The operation to remove lumps of Bish. How it goes, price, consequences in old age

Fat cells in the area of the cheeks, the removal of which allows you to simulate the shape of the face, make the cheekbones chiseled, are called Bisha lumps. Many are interested in the price of a bisectomy procedure, but before the operation it is also important to get acquainted with the features of the conduction, indications, contraindications, possible consequences immediately after the removal procedure, and also after decades.

Functions of Bisha Lumps in the Body

Lumps of Bisha (removal, price are indicated below) have the form of small fat accumulations, which are also called Bisha bodies. They are located in the depth of the subcutaneous layer of the periocular, between the cheekbone line, above the lower jaw.

Lumps are protected by the mucous membrane, on the outside – by the skin. The name of the fat capsules on behalf of the medical scientist from France Marie Francois Xavier Bichat, the first to describe the characteristics, functions. The operation to remove lumps of Bish. How it goes, price, consequences in old age

They consist of 3 lobes, which are concentrated along the duct of the parotid gland, which is responsible for the secretion of saliva. Visually, the bodies round the lower part of the oval, smoothing the angularity of the zygomatic line. Their density is so high that it is practically impossible to remove the expression of “chubby cheeks” with intense physical exertion, as well as diets.

Taurus perform several functions in the human body:

  • provide protection of the facial nerves, facial muscles from injury, friction;
  • in infancy, facilitate the absorption of breast milk;
  • contribute to the sliding of the masticatory muscles during eating in childhood.

For an adult organism, capsule accumulations will not fulfill the determining functions, therefore, their removal is safe. After 30 years, they tend to decrease, their growth, unlike other internal tissues, stops.

After 40 years, they can sink along with the tissues that have lost their tone, forming unaesthetic bryl. The operation to remove them is primarily aesthetic in nature, as it helps to restore the features of the clarity of lines, a more youthful appearance, and to correct the overly broad lower part of the face.

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Pros and Cons of Removing

Lumps of Bisha for an adult do not carry a functional load in the body, but the opinions of experts in terms of their removal are divided polar. The cost of such an intervention is quite affordable, but before the procedure it is important to know the pros and cons of bisectomy.

The advantages of such an operation include the following effects:

  • Correction. By removing the fat bodies under the cheekbones line, you can give the lower part of the face clarity, severity of features, return a toned look, which will create a noticeable anti-aging effect.
  • Getting rid of fat surplus. In contrast to the liposuction procedure, which is similar in effect, the elimination or movement of Bisch lumps has a lasting effect, while a higher degree of safety of the method is noted. After surgery, the face looks more refined.
  • Elimination of signs of aging. With sagging cheeks, facial features change, which provokes the appearance of deep skin folds. When removing fatty deposits that are pulling down, the skin is tightened, nasolabial wrinkles are eliminated.
  • Modeling. Sometimes, with fine features, lumps can be disproportionately expressed, which violates the proportions of the face. Bisectomy allows you to make features more proportional, harmonious. Also, with a round type of face with excess body fat, such a procedure can be performed as indicated for aesthetic correction.
  • Losing weight. The intensity of stress and diet can change the proportions of the body, but often even after losing weight due to the severity of the lumps, the effect of chubby cheeks remains. Bisectomy will help achieve the full effect of losing weight. The operation to remove lumps of Bish. How it goes, price, consequences in old age

In addition to the advantages of this procedure, there are also opinions against its implementation.

Experts attribute the following to the disadvantages:

  • Lack of warranties. Removal does not guarantee a 100% result; many surgeons consider this procedure ineffective.
  • Probability of consequences. Since bisectomy is an operative measure, there is a risk of negative consequences after surgery and the use of general anesthesia. Also, the method is not recommended under the age of 25 years, since the tissues tend to change, which is highly likely to lead to sagging cheeks, early aging.
  • Shortness of the result, the difficulty of achieving an aesthetic result. Such a lack of procedures is individual, it is associated with unstable weight. The disadvantage is of a private nature, yet it must be taken into account when deciding on a surgical procedure.

