The best haircuts for a round face shape. Photos with descriptions for women

The main features of a round face is the correspondence of its width to the length, the softness of the lines of the oval. Choosing which haircuts are suitable for him, it is important to add not roundness, but additional charm. Various options presented by stylists in the photo gallery will help to follow fashion trends, determine your own version, taking into account the structure and length of the hair.

Recommendations for choosing a haircut for a round face

Choosing with the help of a photo which haircuts will suit the owners of a round face, you need to take into account the main tips of stylists, namely:

  • turning the flaws of the appearance into its advantages, an advantageous “play-off” of softness, smoothness, extreme femininity of the outlines of the cheeks, cheekbones, chin; The best haircuts for a round face shape. Photos with descriptions for women
  • the choice of step milled haircuts with elongated temples, a “short” nape; The best haircuts for a round face shape. Photos with descriptions for women
  • the exclusion of smooth hairstyles, too short haircuts;

The choice of haircuts depending on the structure of the hair

For those with a round face, which haircuts are suitable, the photo will become an assistant in choosing their most acceptable form. However, in order to achieve correspondence of the image you like to the completed hairstyle, it is important to consider the structure of your own hair.

Based on this indicator, these types of hair are distinguished:

  • thin – have the smallest diameter; rare, medium and dense density. This makes them fragile, sensitive, highly susceptible to chemical, thermal, mechanical influences;
  • medium – are the most common group. They are durable, considered one of the best options for different types of hairstyles of any shape;
  • thick – characterized by a large number of hair rods 2. 2 inch. They have the largest diameter, high strength and resistance to chemical treatment.

In order to determine which haircut is suitable for a particular round face, along with studying a photo, you should also consult a stylist about the structure of hair.

On thin hair

This type is quite problematic due to their inconsistency to keep the volume and therefore, asymmetric short haircuts or with an average length should be chosen. The best haircuts for a round face shape. Photos with descriptions for women

This option allows you to vary the different styling to create many images. It is advisable to choose haircuts with a side frame, creating an additional volume, splendor of the occipital part of the head.

On hair of medium thickness

Such hair is most favorable for chubby women of different ages, height and fullness. They accept any type of haircuts, because they allow you to “beat” various options, are able to maintain their shape. A similar texture is well perceived with different hair lengths, degrees of curl or straightness.

On thick hair

This type of hair is the most suitable option for creating hairstyles for this face shape. Here you can beat the natural texture to give the desired volume at different lengths, use oblique bangs, graduation, etc. The best haircuts for a round face shape. Photos with descriptions for womenHowever, when you have thick hair, you should remember about problems with styling, staining.

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Short haircuts for round faces:

Owners of a round face are well suited for the haircuts presented in the photo, such as:

Haircuts for a boy

This extravagant style destroys the stereotype of the idea that long hair gives femininity to the image. Today, a very short haircut for a boy allows Eva of all ages to look like a real lady. The best haircuts for a round face shape. Photos with descriptions for women

The advantages of such hairstyles include getting rid of thinned / split hair, the ability to open and visually lengthen the neck, and often change hair color. For young women with a dynamic lifestyle, it saves money and time for styling.

For women of Balzac age, haircuts under the boy create a rejuvenating, refreshing anti-age effect. It is not in vain that French women believe that the more years, the shorter the hair should be.


This exquisite haircut is suitable for a round face, thin hair, different age categories. The best haircuts for a round face shape. Photos with descriptions for women

In the photo you can see such most popular varieties as:

  • a-Bob (with a long bang falling to the side, distracting attention from the roundness of the cheekbones, cheeks);
  • elongated Bob with a shortening of the back strands compared to the front ones (for visually lengthening the face);
  • asymmetric bob in the presence / absence of a bang, but with side strands of different lengths.


A feature of this short “boy” haircut is the formation of volume on the crown of the head. The emphasis on the back of the head is enhanced by maximum shearing in the cheeks and temples, which allows you to distract attention from the round shape of the face.

Pixie looks great on thin, medium, thick and even naughty hair. In all cases, there is a combination with a torn fringe shifted to either side. The best haircuts for a round face shape. Photos with descriptions for women

It is performed in the form of clipping with “cloves”, creating a layered structure of the haircut, which allows you to beat a fairly open face. This is achieved by lengthening the contour of the face, visual “weight loss” of the cheeks, giving the image a dynamic and freshness.


