How to increase physical endurance, strength, speed in running, swimming, wrestling, strength, muscles and develop breathing: means and methods of training the body

An important
factor for
withstanding stress, improving performance and outdoor activities is
physical endurance
increase it is of
interest not only to professional athletes, but also to beginner athletes.

Basic rules and lifestyle to increase stamina

To increase the strength of the body, many factors are important. Fitness trainers always base a training program and classes in a full-fledged complex for the development of the ward’s physical abilities.

How to increase physical endurance, strength, speed in running, swimming, wrestling, strength, muscles and develop breathing: means and methods of training the body

The most important factors are considered rationalization of such components of life:

  1. Food . Excess weight often enough causes a decrease in activity and vitality. Foods that increase endurance: dairy products, boiled white meat, fish, eggs, dried fruits, cereals, herbs, vegetables, honey, fruits.

  2. Drink . To prevent thickening of the blood and slowing down the metabolism, you should drink 0,5 gallon of water without gas daily. It is advisable to drink slowly, swallowing slowly. During training, limit the drinking regimen, you can slightly rinse your mouth with water, then spit it out.

  3. Daily routine . After intense exercise, the body needs to recover, so healthy sleep is important. It is supposed to fall asleep as early as possible and sleep about 8-9 hours.

  4. Physical activities. They have a positive effect on emotional and bodily endurance.

  5. Breath. Aerobic sports help to develop the heart muscle, increase lung capacity, improve the elasticity of blood vessels, nourish all organs with useful substances and increase the resistance of the body.

  6. Psycho-emotional stability implies a willingness to calmly respond to various life circumstances and helps to overcome difficulties. It is expressed in the ability to easily seek a way out of these situations.

Endurance Stamina Drugs

Caffeine-containing psychostimulants – Sydnocarb and Phenamine are known to many people and are taken daily. Substances invigorate the neurotransmitter links, attract the reserve forces of the body into operational biological processes and energy-generating functions. It affects the psyche and the body.

How to increase physical endurance, strength, speed in running, swimming, wrestling, strength, muscles and develop breathing: means and methods of training the body

Basic sources of energy of the body are depleted, and a person becomes unprotected.
Exposure to drugs leads to a decrease in strength and increased efficiency for a short time.

The drugs have side effects in the form of the development of the dependence of the vital system on the feeling of fatigue. After the end of their intake, the body needs a long rest.

Pharmaceutical products containing these components:

  1. Pyridrol. Psychostimulant pills. The daily dose is $ 0,03 – $ 0,04. 1 mg each. Take in the morning. Addiction and addiction are not ruled out. Contraindication: insomnia, angina pectoris, hyperthyroidism, insufficient weight, atherosclerosis.

  2. Sydnofen. Stimulates the central nervous system. Consume 5 mg $ 0,03. in a day. If necessary, the dosage is gradually increased to 20-30 mg per day. Having achieved the desired effect, the dose is again reduced. The medicine can cause an increase in blood pressure.

  3. Mesocarb is a psychostimulant. Increases performance and endurance, but causes adverse reactions: high irritability, headache, loss of appetite. It is used for medical purposes, it is strongly not recommended in sports.

  4. Meridil . Psychoanaleptic with weakness and fatigue. Take before lunch. The daily norm is 10-30 mg. Duration of admission is from 2 weeks to 3-4 months. Contraindication: exhaustion, irritability, angina pectoris, insomnia.

Steroid drugs

Physical stamina
depends on steroids
How to increase
it for professional athletes without the risk of doping is of interest to many athletes. It is necessary to use drugs sparingly, mainly as a part of monotherapy.

Steroids do not always directly increase strength, sometimes they can only increase growth hormone and erythropoietin.

  1. Stanazole. Popular among athletes, made in tablets or ampoules. Applying a daily dose of 50 mg daily or every other day, increases efficiency, strength, burns fat and improves muscle elasticity.

  2. Boldenone . The drug to restore strength, has minor side effects. Available in ampoules. The duration of action is up to 15 days.

  3. Retabolil . Intramuscularly administered, the result appears after 2 weeks. It has low toxicity, has been used for several years, does not cause abnormalities in the liver. Experts advise using Retabolil in long courses in combination with various supplements, vitamins and other steroids. A typical course of taking it involves 6-8 weeks., Weekly 200-400 mg, but not more than 600 mg. It is better to break it into 2-3 runs of 200-300 mg.

