How to remove bryly on the face, restore the oval: exercises, procedures in cosmetology, gymnastics, lifting

Bryl is sagging, having lost the shape of the cheeks. The skin at the same time symmetrically sags from the wings of the nose and corners of the lips down to the jaw and neck. For women aged 40 years and older, the topic of how to remove bryly on the face is relevant.

Why cheeks sag

Age-related changes in facial contours are part of the general physiological process, which is influenced by internal and external factors.

In most women, by the age of 25-30 you can notice changes in the upper third of the face:

  • wrinkles appear on the forehead and in the corners of the eyes;
  • swelling;
  • circles under the eyes.

With increasing age, these changes also begin to affect the middle and lower zones.

Under the influence of gravity:

  • facial muscles are spasmodic, vary in length;
  • connecting structures are damaged, lose elasticity;
  • soft tissues sag, which leads to the transformation of the oval;
  • the contour is deformed.

In cosmetology, this phenomenon is called gravitational ptosis. Due to the anatomical features of the structure, the lower part of the face is devoid of muscles, ligaments, a tendon plate with fibers from collagen and elastin, and other dense structures. There is only skin and subcutaneous fat. How to remove bryly on the face, restore the oval: exercises, procedures in cosmetology, gymnastics, lifting

The muscular-fascial system is concentrated in the upper 2/3 of the face and almost does not support the lower one. Clump formation is influenced by lumps of Bish. These are areas of adipose tissue – 3 lumps in the form of lobules that form the fatty body of the cheek. They are located under the facial nerves, inside both cheeks, occupy the space between the cheekbones and the lower jaw.

If at a young age, Bisha’s lumps make the oval of the face round, and the cheeks plump, then they fall down, wrinkles form on the skin. This gives additional volume to the lower third of the face and visually ages.

Factors that influence sagging cheeks:

  • hereditary predisposition, a tendency to early aging;
  • individual features of the structure of the face;
  • internal illnesses;
  • stagnation of water in the body, which provokes swelling; dehydration;
  • lack of vitamins, minerals, unbalanced nutrition;
  • overweight;
  • sharp fluctuations in weight;
  • UV exposure;
  • stress;
  • smoking and other bad habits;
  • adverse environmental conditions;
  • lack of preventive skin and muscle care.

Conservative and radical methods to eliminate brylya on the face

As conservative measures to control brally, they use hardware lifting, plastic surgery and other techniques.

Hardware lifting:

  • ultrasonic SMAS lifting (non-surgical); How to remove bryly on the face, restore the oval: exercises, procedures in cosmetology, gymnastics, lifting
  • nanoperforation;
  • biorevitalization;
  • microcurrents and myostimulation;
  • thermal lifting.

Thermolifting happens:

  • infrared;
  • laser;
  • radio wave.

Contour plastic:

  • thread reinforcement; How to remove bryly on the face, restore the oval: exercises, procedures in cosmetology, gymnastics, lifting
  • lipofilling;
  • injections.

Injection methods are divided into several subspecies:

  • mesotherapy;
  • biorevitalization;
  • plasmolifting;
  • carboxytherapy;
  • injections of botulinum toxin.

Additional funds:

  • lifting massage, masks in a salon;
  • lifting masks, massage and facial gymnastics at home;
  • unconventional methods.

The radical methods for restoring the clarity of the contour include:

  • plastic surgeries (facelift) for facelift, there are more than 9 types of them;
  • bryl liposuction;
  • installation of facial implants.

Daily gymnastics: video tutorials

Gymnastics for the face helps to get rid of bryly at the initial stages.

In the resources of the global Internet you can find many videos on the topics:

  • Facebook building
  • self-lifting;
  • sculptural fitness;
  • exercises for elasticity and facelift;
  • exercises to reduce body fat in lumps Bisha and others.

Warm up (perform 10 times):

  • make a maximum breath in the cheeks, hold your breath for 5 seconds, exhale;
  • inhale the air and inflate the cheeks, move it inside up and down, right and left – 30 seconds;
  • as you exhale, stretch your lips into a tube, as if you need to blow out a candle – 30 sec.