Thanks to Coco Chanel, this haircut is legal in trends and is still considered very fashionable. She is out of time, space and as if created to give a woman a young, perky look.

After all, “garcon” is translated from French as “boy”. The best haircuts for a round face shape. Photos with descriptions for women

There are several variations of hairstyle: classic, ultrashort, elongated, multi-layered, with torn / asymmetrical bangs, serrated contours, etc. The main features of the haircut are the minimum length of curls with special thinning; straight, clear lines; laying carelessness.

Unlike Pixies with protruding feathers of strands, Garzon has smooth transitions of even edges and a more rigorous, expressive look. Such a very short “boyish” hairstyle (up to 1’2 inch long) is suitable for women with different types of hair. It allows you to quite advantageously emphasize the length of the neck, and with the help of styling add flirty, playfulness.

Haircut Asymmetry

This technique is characterized by the creation of oblique parting / long bangs, “torn” strands of various lengths, soft graduation. For chubby, the most harmonious will be the effect of “torn” bangs, which will cover a large frontal area from one side and smoothly go to the cheekbone. Such techniques can be used even when unprepared for a radical change in appearance.

Asymmetric elements help to correct the excessive roundness of the face, sharpen its contours, simulate the desired image. So, for example, for a young girl it can be daring shocking, and for an adult woman – femininity, gentleness.

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Medium length haircuts for round faces

Such sophisticated hairstyles are a kind of compromise between short and long hair. They should begin no higher than the chin line and reach the shoulders. An important point is the presence of the longest strands with profiled tips near the face.

The shortest hair on the crown will increase the volume of the head. To create a complete image, sharp differences between layers should be avoided. When curling hair, the curls should be directed inward to frame the face. Among the many haircuts of medium length, chubby are most impressed with the following:

Elongated bob

This look is interesting for various variations of the length of the front torn / asymmetric strands on both sides of the head, an elegant lower hairline. In this case, the back of the head should be quite magnificent. This allows you to narrow the shape of the face, visually stretch it, creating the desired frame in the cheekbones. The best haircuts for a round face shape. Photos with descriptions for women

When choosing a bob with elongated strands, you should consider the individual characteristics of the hair (density, thickness, curly, etc.). He looks great on absolutely straight, thick hair, and on curly hair it is more difficult to achieve the desired effect.

Graduated bean

To create the necessary contour and volume of Bob haircuts with a round face type, a calibration method is used. Its essence is a gradual or abrupt transition from short to long hair with an emphasis on the smoothness of the cut bottom line. The best haircuts for a round face shape. Photos with descriptions for women

Particular attention is paid here to the length and shape of the bangs in tandem with the creation of the desired volumes of the crown and neck. Such a haircut can be a successful experiment in choosing the right image.


This option is one of the most practical for fans of bangs. The meaning of such a haircut is to shorten the front strands above the line of the chin with the hair length unchanged from the back of the head. A short flight of stairs allows you to decide on the need to get rid of medium-length hair and switch to short hairstyles.

Cascade for chubby girls

The best haircuts for a round face shape. Photos with descriptions for women

This is one of the most effective ways for chubby ladies with thin hair.

The technique of its implementation is multilevel hair cutting from the level of earlobes.

In addition, each layer should be shorter than the previous one, which creates the appearance of splendor and lightness of hair.

This haircut looks good with asymmetric / ragged bangs, a little curled with the tips of the strands, graduated highlighted strands.

Elongated rack with and without bangs

This variation of the classic Bob haircut is characterized by a clear, even line of hair just above the shoulders and slightly lower than the ear level. For a round face, you should choose a square with asymmetric / ragged / milled elongated bangs. The best haircuts for a round face shape. Photos with descriptions for women
The best haircuts for a round face shape. Photos with descriptions for women

At the same time, it is important to avoid directness and cumbersomeness. If this is undesirable, it is necessary that the side strands of medium length cover the ears.

These techniques allow you to visually lengthen the oval of the face, to distract attention from the fullness of the cheeks, wide-cheekbones.

A perfect addition will be the combination of 3 harmonizing shades with an emphasis on the strands of a brighter color.

