Lipolitics for the face, chin, nose. Application results, prices, side effects of mesotherapy injections

Lipolitics is one of the methods offered by modern cosmetology to get rid of excess fat, for the correction of the contours of the face and body it is one of the best options. Accumulation of excess body fat is often a factor in irritation and stress.

Due to the fast pace of today’s life, it is not always possible to pay due attention to one’s health and appearance. Fortunately, there are possibilities for a relatively quick solution to this problem.

Lipolitics for the face

Lipolitics are a variety of cosmetics specially designed to eliminate body fat on different parts of the body. As a rule, these are injectable substances, which contain two main ingredients: deoxycholate, which destroys the cell membrane and lecithin, which breaks down adipose tissue and accelerates metabolic processes.

For the first time about lipolytics became known in the 80s of the 20th century. Using these injections, doctors relieved patients of cholesterol deposits on the eyelids. Since the skin condition noticeably improved after these preparations, they were quickly noticed by cosmetologists.

Soon, experts learned to remove excess fat deposits with lipolytics in any part of the body.

Such funds are usually prescribed for therapeutic purposes or when the patient wants to get rid of extra inch of adipose tissue, if with the help of sports and various diets it does not work out. The consequence of the procedure is: strengthening the walls of blood vessels, eliminating swelling, the effect of rejuvenation, improving skin color.

Operating principle

Lipolitics for the face, getting into the fatty layer, increase intracellular pressure, as a result, the cell membrane breaks, and lipids are broken down into separate elements – fatty acids and glycine. The lymphatic system and general blood flow output the results of decay through the liver and kidneys. Lipolitics for the face, chin, nose. Application results, prices, side effects of mesotherapy injections

These compositions by their chemical structure are cholates. Similar compounds exist in the bile of our body, and bile is actively involved in the system of fat breakdown.

Therefore, these universally adapted lipolytics do their job perfectly – they convert fat into carbon dioxide and water, thereby contributing to the correction of the areas where the injection was made.

Pure lipolytic cocktails are very effective and destroy cells quite quickly, combinations based on plant extracts act more slowly.

Types of Lipolysis

The main types of lipolysis in cosmetology are: injection, radio wave, ultrasound, laser.

Injection Lipolysis

This process involves subcutaneous administration of special fat-soluble cocktails with a thin needle, due to which hydrolysis occurs, followed by the breakdown of fat cells. This technique is indicated if body fat is insignificant, or if resorting to other methods is not possible due to contraindications. Lipolitics for the face, chin, nose. Application results, prices, side effects of mesotherapy injections

The duration of the procedure takes about an hour, it usually proceeds painlessly. This method quickly returns the skin elasticity, firmness and a toned look.

The main ingredients of lipolytic cocktails are:

  • sodium deoxycholate – a synthesized analogue of bile salts;
  • phosphatidylcholine or lecithin derived from soybean oil;
  • L-carnitine, L-arginine;
  • vitamins;
  • caffeine;
  • extracts from plants and enzymes.

Radiofrequency lipolysis

This application is for correcting excessive fat deposits of high frequency electromagnetic pulsation. As a result of this process, subcutaneous fat is heated, and its volume decreases. At the same time, the synthesis of collagen fibers is also activated.

Within one session, you can get rid of about 0’8 – 1’2 inch of body fat. Thus, thanks to the pronounced lifting effect, the skin regains elasticity, and the face – a new contour.

Ultrasound lipolysis

The procedure is the treatment of problematic fat with intense ultrasonic waves. The source of the waves is an acoustic transducer. Ultrasound is able to destroy lipid tissue, after which its elements, getting into the circulatory system, are excreted from the body.

Lipolitics for the face, chin, nose. Application results, prices, side effects of mesotherapy injections
How does an ultrasonic lipolytic for the face

This technique is recommended for people who do not have obvious obesity, since it can be used to remove adipose tissue only partially up to 200-300 gr.

Laser Lipolysis

The technique of forming new contours of the face and body by exposing the subcutaneous fat to low-frequency laser beams. The laser beam is able to increase the permeability of fat cells without destroying their shell.

As a result, the cells become flat, and the lipids in them are displaced into the intercellular space. This method distinguishes gentle and delicate impact. Lipolitics for the face, chin, nose. Application results, prices, side effects of mesotherapy injections

The effect of a cold laser is noted immediately after the first session: the skin is significantly tightened and gains elasticity.

Pros and cons of the procedure

The lipolysis procedure has its undoubted advantages:

  • elimination of excess fat in the absence of surgical intervention;
  • a short rehabilitation period that does not preclude active behavior;
  • the presence of a persistent effect with a relatively small number of sessions;
  • elimination of the risk of scarring or scars on the skin surface;
  • short duration of one session (about 30 minutes);
  • the procedure can be performed on any part of the body;
  • the availability of the cost of the course of treatment for most clients.

