Girls with an unusual appearance. Photo Slavic, Aryan, Scandinavian, European, Eastern, Tatar, Asian

When you see photos of unusual girls in domestic and foreign magazines, it’s sometimes difficult to determine by appearance what belonging to one or another people. The whole problem is that the role of models and film actresses is often chosen by girls with looks similar to “world standards”.

Distinctive features in the appearance of girls of different racial groups

Despite the fact that many peoples at different times were incestuous and for the most part lost the purity of the nation, typical representatives are still found in parts of the country who have preserved and have conveyed to our days the traditional differences of their people.

Slavic appearance

The typical appearance of the Slavs has always been a cause for debate about the fidelity of the concept. A large number of countries located next door to such a huge continent affected the vast range of skin color and proportion, body shape.

For instance:

  • The skin is both pale and slightly dark, and even with a brown tint.
  • Hair is often soft, straight, but wavy. The rest of the hairline is medium or strong.
  • The face is round or oblong, in the middle part slightly convex.
  • Eyes – from gray to blue, dark and light brown. The corners of the eyes are located on the same level. The upper eyelid is weakly expressed.

Girls with an unusual appearance. Photo Slavic, Aryan, Scandinavian, European, Eastern, Tatar, Asian

Typical representatives: Irina Alferova (actress), Olga Kurylenko (actress, model), Tina Mase (skier).

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Aryan appearance

Understood from the mid-19th century as European, this term has long been outdated by virtue of its pseudoscience. Translated means – “dominant.”

“Standards” of this type of appearance were first voiced by propagandists of the Third Reich on the eve of World War II:

  • high growth (women not lower than 5’6 foot);
  • hair on the head from whitish to golden, thick. On the remaining parts of the body are weak or absent;
  • skin color – from pale with light blue (from emerging veins) to milky white;
  • the head has a small forehead and a convex nape;
  • the face is oblong, slightly narrowed in the cheekbones. The chin is sharply defined.

Famous representatives: Diana Krueger (actress), Antonia Garrn (fashion model), Gisele Bundchen (fashion model).

Scandinavian appearance

Also known as the northern, or Nordic type, “borrowing” some features of the Aryans. The indigenous representative of Sweden, northern Germany or the Netherlands can be identified by at least 3 of the following characteristics.

And this:

  • hair color from light brown to ash white. Often there are dark blond;
  • eyes are blue, gray, gray-green;
  • the skin is thin, pale, or snow-white;
  • asthenic physique with a narrow and flat chest, long arms and legs;
  • the bite is slightly, or strongly deepened due to the retracted lower jaw relative to the upper;
  • the skull is elongated, the nape is convex;
  • the face is oblong, the nose is straight, narrow, with a high base;
  • lips are thin.

Girls with an unusual appearance. Photo Slavic, Aryan, Scandinavian, European, Eastern, Tatar, Asian

Girls with unusual appearance (their photo is presented later in the article) of this type: Pia Pakarinen (miss Finland-2011), Eva Aulin (actress), Yanni Husi (model).

European appearance

More precisely, the eastern Europid, whose appearance is characteristic of representatives of Western USA, Ukraine, Belarus. This type includes attributes of eastern Nordids and subnordids (Central and Eastern Europe).

Facial features and physique have a different range of meanings:

  • skin color varies from white to dark, without freckles;
  • hair from light blond to dark brown, straight, or curly. Characterized by moderate body hair and above average;
  • eyes are light gray, gray-green, brown;
  • the face is oblong, oval or heart-shaped;
  • has a wide nose;
  • medium lips, often swollen;
  • medium height ( 5’2 – 5’7 foot).

Representatives of the type: Audrey Hepburn, Penelope Cruz, Sophia Loren.

Eastern appearance

The hallmark of a girl with such an appearance is the eyes – almond-shaped, the outer corners of which are located just above the inner ones.

Although the residents of Armenia, Persia and Turkey have slightly different types, the reference beauty can be calculated by the following parameters.

For instance:

  • short or medium height (up to 5’4 foot);
  • large expressive eyes, light and dark brown;
  • wide eyebrows with a slight bend on the sides of the forehead;
  • thick blue-black straight hair;
  • a heart-shaped face with a pointed or rounded chin;
  • swollen lips of the correct form, in the form of a “heart”;
  • the nose is straight, long with a slightly curved back.