The disadvantage or, rather, a feature of the procedure is the irreversibility of the result. According to experts, it’s rather difficult to return roundness to a person and remove excessive thinness.

Drugs administered to the patient tend to rapidly resolve, and the implant is technologically difficult to fix. As a safer alternative, in some cases, for aesthetic correction, the use of fillers is recommended, which is a less radical method of cosmetology.


When fat deposits are removed, tissues are minimally damaged, so rehabilitation generally takes a short period, being more facilitated in comparison with liposuction.

Despite the general safety of the procedure, there are a number of contraindications to a bisectomy:

  • the presence of acute viral, respiratory, infectious diseases at the time of the procedure;
  • the presence of diabetes in the stage of decompensation;
  • inflammatory processes occurring in the treated area;
  • acute inflammation of the mucosa, stomatitis, gingivitis and other lesions of the oral cavity;
  • tendency to increase blood pressure;
  • systemic (chronic) diseases;
  • decreased immunity due to a long illness or for other reasons;
  • the presence of malignant oncological formations, especially in the removal zone;
  • poor blood coagulation, other diseases of the circulatory system; The operation to remove lumps of Bish. How it goes, price, consequences in old age
  • individual cardiovascular diseases;
  • disorders of a psycho-emotional nature, disorders of a psychosomatic etiology, epilepsy.

A contraindication to bishectomy is also a deviation of the weight from the norm by more than 1/4 in the positive or negative direction. If you plan to change the weight in the future, the procedure must be completed after stabilization. Also, according to many surgeons, the age of 25 years is a contraindication, the thickness of internal tissues and fat accumulations up to this age can independently decrease.

Preparation for the operation to remove lumps of Bisha

Lumps of Bisha (removal, the price depends on the doctor’s pro
fessionalism and popularity of the clinic) form an oval in the lower part, if desired, they are removed surgically. Having decided on this procedure, it is necessary to choose a clinic, an experienced specialist surgeon.

Preparation for bisectomy includes several important steps:

  1. Consultation. Before surgical procedures, you must consult a doctor. The patient is provided with comprehensive information on the technique, features, indications and contraindications.
  2. Poll. The specialist finds out all the information about the state of health, the previous history of the procedure, the presence of systemic diseases, allergies to certain drugs or anesthetics.
  3. Palpation. The doctor palpates the problem areas in two positions, first examined in a prone position, and then standing. Such an inspection allows you to make the necessary conclusion about the exact location, size of the fat capsules. The operation to remove lumps of Bish. How it goes, price, consequences in old age
  4. Stage of modeling. At this stage, the doctor determines the technique of the operation, selects the area, place, direction of the future incision. In modern clinics, the preparatory phase is carried out by computer simulation.
  5. Laboratory research . After collecting an anamnesis and detailed clarification of the course of the operation, the necessary examinations are carried out. The patient must pass the biomaterial (blood, urine), undergo mandatory fluorography, electrocardiogram and other studies prescribed by the doctor individually. Mandatory studies include tests for HIV, syphilis, hepatitis C and B.

Until the appointed day of the operation, the patient must adhere to certain rules, such as refusing alcohol, a light diet, and the exclusion of certain drugs (the list is determined by the doctor).

Getting rid of Bish’s lumps with a scalpel

The classic method of bisectomy is with a surgical scalpel.

Such an operation is performed on an empty stomach, the process is divided into several main stages:

  • Anesthesia. The patient is injected into a state of general anesthesia, the type of anesthesia and dosage are calculated based on individual characteristics, the selected removal technology. In some situations, capsule removal is performed under local anesthesia.
  • In previously marked areas on the internal mucosa, incisions are made with a scalpel. Since all manipulations are performed from the inside, this method ensures the absence of postoperative sutures from the outside.
  • From the incisions no more than 0’4 – 0’8 inch long, the doctor removes the body of Bisha’s lumps. Taurus can be removed completely or moved, it all depends on the simulation and the selected technology of the operation.
  • After the extraction or movement is completed, the incisions are sutured with a bio-degrading thread using a cosmetic suture.
  • At the final stage, disinfectant pads are placed on the seams, and the outside of the cheeks is pulled up with elastic tape.

