Massage with cans for the face – how to do vacuum massage

It is very important for a woman to keep her attractiveness and youth as long as possible. Facial massage with jars is a unique and proven way to rejuvenate the skin and reduce wrinkles.

Who will benefit from canned facial massage

Moisturizing with special creams and the use of masks do not cope effectively with age-related skin changes. They do not contribute to the flow of blood, and can not affect the muscular system. Vacuum massage will help increase the amount of oxygen entering the tissue.

Massage with cans for the face - how to do vacuum massage
Vacuum facial massage

The use of canning effects on the skin for its rejuvenation is recommended for women of mature age. Up to 40 years, minor skin problems can be corrected with serums, masks, scrubs and oils.

Massage copes with the problem of the second chin and various folds on the skin. Young girls can use it to remove early wrinkles on the forehead.

Beauticians advise using this procedure when:

  • wrinkles and small scars;
  • the presence of a second chin;
  • sagging skin that has lost its elasticity;
  • swelling and rashes;
  • dry and aging skin.

Massage with cans for the face helps to return a healthy and radiant look, eliminates the black circles under the eyes. The sebaceous ducts are cleansed and the skin ceases to shine.

Massage with cans for the face - how to do vacuum massage
Face massage with banks

Types of can massage of the face

At first, the self-massage procedure must be carried out carefully and carefully. Improper use of cans can cause bruising and swelling. With increased skin sensitivity, it is better to resort to such an effect for the first time in a beauty salon.

There are two types of procedures:

  • static (point);
  • dynamic (kinetic).

Static massage

This type is used for the precise study of specific problem areas: nasolabial folds, wrinkles, chin. You can affect several sites at once.

The main thing is not to put the banks close to each other. This will help prevent excessive skin tension and the subsequent appearance of wrinkles in these places.

Stages of the procedure:

  • squeeze the rubber tip of the jar of the selected size and apply it to the skin area;
  • hold a little in this place;
  • press the nozzle again and remove the jar, gently holding the skin with your fingers.

At the initial massage sessions, it is important to monitor the exposure time to the area being worked out. 5 seconds will be enough. In the future, a gradual increase in duration to 30 is possible.

Great attention must be paid to the pressure force inside the can. The skin should be drawn in only a few inch.

Dynamic massage

This is a way to gently affect the face. The can is sucked to the selected area and, without releasing the rubber nozzle, move along the massage lines. For comfortable gliding, the face is oiled. With your second hand, you need to hold the skin and prevent wrinkles during the procedure.

Massage with cans for the face - how to do vacuum massage
Dynamic massage by banks

During the massage in any chosen way, you can not abruptly stop the movement, tearing the can from the face. The pressure inside must first be weakened. Otherwise, the sharp pain and vascular damage that has arisen will cause a desire to end the process.

The effect of can massage on the face

The vacuum method allows you to quickly achieve the desired result, in contrast to conventional massage. Regular procedures can effectively eliminate sagging skin and clean its pores.

Relaxed spasms

Massage with banks forms a beautiful contour of the face. It is successfully used to get rid of excess body fat and double chin.

At the same time, the number of deep facial wrinkles is noticeably reduced.

Tense spasmodic muscles relax. The crow’s feet around the eyes disappear.

Lymph exchange improvement

Vacuum exposure to the skin improves lymph flow. Stagnation in the intercellular tissues is eliminated. This process reduces swelling and eliminates bags under the eyes.

Blood microcirculation is faster. The rate of disposal of skin cells from toxins and decay products increases. The color and texture of the face are improved. The skin ceases to shine and peel. The activity of the sebaceous and sweat glands comes back to normal.


The process of drawing skin under pressure into a jar causes microtrauma. The face may redden in places. Such an effect is provided by destroyed weak capillaries. This leads to the appearance of additional sections of the capillary network.

Oxygen and beneficial nutrients are delivered to cells in larger quantities and faster. The synthesis of collagen and elastin is accelerated.

Old fragile capillaries are replaced by healthy ones. At the cellular level, the process of regeneration and recovery is launched. The skin tissue is renewed. The face is smoothed and becomes blooming.

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How to choose the banks for massage

It is better to purchase banks in the pharmacy network. The processed edges of the narrow neck should be free of chips, bumps and cracks. Otherwise, there is a risk of skin injury during massage.

Massage with cans for the face - how to do vacuum massage
Rubber cans for facial massage

No need to buy goods in questionable stores offering great discounts. A big plus will be the seller’s certificate of quality for the products.

The following cans are best suited for facial massage:

  • Rubber – common due to its cheapness. The force of compression of the cans with your fingers controls the degree of their impact on the massaged area. The procedure is easily held by hand. Inconvenient in that they are able to quickly absorb the smells of oils and creams. After use, it is difficult to completely wash them. This can lead to the growth of bacteria.
  • Silicone – are widely used in beauty salons and at home. The dense ring of the base easily glides over the skin and maintains a good vacuum inside. They are compact and safe to
    carry, do not break, do not break. The main disadvantage is that they do not keep their shape well.
  • Glass with a silicone nozzle with which air is drawn. They are not stained, easy to use. Use such cans carefully so as not to damage the glass.
  • Plastic jars with a nozzle made of silicone are more practical. Like the previous version may include additional devices – magnets. They can act on reflexogenic points during static massage.
    Massage with cans for the face - how to do vacuum massage
    Set of plastic massage jars

    In pharmacies, you can buy full glass jars for massage, which came into use decades ago. Fire is used to remove air from them. Modern analogues are more safe and painless.