Basic exercises (perform 2 times a day for 20-30 minutes):

  • put the index fingers on the cheeks opposite the corners of the lips and try to smile broadly, while the fingers should resist the muscles;
    How to remove bryly on the face, restore the oval: exercises, procedures in cosmetology, gymnastics, lifting
    Exercises will help to remove bryly on the face
  • strongly strain the muscles of the cheeks, while clenching the teeth (hold the compression for a few seconds, repeat 10-20 times);
  • pull the lips with the tube as far as possible forward, left and right (perform 5 minutes);
  • “Shave” they used a closed razor or a special massage roller for the face, from bottom to top, gently pressing, similar to how men shave their cheeks (2-3 minutes);
  • push the chin forward, head and neck are motionless, only the lower part of the face is moving.

You need to do it regularly and follow the execution technique.

To make the exercises effective, experts advise combining gymnastics with:

  • lifting masks;
  • face care;
  • massage of problem areas.

Massage technique

Massage exercises:

  • tighten muscles;
  • restore elasticity;
  • improve skin condition;
  • normalize blood circulation and lymphatic drainage;
  • rejuvenate facial tissue;
  • work with an oval.

There are many options and methods of massage:

  • classical;
  • vacuum;
  • American;
  • Japanese;
  • Chinese;
  • Spanish;
  • massage for wrinkles;
  • lymphatic drainage;
  • buccal; How to remove bryly on the face, restore the oval: exercises, procedures in cosmetology, gymnastics, lifting
  • anti-aging;
  • lifting massage;
  • punched;
  • plastic;
  • myofascial;
  • honey;
  • Tibetan;
  • plucked;
  • modeling and others.

A few basic massage exercises for a facelift:

  1. Smoothing on the face: along the lines from the nose to the temples (perform with the middle and index finger).
  2. Smoothing on the forehead: from eyebrows to hair, from bottom to top (do with index fingers).
  3. Smoothing on the face: from the chin to the temples (lightly apply pressure in problem areas).
  4. Glide: from the center of the chin to the earlobes along the arc (grease fingers with oil). How to remove bryly on the face, restore the oval: exercises, procedures in cosmetology, gymnastics, lifting
  5. Pulling: from brylya to the temples (perform with the fingers; massage the skin from the bottom up in a circular motion).
  6. Sorting the skin: from the center of the chin to the earlobes (perform with the fingers of the hands, slightly pull the skin up, delicately sorting it out).
  7. Slowly press on the corners of the lips, lifting the face up (perform with the middle and index finger).
  8. Pat: from the middle of the chin through the lower part of the cheeks to the ears (back of the hand).
  9. Tapping: under the lower jaw (the outer side of the hand).

Before performing the massage, the face and hands must be cleaned of cosmetics and impurities, warm oil or cream in the palms and apply its surface to the skin.

All movements should be performed along the massage lines, trying not to stretch or injure the skin.

Massage with a towel soaked in a decoction of herbs or in saline. Fold the towel with an accordion, bring it closer to the lower side of the jaw and then straighten it so that it hits the chin. You can also massage the lower parts of the cheeks.

Make a roller from a towel dipped in warm water, and put under the chin, raise the ends up. You need to take turns pulling at different ends of the towel, massaging the cheek area. After that, it is recommended to wet the roller with cold water and repeat the exercise.

When working with the lower part of the face, modeling and buccal massage are often combined, in which the cheeks and other problem areas are affected from the inside of the mouth.

This technique allows you to:

  • reduce nasolabial folds;
  • strengthen the circular muscle of the mouth;
  • adjust the oval.

Gelatin lifting

Gelatin is pure evaporated collagen of animal origin. For the preparation of masks using edible gelatin, which can be replaced with agar-agar.

How to remove bryly on the face, restore the oval: exercises, procedures in cosmetology, gymnastics, lifting

Such masks well saturate the skin with nutrients, make them softer, tighten.

To prepare the base, gelatin can be poured on a choice:

  • water
  • fruit juice;
  • milk
  • cucumber juice;
  • juice of herbs.