The operation itself is not a complex surgical procedure, the time for a bisectomy with a scalpel is not more than 40 minutes.

Most often, it can be one of the stages of complex plastic surgery. Due to the fact that non-important organs and functions are not impaired, the patient after withdrawal from anesthesia can be observed on an outpatient basis.

The cost varies depending on several factors:

  • level and location of the clinic;
  • experience and qualifications of a doctor;
  • the selected type of anesthesia;
  • the amount of fat removed;
  • technology and additional services.

The average cost of removing lumps of Bish with a scalpel in capital clinics is from $ 476 – $ 612, in – from $ 340.

Laser removal

Lumps of Bish (removal, price and all features of the operation are described below) can be eliminated with a laser. This modern method allows you to perform manipulations faster than the classical method with a scalpel. One of the advantages of the laser technique is a lower risk of bleeding, since coagulation (cauterization) of blood vessels occurs during the removal process.

Such a procedure is carried out, as a rule, under local anesthesia – the administration of anesthetics into the mucous membrane of the cheeks, which is also a plus of laser bisectomy. The laser beam less injures tissues, cannot be a source of infection, so the risk of infection is much lower, and rehabilitation is less long and painful.

Laser removal of lumps by Bish by the following algorithm:

  1. Small incisions are made on the inside (mucosa) of the laser beam with a directed laser beam.
  2. When the stratification of the muscles occurred, access to the fat capsules is open, the doctor removes or moves the bodies, separating them with a laser from other tissues.
  3. After removal or redistribution of fat, absorbable sutures are applied.

The laser removal operation itself does not take more than 30 minutes. Elastic dressings are applied to the cheeks and a disinfectant pad on the inside. The cost of laser removal of Bisha’s lumps in capital clinics of aesthetic surgery is from $ 748, in – from $ 544.

Rehabilitation period

The rehabilitation period after this surgery lasts an average of 2-3 weeks from the time of surgery. Immediately after withdrawal from anesthesia, but in the absence of any complications and disorders, the patient can be observed on an outpatient basis, but subject to all doctor’s recommendations.

There are a number of limitations during the recovery period:

  • It is not recommended to visit the sauna, baths, any thermal procedures.
  • It is worth limiting physical activity during the entire rehabilitation period.
  • It is necessary to avoid stressful situations, to control the psycho-emotional state, not to allow active facial expressions – expressed laughter, grimaces, screaming and other emotions.
  • To get rid of postoperative edema, it is necessary to use a high pillow position for sleeping, it is recommended to sleep exclusively on the back.
  • Teeth need to be cleaned qualitatively, but with less intensity, avoiding injury to the wound on the mucous membrane. The operation to remove lumps of Bish. How it goes, price, consequences in old age
  • Alcohol and smoking are strictly prohibited during the recovery period.
  • To prevent the development of inflammatory processes on the mucosa, antibiotic drugs are prescribed individually.

In the presence of painful sensations at the place of removal, it is permissible to take painkillers, but as prescribed by a doctor. It is very important to follow a diet during the rehabilitation period.

It is necessary to reduce the load on the masticatory muscles, so the first 3 days after the operation, only liquid food is allowed. Gradually, the menu can be supplemented with mashed
and mashed dishes. Solid food can be introduced into the diet no earlier than 14 days after surgery.

It is important to monitor the temperature of the food, excluding too cold and hot.

Each meal should be completed with antiseptic rinses to avoid infection and irritation of the postoperative area.

Possible postoperative complications

With the right removal technology, as well as observing all the rules of septic tanks, anesthesia and other important surgical processes, there is practically no risk of complications.

