Rosehip oil for the face from wrinkles and age spots. Benefits and terms of use

Rosehip oil is a powerful antioxidant, and due to this property it is actively used in masks and other facial wrinkles. It contains a unique complex of vitamins and minerals with pronounced anti-aging properties.

Useful properties of rosehip oil

Rosehip oil contains:

  1. Riboflavin and ascorbic acid, known for antioxidant properties, which means that they contribute to cell regeneration and general skin rejuvenation. Vitamin C in wild rose contains 50 times more than in lemon.
  2. B vitamins, in addition to the tightening effect, have anti-inflammatory and moisturizing effects.
  3. Vitamin E helps smooth wrinkles around the eyes.
  4. Vitamin K has regenerative properties, and at the same time helps to lighten age spots.
  5. Fatty acids nourish the skin, eliminate sagging and wrinkles, moisturize, soothe the inflammatory process (thanks to linoleic acid).
  6. Tannins.
  7. Volatile Rosehip oil for the face from wrinkles and age spots. Benefits and terms of use

 Also in the rosehip oil are macro- and microelements:

  • potassium – moisturizes;
  • magnesium – evens out color and relief;
  • iron – is involved in oxygen metabolism;
  • phosphorus – freshens complexion and promotes skin tightening;
  • zinc – soothes inflammation;
  • copper – increases the elasticity of the skin, as it is involved in the production of collagen;

Indications for use

Cosmetics, which include undiluted rosehip oil, are recommended by cosmetologists for women after 35 years with:

  • dry skin
  • fine wrinkles on the skin of the eyelids;
  • creases around the lips;
  • sagging skin;
  • inflammation and damage;
  • pigmentation; Rosehip oil for the face from wrinkles and age spots. Benefits and terms of use
  • swelling under the eyes;
  • unhealthy complexion;
  • burns.


Rosehip oil can not be used on the face in such cases:

  • under the age of 30 years, the exception is very dry skin;
  • if oily and problem skin;
  • with individual intolerance, expressed in an allergic reaction to oil.

Instructions for use

  1. Rosehip oil can be applied to the skin both in the mixture and in concentrated form, since this product is the base. Rosehip oil for the face from wrinkles and age spots. Benefits and terms of use
  2. Wild rose oil nourishes and moisturizes the thin skin around the eyes, so it can be applied to these areas.
  3. Experts advise heating the oil before use to body temperature. But it is important not to overheat it, otherwise useful properties will be destroyed. The liquid should be heated not in a fire, but in a water bath, just put a container of oil in hot water.
  4. If the skin is oily or combination, the oil can not be used often, a maximum of 1 time per week.
  5. When caring for combination skin, apply it only to dry areas.
  6. After application, it takes time for the oil to absorb, about 30 minutes. Then you need to get your skin wet with a paper towel to remove excess. Usually the oil is completely absorbed and there are no greasy stains on the napkin.
  7. Apply oil by driving in massage movements. It is this application that provides an effective effect.

How to make butter yourself

For skin care, it is necessary to use only the highest quality oil without preservatives and fragrances.

Rosehip oil for the face from wrinkles and age spots. Benefits and terms of use
Rosehip oil is widely used in cosmetology as an effective remedy for wrinkles. It can be used both independently and as part of masks or homemade face creams.

It differs in red with a yellow tint, a bitter taste and smells characteristic – rosehip berries.

You can buy oil in a pharmacy, but, if possible, you can cook it at home:

  1. Dried rosehip berries are ground in a coffee grinder. The resulting fine powder must be divided into 3 equal parts. Then, vegetable oil (olive or sunflower) is heated in a water bath to 40 degrees, the powder is poured into a glass container and poured with warm oil so that it covers 0’4 inch of the powder. Now you should remove the jar in a dark place for 7 days. Then the oil is heated again, pour another part of the powder. Finally, after a week, pour the last part. Insist, drain and store in a cool place.
  2. If fresh rose hips are available, then you need to chop them in a blender, place in a glass jar, fill in 3 quarters and pour olive oil warmed up to 40-50 degrees to the top. The infusion should be kept in a dark place for 2 weeks, and then the filtered oil should be poured into another container and refrigerated.
  3.  Another method involves the use of dried flowers and fruits in equal proportions, which must be ground in a coffee grinder to a powder state. Rosehip oil for the face from wrinkles and age spots. Benefits and terms of useThen, 3 parts of olive (corn) oil is added to one part of the powder and the mixture is infused in a cool dark place for 14 days. After which it needs to be brought to a boil over minimal heat and, having waited until it has cooled, is decanted and poured into a container made of dark glass.

The use of rosehip oil in skin care

How to use undiluted

It is convenient to apply wild rose oil undiluted in the evening, shortly before bedtime, since no additional ingredients are required to be mixed. The product is applied to cleansed skin with a cotton pad along the massage lines.
Rosehip oil for the face from wrinkles and age spots. Benefits and terms of use

They cover the entire face, including the eyelids, avoid only areas of skin with increased fat content. The product must be allowed to soak for 30 minutes. Then you can blot the rest with a napkin.

Eyelid Care

The skin of the eyelids needs special care, since the skin in this area is very delicate. But even on the eyelids, undiluted wild rose oil can be applied. Rosehip oil for the face from wrinkles and age spots. Benefits and terms of useNo auxiliary agents are required, oil is applied with fingers driving in light movements. This tool will help prolong youth.

Vitamin Oil

If a net of fine wrinkles has already appeared, add the contents of one capsule of the Aevit preparation to the oil. Oils at the same time take 0.5 teaspoons, mixed with vitamins and applied to the face in the same way.