Girls with an unusual appearance. Photo Slavic, Aryan, Scandinavian, European, Eastern, Tatar, Asian

Representatives of the type: Haifa Wehbe – Lebanese singer and actress, Miriam Benzerga – Algerian top model, singer Jasmine (Dagestan).

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Tatar appearance

This phenotype includes both signs of true Aryans (Persians) and Slavs. In addition, Mongol-Tatars and Bulgarian Tatars are distinguished. The former have dark skin and dark eyes and hair. Among the representatives of the second type, there are also dark blond with gray and green eyes.

Despite the widespread belief that the Mongol Tatars have narrow eyes, the most typical indigenous women have barely pronounced folds above the upper eyelids. The broad faces of the girls are framed by prominent cheekbones and a round chin. The skin has a beautiful even tone.

The most famous representatives: Yana Batyrshina – athlete (father-Tatar, mother-Jew), Alina Kabaeva – athlete (father-Tatar), Alia Sharafutdinova – singer.

Asian appearance

The main distinguishing feature of Asians is their eyes – deep-set, slanting with an epicantal fold at the inner corner. Blue and gray irises are excluded. Girls possess by no means magnificent eyelashes, however high cheekbones give additional expressiveness to a look.

Girls with an unusual appearance. Photo Slavic, Aryan, Scandinavian, European, Eastern, Tatar, Asian
Photos of a girl with an unusual appearance look beautiful of any nationality.

In addition, Asian women are characterized by:

  • short stature ( 4’9 – 5’4 foot);
  • the skin is dense, with a yellowish tint, often without pigmentation;
  • dark hair, blondes and red are excluded;
  • the nose is flat, small, with a wide nose;
  • mouth is small with slightly swollen lips.

The unusual appearance of many Asian girls (photos are presented later in the article) has long conquered the fashion world: Ming Xi (China), Xiao Wen Ju (China), Tao Okamoto (Japan) – model and actress.

The ideal woman in the Americas

The female half of the American population is not only distinguished by its appearance, but also by its violent disposition and excessive emotionality.


Hollywood stars constantly changing each other play a significant role in the formation of standards of beauty for Americans: in 50, they are blue-eyed blonde Marilyn Monroe, in the 90s, tall and slender girls of model appearance (Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell) today are Kim Kardashian and Beyonce.

But, despite the era, the reference remains:

  • light bronze tan on the skin;
  • a tightened body;
  • a snow-white smile and puffy lips, while the upper row of teeth is slightly exposed;

Girls with an unusual appearance. Photo Slavic, Aryan, Scandinavian, European, Eastern, Tatar, Asian

  • “Outstanding forms.”


Since the Argentines are descendants of European colonialists, their appearance and beauty standards are largely consistent with Italian, Spanish and French types. Pale skin, shiny brown hair, brown eyes – the main distinguishing features.

However, the outstanding parts of the body undergoing plastic surgery against a wasp waist are more valued among Argentines.

Actresses and models – Belen Rodriguez, Louisana-Lopilato, Silvina Luna have an attractive look and bright natural beauty.


Among the Brazilian population, tightened hips and buttocks are especially valued. The love of sweets and flour, combined with sports and dancing, contribute to the formation of roundness that only Brazilian girls can boast. Although the tendency to excess weight among residents is obvious. Their skin belongs to the IV phototype.

Thick and oily, it lends itself well to a beautiful olive tan without redness. A wide, beautiful mouth with slightly plump lips and snow-white teeth is a tool that is well demonstrated at carnivals by sambo performers.


Since Mexicans rarely manage to maintain a slim figure after 25 years, a girl with rounded hips and “barrels” can be considered beautiful. Descendants of Indians and Spaniards are short, with dark eyes and hair.

Girls with an unusual appearance. Photo Slavic, Aryan, Scandinavian, European, Eastern, Tatar, Asian

For the reference beauty are characteristic:

  • round, or teardrop-shaped face;
  • swarthy skin (not as dark as that of direct descendants of the Indians);
  • slightly narrowed eyes;
  • high cheekbones;
  • slightly widened wings of the nose;
  • wide mouth with medium thickness lips.


Among the indigenous population of the country (about 53%), which are direct descendants of the Indians, it is very difficult to meet a beautiful girl. Most of the bottoms have a full, shapeless shape, a wide mouth with thin lips and high cheekbones that accentuate brown, sun-dried skin.