The components are combined in proportion: 1 part gelatin to 5-8 parts liquid. The mixture should be left to swell for half an hour, then heated in a water bath, not bringing to a boil. If the prepared base has not been used immediately, you can place it in the refrigerator for several days, keep it in a closed container.

Various ingredients are added to the base:

  1. For lost skin tone. In the gelatin base you need to mix 1 tablespoon. mashed banana. Action: lifting and lifting the oval.
  2. Elixir rejuvenation. The basis should be added vitamins A and E (5 drops each), 1 teaspoons. aloe, 1 teaspoons peach oil. Action: tightening, regeneration, saturation with vitamins.
  3. For oily, insufficiently elastic skin, for a full face. To the base you need to add herbs and 1 egg white. Action: lifting, removal of excess subcutaneous fat.
  4. Instant lift . In 1 teaspoons gelatin need to pour a little water and let it swell. After this, add 1 teaspoons. honey; ? teaspoons glycerin; ? teaspoons rye flour and put the mixture in a water bath. A homogeneous, slightly cooled mixture must be distributed on a tissue napkin and applied to the face.
  5. From brylya. Pour 1 tablespoon. gelatin in 2 tablespoon. warm milk, pour the orange juice and leave to swell, and then put in the refrigerator to get a dense jelly. The resulting mixture should be put on bryl for 30 minutes.

Masks are recommended to be kept on the face until they are completely dry, after which they are washed off with warm water.

The course application of gelatin masks allows you to use the deep layers of the skin and gives significant lifting, comparable to the result from Botox injections.

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Facial massage according to the Japanese doctor Asahi Zogan.

Tar lifting

1/8 part of a bar of soap must be chopped on a fine grater and froth with boiled water, added in parts. Then the mixture should be mixed with 1 tablespoon. sour cream and spread on the face, neck, decollete. After drying, another layer can be applied to the bryl zone. When everything is completely dry, you need to rinse with warm water.

It is recommended to complete the procedure with a tonic, apply a suitable cream.

Birch tar masks fight sagging skin and tighten soft tissues of the face.

Warning: such masks are contraindicated in women with dry skin. Use them for people with combination skin type should also be used with caution. Apply tar masks should be no more than 2 times a month.

Protein Lifting

Egg white masks have no contraindications, are easy to prepare and give an instant tightening effect, as they contain vitamin B.

2 ways to make a mask of protein:

  1. The egg must be taken chilled. Beat the protein immediately in a foam, apply to problem areas of the face. The exposure time of 20 minutes If the skin is dry, honey can be added, if it is oily, finely ground oatmeal. How to remove bryly on the face, restore the oval: exercises, procedures in cosmetology, gymnastics, lifting
  2. 2 chicken proteins must be beaten, add 2 drops of oil or lemon juice.

Masks can be applied in layers, applying a new layer, as the previous one dried up.

Rinse off first with warm, and then with cool water. It is recommended to use masks 2 times a week, the total number of 10-12 procedures.

Salon procedures to eliminate brylya and rejuvenation

How to remove bryly on the face will tell the masters of the beauty salon.

The list of basic salon procedures, using specialized equipment for lifting the lower third of the face, getting rid of sagging cheeks:

