Mirror manicure: photo, how to make gel polish, usd. Fashionable designs, step by step instructions

The beautiful sheen of the mirror coating attracts attention. Mirror manicure brings originality and brightness to even the most rigorous outfit. The fashion trend is suitable for any occasion, both for celebration and for daily use. You can perform such a manicure as in the photo on your own, it is enough to know the technique of execution and get used to it a bit.

What is a nail polish

The original name “mirror” came from the way it is used, namely, the pigment is rubbed into the sticky layer of the paint base. Design offers a ton of options. The secret is what shade will become the basis of manicure. If the base is pink and the pigment is yellow, the result will be soft beige.

More recently, a special metal paper was used for brilliant manicure. Now, the mirror usd is so popular among the circle of nail service masters. It looks like a small special pigment, which is intended for rubbing into the nail, resembling sand grains or powder crushed into dust.

It has reflective particles that create the effect of a shiny metallic coating of nails . Use it on a basic base of varnish, gel polish, acrylic and similar tools for manicure.

Rubbing creates the most unexpected results. It all depends on how the material was applied. It is sold in small glass or plastic containers. Material is removed from the jar with a special spatula, scraper or applicator.

Rubs are of various types and differ significantly from each other:

  1. Classic. It includes different tones, such as silver, copper, greenish or bluish shades. The trend of recent seasons. In the tank it looks like a metal speck. Due to it, a radiant surface is obtained.
  2. “May bug” or “Aurora . It has a unique look when used correctly. The tone is combined with several shades that shimmer on the nails: violet and blue, blue and green, greenish and lilac and so on.
    Mirror manicure: photo, how to make gel polish, usd. Fashionable designs, step by step instructions
    Photo mirror manicure “May bug”
  3. Melange is a large loose pigment, particles look larger than other types of rubbing. It is also referred to as sugar, snowball, marmalade. At the sight of it, it seems that a soft layer remains on the surface. Such grains of melange shine do not have, although there are a variety of options that differ in color. Due to it create matte velvet nails, delicate designs. This powder is used only on gel polish.
  4. Prism. When light falls on the nails, an iridescent effect is created. It is difficult to work with her, since her particles are very light and weightless.
  5. Glitter or hologram are small sparkles. Look great on long gel nail plates or on a gel polish coating. Glitter can not be used on ordinary varnish. With acetone, the spangles will become pale and normal, with no visible effect.

Most of the different types of windows allow you to transform a unique design without much difficulty. You can do without professionalism, it is enough to have basic knowledge and skills.

What are the benefits of a manicure with a usd

If you use a mirror design, this will give the image a beauty and brightness. Knowing the correct use of the powder will help you to easily apply it on the nail plate.

The advantage of mirror manicure is as follows:

  • convenient to use;
  • easy to remove with conventional nail polish remover;
  • You can create a metallic or flickering effect;
  • it is permissible to achieve an effective and lasting result;
  • it is possible to create a volumetric design with a mirror effect, with patterns;
  • can be easily applied with French manicure, but in limited quantities, in places of “smile”;
  • effectively fixed to the surface;
  • when applied to the nail plate does not damage it;
  • can be combined for any clothes;
  • low price, low manicure costs.

Fashionable colors for short nails

For mirror manicure, golden and silver are considered fashionable colors, but other colors will also look spectacular. Very beautiful, as in the photo, pink, white, blue and purple colors look. Mirror manicure: photo, how to make gel polish, usd. Fashionable designs, step by step instructions
Mirror manicure: photo, how to make gel polish, usd. Fashionable designs, step by step instructions

Rubbing in the mirror and holographic options is ideal for cropped nails. It is important not to choose bright flashy colors, since pastel colors will look best.

On long nails

Rainbow colors are best suited for long nails, because the elongated portion of the nail plate allows you to demonstrate the play of light in all its glory:

  1. Rubbing the “May bug” or “chameleon” will look more chic.
  2. The holographic option will also look good, due to the overflow of several colors.
  3. Combine with decor, such as pebbles, rhinestones, images, stamping, confetti.

On the finger

Rubbing is an unusually beautiful manicure, but this type of nail decoration can be a drawback in a certain environment. For example, if an employer requires a woman to look modest, without catchy decorations, then this style of manicure is not at all acceptable. Mirror manicure: photo, how to make gel polish, usd. Fashionable designs, step by step instructions

But there is always a way out and there is no need to specially wait for a special occasion to decorate your hands with a mirror coating. All because the usd can be applied only on 1 or 2 accent fingers, and the rest is varnished with neutral colors.

