Surgery to increase the bust. Price, reviews, before and after photos, videos

Modern aesthetic and plastic surgery does not stand still, all the time there are new methods and drugs for rejuvenation and correction of appearance.

New methods are becoming safer and more effective , so more and more people are resorting to the help of plastic surgeons to correct, correct problem areas of the face and body, remove fat or enlarge breasts.

Surgery to increase the bust. Price, reviews, before and after photos, videosFor the fair sex, breast size is important, so the decision to enlarge the mammary glands with the help of surgery takes a huge number of young girls and women aged every day.

One of the important questions that arises before the operation: “How much will the surgical intervention to increase the bust and where it is more profitable to apply”

We will tell you about all the nuances associated with the financial side of this type of plastic surgery: compare the approximate prices in different cities of USA and Europe. We will find out if there are stocks and great offers, and if so, where exactly.

Mammoplasty – what is it

The operation for breast augmentation in aesthetic plastic surgery is called “mammoplasty” and is one of the most effective surgical means of breast correction: volume, shape, contours, etc.

Now there are a lot of clinics that promise fast and good results and at the same time offer discounts. The financial issue here is important, but if you still decide on the procedure, then before the operation you should take into account a number of nuances.

The main factors include the following:

  1. When choosing a clinic in which you plan to have an operation, try to find out about it in advance: reviews of other people, you can see photos “before” and “after”. It is also better to find out about the doctors who work there.
  2. After the first step,  you need to go to the clinic and talk with a specialist so that he gives a forecast: what should you expect after the operation and what results should you expect.
  3. It is also worth knowing in advance from the doctor about possible contraindications and complications, as well as options for their elimination.
  4. Carefully study implants and their quality , as it is for life (with rare exceptions).
  5. Well, also, find out about the rehabilitation period and how you will need to take care of the breast after the operation.

What can be contraindications for mammoplasty

Firstly, you can’t do the operation if the woman is pregnant or breastfeeding. Secondly, some diseases are a contraindication: oncology, infectious diseases and diseases of internal organs. In addition, the patient must be at least 18 years old.

Choice of implants

There are several criteria for choosing implants, and many believe that the most important is the price, but this is a mistake.

The quality of breast implants is more important, therefore, the doctor must take into account all the individual characteristics of the female body.

Surgery to increase the bust. Price, reviews, before and after photos, videos
The shape and size of breast implants is selected by a specialist, based on the individual characteristics of the physique and the desired result.

When choosing implants, you should pay attention to the following details:

  • fillers – these can be silicone gels (most often they are chosen by doctors, they make the breasts more natural), or with saline solution inside (this option is cheaper, but often leaks);
  • shape –  round or anatomical (these look more natural), it all depends on the woman’s wishes and the characteristics of her chest;
  • texture –  they can be textured or smooth. The former are quite stable, which cannot be said of the latter: they can shift at an unnecessary moment.

The cost of the operation in New York and the New York

When asking yourself how much an operation to increase a bust costs, it is necessary to consider and think in advance a number of factors on which prices depend. In different clinics, the corresponding prices, but somewhere else it is possible to get a good discount.

Also, much depends on the methodology of the operation . In the case of breast augmentation, 4 methods of implant placement are distinguished.

These include the following:

  • endoprosthetics with an inframammary approach (through a breast section);
  • arthroplasty with periareolar access;
  • arthroplasty with transaxillary (axillary) access;
  • arthroplasty with transumbilical access.

Inframammary access is the most popular and the incision after it is almost invisible, so, in most cases, breast augmentation surgery is performed using this technique.

On average, in New York such an operation will cost $ 1904. So, for example, in Delta Clinics they suggest performing an operation in this way for $ 1224, in Family Clinic – for $ 1088, and in MedicCity – for $ 2285.

Endoprosthetics with periareolar access are ideal if you need to tighten your chest – the incision is made through the areola. Round and teardrop implants are installed in this way.

The scar after surgery is invisible, which is the main advantage of this method. But there is a drawback – the nipple will become almost insensitive. In New York, the average price in this case is $ 1945.

In the “Family Clinic” they propose to conduct an operation for $ 1088., In “MedicCity” – for $ 2230. The most expensive offer – in the “European MC”, $ 13369.

With the method of axillary access, an incision is made in the armpit , so there will be no scars on the chest, and the implants (round) will be located very symmetrically.

But this is the most difficult option for the surgeon and causes many difficulties. On average in New York, axillary prosthetics cost $ 1986. The most profitable options: in the Family Clinic ( $ 1088) and in the Medial ( $ 1251). Most expensive in the “European MC” ( $ 13369.).

Transumbilical access is performed through the navel , so that there will be no scarring on the chest. An operation is performed in this way infrequently, since there are also various difficulties and many disadvantages with this method.

In this way, you can put only round implants with saline and not the fact that they will be symmetrically located. Salt implants are short-lived and inferior in quality to silicone ones, therefore surgeons rarely turn to this type of prosthetics.