  1. Laser nanoperforation – non-surgical skin tightening. Due to the laser, the process of internal self-rejuvenation is laun
    ched, the production of collagen and elastin begins, the skin tones, becomes elastic. Sessions of nanoperforation are painless, safe and highly effective, after them there are no side effects. New in technology – RecoSMA. It uses a powerful laser that penetrates to a depth of 8/32 inch, which ensures complete renewal and rejuvenation of cells in the middle and lower third of the face. How to remove bryly on the face, restore the oval: exercises, procedures in cosmetology, gymnastics, lifting
  2. Ultrasonic SMAS-lifting (non-surgical). SMAS is a collagen and elastin fiber framework that covers the muscles of the face and gives clarity to the oval. Ultrasound penetrates to a depth of 6/32 inch, activating the formation of new fibers. By the effectiveness of facelift, this method is comparable with the results from plastic surgery. It is safe, painless, there is no rehabilitation period, the effect lasts 1-3 years. The optimal age for use is up to 50 years.
  3. Biorevitalization. The laser acts on the skin, opening the way for the delivery of hyaluronic acid to a greater depth, starts the process of skin renewal, stimulates the production of its own hyaluronic acid. The biorevitalization procedure is quick, has a minimum of contraindications. Full course 3-4 sessions. How to remove bryly on the face, restore the oval: exercises, procedures in cosmetology, gymnastics, lifting
  4. Microcurrents and myostimulation. Microcurrent therapy is the effect on the body of weak, low-frequency pulse currents. With its use, metabolic processes improve, collagen and elastin tissues increase, the skin tones, there is a lift of the cheeks, chin, eyebrows, and the contour is modeled.
  5. Electromyostimulation – the effect of pulsed currents to contract muscles, accompanied by deep vibration massage. As a result of the use of myostimulation, the effects of ptosis are reduced, saggy cheeks and skin tighten, the oval improves.
  6. Thermolifting. Increases skin firmness and elasticity due to the effect of heat on tissues, activating the production of collagen, tightens bryl and restores the oval.

Thermolifting techniques:

  • infrared – IR (exposure depth up to 6/32 inch, temperature up to 102,2°F, optimal age up to 35 years);
  • deep laser – IPL (exposure depth 8/32 – 9/32 inch, age up to 35 years);
  • radio wave – RF (exposure depth from 1/32 inch to 1’6 inch, for more mature skin).

Unconventional cheek lift techniques

As non-traditional methods are suitable:

  1. Yoga for the face by the method of Doplito Lourdes . The complex includes 17 exercises combining massage and gymnastics to strengthen facial muscles. The lifting result is achieved through a systematic approach to training, strict adherence to performance techniques and breathing.
  2. The Revitonika system developed by Natalia Osminina is a method of natural rejuvenation. The complex for the muscles of the face and neck is based on a combination of hardware and manual massage, the principles of muscle tension and relaxation. With regular exercises, blood flow improves, the oval of the face becomes clear, the second chin leaves, the jaw line is sculpted.
  3. Oriental massage with bone comb Guasha. Simple movements are performed in the morning and evening, rejuvenating the face for 7-10 years. Massage activates metabolic processes, performs lymphatic drainage. The comb can be replaced with special sticks made of semiprecious stones or on bone plates.

Non-standard methods include massage of the neck and face with spoons. For procedures, use cold and hot spoons. They are greased with a fat cream or oil and perform movements along the massage lines.

Due to the effect of metal, the contrast of heat and cold, vitamins contained in the cream, the microcirculation of blood in the tissues improves, the facial contours become clearer. This technique does not cause complications, gives a quick visible effect.

Folk recipes to eliminate brylya

Masks have good tightening properties:

  • using clay (cosmetic);
  • based on dairy products (kefir, sour cream, milk, cottage cheese);
  • with honey and honey massage against sagging cheeks; How to remove bryly on the face, restore the oval: exercises, procedures in cosmetology, gymnastics, lifting
  • from rye bread;
  • with starch;
  • with activated carbon and gelatin (Korean);
  • oatmeal: masks and scrubs;
  • with cocoa, sunflower oil and bee milk;
  • based on aloe;
  • with potatoes;
  • with a banana or avocado;
  • with cucumber or tomato;
  • on coconut milk;
  • brewing yeast based scrub.

To tone the skin, you can also use:

  • hot compresses;
  • grass-based ice cubes How to remove bryly on the face, restore the oval: exercises, procedures in cosmetology, gymnastics, lifting
  • herbal decoctions;
  • contrasting face wash;
  • essential oils: patchouli, lavender, apricot.

All components of the mask must be fresh.

Home cosmetic procedures are effective only in combination with those offered by medical centers and beauty salons.

Types of plastic surgeries that help remove bryly

Plastic surgeons know how to remove bryl on the face. This is a task that radically solves contour facelift (facelift).