There are also disadvantages:

The products of the breakdown of adipose tissue cells are removed through the liver, which means that the technique has certain limits in terms of the volume of destructible adipose tissue. If this restriction is violated, the development of dangerous intoxication of the whole organism is not ruled out until the onset of serious diseases, for example, atherosclerosis.

If there is a violation of the administration system of the drug or dosage, there is a risk of skin injury: ulcers, inflammation may appear. As practice shows, such complications occur mainly in patients with large local excess fat.

According to some doctors, when working on two proportional zones (breeches), the result may not be completely symmetrical: one of the zones may turn out to be thinner than the other.

In older patients, the skin may sag in a thinner area. In this case, you need to turn to hardware cosmetology.

Purpose of lipolytics: for cheeks, nose, chin, eye area

Lipolitics for the face can effectively correct any of its areas: accumulations of fat are removed in the nasal, its contour changes, becomes more defined; in the cheeks, cheekbones become more pronounced; eye area correction helps remove puffiness. Lipolitics for the face, chin, nose. Application results, prices, side effects of mesotherapy injections

In the neck area, work is underway to eliminate the second chin, align and moisturize the surface layer of the skin. Given the treated area of the face, certain types of drugs are used.

Mesotherapeutic lipolytics are often used for the face, removing excess fat, eliminating wrinkles and tightening the skin. Their minus is a long course of procedures until the onset of the effect.

In the area of the cheeks, MPX is usually used – a complex lipolytic with carnitine and sodium deoxycholate. The course of application provides 10 sessions.

For the chin, “Dermastabilon” is considered a more suitable means – an injection composition with phosphatidylcholine at the base. The course of application has approximately 7 sessions, with a break of 7-10 days. The composition of Revital Cellulform is its main advantage in that it not only dissolves fat, but also rejuvenates the skin. A full course of application involves 5 sessions.

In the eye area, medications based on having hyaluronic acid are often used. In addition to the lipolytic effect, they have a detoxifying effect.

To reduce nasolabial folds and wrinkles in these areas, the Dermahil remedy is most often used.


Lipolitics for the face are recommended for patients in such cases:

  • Excessive deposition of fat in the cheek area is observed;
  • with excess fat in the area of the nose and nasolabial triangle;
  • swelling under the eyes and excess subcutaneous fat in this area;
  • if there is a double chin;
  • if the face contour has a vague outline.


In the following cases, the use of lipolytics is contraindicated:

  • during pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • with a tendency to allergies;
  • with poor blood coagulability; Lipolitics for the face, chin, nose. Application results, prices, side effects of mesotherapy injections
  • in the presence of infections;
  • with varicose veins;
  • with liver diseases;
  • with pathology of the kidneys, epilepsy, dermatitis;
  • in the presence of oncological formations;
  • with disorders of the autoimmune system, cardiovascular system;
  • with pathological conditions of the nervous system;
  • with endocrine imbalance;
  • with individual intolerance to the ingredients of the drug.

Preparation for the procedure

When injecting lipolysis, special preparation is not required.

The basic rule is to stop taking drugs that inhibit blood coagulation. If the skin is too sensitive and bruises and bruises easily appear on it, you can make sure you take medications that strengthen blood vessels.

You should categorically refuse trips to the pool, bath or sauna, as well as massage. The last meal should be made no later than 3 hours before the procedure, after the procedure it is better not to eat food for a couple of hours. It is also necessary to refrain from drinking alcohol at least a day before the lipolysis session.

There are also some prescriptions about sports activity after a session: it is better to postpone strength exercises for 3-4 days to prevent bruising. Instead, it’s much more beneficial to do gymnastics, it will help to remove split fat from the body.


Before starting the procedure, the doctor must clearly understand the patient’s problem, which must be eliminated. Lipolitics for the face, chin, nose. Application results, prices, side effects of mesotherapy injections

Before the drug is administered, the skin is cleaned: makeup is removed using special cosmetics, after which the skin is treated with an antiseptic.

Sometimes the patient may experience slight discomfort, discomfort – in this case, anesthesia is possible, but, as a rule, this is not necessary. Lipolitics are introduced into the areas of the face intended for processing using the thinnest needles.

After injections, antiseptic treatment follows again. The whole process takes about 30 minutes. At the end of the session, you can immediately return to your daily activities. All these drugs act almost in the same way.