Round face and haircuts for long hair

Long hair by itself reduces the volume of a rounded appearance, stretching it.

However, when selecting a haircut, the main nuances of its styling should be taken into account, in particular:

  • facilitating strands by thinning / grading the ends of the hair;
  • ensuring cascading (layering), parting, asymmetry of the bangs, elongated side strands;
  • creating the desired curls in the form of light waves closer to the ends of the strands.

Cascade on long hair

This haircut, rightfully, is considered universal due to the lack of restrictions on age, style of wardrobe. The technique of its implementation is to cut the hair with a “ladder” with a number of levels. The length of the front strands should be below the level of the chin.

The best haircuts for a round face shape. Photos with descriptions for women
Photo of a cascade on long hair. Hairstyle suitable for round face

The rest may vary based on capabilities and tastes (optimally – 0’8 inch below the shoulder
s). Such techniques help create the impression of splendor of thin hair, visually “lengthen” the neck, and distract attention from the rounded contours of the face.

Loose long hair for round face

You can save the hair length below the shoulders or even to the middle of the back by creating volume on the crown of the head, oblique bangs / parting, letting asymmetric locks on the cheekbones to the level of the chin, milling the ends of the hair. With thick, thin loose hair, it is worth using some methods of cutting the Cascade with a side part. It is important to avoid creating extra volume in the cheek area.

To reduce the volume, a “patchwork haircut” can be applied in problem areas with the help of their milling. It goes well with voluminous top and slanting bangs, curled inward or with straight, profiled hair ends

What hairstyles for long hair fit chubby

The best haircuts for a round face shape. Photos with descriptions for women

Along with the multivariate Cascade, long hair allows chubby ladies to create different types of hairstyles.

The most affordable of them are straight loose hair with the addition of volume near their roots.

At the same time, the front temporal strands are wound behind the ears, and the lateral ones are pushed forward, asymmetrically framing the cheeks.

A variant resembling an elongated square, the so-called. Long ladder.

Here, the hair in front is stepwise cut from the chin area, and on the sides and back in a semicircle – below the level of the shoulders. This method creates additional volume, “pulling” the face.

For curly hair hairstyles “Waves in the style of boho.” They are characterized by soft curls of curls that begin at the level of the cheekbones or from the chin.

Hairstyles for obese women with a round face

Despite the lack of a universal hairstyle for full chubby women, you can focus on the general advice of stylists about the presence of the following in them:

  1. The volume at the crown.
  2. Thinned / oblique bangs.
  3. Side parting, asymmetry.
  4. Strand at different levels.

Along with the type of face and physique, it is important to consider the structure of the hair, the length of the neck, and the shape of the forehead. For short hair, Pixie and Bob haircuts are suitable (classic and with elongated front strands). A spectacular look of hairstyles can be achieved due to perfect cuts, milling the ends of the hair.

Chubby owners of medium length hair can afford haircuts Cascade, Kare (elongated / asymmetrical). Long-haired women are impressed by Cascade, Ladder.

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Styling Secrets for Chubby Girls

Compliance with these general recommendations allows you to harmonize hairstyles of any hair length, both with the shape of the face and the overall appearance.

To achieve this goal, you should pay attention to some nuances, namely:

  • visual lengthening of the face provides the volume of the crown, hidden cheekbones and cheeks, vertical lines of haircuts;
  • exclusion of sharp lines in the cheeks / cheeks, horizontal lines, parting, volumetric bangs;
  • the use of asymmetry to change the roundness of the face (oblique bangs, parting, etc.);
  • contraindication of large curls, small curls with a preference for soft waves starting below the level of the chin or slightly curled ends of long hair;
  • the use of highlighting, coloring, balazyazha, ombre, batatusha instead of plain coloring; The best haircuts for a round face shape. Photos with descriptions for women

Choosing with the help of photo haircuts that are suitable for a particular round face, it is important to consider these secrets. Their knowledge will allow you to find your format based on both the features of appearance and tastes, individual preferences, lifestyle. The combination of all these points helps to make the right choice and create a harmonious image of a modern woman.

Round Hairstyles Video

Hairstyles for a round face. A selection of the best:

A selection of haircuts for women with a round face:

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