Actoprotective agents

It is
possible to
physical endurance
without increased consumption of
oxygen and heat generation by actoprotectors. These synthetic substances are metabolic non-depleting drugs that have antihypoxic activity.

Actoprotectors stimulate protein synthesis and increase performance.

An indication for use of the drug in sports medicine is the tendency to hypoxia, which occurs after intense physical exercise at the preparatory and competitive stages. It is selected individually, taking into account tolerance, age, weight and genetic characteristics.
How to increase physical endurance, strength, speed in running, swimming, wrestling, strength, muscles and develop breathing: means and methods of training the body
Actoprotectors do not worsen the state of health, but strengthen the psyche and body. Use over an extended period of time is permitted.

There are such varieties of medicines:

  1. Tomersol and Yakton. They contribute to energy growth, affect metabolic processes. The course of admission can be long, because the reserves of the body are not depleted.

  2. Bemitil. Enhancing energy balance and endurance drug. Participates in the processes of psychostimulation, protects against hypoxia, develops resistance to high loads. Take in the morning continuous 10 or 20 days. after eating, 0.5 g 2 time. in a day.

Nootropic drugs

Nootropics – drugs, have a characteristic effect on the higher mental activity of the brain. They help stimulate mental activity , trigger cognitive processes and improve memory.

Steroids increase the brain’s resistance to such negative effects as lack of oxygen, exorbitant loads and toxic substances. Positive effect on blood circulation and metabolic function of the brain.

The necessary doses and duration of the course are prescribed individually. It is not recommended for use by people with kidney failure, suffering from insomnia and cardiovascular diseases.
How to increase physical endurance, strength, speed in running, swimming, wrestling, strength, muscles and develop breathing: means and methods of training the body
Nootropic medicinal products are represented by such drugs:

  1. Piracetam It increases the intensity of the brain, activates redox activity, improves the energy balance of the body. Available in the form of a solution and tablets. Taking orally, the drug is well absorbed in the digestive tract, the maximum concentration in the blood appears after 1 hour. The half-life is 4 hours. Take before meals.

  2. Acefen. Stimulates the nervous system, normalizes brain activity, improves cognitive functions. The standard daily dose is 250-500 mg. Produced in the form of tablets. The course of admission is up to 3 months.

Nonsteroidal Anabolic Drugs

Anabolics increase the synthesis of protein and other biological components in the body through exposure to various mechanisms, accelerate the growth of body weight, including and muscle. Raise appetite, accelerate regenerative activity. They are taken in courses, which helps to build muscle and reduce body fat.

In the bones, the deficiency of phosphorus and calcium is compensated, the ability to work and endurance increase. Blood supply to the vessels and the functioning of the brain improve. Due to weight gain, the load on the internal organs increases, blood pressure rises, the formation of their own hormones is disrupted.

Anabolic drugs have the following names:

  1. Riboxin Available in tablets or ampoules. Activates metabolic and biochemical processes. With intense exercise take a long time without serious health consequences. The course of use ranges from 1 to 3 months. During this period, the product increases the energy reserve and improves blood circulation. In some cases, it can cause allergies and redness of the skin. Start taking the tablets gradually from 0.6-0.8 g daily before meals, reaching 1.5-2.5 g. Contraindications: intolerance, renal failure.

  2. Potassium orotate . It stimulates biochemical activity, increases muscle strength and accelerates recovery functions. It is produced in the form of tablets of 0.5 g, the daily norm is 2 g. Without adverse reactions. With prolonged use and high doses, it is tolerated normally. In rare cases, allergies are possible. Compared with other anabolic steroids, it has a low effect.

Adaptogenic agents

increase physical endurance
in bodybuilding, adaptogens are often used, which are prescribed
before the competition and after. They have a tonic effect, increase the energy reserves necessary for hard training and absorb protein well.

How to increase physical endurance, strength, speed in running, swimming, wrestling, strength, muscles and develop breathing: means and methods of training the body

Advantages of adaptogenic agents:

  • make trainings more effective;
  • produce large amounts of testosterone;
  • improve metabolism and concentration;
  • build muscle;
  • are not doping;
  • Do not have a negative effect on the body;
  • not addictive;
  • after 2-4 weeks of administration, they have a noticeable positive result.

