Bruises under the eyes. The reasons for women, how to get rid, treatment, from which after 30 years

Due to a lack of blood circulation, capillaries in the eyelids stagnate, and hemoglobin changes color over time. The vessels begin to shine through the thin skin, resulting in bruises under the eyes. Causes in women are anatomical, medical or everyday. An examination is recommended to rule out serious health problems.

Causes of bruising under the eyes of women

Bruises under the eyes (the reasons for women vary) are always formed due to stagnation of capillaries. Physicians and cosmetologists can determine the source of a problem by color, but in some cases, diagnosis and examination are required.

Improper lifestyle is the most common cause of darkening of the skin around the eyes.

This category includes:

  1. Overwork . Hard work, lack of sleep, long shifts – all this affects the general state of health, but manifests itself through bruises around the eyes in the first place;
  2. Abuse of alcohol and cuernium . Both factors inhibit the flow of oxygen to the blood vessels. This leads to their slow movement through the veins or complete stagnation, which first appears where the skin is the thinnest;
  3. Excessive eye strain . Working behind the monitor leads to fatigue. If there is no healthy daily sleep, bruises will not make you wait;
  4. Lack of fluid . You need to drink clean water or green tea, not coffee and carbonated drinks.

Another cause of bruising is diseases associated with circulatory disorders. The lymphatic and venous outflow is inhibited, the vessels stagnate everywhere, not only in the area around the eyes, although they appear only there. Sometimes the source of the problem is a change in the woman’s body.

For example, if she begins to use hormonal drugs, this is expressed in various ways, including blueness around the eyes. Bruises often occur with sudden weight loss or weight gain. And the last reason is the physical features of the anatomy. There are people whose skin in the eye area is thinner than usual.

Bruises under the eyes. The reasons for women, how to get rid, treatment, from which after 30 years

Color changes on the eyelids in this case are not in trouble and is normal. You can deal with the problem only with cosmetics, since medications can not be eliminated.

Types of diseases in which bruises appear under the eyes of women

When bruising occurs under the eyes, the causes in women may depend on medical conditions. Correction with cosmetics allows you to hide an external flaw. But to finally fix the problem, a doctor’s diagnosis will be required.

Diseases that affect the color of the area around the eyes are presented in the table below:

Disease Features of bruising under the eyes Associated symptoms
Kidney problems Accompanied by swelling Urination is impaired, pressure drops appear for no apparent reason
Metabolic disease Clear blue Manifested with improper diets, malnutrition, malnutrition
Pancreatic disease The type of skin changes (for example, from dry to oily), pigmented spots are formed that do not disappear with time The patient is sick, sometimes vomiting. There are growing or background pains of the left side
Liver problems Bruises yellow or brown Strong intoxication of the body – the liver does not cope with its function
Cardiovascular diseases Bruises appear in the evening, but disappear in the morning Blood in the veins and vessels is delayed, capillaries throughout the body become more visible
Infections, Anemia Bruises in purple Small hemoglobin, due to which oxygen does not flow in the right amount to tissues and organs
Helminthiasis Regular circles under the eyes, appearing after sleep, and gradually disappearing in the evening Stomach hurts and swells, stool is broken
Chronic fatigue syndrome Ordinary bruises under the eyes, hardly pass even after a good rest Drowsiness, forgetfulness and distraction
Allergy Bruises occur due to rubbing of the eye Tearing, itching, pain in the corners of the eyes
Jaundice Yellow circles The whites of the eyes and other areas of the skin turn yellow

Diagnosis of bruising under the eyes of women

Bruises under the eyes (causes in women that are not caused by the natural property of the skin) do not appear just like that. Cosmetics and corrective makeup eliminate defects. But given that edema and browning are symptoms of disease, you need to deal with the problem not only externally.

Bruises under the eyes. The reasons for women, how to get rid, treatment, from which after 30 years

For diagnosis, an anamnesis is carried out – a set of information about the patient obtained during a conversation with him and medical examinations. Doctors will learn about diseases suffered in childhood and hereditary diseases. They are also interested in taking medications and personal intolerance to certain drugs.