Procedure name Main action Result
Endoscopic facelift On the head (if necessary, and near the ears), incisions are made (up to 0’8 inch long), through which tissue tightening is done. Excess skin is not removed. Facelift gives a rejuvenating effect, while the number of scars remains minimal, a short rehabilitation period is needed.
Effective in the early stages of aging.
MACS facelift Cuts are performed only in front of the ears. Tissues are tightened vertically, excess skin is removed. When using MACS-facelift, brylls are removed, and the chin and neck are rejuvenated. Recovery time is minimal.
This method is practiced with significant aging of the neck and other manifestations of age-related changes.
Shorter facelift (mini facelift) An incision is made in front of the ear, after the operation, a small scar remains. In mini-facelift there is a short rehabilitation period.
This lift is not applicable for patients with a flabby neck.
Expanded cervical-facial facelift (SMAS-lifting)
The most commonly used operation.
Cuts are made in front and behind the ear. Vertical fixation. SMAS lifting involves a long rehabilitation period.
It guarantees complete rejuvenation for all age categories and stages of change.
Deep facelift Deep lift. Facelift improves blood circulation, removes bryl, folds around the nose.
Experts recommend this method for smokers.
Lift of the middle third of the face (isolated facelift) 2 ways: temporal and submental Isolated facelift is used to rejuvenate the area of the eyes, cheekbones, cheeks, nasolabial area.
This method is suitable for those who have not yet shown a complete lift.
Temporal (temporal) lift An incision is made in the temple area, excess tissue is removed, the skin is lifted up. The temporal (temporal) lift achieves a rise in the fatty tissue of the upper cheekbones, drooping cheeks and brylya.
Neck lift It surpasses all other types of suspenders in efficiency in combination with SMAS lifting. A neck lift removes bryl, sagging skin of the neck and second chin.
Used for sagging neck skin.
Removing lumps of Bisha Removal of excess fat in the cheeks.
Sometimes surgeons do not completely remove lumps, but transfer fat deposits higher to the cheekbones, adding volume to the face from above.
Controversial operation, aesthetic evidence for it does not exist.
Removing lumps of Bisha leads to the formation of a clear line of the cheekbones and oval, a decrease in the volume of the cheeks, and pulling down of the skin that has fallen.
Has a long-term negative effect. In place of the cheek, a cavity, an obvious nasolabial fold and superficial wrinkles can form.

 Referring to plastic surgery for a circular tightening is recommended after 40 years.

Contour plastic: features of carrying out, efficiency

Types of contouring:

  1. Reinforcement with threads.
  2. Injection contour plastic.
  3. Plastic fillers.
  4. Lipofilling – face plastic using patient’s adipose tissue.

How to remove bryly on the face, restore the oval: exercises, procedures in cosmetology, gymnastics, liftingAt the beginning of the procedure, the doctor marks on the face the places where injections of fillers or filaments will be injected. Next will be anesthesia, usually local. Then the beautician introduces the drug or stretches the thread along the indicated contours. At the end of the operation, funds are applied to soothe and heal the skin.

The primary effect can be seen after 30 minutes.

The results of the use of contour plastics:

  • activation of collagen and elastin production;
  • the flow of oxygen into the cells;
  • sagging skin areas are tightened;
  • the oval of the face and its contours gain clarity.

How to remove bryly on the face, restore the oval: exercises, procedures in cosmetology, gymnastics, liftingThe effect on the face lasts from 1.5 years to several years.
Contour grafting not only rejuvenates, removes brylls, but also acts as a preventive measure against skin aging. The operation is performed on an outpatient basis, without a recovery period, in contrast to surgical facelift.

Thread Lift: Efficiency, Method Essence

Specialists will advise how to remove brylls on the face using the installation of threads. Thread lifting refers to reinforcement methods. Threads are introduced under the skin according to a pre-drawn pattern and are fixed in a certain position, creating a face frame. This method is well combined with biorevitalization and mesotherapy. The effect of thread braces is comparable to plastic. How to remove bryly on the face, restore the oval: exercises, procedures in cosmetology, gymnastics, lifting

During an outpatient procedure, local anesthesia is used. The trauma of this brace is low, since only 2 small punctures are performed at the points of entry and exit of the thread.

The rehabilitation period after surgery is 3-6 weeks.

