Pumping up the press for girls. Exercises, home workout program

The desire to achieve a beautiful press leads people to the gym or makes them exercise at home. But for many it is too difficult to get the desired result, and this is due to a haphazard approach to training without understanding the features of the structure and work of the abdominal muscles.

Pressing at home will be effective if you have enough information, patience, compose and execute a training program for every day.

Features of the structure of the press

The abdominal muscles have 2 main functions. The first is the protection of internal organs. The press is one of the muscles of the core that forms the supporting corset of the human body. The second function is that this muscle group helps us to get up from a prone position and bend over while standing.
Pumping up the press for girls. Exercises, home workout program

Despite the fact that these functions may seem simple, the structure of the press is very complex.

Muscle name Features
Rectus abdominis muscle The most noticeable externally and the largest abdominal muscle starts from the sternum and reaches the pubic bone. Muscle fibers are crossed by several tendon jumpers, forming the so-called “press cubes”. Despite the name familiar to many, they can have a completely irregular shape due to the fact that everything in the human body is not perfectly symmetrical.
Oblique abdominal muscles The most extensive abdominal muscle is the external oblique. It is located close to the surface of the skin and stretches from the ilium to the pubis.

Under it is the internal oblique muscle, forming the 2nd layer of the abdominal wall. When contracting, it allows the body to bend and turn from side to side.

Transverse abdominal muscle The deepest in its location, this muscle extends horizontally in the abdominal cavity and surrounds the waist. At the time of contraction, it reduces the volume of the abdominal cavity.

Basic rules for strengthening the press

Pumping the press at home without the help of a professional trainer leads to various kinds of errors that not only delay the achievement of the desired result, but can also be hazardous to health. Before starting training, you should find out the main list of common mistakes, avoiding which you can protect yourself.

Pumping up the press for girls. Exercises, home workout program
Proper pumping of the press at home will help to make a beautiful body.

It can be:

  1. Raising straight legs can be dangerous for the lower back. Moreover, this applies to exercises performed in the supine position, and the option with emphasis on the elbows. This movement creates an excessive compression load on the lumbar spine. If you do it abruptly and perform the exercise regularly, numerous microdamages can occur, resulting in a high probability of a hernia of the spine.
  2. A large range of motion when twisting does not make sense. The muscles of the press are included in the work only when lifting the torso 20-30 degrees above the floor, so twisting, regardless of the type of exercise, should be short. This exercise remains safe only in the absence of a prolonged intense load, which can cause various disorders in the back, increase the risk of hernia and other injuries.
  3. The press is not divided into “upper” and “lower”. Despite the huge amount of research conducted in recent years, many people rely on inaccurate sources of information and amateur courses for home training. This gives rise to the myth that the abdominal muscles in the lower and upper abdomen are pumped and work differently. But, if you recall the structure of these muscles, it becomes obvious that such an approach is impossible.
  4. Do not hold your head and strain your neck while twisting. This is not only dangerous for the spine, but also will lead to an increase in the width of the neck itself faster than results in the press area.
  5. Pumping the press does not help to lose weight.

The following list of general rules will help to achieve good results without harm to health:

  1. Training should be regular. Despite the fact that the study of the muscles of the press is usually included additionally on various training days, a separate day can be allocated for this to achieve significant progress. At the same time, daily overloading the press is also not recommended.
  2. Warm up is good for any muscle, and abdominal muscles are no exception. Thanks to the warm-up, you can warm up the muscles and prepare them for exercise.
    Pumping up the press for girls. Exercises, home workout program
  3. It is important to carefully study the technique of each exercise and strive for its correct implementation. The rule “quality is more important than quantity” is of key importance in the training process. If discomfort or pain appears, including in the lumbar, then with a high probability the technique was broken.
  4. The press must be dressed up. When performing each movement aimed at pumping the press, you should keep the muscles tense so that they are included in the process.
  5. Despite the popular misconception, pain in the muscles is not normal. Mild pain may be present a day after the previous workout, but it should gradually disappear. If the pain in the muscles is severe, it is better to refuse physical activity for a while.
  6. An extremely important aspect when training abdominal muscles is proper breathing. The rule is quite simple: inhale when muscles are relaxed, exhale when tension is applied.
  7. The load should increase gradually. This applies to any training, and works for pumping the press. You need to start with minimal loads, gradually and consistently increase the number of approaches and repetitions.
  8. Recording and organizing exercises helps to follow the goal. For best results, it is recommended that you create a special notebook in which you will enter information about training, with which you can track progress over a distance.
  9. Healthy sleep and proper nutrition are of great importance, and their lack can have a significant negative impact on the training process.