Medical examinations include:

  1. General blood and urine tests . It is carried out in all laboratories and clinics. Urine (necessarily morning) is brought by the patient in a glass container. Blood is taken from a finger, if necessary – from a vein, always on an empty stomach. Analyzes will cost $ 5 – $ 10. each. At the local hospital where they apply for registration, such studies should be provided free of charge;
  2. Ultrasound of the internal organs . Inspect the kidneys and adrenal glands, gall bladder, spleen and liver. The procedure will cost about $ 27 – $ 30 .;
  3. Tomography . MRI is a safe procedure, it is prescribed when it is not possible to detect pathologies in other ways. The cost of the procedure in New York depends on the studied areas, varies in the range of $ 68 – $ 177, cheaper in the.

Sometimes a cardiogram and hormone testing are required. The doctor will be able to determine the disease based on the results, then treatment is prescribed.

When to see a doctor

Be sure to contact an ophthalmologist if a swelling and blueness appears only in the area of 1 eye. When bruises are caused by heredity, anatomical structure, the help of a dermatologist is needed. After the procedures assigned to him, you will not have to mask the blue face with makeup.

A plastic surgeon or a professional cosmetologist will help when bruises appear due to hormonal or age-related changes in the body.

When the cause of the bruising is unknown, consult a physician. He appoints a group of analyzes. After he writes out a referral to the right doctor for local diagnosis and treatment. In cases of overwork or excessive eye strain, ordinary masks or home remedies such as ice, cucumbers or applying cold spoons to the eyelids help.

Prevention of bruising under the eyes of women

The main preventive measure is a healthy 8-hour sleep.

In addition to him, they practice:

  • proper nutrition;

Bruises under the eyes. The reasons for women, how to get rid, treatment, from which after 30 years

  • minimization of stressful situations;
  • the use of glasses if you want to go out in the open sun (ultraviolet light destroys the upper part of the epidermis, which makes the skin even thinner);
  • an abundance of vegetables and fruits;
  • drinking plenty of clean water (at least 0,5 gallon per day);
  • minimum consumption of salt and alcohol;
  • sports training;
  • the use of moisturizers (Clean Line, TimeWise). The main cause of bruising is a lack of moisture;
  • the use of protective creams before going into extreme heat;
  • taking vitamin complexes by season (in summer – A and E, in winter – C, D and group B);
  • light relaxing massage for wrinkles;
  • the use of diuretics (cabbage, cucumber, cranberries) for the accelerated elimination of toxins.

From time to time make nourishing masks. The basis is taken any fruit or vegetable.

Further on instructions:

  1. Damaged skin areas are cut off.
  2. Grated or grinded in a blender.
  3. Depending on the consistency, sour cream (kefir) is added if the mixture is thick, or cottage cheese if liquid.
  4. It is applied to the entire surface of the face, not only the area around the eyes.
  5. It is aged 10-15 minutes.
  6. Washed off with warm water.

Bruises under the eyes. The reasons for women, how to get rid, treatment, from which after 30 years

Beauticians advise not to apply cream or lotions for 30 minutes after using a moisturizing mask. There are people who have skin tightening after contact with water. But you should endure until the beneficial substances from fruits or vegetables are absorbed into the skin.

A nourishing mask can be combined, combine several fruits and vegetables. Makeup left overnight also contributes to bruising under the eyes. It is washed off every night with means for removal, then moisturize the skin with cream or lotion.

Methods of treating bruising under the eyes of women

When bruises under the eyes become systematic, you should not continue to mask them with cosmetics. It is better to identify the cause of the appearance, take measures to eliminate it.

As temporary tools for the correction of external defects, you can use :

  1. Dr. Jart The Eye Balm is a universal cream with arbutin. It is used in the evening to have an effect in the morning. Whitens the skin, smoothes wrinkles, relieves puffiness under the eyes;
  2. Even Better Eyes is a professional cosmetics from the global brand Clinique. The cream contains natural oils and plant extracts. The product not only brightens, but also strengthens the skin. Therefore, they use it to mask bruises under the eyes, and to prevent this defect;
  3. Stick an Eye – masking cream, visibly transforms the look. It is not recommended for permanent use, since it is not a medicinal product. But as a means of quick masking fits perfectly;
    Bruises under the eyes. The reasons for women, how to get rid, treatment, from which after 30 years
  4. Visage Q10 – a therapeutic and prophylactic agent from Nivea. The cooling gel contains coenzyme Q10, which relieves inflammation and removes bruises under the eyes.