Bread mask

To get rid of wrinkles under the eyes, a bread mask is also prepared. The crumb of white bread is softened, filled with rosehip oil. Rosehip oil for the face from wrinkles and age spots. Benefits and terms of useSpread on a bandage or a piece of gauze, so that the crumbs do not get into the eyes and the mass does not fall apart, and put on the eyelid area on the face.

Mask with cottage cheese and honey

And if you mix 1 teaspoons. rosehip oil and honey with 1 tablespoon soft cottage cheese and apply the grated mass for 20 minutes to the eyelids, you can smooth out wrinkles and avoid the appearance of chernukh circles.

Lip Care

Age and wrinkles in the mouth. Until the situation worsens, lubricate these areas with undiluted oil. Compresses from a mixture of rosehip oil and wheat germ give a good effect . With this composition, the skin is not lubricated, but they are impregnated with napkins, which are used as a compress. Rosehip oil for the face from wrinkles and age spots. Benefits and terms of use

Another composition is prepared as follows: mix 1 tablespoon. oil and honey, add the yolk. 15 minutes after application, wash off the face with warm water.

Rosehip Oil Tonic Masks

Rosehip oil is part of tonic face masks.

Such recipes help fight wrinkles:

  1. You need to take aloe juice ( 0,17 fluid ounce), mix it with rosehip oil, also in an amount of 0,17 fluid ounce, with the contents of one capsule of vitamin E. The capsule is punctured with a needle. The tool is used daily for a week. Apply to the face and leave on it until it is absorbed. In addition to wrinkles, the mixture removes peeling, irritation, inflammation.
  2. Dry seaweed (kelp) must be ground in a coffee grinder. Then 1 tablespoon. the powder must be filled with some water to make the powder swell and turn into jelly. Then add 1 teaspoons. rose oil and 3 cap. essential orange. The exposure time of the mask is 40 minutes. Rosehip oil for the face from wrinkles and age spots. Benefits and terms of use
  3. Pumpkin and honey mask. Take 2 tablespoon. pumpkin pulp, usd it on a fine grater, after peeling it from the crust, add 1 teaspoons. honey and rosehip oil. Stirred and applied to the face for 15 minutes before bedtime. In addition to the main task, the mask solves the problem of age spots, tightens the contour of the face.
  4. A two-component mask of yolk and wild rose oil will help get rid of fine wrinkles, age spots, add softness and tone to the skin. Take the chicken yolk, beat it with a fork until smooth and add a little bit to the oil (1 teaspoons), stirring. The mixture is applied to the skin and left for 15 minutes.
  5. 2 tablespoon oatmeal, ground into flour, pour boiling milk so that milk covers the cereal. Then, when the milk has cooled, add 1 teaspoons. rosehip oil, mix the ingredients and apply on the face for 15 minutes. Make a mask 2-3 times a week for 2 months.
  6. 1 tablespoon wild rose oil and 1 tablespoon wheat germ oil take 2 cap. essential oils of geranium and patchouli. A mixture of oils is applied before bedtime, waiting for it to be absorbed, and not washed off.
  7. In winter, when persimmons are available, a mask is prepared on its basis. After lying in the freezer for 2 days, the fruit must be thawed, peeled and mashed. Add 1 teaspoons. wild rose oil and a little starch to thicken the mass, and it was convenient to apply. The exposure time on the face is 30 minutes. Rosehip oil for the face from wrinkles and age spots. Benefits and terms of use
  8. This mask, in addition to wrinkles, will help get rid of edema. Insist half an hour 1 tablespoon. nettle dry leaves, their bay 1 tablespoon. boiling water. After the infusion, filter and combine with 1 tablespoon. wheat bran, pour 1 teaspoons. rosehip oil. On the face, the mixture should last 30 minutes, after which the composition is washed off and a nourishing cream is applied.
  9. An apple-banana mask smoothes out small wrinkles and refreshes. It is necessary to mashed 1/2 apple and 1/2 banana with a blender or fine grater, add rosehip oil and apply for 30 minutes on the face.
  10. And another composition is made from rosehip oil and rice, ground to a state of flour in a coffee grinder. Mix so many ingredients to get a creamy consistency. Hold the mass on the face for 30 minutes.

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Homemade wrinkle cream

From rosehip oil, you can prepare a face cream for wrinkles or use it as an additive to the usual remedy:

  1. 2 tablespoon any baby cream is mixed with 1 teaspoons. aloe juice, add 10 cap. vitamin B2 (from an ampoule) and the same amount of rosehip oil. The tool is used as a cream before bedtime, applying it to cleansed skin. Rosehip oil for the face from wrinkles and age spots. Benefits and terms of use
  2. In any product that is applied to the face, in particular a cream, although this may be a lotion, you can add a little rosehip oil (4 drops per 1 teaspoons). Then the product will gain anti-aging properties. You need to use it daily.

Possible negative effects of use

  1. If you abuse the oil and apply it to oily skin, prone to the appearance of acne, its condition worsens.
  2. Due to the high content of vitamin K, bruises and hemorrhages will heal longer.
  3. The product sometimes gives side effects in the form of an allergy. If a rash, peeling, or redness occurs after applying rose hip oil, stop using the product.

Rosehip oil is a valuable product for the face, which is actively used at home for wrinkles.

Masks with wild rose oil have an increased effect of a facelift, smoothing wrinkles. And the oil itself can be cooked at home.

Video on the use of rosehip oil for facial wrinkles

How to apply rosehip oil for wrinkles:

Homemade face cream based on rosehip oil and sea buckthorn:

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