How to increase physical endurance, strength, speed in running, swimming, wrestling, strength, muscles and develop breathing: means and methods of training the body

The best adaptogenic agents:

  1. Containing ginseng – Aerovit, Herbion, Farmaton vital, tinctures, Gerimax.
  2. With Eleutherococcus – liquid syrup, Eleutherococcus Plus.
  3. Based on Rhodiola rosea – dry supplements, Rhodiola extract, Golden root.
  4. Preparations containing a maral root in their composition – Leuzea P, Ecdisten.
  5. Macroergi – Neoton, Leveton forte, Phosphaden, Adenylic acid.
  6. Vitamin complexes – Koplevit, Supradin, Orthomol sport, Undevit.

  7. Vitamin and Mineral – Alphabet, Dynamisan, Vitrum Performance.
  8. With amino acids – Histidine, Arginine, Taurine.

Mixed-action drugs: synthetic glucocorticoids

Glucocorticoids increase stamina comprehensively. These synthetic substances accumulate glucose in the body, and the necessary energy is borrowed due to the increased division of amino acids. Enhanced performance in this case acts to the detriment of muscle growth.

These drugs help trigger catabolic processes that can cause great harm to the body. For example, reduce bone density or initiate muscle dystrophy in the limbs, while increasing body fat.

Suppresses the effect of vitamin D, has negative effects on calcium metabolism. 
In sports medicine, it is used to treat injuries to joints and soft tissues of a chronic or acute type.

To reduce the side effect when consuming glucocorticoids, a dosage regimen after 1 day is recommended. Drink daily 1 time. in the morning. The use of funds over a long period reduces the stress reactivity of the adrenal glands and the adaptive capabilities of the body.
How to increase physical endurance, strength, speed in running, swimming, wrestling, strength, muscles and develop breathing: means and methods of training the body
Examples of drugs:

  1. Dexamethasone is an anti-inflammatory drug that retains water in the body. Increases appetite. It has a negative effect: it reduces immunity and negatively affects the work of the stomach. It is recommended to consume no more than 2 mg per day according to the scheme: 2 tablets in the morning and evening alternate with 1 intravenous administration every other day. The course of admission is not more than 2 months.

  2. Prednisone. Heals connective tissues, enhances muscle catabolism, redistributes fat accumulations. It has many side effects, depending on the dose and duration of use. For short-term use, the main contraindication is individual intolerance to the components.

Stamina Nutrition

The most harmless means to increase physical endurance are products such as:

  1. Vegetables , the most effective of which are beets, tomatoes, cabbage.

  2. Fruits are bananas that improve blood circulation and apples that increase stamina.

  3. From dried fruits raisins, which contains a complex of vitamins and minerals. Promotes good sleep and a positive effect on the nervous system.

  4. Berries (raspberries, cherries, cranberries) raise the pain threshold, which directly affects the athlete’s fatigue. How to increase physical endurance, strength, speed in running, swimming, wrestling, strength, muscles and develop breathing: means and methods of training the body

  5. Drinks . Juices, the most useful among which is antioxidant-rich tomato. Green tea has components that stimulate the nervous and circulatory systems. Coffee is a powerful stimulant and it is worth taking a responsible approach to its dosage.

  6. Nuts rich in fatty acids and minerals. It’s easier for runners who include them in the diet to endure stress and resist fatigue.

  7. Beekeeping products . Pollen, honeycombs, honey increase the quality of blood supply and normalize the level of hemoglobin.

  8. Greens (salad, parsley, spinach) will help improve muscle function.

How to develop endurance while running

Running is an affordable and effective way to increase stamina.

How to increase physical endurance, strength, speed in running, swimming, wrestling, strength, muscles and develop breathing: means and methods of training the body

To achieve noticeable results, you must adhere to certain rules:

  • at the beginning, you should adhere to the regime – no more than 1 mile 2 – 3 time. in Week;
  • regular jogging with a gradual increase in intensity and duration;
  • The best kind is jogging or interval.

How to increase physical endurance, strength, speed in running, swimming, wrestling, strength, muscles and develop breathing: means and methods of training the body

Experts recommend breathing your nose rhythmically, not intermittently. If it’s hard, then at the same time it is possible with the help of the nose and mouth. Inhale deeply, try to breathe in with the abdominal muscles. When exhaling, try to completely empty the lungs from the air.