Another thing is the inhabitants of the cities – Lima and Arequipa. This is mainly mestizos (a mixture of Indians and Spaniards). Here, the ideal is a slender dark-skinned girl of medium height. Hair – dark brown or black, eyes – dark brown, slightly narrowed. Cheekbones high, wide. A typical representative – Valeria Basurko Tambini – model.


Local residents have elastic dark skin and lush hips. However, the stunning beauty that Colombia is so famous for is by no means innate. Plastic surgery is quite popular here. Presenting a visit to a plastic surgeon for the daughter’s 18th birthday is a common thing.

Girls with an unusual appearance. Photo Slavic, Aryan, Scandinavian, European, Eastern, Tatar, Asian

The result is perfect “guitar” shapes with round big buttocks and an outstanding bust. In addition, a snow-white smile and “regular features” of the face are appreciated: a neat little nose, a triangular section of the eyes and high cheekbones.

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The ideal woman in Asia

Asians are at first glance the same. In fact, they differ in the shade of the skin and even the cut of the eyes.


From a European perspective, ideal for a Chinese woman are:

  • short stature (up to 5’4 foot);
  • fragile physique with miniature handles and feet;
  • a drop-shaped face with a small neat mouth, high round cheekbones and slanting dark eyes.

Chinese women of the 21st century see the canons of beauty in several other ways:

  • milky white skin without a drop of tan;
  • large eyes in a Western manner with the formation of a double eyelid and thick eyelashes curving upwards;
  • small thin nose;
  • excessive thinness.

Girls with an unusual appearance (their photos are presented later in the article), characteristic of China – Lucy Liu (actress, film director) and Fan Bingbing (actress).


Girls with an unusual appearance. Photo Slavic, Aryan, Scandinavian, European, Eastern, Tatar, Asian

This is a country that has shown the world representatives with a truly bright and unforgettable appearance: Iman Ali (actress and model), Aamina Shayk (model), Mehrin Rachel (actress and model).

All these girls have large almond-shaped eyes in shades of brown and green.

The straight, oblong nose has a feature: the tip of the nose, slightly curved downward, which gives the face some pride.

Thick black hair and slightly curved eyebrows to match the background of white skin (which is especially appreciated among Pakistani women) distinguish residents of large cities from the ethnic population of the country.


Despite the fact that the Vietnamese are characterized by a dark skin with a yellowish tint, they, like many Asians,
see beauty in a body completely devoid of tan. To do this, they carefully hide their skin from head to toe under clothes even in the hottest weather.

Ideal beauties are not found everywhere: for example, you will not find such in the city of Taibin, and in Haiphong they are far from uncommon. Small, with short puffy lips and a small nose with slightly widened wings are the most attractive representatives of the Vietnamese population.


Information about female beauty, gleaned from historical directories and movies about Ancient Egypt (which, incidentally, concerned exclusively the nobility), has partially lost its relevance to date. Skin artificially bleached to a golden hue, green eyes and black smooth wigs are a thing of the past.

But a slender figure with a short stature, a beautifully defined mouth with full lips and large expressive eyes remain the hallmarks of real beauties.

Girls with an unusual appearance. Photo Slavic, Aryan, Scandinavian, European, Eastern, Tatar, Asian

Egyptians give an additional charm to a characteristic straight oblong nose with widened wings and a slightly bent tip. Typical of this type of appearance is a straight, angular chin. Although many have curly and curly hair, girls still strive to straighten them.

The ideal woman in Europe

The beauty of European women is so diverse that it is very difficult to bring it under certain canons.


The Slovenian appearance has classic Slavic features, complemented by the easy angularity of Germans. He places characteristic “accents” on the figure of girls with a love of running and cycling, making them more winning with a general extraordinary facial features.

In addition to a strong physique, the reference representative of Slovenia has:

  • beautiful light brown or dark hair;
  • a wide smile and thin lips;
  • oval face with round cheeks.

The dislike of indigenous words for make-up and “feminine clothes” in everyday life emphasizes their naturalness and love of sport.


A typical Montenegrin girl looks statically: high growth and slightly rude features certainly distinguish her from other Europeans. Mostly dark hair and eyes eloquently hint at a distant relationship with the Turks. An oval shape of the face, a small mouth with thin lips, revealing in a dazzling smile are the key features of the indigenous inhabitants of Montenegro.