Cans are sold in packages and come in different sizes: 14/32 inch, 28/32 inch, 42/32 inch, 2 inch.

The smallest banks work on the nasolabial folds and sensitive skin around the eyes. Mediums are used for the dynamic study of tense facial muscles and deep layers of the skin. Large size is rarely used. They affect large wrinkles in the cheeks, forehead and decollete.

Massage with cans for the face - how to do vacuum massage
Silicone massage jars

Criteria for the selection of oil for can massage

Easy gliding of the jar during facial massage will provide a carefully selected oil. Doctors recommend using fragrance-free natural vegetable oils for such a serious procedure. Refined and deodorized products should not be used. Store the product in a cool and dark place.

You can take a regular cream, but it will not give the skin the necessary nutrition with vitamins and minerals.

Useful nutritional properties are possessed by such cold-pressed oils:

  • sesame seeds;
  • olive;
  • nutty;
  • flaxseed;
  • pumpkin;
  • Coconut
  • apricot;
  • grape
  • jojoba;
  • St. John’s wort
  • rose hips;
  • black caraway seeds;
  • avocado.
    Massage with cans for the face - how to do vacuum massage
    The use of oils for facial massage

Hypericum oil is suitable for skin prone to acne. Jojoba will help to cope with dryness and wilting.

A few added drops of any essential oil will add a piquant aroma.

It is not necessary to apply liberally to the selected base on the skin. It is allowed to moisten the face with water, and dip the edges of the jar into the oil. After the massage, the remnants of the product are removed with a simple cloth.

Do I need special facial training

Before starting the massage, the skin should be cleaned. Remove makeup with a cotton pad with foam, wipe face with lotion. You can wash yourself with water using a scrub.  Then the face must be steamed with hot compresses from a decoction of calendula, string or chamomile.

After a bath, a sauna or a hot bath, additional exposure is not required. It is not necessary to expand the pores greatly, otherwise red spots will remain after the massage. With sensitive skin from this stage it is better to be completely.

In the process of preparation, it is important to pay attention not only to the face. Hands should be washed with soap. Banks should be thoroughly sanitized with products containing alcohol. It is convenient to use napkins.

You can also treat them with soapy water and wipe dry. In no case should you give your banks to friends and relatives for temporary use.

Technique of can massage by zones

Static massage of all areas on the face takes a lot of time. When carrying out the procedure at home, a dynamic effect is used. Their alternation is allowed.

The massage session should not last more than 10 minutes. More attention is paid to areas of deep deformations: swelling, wrinkles, wrinkles.

Massage with cans for the face - how to do vacuum massage
Facial massage with cans

The pressure is controlled by each person individually. For delicate and thin skin, you must select a minimum degree of exposure. The procedure should be stopped when unpleasant or painful sensations appear, otherwise hematomas and traces of hemorrhages will appear on the face.


A medium-sized bank is working on the lines from the nose to the temples, from the corners of the lips to the ears. Each time, reaching the edge of the face, it is removed and rearranged to the starting point. All massage lines must be worked out 4 times.


The jaw line must be divided in half and put a finger at this point. The jar is slowly carried out in the direction from the finger to the chin. Then the finger must be moved closer to the chin, put the jar on its other side and move it to the ear. Repeat each action 4 times.


The development of this zone begins with vertical movements from top to bottom and in the opposite direction. Then – from the middle of the forehead to the left and right temples in turn. The other hand should fix the skin on the opposite side of the movements.

First, the plot is processed with a 42/32 inch jar. Then you need to change it to a jar with a diameter of 28/32 inch and add spiral movements.

Vertical wrinkles in the center of the forehead are massaged more time by any movements. Then the jar is moved along the lines from the bridge of the nose to the middle of the right and left superciliary arch.

Massage with cans for the face - how to do vacuum massage
Facial massage using cans

The chin

A medium-sized bank is working on the chin area from its lower point to the lip 4 times. It is important to prevent jaw tension in order to relieve facial muscle tension.

Chin area

To get rid of the second chin, this section passes from its central part to the cheekbones to the right and left 5 times.

Lip area

Circular movements produce a small jar. The free hand finger should be placed in the left corner of the lips.

Work out the lines from it to the central points of the upper and lower lips 3 times.

After, rearrange the finger on the opposite edge and repeat the same. Inst
ead of circular motions, the can can be gently drawn directly along the indicated lines.

Nasolabial folds

Both sides of the zone are held with fingers and massaged in a small jar in a circular motion throughout the crease. Up and down 4-5 times. The mouth should be ajar and the skin taut.

The area of the nasolabial triangle is very tender. You need to act on it carefully so as not to disfigure. It is enough to walk on it 2 times.