Features of training for girls

Pumping the press at home, like training in the gym, requires a special approach for girls. But, despite the widespread belief that working on the press makes the waist wider and uglier, the right approach to the training process will avoid this problem.

The main mistake of girls who want to achieve a beautiful embossed abdomen is their lack of sufficient information on how the abdominal muscles work and how.

Pumping up the press for girls. Exercises, home workout program

This leads to intense training, which is no different from training for men. But, even if you look at the photos of professional athletes, it becomes clear that the expressed oblique muscles of the abdomen are not what the female sex needs to achieve an ideal figure.

When training for abs, girls should focus on the rectus and transverse abdominal muscles, which with the right approach will not only become stronger (which is important to maintain good health and posture), but also make the body’s natural corset more beautiful.

Tips for conducting press workouts at home

Not every exercise from a huge variety of existing ones can be performed at home. But training for the development of the abdominal press is a pleasant exception: there is nothing impossible in pumping it without the use of any simulators. Pumping the press at home does not imply the help of a coach, therefore it requires special attention to health and safety.

The following tips will help you approach this as responsibly as possible:

  1. For home workouts you need a good mat. It should be non-slip, not too thick and wear-resistant. It is not necessary to buy goods from promoted sports brands; any high-quality rug designed for yoga is well suited (usually they are longer and more comfortable than fitness rugs). Before buying, it is recommended to read a few reviews, as this purchase can last more than one year.
    Pumping up the press for girls. Exercises, home workout program
  2. Should be engaged in comfortable, preferably sportswear. It is not only a matter of convenience and safety, but also the observance of a certain ritual, which will allow you to tune into a working mood. Some exercises require quality running shoes.
  3. No need to fix legs or feet. This, like fastening the legs in the “Roman chair”, deprives the exercise of meaning and does not allow the abdominals to get involved in the work.
  4. It is recommended to engage in no earlier than an hour after eating.

Best Static Press Exercises

One of the main functions of the press is to maintain a strong body frame and protect internal organs. Therefore, it is important to perform not only dynamic, but also static exercises for this muscle group, which will make them stronger.

It should be borne in mind that the press is included in the work with almost any basic exercise: from deadlift to squats. Therefore, girls who go to the gym and perform a base with weight, you can not allocate separate time for additional static loads.

Of the huge number of static exercises, the following can be distinguished:

  1. Classic elbow strap . Standing at the elbows, you should ensure that the body forms the most straight line. At home, the presence of a side mirror helps a lot in this. In his absence, you can ask someone close to see if you managed to get the right position. Over time, this starts to happen by itself. Despite the fact that from the side the exercise seems very simple, it requires a lot of strength, so it’s worth starting with 30 seconds, gradually bringing this time to 2 minutes.
  2. Side bar with emphasis on a straight arm . The lower arm should be perpendicular to the floor, the upper arm can be left on the belt or raised up. The body should create the most straight line. It is especially important to monitor the position of the pelvis and the sensations in the wrist. It is not recommended to perform this exercise for longer than 1 minute without a break.
    Pumping up the press for girls. Exercises, home workout program
  3. Buttock bridge . In the supine position, the pelvis rises as high as possible. In this case, the muscles of the legs, buttocks, and abs should be tensed. The body rests on the shoulders and feet, the neck should remain relaxed. This position can be maintained for 1-1.5 minutes without a break.

Best dynamic abs exercises

Bleeding the press at home using dynamic exercises requires special care, as incorrect or too abrupt movements can harm. The number of exercises and their variations is best increased gradually, starting with the simplest and most basic.

For instance:

  1. Twisting . Despite the fact that this exercise is one of the most common, many do it completely wrong: both at home and in the gym. Twists in the supine position are performed with bent (but not fixed) legs and a small range of motion. It is not necessary to move quickly, the main thing is to feel that it is the abdominal muscles that are included in the work, that the body is lifted due to them, and not due to the effort of the legs. Hands should be placed on the chest, so as not to create additional strain on the neck.
    Pumping up the press for girls. Exercises, home workout program
  2. The bike . Another classic, but very effective exercise for working out the abs, back and hips. In the supine position, shoulders and legs should be raised without straining the muscles. Hands can be placed both behind the head and along the body. Tightening the muscles of the press, you should perform circular movements of the legs, simulating a bicycle ride.
  3. Rock climber . This very intense exercise works well not only in the abs, but also in the muscles of the arms, legs, buttocks and back. First you need to take an emphasis lying down (the bar on straightened arms), and then alternately pull the legs to the chest. More advanced can change the position of the legs in the jump, beginners will use a simplified version.