On accented fingers, a glossy and matte manicure will be combined. In this case, the shades should be either close to each other, or, conversely, contrasting.

What you need for rubbing

With the help of rubbing, the nails become glossy and have a mirror shine. In this technique there are no restrictions on shades and therefore you can safely show imagination.

The following materials are needed for the use of rubbing:

  • manicure set;
  • a primer;
  • degreasing agent;
  • cuticle remover;
  • base, color, top coating;
  • clinser;
  • tassels;
  • UV lamp;
  • special oil;
  • glitter, powder.

On gel polish

The gel base is most often used, since it is the foundation at which a mirror and sparkling manicure comes out, as well as a perfect shine. Due to the gel coating, glitter is perfectly fixed, since it has an adhesive layer.

To perform the glittering, follow the instructions:

  1. Remove the cuticle by any method, pre-steamed nails in warm water. The cuticle is moved and a special softener is
    applied to it. After a certain time, they are deleted. Mirror manicure: photo, how to make gel polish, usd. Fashionable designs, step by step instructions
  2. Prepare the nails, create the desired shape, polish the surface, gently process the edges with a buff. If you press hard, the nail will become thin.
  3. Be sure to perform degreasing.
  4. Use a primer over the entire nail plate, while drying for 1 min. without the use of a lamp. Primer makes manicure resistant.
  5. Apply a base coat with a thin layer and dry in a lamp for 2 minutes.
  6. In 2.3 layers, paint with a thin varnish with a thin layer, dry for 2 minutes.
  7. Sparkles are applied to the sticky layer of colored varnish with a brush. The nail is completely covered with sequins. If necessary, apply a second layer. They distribute with a brush and immediately remove the excess.
  8. Dry with ultraviolet light.
  9. Use top coat in 2 thin layers.
  10. Each coating is dried for 3 minutes.
  11. With the help of clinser, they get rid of the sticky layer immediately, until the dust has stuck. Do not use nail polish remover, otherwise there will be stains and the tone will change.
  12. According to the results, essential oil is applied to the cuticle (apricot or grape, castor, burdock, jojoba).
  13. If the nail plate is not smooth enough, then the process will be disrupted.

An important factor for grinding glitter should be the absolutely even and smooth surface of the nail plate without defects and flaws, otherwise chrome plating will emphasize any unevenness. Therefore, it is so important to level the surface of the nail.

It is possible to apply glitter not on all fingers, but only on a few. And also take into account the fact that before the sequins they are painted with dark colored varnish for a brighter shine. Other nails can be painted with another color you like. So that the color does not turn out plain, you need to use a glossy top as a topcoat.

Pigmented manicure

Pigment is a coloring agent that is very similar to grains, has different tones. For the design of the “mirror” apply chrome pigment of various colors.

A step-by-step instruction will show the rules for implementing fashionable manicure:

  • process nails to give them a neat appearance;
  • remove the greasy surface;
  • apply a coloring gel base;
  • dried;
  • usd the pigment onto a slightly light sticky layer of the gel with a brush or hand;
  • shake off excess pigment;
  • paint the finish.

Mirror Shine Powder

You can achieve a noble flicker thanks to mirror powder. This element for manicure is wonderfully used on a gel, acrylic, ordinary basis. Mirror manicure: photo, how to make gel polish, usd. Fashionable designs, step by step instructions

For independent implementation of manicure, you need to know the following rules:

  1. First of all, perform a hygiene procedure.
  2. The top coat is polished well enough.
  3. The intended product degreases the surface.
  4. Apply base once.
  5. Exposure to ultraviolet light for 30 sec.
  6. Apply gel polish to the one that was selected.
  7. Dry again with ultraviolet light.
  8. Top cover.
  9. Leave to dry in due time.
  10. With an applicator or a soft brush for rubbing, which comes with the kit, take just a little loose pigment and smooth it over the entire nail plate.
  11. Rub the powder with gentle massage movements with your hands or with the applicator. Mirror manicure: photo, how to make gel polish, usd. Fashionable designs, step by step instructions
  12. The pigment should be distributed in such a way that there are no gaps left.
  13. If necessary, add an additional portion and grind again.
  14. The remaining material is brushed off with a brush.
  15. After the procedure, paint the nails with 2 layers of fixative. Between the layers, they stand for several minutes to dry.