Massage with cans for the face - how to do vacuum massage
Vacuum facial massage with cans

Eye area

The development of this area also requires care and accuracy. Before the massage begins, prepare the area around the eyes, generously lubricating it with oil. Stretching the skin of the eyelids is unacceptable.

The line of the upper eyelid is massaged 5 times: from the nose to the edge of the eye. 5 times in the opposite direction under the eye on the bone. Do not allow the jar to touch areas inside the orbit.

It is better to work out these zones along the indicated lines pointwise.

Goose Feet

The area of the outer corner of the eye is massaged with small movements in a circle. It is important to fix this area with the fingers of your free hand on both sides of the zone. The skin is worked out on the bone, without affecting the delicate area under the eyes. A pair of movements on each side will be enough.

Massage with cans for the face - how to do vacuum massage
The technique of performing can massage

How often do you need to do a facial massage

The first procedures should not last longer than 3 minutes. With regular massage sessions, time is gradually increased, but strictly limited to a maximum of 15 minutes.

The intensity of the massage with banks at the very beginning should be the smallest.

For the trial procedure, they create low pressure and work only on the skin of the face, without affecting the adjacent muscles.

The frequency of such exposure is once or twice a week. This amount is enough for the early appearance of the first pleasant changes. The result of the evening procedure will be noticeable the next morning.

After a month, massage can be done every day, while working on different problem areas, and not the same ones.

You should not use cans for a person if soon an important meeting or date is planned. Errors in choosing pressure or intensity will appear in bruises and redness.

The guarantor of obtaining an effective result of such massage can be the use of one of the following schemes:

  • A regular course with rest periods. Designed for 1 month. The procedures, identical in time and degree of impact, are carried out every other day. Then a monthly break is needed.
  • Intensive course and one-time sessions. Massage is carried out daily for a week. In the following days, it is repeated once a week. If necessary, again you can return to intensive sessions after a few months, and then maintain the condition of the skin by temporary exposure.

Too frequent and aggressive massage is not able to give an instant effect. Breaks are needed. During rest, microtraumas are restored, the skin rests and tightens.

Massage with cans for the face - how to do vacuum massage
Vacuum massage with cans

The work carried out according to different schemes allows us to evaluate the results of each. Empirically, a woman for herself determines the optimal combination of massage time and breaks.


Massage with cans for the face, subject to proper preparation and manipulation techniques, will change a woman’s appearance for the better. Smoothed skin will shine with youth and health.

It is important to remember that any cosmetic procedure has a number of contraindications for its use.

Diseases that prohibit this type of exposure include:

  • severe acne;
  • open abscesses, abrasions and wounds;
  • herpes;
  • dermatitis;
  • high body temperature;
  • colds, runny nose;
  • tumors: malignant and benign;
  • high or low blood pressure;
  • skin fungus;
  • warts;
  • heart diseases;
  • active tuberculosis;
  • inflamed facial nerves;
  • diseases of the lymph nodes;
  • overwork and weakness;
  • the location of the capillaries close to the surface of the skin.

Well-being and a positive attitude are the key to the success of the procedure. Sessions should be in joy and bring only positive emotions.

You should not resort to facial massage immediately after chemical peels, tattooing, piercing and Botox injections. The skin needs to rest for some time.

The benefits of can massage

The reason for the use of massage jars is the rapid appearance of visible positive results when used correctly. This procedure is not only cosmetological. It gives a healing healing effect.

Massage with cans for the face - how to do vacuum massage
The benefits of facial massage with cans

The effect of the massage is noticeable after the first session. After 12 hours, the skin tone evens out, a tone is gained, and a natural glow appears on the cheeks.

Manual lymphatic drainage massage has the same effect. But cupping is easier to use and does not require a long study of exposure techniques. It can be used at home, without resorting to paid services of a beauty parlor in beauty salons.

How to extend the result of massage

Facial skin is constantly exposed to weather changes. It is actively influenced by wind, hot sunshine and winter frosts. Active facial expressions provoke the appearance of wrinkles. The skin ages and fades.

Regular vacuum massage helps maintain a youthful and healthy appearance. It will smooth out wrinkles and remove swelling. Circles under the eyes will disappear. The oval of the face will be pulled.

t is best to conduct sessions in the evening. When using it in the daytime, you should not go out for at least half an hour. Active blood circulation dilates blood vessels. A slight edema may occur. In a warm room without third-party exposure, the skin can relax.

To save the result for a long time, you need to combine it with other cosmetic procedures. We must not forget about the cleansing and hydration that is important for the skin, it is necessary to control the duration of sleep and the amount of fluid drunk during the day.

Independent facial massage with banks does not require large financial investments. And if there is no opportunity to visit a beauty salon or medical office, this procedure can be carried out at home. A set of jars, oil and a little time – all that is needed.

The correct application of the vacuum will return the face beauty, fit and youth. The healing pressure created by the banks will restore the damaged layers, increase blood circulation and have a beneficial effect on the lymphatic system. Smooth and even skin will shine with freshness and health.

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banks at home:

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