How to develop stamina in swimming

Physical endurance, both
in swimming and in other sports, depends on the degree of preparedness of all body systems. The performance of swimmers is
by improving all the functions of life.

How to increase physical endurance, strength, speed in running, swimming, wrestling, strength, muscles and develop breathing: means and methods of training the body

To increase overall endurance, it is worth diversifying workouts with such types of activity:

  • Walking
  • run;
  • exercise bike;
  • ski walks;
  • rowing;
  • exercises in the water;
  • game and outdoor sports;
  • active leisure.

In children, fatigue resistance is developed carefully. The proper effect will be produced by regular aquatraining in combination with morning exercises, and various physical exercises.

Until adolescence, endurance develops by gradually increasing the number of workouts, their duration and intensity. Special techniques for general physical training are planned in full only for fully formed swimmers.

How to develop endurance in the fight

In heavy sports,
physical endurance
is important
can learn
how to increase
its wrestlers to achieve a high level of skill by reading the basic recommendations of experts.

How to increase physical endurance, strength, speed in running, swimming, wrestling, strength, muscles and develop breathing: means and methods of training the body

To educate the overall performance professionals are advised to use a variety of sports activity with a gradual increase in the length of its implementation. This contributes to the inclusion of different muscle groups in the work. Cross, swimming and skiing are considered the most suitable.

Raising overall performance pay great attention at the very beginning of training. Future wrestlers should gradually increase the length of continuous activity (from 5-10 minutes to 1 hour), adhering to moderate intensity.

This contributes to the implementation of a considerable amount of work, which helps versatile adaptation of the body to sports tasks.

How to increase endurance and muscle strength

When developing a training plan aimed at developing endurance and muscle strength, it is advisable to take into account that muscles need to be strained more during exercise than during normal exercises.
How to increase physical endurance, strength, speed in running, swimming, wrestling, strength, muscles and develop breathing: means and methods of training the body

To increase strength, experts advise to constantly perform tasks with significant resistance and a small number of repetitions, as well as uniformly and constantly increase the load on muscle groups. A large number of repetitions, combined with low resistance, helps muscles develop.

Trainings are best done every other day.

Push-ups affect the development of muscles in the arms and chest.

  1. Lie down on the floor.
  2. The arms are wider than the shoulders, and the legs are wider.
  3. Slowly lower down, reaching a distance at the level of a fist from chest to floor.
  4. Repeat 20 – 25 time.
  5. The secret of stamina is a large number of repetitions. If it’s difficult, you need to kneel.

Rises on socks develop calf muscles.

  1. Stand straight, arms at the seams, feet shoulder width apart.
  2. Rise on toes, straining calf area.
  3. Stay in this position for a few seconds.
  4. Return to starting position.
  5. Run another 15 – 25 time.

Cardio training to increase body stamina

Cardio training includes aerobic exercise, which involves many muscles and body systems. The main criteria are duration and frequency.

For a good result, it is worth practicing 3 – 5 time. in Week. Start training from 30 minutes. gradually increasing to 1 hour

With a lack of time, professionals advise combining classes with everyday activities. For example, getting to work or out of town on a bicycle. Do not use the elevator, but count on your feet.

The best time of day for activity is from 5 time.m. to 7 time.m. To control the pulse and plan the load in accordance with its indicators.


  1. Stand straight, feet shoulder width apart, hands put on the belt.
  2. Sit down while breathing in. Bend your legs, resting on the foot.
  3. Squatting, hands stretch forward.
  4. Return to the starting position on the exhale.

Jumping rope.

  1. Take a jump at each turn of sports equipment.
  2. Bounce and fall on toes.
  3. The legs are slightly bent at the knees.
  4. Norm up to 150 jumps in 1min.


  1. Take a position facing the floor, resting on the toes and forearms.
  2. Align the housing, look down.
  3. Tightening the abdominal muscles to keep standing for a certain time.

Interval training for endurance

Interval training – changing intervals of increased and reduced intensity of sports exercises, or alternating strength and aerobic physical tasks during one lesson. It is distinguished by the possibility of working out all muscle groups with short rest breaks.

For proper execution, there are rules:

  • proper selection of exercises;
  • < span style="font-weight: 400;">reasonable setting of breaks;
  • recovery and rest.