Non-injection administration of lipolytics

Non-injection mesotherapy is an innovative and progressive equivalent of classical mesotherapy, which consists in a combination of the use of laser beams, electric pulses, myostimulation and lymphatic drainage. This method involves applying healing components directly to the skin in a selected area.

Next, a hardware effect is made, with the help of which the drugs penetrate the lower layers of the skin. During the process, the permeability of the skin increases by more than 300 times, which provides a stable result in a short time and for a long time.

Non-injection mesotherapy, according to the range of various effects on the skin, is similar to injection, but it has many additional advantages:

  • laser therapy improves microcirculation, activates metabolic processes, accelerates lymph outflow;
  • electroporation allows therapeutic cocktails under the influence of pulsed currents to penetrate into the depth of the skin without damaging it, that is, a guarantee of the absence of bruises, scars, risk of infection;
  • myostimulation promotes better circulation of lymph and blood, as well as relieves swelling, lymphatic drainage makes it possible to quickly release toxins.

Review of the best drugs

There are a number of drugs that have proven to be very successful today.


The drug is available in the form of 0,17 fluid ounce ampoules. Lipolitics for the face, chin, nose. Application results, prices, side effects of mesotherapy injections

A lipolytic cocktail developed on the basis of the synthesis of deoxycholate and phosphatidylcholine substances. The function of this active mixture is that it violates the density of fat cells. Cells are broken down and burned.

The result of burning fat is the activation of the process of binding of collagen and elastin, due to which the skin is tightened.

The first substance (deoxycholate) helps to dissolve fat, and the second (phosphatidylcholine) removes it from the body. Toxins and breakdown products are excreted through the lymphatic system.

“Dermastabilon” is injected into the subcutaneous tissue by a depth of about 0’4 inch, the interval between injections should be at least 13/32 inch. As a result, the skin relief is significantly leveled, the skin tone becomes noticeably better. After about 15 days, a correction is made.

The effect of the drug continues to be felt for 10-12 months.


The drug is an innovative tool for removing local fat. It is a hypoallergenic sterile gel, usually sold in 0,27 fluid ounce ampoules. Its active substances are sodium deoxycholate, galactose, and polymer.

The basis of this cosmetic product are modified sodium salts of bile deoxycholic acids. It is thanks to the liquid consistency that the drug penetrates precisely into the specified points of the face.

When introduced into the intended area, it causes a noticeable drainage effect, dissolving the fatty membranes. It is used for lipolysis of the cheeks and chin.

This lipolytic functions only at the points of administration, and its use is absolutely non-toxic to the body. The depth of the Aqualix injection is not more than 1. 2 inch. The procedure should be carried out in courses with a break of 3 weeks. The effect is usually seen after the third session.

Revital Cellulform

This tool not only destroys excess fat, but also optimizes tissue repair. It contains substances due to which the skin is tightened, pigmentation leaves, wrinkles are smoothed out. Deoxycholate in its composition is a conductor for phosphatidylcholine, provides it with a deeper penetration into cell membranes. Lipolitics for the face, chin, nose. Application results, prices, side effects of mesotherapy injections

From other lipolytics, Revital Cellulform is distinguished by its complex composition, which contains mesotherapeutic ingredients. The drug is released in 0,34 fluid ounce bottles, the standard course is 5 procedures with an interval of 7 days. Usually the course is repeated 2 times a year.

“MPX-lipolytic complex”

The main component of this complex is deoxycholate. As auxiliary substances, benzopyron, carnitine, dandelion extract, as well as lidocaine are used.

These active components complement each other favorably: deoxylate helps to destroy cell membranes, carnitine serves to bind fatty acids and transport them quickly.

A distinctive quality of the complex is the presence of benzopyrone in its composition, which minimizes edema after the injection, as well as lidocaine, due to which the whole process is less painful.

Typically, the injection course consists of 10 sessions, although it can vary depending on the individual characteristics of the body and the size of body fat.

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Recommendations after the procedure

To restore quickly and without complications, you need to adhere to the rules of rehabilitation. Maintaining water balance, avoiding temperature changes

During the first 5-7 days, it is necessary to monitor the body’s water balance. It is recommended to drink about 0,7 gallon of water per day. Lipolitics for the face, chin, nose. Application results, prices, side effects of mesotherapy injections

For about 2 weeks of the first postoperative weeks, you will have to postpone visits to saunas, baths, pools. It is undesirable to be exposed to the sun. It is also recommended to reduce the time spent in the shower and bath, so as not to steam the skin. If the session was held in the winter, a long exposure to cold air after this is also undesirable.

Face skin care

About two days after the course of lipolysis, you must certainly apply ice to the treated areas of the face or make cooling compresses.

It is very important to use creams that protect against ultraviolet rays, otherwise you can get a problem with age spots.