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Pharmacy ointments and gels better than others help to cope with bruises. Their advantages in combined composition and easy use.

By rating, the best are :

  1. Bodyaga Forte . The gel regenerates, relieves inflammation and strengthens skin cells. The composition includes spongy algae, which is the main active ingredient. The gel is applied for 20 minutes, the procedure is repeated 4-5 times a day. Recommended for injuries. The tool is sold without a prescription and costs $ 0,82 – $ 0,95.
  2. Heparin ointment . 2-3 times a day for a week, the ointment is applied with massage movements to the area around the eyes. It needs to be rubbed, but without much effort, since the skin is very delicate. The tool reduces inflammation and gradually resolves stagnant capillaries. The cost depends on the manufacturer: Nizhpharm – $ 1,36., Green Dubrava – $ 0,44.
  3. Troxevasin . The gel contains the substance troxerutin, which increases the tone of the veins. The tool is applied in the morning and evening, and the duration of the procedure depends on the neglect of the problem. 40g of gel will cost $ 2,64.
  4. Rootless . The effectiveness of the drug is determined by the combined composition of the active substances. Muscon reduces inflammation, pearls restore damaged skin, borneol removes toxins, and calamine tightens pores. The ointment is applied in the morning and evening for 2 weeks. 10g of funds will cost $ 5,44.

Before using any ointment or gel, a little tool is applied to the wrist or inner surface of the elbow.

The skin reaction is observed for 5-10 minutes, after which it is used as directed if there is no itching, redness or burning. The listed drugs during the studies caused side effects only in case of individual intolerance to 1 of the components of the composition.

Folk methods

Home masks cope with problems no worse than professional ones. They are made from ordinary products with beneficial properties.

In cases with bruises, several methods described in the table below will help :

What to cook from

How to cook How to use

the effect

Potato and egg yolk Raw potatoes are rubbed into small chips, mixed with yolk, infused for 3-5 minutes The resulting mixture can be applied to the face completely, leave for 15 minutes. Repeats daily First, the skin becomes darker due to starch. It absorbs dirt and debris from the pores, after which it is washed off with plain water
Cottage cheese The curd is rubbed to a homogeneous mass. If it is too dry, you can add sour cream, cream or sour milk It is applied dotted on dark spots. The mask is left for 20 minutes. Between uses, you need to take a break in 3-4 days All dairy products stabilize the action of the sebaceous glands, brighten the surface of the skin
Honey, milk and white clay 1 teaspoons milk is mixed with 0.5 teaspoons. honey. In the resulting liquid is added 1 tablespoon. white clay. The mixture is thoroughly mixed so that there are no lumps It is applied under the eyes and in very small amounts to the eyelids. Washes off after 15 minutes, after which the skin needs to be treated with a rich nourishing cream The surface is bleached, their pores are drawn dirt. If there are microcracks, then they quickly tighten
Cucumber Vegetable peeled, cut into circles Cucumber slices are superimposed on the eyes, held until heated, and then turned over Skin nutrition, epidermal cell restoration. Cucumber juice penetrates deeply, therefore a positive effect is also observed on the capillaries, blood clots are eliminated, their appearance is prevented
Any clay masks The tool is mixed with water in a ratio of 1: 1 It is applied to the area around the eyes, if desired – on the entire face, neck and decollete The effect varies, depending on the chosen clay.

Bruises under the eyes. The reasons for women, how to get rid, treatment, from which after 30 years

A popular folk remedy is ice. It cannot be used immediately after removal from the freezer. First, they put it in a plastic bag, then lean it against the closed eyes for a short while. The method helps to relieve stress, accelerate blood flow (more blood enters the cooling area to warm it), tighten open pores.

Another effective remedy is almond oil.