Exercises on the running simulator:

  • jog 10min;
  • break runs into 9 intervals of 3 minutes. each, alternate intervals of accelerated running with calm movements;
  • the final stage – jogging – 5 min.

Classes with a skipping rope (each stage for 10 sec.):

  • bounce alternately with the left and right foot in a calm mode;
  • jumping at an extremely fast pace;
  • return to the leisurely rhythm of jumps.


  • 5 minutes warm-up;
  • 3 min. intense phase of movements;
  • 3 min. a quiet stage of walking;
  • repeat 2 time.;
  • the following alternating cycles increase to 20 sec;
  • play 3 time.;
  • 5 minute hitch.

Long pace workouts

Long pace workouts develop the ability to support increasing stress levels over an increasingly long period of time by improving the lactic acid reduction system. Develop patience and maintaining an even and high pace.

Long run:

  • effortlessly run long distances in normal mode;
  • gradually begin to walk the last few mile at an accelerated pace;
  • practice every week.

Progressive Cross:

  • run normally a long distance;
  • accelerate uniformly throughout the interval;
  • last 5 min run at the threshold rhythm.


  • to travel at an average speed;
  • reaching 2 – 3 mile accelerate for 30-60 s .;
  • back to easy running.

Respiration development: methods and features

There are many methods for developing proper breathing.

  1. Refuse sedentary lifestyle. Active sports are suitable – aerobics, running, basketball.
  2. Morning jogging develops a respiratory tract and increases overall stamina. Preliminarily, it is worth doing a workout.
  3. People living in houses with an elevator can organize high-speed walks on the stairs.
  4. Go swimming. To improve the work of the respiratory system, it is enough to give the sport 2 – 3 time. a week with the combination of classic methods with deep diving.

At home, it is recommended to inflate balloons, strengthen the rib muscles with the technique of holding the breath, or use a gas mask.

The role of physiotherapy in increasing body stamina

The bath has a healing, renewing and hardening effect. The cardiovascular system is strengthened, the activity of the psyche is increased, fatigue disappears. Useful for athletes after heavy exertion to relax the muscles eliminating pain in them.

Useful for people with a sedentary lifestyle and suffering from insomnia. Soothes nerves, improves mood, is a prevention of heart and catarrhal diseases. According to studies after exercise, the bath increases endurance.

Massage relaxes the muscles, restores their mobility and eliminates the pain caused by fatigue. Reasonable impacts on points and zones have a beneficial effect on the functioning of organs and facilitate well-being in many diseases.

Specially developed sports massage increases endurance, raises working capacity, removes fatigue and restores tone. An excellent tool for preparing for the competition. The main action is aimed at relaxing the tendons, ligaments and muscles.

Health benefits of a contrast shower:

  • boosts immunity;
  • tempering: the effects of water at different temperatures activate the body’s defenses;
  • increases endurance: the thermoregulation of the body is improved, there is a quick adaptation to adverse temperature conditions;
  • muscle mass and blood vessels are strengthened: alternations of warm and cold water tone the circulatory system and muscles, the walls of blood vessels become more elastic;
  • mood increases, vivacity appears and depression disappears.

Tips from professionals: how to “build” endurance is safe for health

For the proper development of endurance, professionals recommend:

  • at the beginning of each workout, conscientiously do a warm-up;
  • load gradually, increasing with each subsequent training;
  • run 3 time. per week from 20 min. and more;
  • it is advisable to wear medium-density wool or cotton socks on your feet;
  • exercise regularly;
  • adhere to proper nutrition;
  • observe the sleep mode;
  • drink enough water (at least 0,5 gallon per day);
  • avoid bad habits;
  • not give in to stress.

For the development of endurance, there are types of physical activity that do not require a visit to the gym:

  • run;
  • press swing;
  • jumping rope;
  • long distance walking;
  • swimming for a while;
  • skiing;
  • pulling up;
  • bicycle riding;
  • strength exercises (weights, dumbbells).

The most basic here is the performance of loads in the feasible mode. A poorly prepared body is more prone to injuries and the use of an intensive training regimen for beginners contributes to the appearance of muscle pain, which reduces efforts to 0.

People with poor
physical stamina
can learn
how to improve
it on their own. To do this, heed the advice of professionals, do special exercises and follow the above rules.

Video on how to increase stamina

Exercises for the development of endurance from Yulia Smolny:

More about the mechanism of development of endurance:

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