Since the skin is always slightly inflamed after the procedure, it is better not to create additional irritation using cosmetics. If the patient’s skin is too sensitive and experiences increased pain, the use of pain medication is acceptable.

Lymphatic drainage massage

A very worthy recommendation is a course of lymphatic drainage massage, since it promotes the rapid removal of broken down fats from the body.
But such a massage can be performed no earlier than a month after the course of injections. Lipolitics for the face, chin, nose. Application results, prices, side effects of mesotherapy injections

Any excessive stress on the body should be limited at least in the first week after the procedure.

Quitting alcohol

During lipolysis, refusal to drink alcohol is strictly prescribed so as not to interfere with the body in the output of decayed fat cells.

It is advisable not to drink alcohol for another 10 days after the end of this process.

Side effects of mesotherapy with lipolytics

If the procedure was carried out by a qualified specialist and all the rules are followed, the risk of side effects is almost minimized.

However, side effects can still occur in some cases:

  • pain in the head, nausea, fever, dizziness;
  • tissue death: can occur if the drug was selected incorrectly;
  • burning, itching, any rashes on the skin: such symptoms may be the result of an allergic reaction of the body to certain ingredients of the administered substance;
  • damage to nerve fibers, violation of facial expressions: it can happen solely through the fault of the doctor if the dose of lipolytic or the injection zone was not determined correctly.

The above side effects are by and large rare.

They mainly arise for the following reasons:

  • the procedure was performed by a cosmetologist who did not have the appropriate qualifications;
  • dosage was incorrectly established by a specialist;
  • did not take into account the characteristics of the patient’s body (intolerance to the components of the drug);
  • contraindications to the use of this drug were not taken into account;
  • the installation of the rehabilitation period was ignored. Lipolitics for the face, chin, nose. Application results, prices, side effects of mesotherapy injections

Lipolitics for the face can cause side effects, which are quite familiar with such procedures: bruising, facial swelling, a slightly bluish skin tone or redness. As a rule, they last no more than 2-3 days. Such manifestations can be observed in women with especially sensitive skin.

Prices in New York, Los Angeles,

nbsp;  Lipolysis


Injection Laser Ultrasonic Radio wave
New York $ 68. $ 272. $ 68. $ 54.
Los Angeles $ 68. $ 204. $ 54. $ 54.
Regions from $ 27 – $ 95. from $ 95 – $ 272. from $ 27 – $ 54. from $ 27 – $ 54.

The table shows the average value of prices for one session of the procedure on the facial area in New York, Los Angeles and in the of USA.

Opinion of specialists and patients

In special magazines and on the Internet you can find a lot of both positive and negative reviews about the procedure of lipolysis in general and lipolysis of the face in particular.

Patient Reviews

On the Internet pages you can find a lot of both positive and negative reviews about the procedure of lipolysis in general and lipolysis of the face in particular.

Patients are attracted in this type of cosmetic correction in the first place, of course, by the absence of surgical intervention. They note the convenience of a small number of sessions and a relatively short rehabilitation period, and most importantly – the presence of a persistent effect. Lipolitics for the face, chin, nose. Application results, prices, side effects of mesotherapy injections

An important advantage, perhaps, is the low cost of especially invasive methods of lipolysis, which makes it attractive for a wide population.

Among the negative reviews, one can single out the unjustified expectations of some customers for getting rid of excess fat too quickly; the fact is that lipolysis methods do not show their results so quickly, such as surgical liposuction. Complaints of bruising or swelling after the procedure are also sometimes found.

Opinions of experts and experts

The expert opinion on the lipolysis procedure is ambiguous. They note that in addition to the injected drugs, the use of needles in this technique plays an important role. Under their action, the skin receives an incentive to regenerate, it can be called a reflexogenic effect.

But many experts consider this dangerous, because due to the large number of injections, microtraumas are possible, which ultimately brings a negative result and the risk of infection also increases.

The active substance of these drugs – phosphatidylcholine – is also in doubt. In many countries of Europe, it is banned, as it was proved that its use can lead to serious complications: abscesses, necrosis, infections.

An important condition of this event is the sterility of the procedure and the refinement of the technique. Therefore, experts advise doing this procedure exclusively in clinics, and not in beauty salons or beauty parlors. And if possible, give preference to still more gentle hardware methods of lipolysis.

The use of lipolytics really offers people a modern and effective method for getting rid of fat deposits on the face and body. Lipolysis is of different types, is produced in different ways, has its positive and negative sides. The patient can only consult with a competent specialist and choose the type of procedure that suits him personally.

Video about lipolytics

How does face correction with lipolytics go:

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