Training schedule

At home, pumping the press requires not only physical effort, but also a large amount of willpower. Drawing up a training schedule will help maintain your own motivation and not go out of your chosen path to achieve the desired result.

With the advent of experience, this process will not take a lot of time, and it will be possible to diversify the training process with new exercises or their variations.

Beginners are recommended to train at home from 1 to 3 times a week, including at least 2 dynamic and static exercises from the above list.

Training can be very short, even 15 minutes is enough to start. You can choose the most suitable time yourself, since the biological clock and schedule of the day are different for everyone. The main thing is not to exercise immediately after eating food or liquids.

Press in 14 days is a reality! Training program

Bringing the body into a sporty look in a short time is difficult, but possible. A well-thought-out training program, a set of exercises every day and proper nutrition – a diet, will help to make a relief. First, fat will leave the abdomen, then a relief will form.

Pumping up the press for girls. Exercises, home workout program

The basic rule is to work regularly, that is, daily. It does not take much time and effort. Do the exercises correctly and observe proper breathing during physical exertion.

Step-by-step instructions for use:

  • You need to perform exercises regularly, preferably daily. Perform them better, starting with the lungs and increase the load every day and complicate the exercises.
  • Static load on the stomach is of great importance and significant result. To do this, exhale several times daily, then take a deep breath and hold your breath in your stomach, you can additionally create a load for the press in this position only by inhaling further. You can repeat such an exercise as much as there is time. It can be done in motion or sitting.
  • One of the classical exercises that can be performed both at home and at work, it does not require a lot of physical activity: arms extend in front of you to a parallel body, surface, diagonally extend your leg diagonally back, lift your opposite arm along the body and bend, leaning back. Repeat these movements with the other hand and foot. It should be done 5 times on each side.
  • Another simple exercise that is performed while lying down. The legs are bent at the knees, hands behind the head, and the body is slightly raised. Now the important point is breathing. In the initial position, take a deep breath, then raise the body and reach your legs to the maximum, making a deep breath with sound. Beginners do this exercise 20 times, constantly increasing the number.
  • Exercise on the press mat. Bend your knees and take a deep breath, while exhaling, raise the body to your knees and immediately fall back, but do not lie on your back, but keep the body on weight. Repeat regularly 15 to 20 times.
  • Exercise lying down, but roll over on your stomach. Arms extended in front of you. Feet shoulder width apart. Inhale, exhale to raise the whole body, including arms and legs. Only the stomach remains on the floor. This is an excellent back strengthening and one of the best exercises for the whole body.
  • In order to quickly and correctly pump the press, it is necessary to draw up a clear individual training program, since the characteristics of exposure, metabolism and body structure of each person are different.

Precautions for girls

Women more often than men face many unpleasant consequences of training the press, which are partly due to congenital characteristics, but can also occur due to the incorrect approach to exercises.
Pumping up the press for girls. Exercises, home workout program

The most common problems are umbilical and vertebral hernias , as well as diastasis of the abdominal muscles. Safety can help you avoid problems.

Will sports nutrition help

Most sports nutrition products are aimed at increasing muscle volume and reducing the percentage of adipose tissue. The safest for women’s health are natural protein, L-carnitine and guarana extract.

In the case of training for the press in sports nutrition for girls, there is usually not much point . A complete healthy diet will help to develop abdominal muscles to a sufficient extent. It is reasonable to resort to protein help only in case of a busy schedule, which does not allow to observe all meals in full.

The reasons for the lack of visible relief and when to wait for the result

It is more difficult for girls to achieve bumpy muscles, and this is especially true for the abdominal muscles. Even at the moment when the cubes of the press are felt when probing, they may not be visible. This is due to the fat layer, which women naturally have more than men.

A press relief can be achieved only when the percentage of body fat is reduced to about 15% (genetic characteristics make this number different for each person).

You can find out this percentage using a safe procedure called bioimpedansometry. Pumping the press for girls at home is an important step towards a strong and beautiful body.
Pumping up the press for girls. Exercises, home workout program

But in trying to achieve this, one must not forget about health. Doctors say that at the moment when the percentage of fat in the female body reaches 13%, there is a chance of hormonal failure, up to amenorrhea and infertility. Therefore, it is important to monitor your well-being, pay attention to any deviations from the norm and, if necessary, seek the advice of a specialist.

Video on effective abs exercises

How to pump up a good press at home:

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