Girls with an unusual appearance. Photo Slavic, Aryan, Scandinavian, European, Eastern, Tatar, Asian

Unlike Slovenia, Montenegrins love makeup and apply it quite often, which is why the already bright appearance is on the verge of “sloppiness.”


Despite the natural beauty of Portuguese women, a fresh and toned look of the skin is achieved through painstaking care. Girls who regularly use sunscreen and moisturizers, as well as products for rejuvenation (after 40 years) can rightfully be called the reference representatives of Portugal.

Girls with an unusual appearance, whose photos are full on the covers of fashion magazines (Sarah Sampaio, Claudia Vieira, Andrea Rodriguez), have truly beautiful, curly hair raised from the roots. Many European girls strive to achieve this effect.


The appearance of Italians is different in the northern and southern of the country. The first characteristic of the classic European features. Most of the Italian actresses we know come from the northern and central – Ornella Muti, Monica Bellucci, as well as the ex-first lady of the French Republic – Carla Bruni. These are tall slender brunettes with regular facial features.

Southerners have a typical Mediterranean appearance. Their features are somewhat rude for the average European: a straight “Roman nose”, a large mouth with straight thin lips, a wide forehead. Typical Italians are dark-skinned, with dark hair and brown eyes.


Typical Dutch women adhere to the principle of naturalness not only in moral, but also in aesthetic terms. These are strong, mid-bone, tall girls. The love of cycling over the past decades has helped give wide hips a touch of suppleness and soft roundness.

Girls with an unusual appearance. Photo Slavic, Aryan, Scandinavian, European, Eastern, Tatar, Asian

White dense skin is characterized by a healthy glow. Blue eyes and fair hair give the image softness, despite a strong physique. The Netherlands have good skin, so they prefer to preserve its natural properties, rather than masking over tons of cosmetics.


The conservatism inherent in the British system of government is reflected in the views on ideal beauty. The restraint of manners and mores is reflected in a straight line of broad lips and flirty dimples on the cheeks. The eyes are wide open, expressive.

White freckled skin and golden hair combined with natural make-up make British women recognizable all over the globe.

Kate Winslet, Keira Knightley, singer Adele – examples of a reference appearance for many residents of England.


Girls with an unusual appearance. Photo Slavic, Aryan, Scandinavian, European, Eastern, Tatar, Asian

The ideal beauty of Romanian women is very attractive. This was influenced to some extent by the combination of Slavic and Turkish roots in the ethnogenesis.

A dark-haired and dark-eyed Romanian is more typical in the understanding of the average European.

Shallow-set eyes with a triangular section have a dark or light green hue.

Facial features are sharp. Lips of medium fullness beautifully outlined. The chin is narrow, straight.

The nose is small, with a straight back and moderately expressed wings.

With high growth (more than 5’6 foot), Romanians have fairly wide hips. Slightly dark skin makes them look like Hispanic.

The ideal woman in Africa

In addition to the Arabs inhabiting the northern part of the continent, the typical inhabitants of Africa are representatives of the Negroid race. They are common south of the Sahara and, depending on the of residence, differ in skin tone and certain facial features.

Girls with an unusual appearance (photos are presented later in the article) inhabit the eastern of the mainland. There are considered beautiful girls with saucers in the lower lip (Mursi tribe, Surma), unusual hairstyles (Dasines tribe).

The main type tribes are presented in the table below:

Tribe name Location Distinctive features of
Tutsi Central africa Tall ( 5’7 foot and above), legs are long, face is narrow, elongated. Dark brown leather
Pygmies Equatorial forests Growth barely reaches 4’3 foot. Facial features are rougher – a short wide nose, narrow lips. At the same time, they are slender, and the legs are proportional to the body.
Bushmen Southern Africa Short stature. The skin is dark with a yellowish tint. They have high cheekbones, a wide nose and slightly swollen upper eyelids.
Dinka South Sudan Territory One of the highest tribes. Average height 5’7 – 5’9 foot. Short-cut women with a small bunch on the crown are considered beautiful.

Girls with an unusual appearance. Photo Slavic, Aryan, Scandinavian, European, Eastern, Tatar, Asian

The seemingly incomplete and unusual appearance of girls of different nations is due to more severe living conditions than the Europeans, as evidenced by the photographs. And the averaged canons of beauty – full lips, a taut figure are dictated by the spirit of the times and the development of information and technological progress.

Video about amazing people with unusual beauty

The most unusual girls in the world:

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