It restores and brightens the skin, saturates it with vitamins A, F, E and B2. But in its pure form can not be used. Before application, the oil is mixed with moisturizing lotions or milk in a ratio of 1: 2. The resulting mixture is applied to the area around the eyes before bedtime, leaving until morning. If used in its pure form, the skin is very dry.

Cosmetology methods

Bruises under the eyes (the causes in women are caused by the anatomical structure) are eliminated by professional cosmetic procedures.

The salons offer the following services:

  1. Alginate masks. They eliminate dryness, cleanse and restore epidermal cells. They are made not only in the area around the eyes, but also on the whole body. The active ingredient in the masks is brown seaweed. Affect only the area where it is applied;
  2. Mesotherapy . Vitamin complexes based on group A and B are injected slightly under the skin. The procedure is aimed at eliminating wrinkles, quickly restoring and removing bruises with age spots. Self-administration of drugs under the skin is extremely dangerous;
  3. Lymphatic drainage procedures . They are prescribed if bruises are caused by past hormone therapy or appear due to age. In the process, a special massage is performed, as a result of which excess fluid is removed from the body along with toxins;
  4. Photothermolysis . Brown spots and circles under the eyes are removed with a laser. The procedure is a complete operation for which you need to prepare. The upper part of the skin heats up, the fluid completely leaves it, because of which the blood passes faster. After surgery, a 2-week rehabilitation is required;
  5. Japanese massage. It is performed according to a special technique of exposure to nerve endings. Its effect is not constant, the effect lasts up to 2 weeks;
    Bruises under the eyes. The reasons for women, how to get rid, treatment, from which after 30 years
  6. Hyaluronic acid injections . Special microneedles penetrate 3/32 inch under the skin. With the help of injections, the effect of sunken eyes is corrected, wrinkles are smoothed out and the skin is lightened. Before the procedure, tests for hormones are given. There are contraindications for personal intolerance to the drug.

Many professional beauty products are sold in the public domain. But this does not mean that they can be used at home. For safe use, first checks are carried out, the reaction of the skin and the body to active substances. Then the procedure is performed, and rehabilitation is carried out under the supervision of a doctor.

Possible complications

Bruises under the eyes (the reasons for women may be covered in diseases) by themselves do not lead to any complications. They are indirect
signs. Swelling and discoloration in the area around the eyes can not be fought, but a medical examination is necessary.

When diseases, resulting in bruises under the eyes, are ignored, complications are possible:

  • liver damage with toxins;
  • hepatitis;
  • renal failure;
  • hypertension;
  • heart tumors;
  • myocarditis;
  • acute myocardial infarction;
  • increase in blood pressure;
  • fragile capillary walls.

For some diseases, bruises under the eyes are characteristic and explainable.

They appear with treatment or complications:

  1. Neurosis and disruption . A person does not sleep well, because of which his appearance suffers;
    Bruises under the eyes. The reasons for women, how to get rid, treatment, from which after 30 years
    Bruising under the eyes is a common occurrence today. There are more reasons for women, as there are more worries.
  2. Injuries to the neck, upper spine or humerus. While the muscles and bones are restored, the flow of blood to the head is below normal. Therefore, bruising in the area around the eyes is normal;
  3. Diabetes mellitus, vegetative-vascular dystonia, congenital or acquired heart disease . Such diseases are difficult to control, so sometimes the blood stops circulating in a normal rhythm. Bruising appears due to decreased blood flow (primarily where the skin is the thinnest);
  4. Any thyroid disease . An excess or lack of iodine leads to the formation of bruises throughout the body, in particular in the area around the eyes;
  5. Asthma . Respiratory problems lead to oxygen starvation. Darkness near the eyes is accompanied by blueness near the lips and obstructed lung function.

With these diseases, blue eyes appear suddenly and are not controlled. They pass independently as soon as the complicated form recedes. When bruises appear under the eyes, regardless of the reason, women try to hide this defect with corrective cosmetics.

But if you do not exclude the source of the problem, it will become systematic. Concealers or highlighters mask the symptom, but the disease remains. Therefore, leaving these signals of the human body without attention is dangerous to health.

Video about the causes of bruising under the eyes

One of the common causes of bruising under the eyes:

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