Threads are self-absorbable and non-absorbable. Absorbable – 3D Mezoniti. Made from polylactic acid and polyaxanone. They are inserted with a needle, not noticeable, completely absorbed in 6 months. Produce the effect of facial rejuvenation for 5 years.

The first changes are visible immediately after installation. The threads strengthen the sagging areas of the face and improve the condition of the skin from the inside. The effect of the application lasts up to 2 years. How to remove bryly on the face, restore the oval: exercises, procedures in cosmetology, gymnastics, lifting

Non-absorbable or partially absorbable sutures work with the deep layers of the facial skin. They are installed in the form of a loop, fixed on the bone tissue, are introduced in complex ways. The threads provide a lift even with a strong lowering of the cheeks and chin.

The effect of the application lasts 3-6 years.

The materials from which the threads are made:

  • gold;
  • platinum;
  • aptos – polymer.

The similarity of all types of threads – under the skin, they are overgrown with collagen and elastin along established frame lines. Absorbable threads dissolve after a certain time, and not absorbable – remain and keep their shape.

By type of fastening, the threads are divided into autonomous (not having fixation
) and fixed. They also vary in surface topography. Thread lifting is resorted to when more gentle methods do not give the desired effect. The optimal age for installing threads is 35-40 years. After 50-60 years, this procedure will be ineffective.

Implant placement: before and after pictures

The shape and size of facial implants depends on what problem they should solve:

  • increase the chin;
  • highlight cheekbones;
  • restore facial contour.

How to remove bryly on the face, restore the oval: exercises, procedures in cosmetology, gymnastics, lifting
The material from which the implants are made is hard silicone rubber. Usually use standard sizes: 3mm, 4mm, 5-6mm. Before the operation, the doctor marks on the face the place of installation of the implant. After the introduction of anesthesia, an incision is made in the marked places, a “pocket” is formed in the tissue, into which the implant is placed. Then the injured places are sutured and bandaged.

The installation procedure takes, on average, from 30 minutes. up to 2 hours. The rehabilitation period is from 1 to 1.5 months. This type of surgical correction of the face guarantees a permanent result, since the implants do not dissolve, remaining at the injection site for life. From the side of the implant is invisible. How to remove bryly on the face, restore the oval: exercises, procedures in cosmetology, gymnastics, lifting

This face correction method has some disadvantages:

  • the likelihood of infection or rejection of a foreign body;
  • the implant may move, resulting in a change in contour;
  • there is a chance of damage to the implant;
  • during surgery, the facial nerves or muscles may be affected.

A neat implant eliminates bryl, the face looks natural, as opposed to a circular lift, when the tissues are pulled up to the ears.

How to remove drifts with Botox

Cosmetologists know who to prefer botulinum toxin injections how to remove bryl on the face. Botox injections or Botox lifting relieve muscle tone, while maintaining a natural facial expression. How to remove bryly on the face, restore the oval: exercises, procedures in cosmetology, gymnastics, lifting

Botulinum toxin is injected into the facial muscles of the face, under local anesthesia, temporarily blocking their susceptibility to nerve impulses, as a result they stop contracting and relax. The duration of the session is 10-15 minutes. After injections, there is no recovery period.

The recommended age for the procedure is 30-45 years.

Botulinum toxin injections act in 2 directions. When introduced into the muscles that are responsible for lowering the tissues, they suppress their activity. The muscles responsible for lifting, on the contrary, are activated. As a result, tissues that descend with age are tightened, wrinkles are smoothed.

The effect of the drug is temporary, the effect lasts about 6 months. A repeated session is recommended after 1 year.

Bryl fillers

When treating with fillers, sagging cheeks are contoured using gel preparations injected deep under the skin. More often, the basis for the filler is hyaluronic acid, which is completely decomposed or excreted from the body within 0.5 years.

The effect of the procedure lasts from 6 months to 1 year.