However, after removing Bisha’s lumps with a scalpel or laser, the following complications may develop:

  • violation of fluid outflow, swelling, redness; The operation to remove lumps of Bish. How it goes, price, consequences in old age
  • allergic reactions, accompanied by rashes, respiratory failure, the work of the cardiovascular system, lowering blood pressure;
  • violation of the salivary gland, facial muscles, tissue integrity;
  • pain syndrome, which generally goes away for 2-3 rehabilitation periods;
  • blood accumulation under the skin;
  • numbness of the lower part of the face;
  • the occurrence of asymmetry with uneven removal of fatty deposits.

One of the negative effects after surgery is often the patient’s dissatisfaction with their new appearance. Visible asymmetry may appear on the face, as well as signs of aging caused by the removal of fat bodies.

If the patient concealed the presence of inflammation on the mucous membrane just before the operation, damaged the postoperative wound or did not take into account the doctor’s recommendations during the rehabilitation period, the risk of complications increases many times.

If the preparation stages are not followed and the clinical picture before the operation is not complete, the risk of serious complications during the rehabilitation period, as well as the development of the inflammatory process, is higher.

Possible consequences after 10 years and in old age

Lumps of Bish (removal, price depends on the chosen technology) make the face more rounded. The bishectomy trend has gained popularity due to the popularization of the procedure by Hollywood stars. Kim Kardashian, Angelina Jolie, Natalie Portman, Megan Fox and other celebrities removed fat cheekbones and sharpened their faces.

The aesthetic effect is long-term, therefore, before deciding on this procedure, the patient should be aware of the consequences that may arise after a decade and in old age:

  • With age, the result will be less impressive, negative changes in facial features are possible.
  • In the long run, the risk of asymmetry of the face is high. The process of forming new cells and scar tissue takes a considerable time period. Changes may occur over the years in the form of asymmetry of the lines of the cheekbones. The operation to remove lumps of Bish. How it goes, price, consequences in old age
  • With a significant weight gain, the effect will come to naught, as new fat deposits will appear. The face will become round again, the beautiful effect of a clearly defined oval and cheekbone lines will disappear.
  • When losing weight, the oval of the face visually stretches, the effect of fatigue, an exhausted appearance may appear.

A decrease in the amount of fat in the facial zone can trigger the activation of early aging. For this reason, doctors do not recommend resorting to removing lumps of Bisha until the age of 25-30. The probability of developing early wrinkles is high.

It can be compared with the effect of a balloon: while it is filled with air, it is round, smooth, when it is released, it shrinks, losing volume.

The decision to conduct a bisectomy should be balanced, made strictly on an individual basis, and not under the influence of fashion trends. Removal should be carried out only after a comprehensive assessment of the possible consequences, projecting the result of the operation for many years to come.

Change in the shape of the face before and after removal of lumps of Bisha

A complete picture of aesthetic changes can be observed 5-6 months after surgery, when the wounds heal and internal cells and tissues recover.

The face after the removal of fat bodies changes markedly:

  • the volume of the cheeks is significantly reduced;
  • the oval of the face becomes more clear, elongated;
  • contours change, the cheekbones line is especially emphasized;
  • the chin has a less severe appearance, becomes more defined, expressive;
  • on the face there is a visible effect of rejuvenation;
  • the depth of the nasolabial fold decreases, wrinkles in the adjacent area are eliminated.

It is allowed to combine the procedure with other anti-aging procedures. Removing lumps of Bisha is combined with reinforcing with gold threads, plastic lifting, ultrasonic lifting.

A comprehensive program is developed by a doctor after assessing an aesthetic problem. The result obtained after bisectomy is permanent, which must be taken into account before deciding whether to undergo a surgical procedure.

Fat capsules (Bisha lumps) are functionally necessary for a person only in infancy. Removal does not pose a threat to the body, and the price of a bisectomy procedure varies depending on several factors.

Before removal, it is important to evaluate postoperative risks and possible consequences. After a positive decision, it is necessary to give preference to a clinic with an impeccable reputation and a highly qualified specialist.

Video about removing lumps of Bisha

Myths about removing Bisha’s lumps:

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