed on your knees or your palms in them.

After this, it is necessary to take a deep exhale followed by a breath. Next, completely empty the lungs and draw in the stomach, stay in this position for 10 seconds. After that, you should try to inhale, but relax the muscles that keep the stomach inverted.

Vacuum Belly Slimming. How to do, benefits and harms, reviews,Repeat 5 times. Between approaches there should be a break of at least 30 seconds, during which breathing should be restored.

Standing exercises

In a standing position, the exercise is somewhat more difficult.

You must complete all the steps in a clear sequence:

  1. Become with legs spread straight shoulder width apart.
  2. Bend your knees slightly and rest your palms in them.
  3. Round your back.
  4. Exhale and take a deep breath.
  5. Release the lungs from the air.
  6. Retract the stomach, straining the muscles as much as possible.
  7. Hold in this position for 10-15 seconds.
  8. Inhale slowly and gradually relax the abdominal muscles.

Do 3 to 7 sets. The interval between them is 20-30 s.

Inclination exercises

The most difficult option for beginners, which is worth resorting to after mastering the previous techniques. It is necessary to take a standing position, and then tilt the body to one side, without changing the position of the legs and pelvis. One hand can palm rest on the side of the thigh.

After that, carry out a breathing cycle with exhalation, inhalation and subsequent maximum exhalation. The next step is retraction of the abdomen while holding the breath. At the same time, it should be delayed for at least 10 seconds.

Repeat at least 5 times, you can change the side of the slope for a better study of the muscles. A break between sets is 20 seconds.

Lying exercises

Vacuum of the abdomen (contraindications should be considered before starting workouts) in the supine position is considered the easiest option for beginners.

Vacuum Belly Slimming. How to do, benefits and harms, reviews,It is necessary to take a lying position and perform in stages:

  1. Exhale sharply, freeing the lungs.
  2. Breathe in as much as possible while stretching the chest.
  3. Exhale, tensing the abdominal muscles.
  4. Hold your breath and simultaneously draw in your stomach.
  5. Hold it in this position for 10 seconds.
  6. Relax your muscles and slowly restore your breathing rhythm.

Repeat 5-7 times with breaks between exercises for 10-15 seconds.

CrossFit: a complex for advanced

Such exercises can be performed only by advanced people who have perfectly mastered the vacuum, and now want to complicate their training.

The technique involves the step-by-step execution of the following steps:

  1. Make a bar for at least 1 min. In this case, the line of the body should be straight, you can not bend the back in the lumbar or bend the knees. If you can’t stay in position for 60 seconds, you should postpone such a complex and practice in a simplified mode. Vacuum Belly Slimming. How to do, benefits and harms, reviews,
  2. After this, it is worth doing 15 twists , that is, pumping the press, but at the same time with the body raise the legs bent at the knees so that at each lift the knees touch the head.
  3. Make 5 repetitions of the vacuum exercise, standing on all fours . In this case, the breath holding should be maximum, and when retracting, a person should feel the tension of the abdominal muscles.
  4. Raising straight legs in a hanging position. In this case, the body should be motionless. You can hang on the Swedish wall, this will facilitate the implementation. There are also special simulators that facilitate the implementation. On them, the athlete can rest his arms bent at the elbows. In any case, the legs should not rest anywhere, otherwise the exercise will not bring results.

A similar workout can be repeated 3 times a week.

Vacuum is a popular exercise among beginners and advanced athletes who want to reduce abdominal volume.

There are some contraindications that should be considered before starting classes. But in case of correct execution, the result will not be long in coming.

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Vacuum of the abdomen: how to properly exercise:

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