For ordinary varnish

Mirror manicure (photo shows clearly) ordinary varnish also looks great. But rubbing is actively used in the design of nails that are coated with gel polish. The main rule is to apply it on time.

When applying pigment to all fingers, the procedure is performed in turn:

  • prepare nails for coating; Mirror manicure: photo, how to make gel polish, usd. Fashionable designs, step by step instructions
  • apply the base in 2 layers;
  • dry for 5 minutes;
  • apply top for maximum smoothness;
  • instead of top, you can use regular water-based varnish;
  • apply a pigment to a still not completely dry surface and gently smear it with light movements;
  • Kabuki brush to remove excess pollen;
  • fasten with a top.

For durability of manicure, a fixer for varnish is used, which is painted after rubbing and then dried thoroughly. It is recommended not to wet your fingers for 2 or 3 hours and not to use a cream of oily consistency. It is better to use essential oil – due to the substances that make up it, your hands will look neat.

Mirror Nail Polish

Mirror manicure (photo confirms the popularity of this type of jewelry) for those who have poorly mastered the technique, shellac manufacturers have created a special varnish. Thanks to him, the fashion trend is being made at home on their own without any labor. The instruction with such a varnish is no different from the usual.

With the help of mirror varnish, you can very quickly perform a manicure and it is inexpensive, but there is 1 drawback – this is a short durability. To extend the period of excellent manicure and give it shine for a long time, nails after applying varnish are kept in an ultraviolet lamp.

When buying such a varnish, you need to make sure that there is an inscription on the jar confirming that this is not an ordinary shiny varnish, namely a mirror. And one more important point when buying varnish – the brush should be wide, which will capture the entire nail, otherwise there will be no effect.

Also, acetone or nail polish should not be added to such a varnish, since the structure will curl up, the effect and shine will disappear forever.

Design options

Mirror manicure (a photo of which can be seen on thematic sites) on medium and long nails looks better than on short ones. The shape of the nail plates can be any, although oval and almond-shaped are relevant. The square shape also applies to the trend, only with beveled corners.

Stylish mirror design ideas include:

  1. Classic style.
    This option is combined with any outfit, as well as with jewelry and accessories. Colors include: golden, silver, blue, blue, pink, red, purple.
  2. Mirror jacket. An unusual, but more delicate way is the French style with mirror elements. Mirror moon manicure also looks interesting.
  3. All kinds of shades. You can select both bold bright colors and muted ones that do not immediately strike the eye.
  4. Decor . This element will make the manicure diverse.
  5. Marble style.
  6. Mother of pearl . This design requires a fine glitter similar to pollen and a nude base.
  7. Holographic. When applying, you need to use gray pollen so that it sparkles like diamond dust. The traditional silver shine will turn out on a black and white backing.
  8. Prism. It is so small that its particles are hard to see. It looks on the nails as well as a divorce of gasoline on the water.
  9. Northern Lights. In another way, such a design was nicknamed the May bug, due to overflows that resemble an insect shell. Mirror manicure: photo, how to make gel polish, usd. Fashionable designs, step by step instructions
  10. Accent. If you usd it on only 1 finger, and paint the rest in any neutral color, then with such a manicure you can appear anywhere and anytime without changing your style. Also, accents can be painted on 1 finger, or sliders, while the rest of the nails are painted with shiny varnishes.
  11. Kamifubuki. Japanese nail art is similar to confetti, it is often combined with rubbing. The best option would be if you paint 1 fingernail of confetti, while others just shine. Mirror manicure: photo, how to make gel polish, usd. Fashionable designs, step by step instructions
  12. French. French manicure + usd. The nails are stained with gel polish, and then the sticky layer is removed and a basic smile or hole is drawn. Dry and usd the powder, complete the top coating.
  13. Double flicker. The method using rhinestones.
  14. Drops on the mirror. The design is obtained by combining 2 trends of rubbing and droplets.
  15. Pearl manicure.

Young girls always strive to be paid attention to, especially with such a magnificent design of nails as a mirror manicure. The metallic radiance as shown in the photo will not leave unnoticed its owner among those around. Fashionable design looks very attractive and captivates.

It is recommended to wear it for the holidays, party or other special days. For those who want to see such a manicure on their nails every day, you can use loose pigment, focusing on 1 or 2 fingers as a decoration. Mirroring is a very exciting and creative process, it’s worth experimenting for it.

Video on the topic: Mirror Manicure

Metallic manicure with mirror powder:

Mirror manicure “Perfect mirror”:

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