Types of filler-based injection procedures:

  1. Intraliptotherapy – aqualix injections. Lipolytic drugs are injected into adipose tissue to correct local deposits at injection sites. Fat cells in brylya and the “second” chin are destroyed, the face is sculpted, contours improve. The session takes place without pain, the procedure is performed by the course. Recommended age 18 – 60 years.
  2. Volumetric facelift . As the main drug, a gel-volumizer is used, which adds volume to problem areas, increasing skin tension and eliminating bryl.
  3. Bio-reinforcement or vector facelift. A biostimulant is introduced under the skin: stabilized hyaluronic acid or preparations based on polylactic acid according to a certain mathematically calculated scheme, “flashing” the face with gel connecting threads, similar to a web.

How to remove bryly on the face, restore the oval: exercises, procedures in cosmetology, gymnastics, liftingAs a result of application:

  • collagen is produced;
  • skin tone, its firmness and elasticity increase;
  • the frame is strengthened;
  • the contour of the face becomes clear.

The effect lasts up to 2 years. The optimal age for using fillers is 30-55 years.

Facial Injection Treatment

The main principle of injection is the delivery of biologically active substances into the deeper layers of the skin.

Procedure name Mode of action Result Age
Biorevitalization Hyaluronic acid (not stabilized), which serves as a catalyst for tissue regeneration, is introduced into the surface layer. Biorevitalization compensates for the lack of hyaluronic acid and starts the process of skin renewal. Compared with mesotherapy, it gives a faster and more pronounced effect; no complications. 25-30 years old
Mesotherapy – “beauty injections” In the middle layers of the skin are introduced special “vitamin cocktails”, trace elements. Rejuvenation is given not only by active substances, but also by injections that injure the skin. From the use of mesotherapy, turgor rises, blood microcirculation improves. The effect of the procedure does not occur immediately, but lasts longer than from biorevitalization. from 18 years old
Carboxytherapy Carbon dioxide is introduced under the skin, which causes “oxygen starvation”, in response to this, the body begins to accelerate metabolic processes.   With carboxytherapy:
  • blood and lymph circulation increases;
  • collagen synthesis is activated;
  • there is a lift of the cheeks, the “second chin.”

This method is suitable for all skin types, it is safe, not allergic, has no pain.
When combined with injections of Botox, mesotherapy, biorevitalization, the duration of the effect of this procedure increases.

 from 30 years
Plasma lifting Plasmolifting is non-surgical face rejuvenation, with the introduction of plasma made from the patient’s blood.  A large number of platelets in the plasma provides:
• cell renewal;
• stimulation of collagen production;
• elastin, hyaluronic acid;
• the skin becomes elastic;
• tightened problem areas.
18-65 years old

Almost all injection methods of combating drooping cheeks and sagging skin are effective when the digestion is not clearly expressed.

Comparison of prices for different types of treatment

Name of procedure Average price, usd.
New York Los Angeles
Thermolifting (radio wave)
lower face
3500 2 850
Ultrasonic SMAS-lifting
Mid-lower third of the face
52500 73740
Mesothreads 40000 38000
Biorevitalization (hyaluronic acid) 11000 10 275
Fillers (bio-reinforcement) Restylane 14200 13250
Botox injections (per 1 unit) 360 350
Facial implants 80000 90000
Expanded cervical-facial facelift (SMAS-lifting) from 110 000 from 100 000
Removing lumps of Bisha from 27 000 from 25 000

Bryl prophylaxis

Prevention of aging is recommended to start from 20-25 years.

You can apply all the same methods and methods that are used to correct already formed brylya, but in lighter versions:

  • peeling courses;
  • mesotherapy;
  • lifting cares;
  • masks;
  • massage;
  • special gymnastics and exercises.

To preserve youthful skin, elasticity, it is advised to observe the following rules:

  • have a full sleep;
  • eat right and take vitamins; How to remove bryly on the face, restore the oval: exercises, procedures in cosmetology, gymnastics, lifting
  • exclude smoking;
  • practice physical activity:
  • walk more;
  • control your weight;
  • regularly look after your face.

A major role in maintaining the beauty and youth of the face is played by the psychological attitude. It is important to love yourself, to protect yourself from excessive excitement and stress. Then the problem of how to remove the drums will not be relevant for a long time.

Fragmentation video on the face

How to remove bryl on the face at home:

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