On average, endoprosthetics with transumbilical access in New York will cost $ 1333. Minimum prices start from $ 1224. They offer an inexpensive operation in Lantana – for $ 1258. The operation in Correct will cost 3 times more expensive – $ 3128. and “ART Plastic” – $ 4080.

In the event of an unsuccessful operation or complications, repeated breast replacement in New York will cost almost the same cost – from $ 1768 (Osnova, K +31) to $ 12648. (“European MC”).

On average, the price of mammoplasty is $ 1632 – $ 2720. At the same time, correction of nipples and areas is 3 times cheaper. But if you plan to increase the breast along with a tightening, then the price will increase to $ 4080 (also on average). Replacement of implants will cost about $ 680 – $ 816.

Also, the price depends on the chosen implants: silicone ones will cost from $ 408 – $ 816, and anatomical ones are a little more expensive due to their natural form.

Surgery to increase the bust. Price, reviews, before and after photos, videos
Silicone breast implants are resistant to natural wear due to respiratory movements of the chest.

Usually, the base cost for mammoplasty includes tests, materials, and the surgeon’s work itself. But prostheses, a hospital and anesthesia must be paid separately. Plus, the costs will be fo
r the recovery period, but in no case can you save, otherwise complications will arise in the future.

If you look at the cost of the operation in the New York, then prices range from 90000 to $ 3400, but reviews of the clinics leave much to be desired, so it’s better to do it in the capital.

The cost of mammoplasty in Los Angeles

If you are going to have surgery not in New York, but in Los Angeles, you should know that in some clinics the prices are 2 times cheaper than in New York . Inframammary access will cost at least $ 680. (clinic “Longevity”). In other clinics, the cost ranges from $ 1360 – $ 2176.

The same for the price with periareolar and axillary access – from $ 680. at least (in the same clinic “Longevity”). Transumbilical access is a little more expensive – from $ 1102 (GrandMed) to 243000 (Scandinavia). Repeated arthroplasty will cost at least $ 816, and on average – $ 1292.

Cost of operations abroad

Abroad, the cost of mammoplasty will also depend on the surgeon, the prestige of the clinic and the price of implants.  The status of the clinic, in this case, is of great importance and, of course, it will cost more – but as a result, there is no doubt and there will be no complications.

Also take into account the cost of anesthesia, inpatient stay and the cost of tests, which in total can amount to more than $ 136.

The cost of breast augmentation in Switzerland will start from 10000 euros , including hospitalization and postoperative care. You can enlarge the breast here either with the help of high-quality implants, or without using them (that is, the doctor will take your own fat for breast enlargement).

They also have the Macroline technique – a tool that allows you to increase the bust without surgery . The level of service and competence of surgeons is on top here. In second place in terms of service (and this is practically no different from the Swiss) is Germany.

In the field of plastic and aesthetic surgery, German medicine occupies one of the leading positions in the world ranking. The best specialists work in the country, to whom they come, including in order to correct the plastic errors of other doctors.

The applied 3D modeling technologies allow the patient to show the planned result even before the operation. The advantage here is the cost – the prices are on average from $ 109 – $ 122 euros, and there are very inexpensive clinics – $ 41 – $ 54 euros.

Implants from German manufacturers will last a long time , and the rehabilitation period will take only 1-2 weeks. In Italy and Austria, mammoplasty will cost an average of 7000 euros. If we take into account Eastern Europe, then the prices are much more affordable.

In Israel, the cost of a surgical enlargement of a bust will cost from 4000 (in the most ordinary clinic) to 15000 (in a specialized clinic with top-level doctors and an appropriate level of service) dollars.

To know exactly how much an operation to increase a bust in Israel costs, you need to consult with the clinic’s specialists.

In Israel, the software, as in Germany, allows the doctor to see the possible result in 3-dimensional modeling, as well as to determine if there is an asymmetry. A program based on breast width will also help with the choice of implant.

Thanks to the patient’s breast enlargement process, she can tell herself when enough. Hospitalization after surgery is not required , in a day you can leave the hospital, and if there are no complications, in a week the patient can fly home.

In Poland, the Czech Republic and Latvia, the cost of breast augmentation surgery will depend on the methodology, and will vary from 3000 to 5000 euros.

In Thailand and India, surgical breast augmentation will cost from $ 41 – $ 68. The service there is good, but not the highest level. All standards and requirements are met with high quality.

Is it possible to make an installment transaction or a loan

Many banks provide loans for plastic surgery, as the clinic is not a credit institution and will not operate at a loss. In rare cases, the clinic can provide an installment plan for the operation itself, but for implants you still have to pay separately and immediately . Surgery to increase the bust. Price, reviews, before and after photos, videos

If you are looking for clinics that provide special offers at a bargain price, then contact Medionics.

There are the most attractive and inexpensive offers. In this institution, you can perform an operation for $ 1428, including the cost of tests, implants and additional costs. This is the so-called all-inclusive offer, where you do not have to pay extra for anything else.

Useful videos about mammoplasty, features and cost of surgery to increase bust

Common myths about breast plastic and implants, expert recommendations:

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