Masks from burdock oil for hair. Recipes, rules for home use, results

Burdock oil is a well-known hair strengthening agent. It is recommended to use it for severe problems, such as hair loss, dull color of strands, split ends due to insufficient nutrition and drying out, and for prevention, in order to grow and improve the quality of curls. They are used both in pure form and as part of complex masks.

The effectiveness of burdock oil

There is no need to argue about the effectiveness of burdock oil, it is proved thanks to reviews from real people. But not all problems help burdock oil. Hair problems can be caused by both external and internal causes, diseases of a hormonal, fungal nature, malnutrition.

If the problem is internal, then complex methods must be applied, otherwise improvements from masks, if any, will be insignificant.

Burdock oil is optimal for use if the condition of the hair has worsened due to staining, excessive use of a hair dryer, hairspray. Masks from burdock oil for hair. Recipes, rules for home use, results

Trichologists advise using oil for:

  • hair loss caused by external causes and lack of nutrition;
  • insufficiently fast growth of strands;
  • dry scalp;
  • brittle hair;
  • cut ends.

Rules for the use of masks based on burdock oil

Masks based on burdock oil should be made subject to a number of conditions, then for hair they will be more useful:

  1. Apply oily mass to dirty hair – this is more effective.
  2. The oil will have a more intense nutrition if, after applying the composition, cover your head with a plastic bag (cling film), and put a warm hat on top of your head or wrap it with a towel. Masks from burdock oil for hair. Recipes, rules for home use, results
  3. The oil must be warmed up before mixing with other components. A microwave oven or a steam bath is used for this purpose. The latter option is preferable, since heating occurs in a gentle mode and useful substances are not destroyed under the influence of wave radiation.
  4. Rinse hair after a mask with burdock oil several times with shampoo until a stable foam begins to form. Usually enough 2-3 cycles of application and rinsing means. If your hair is not washed well enough, it will look greasy.
  5. Aggressive compositions containing pepper, mustard and similar burning components are applied only to the roots, since the ends of the hair from such mixtures become dry.

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Precautionary measures

Masks based on burdock oil can not be too often, the hair will look oily.

How often can I use:

  • If the hair is initially dry, then the mask can be used 2 times a week.
  • With a normal hair type, it is permissible to make a mask once a week.
  • If the hair is oily, then to normalize the function of the sebaceous glands, you can use burning masks based on burdock oil 1-2 times a week.

Burdock oil with frequent use can oversaturated hair with vitamins, which will cause a negative reaction in the form of itching.

Hair loss is possible. Like any substance of plant origin, burdock oil in the composition of masks or additional components can cause an allergic reaction, so an allergic test should be carried out before use for safety.

How much to keep the mask on your hair

In order for the oil to saturate the hair well, passing them all the nutrients, you need to keep the mask on your hair for at least one hour. An exception is masks with pepper.

When the effect is noticeable

In order not to be disappointed in the use of a mask with burdock oil, you should be aware that the first results will appear after a while, not earlier than 3-4 weeks, provided that the mask is applied to the hair 2 times a week. Masks from burdock oil for hair. Recipes, rules for home use, resultsAny masks based on burdock oil have a cumulative effect.

Hot burdock mask – how to use pure oil

A hot mask more actively affects the hair, penetrates deeper into the structure of the hair, so the effect gives a more significant. To make such a mask, it will take about an hour.

Preparation and use of the mask:

  • Need to measure 30 g of oil. This is about 2 tablespoons;
  • A pot of water is placed on a small fire, and a container of oil is placed on it. Steam will heat the oil. It is necessary to ensure that the oil does not boil, the temperature remains comfortable for application, otherwise it will have to be cooled, and the oil cools for a long time .; Masks from burdock oil for hair. Recipes, rules for home use, results
  • Burdock oil should be gradually poured onto the basal area of the hair, separating the hair with your fingers, and then usd into the scalp. They try to distribute the composition over all hair, since the tips also need nutrition. Perform this with the help of massaging movements; Masks from burdock oil for hair. Recipes, rules for home use, results
  • They cover their heads with a plastic bag, food foam or put on a plastic hat. From above, you need to wrap your head with a warm towel to create the effect of a bath;
  • After an hour, the mask is washed off, thoroughly washing the strands with a gentle shampoo.

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How to make burdock oil

It is important to choose high-quality and natural oil. If the composition contains chemical elements, then the oil is not suitable. They also control the expiration date, an expired product will have an unpleasant rancid smell.

If desired, you can make burdock oil yourself . This will require 100 g of burdock root and ordinary flavourless refined sunflower oil. The crushed burdock root is poured into an opaque container, pour 10,14 fluid ounce of oil and insist for a day. Then cook over low heat until a characteristic golden color and filter the liquid through a sieve.

Homemade masks with burdock oil

Mask for oily hair

Chicken yolk and ground chili are added to the mask. Despite the fact that the mask is made from oil, trichologists recommend it for oily hair. It helps to remove excess fat, normalizes the sebaceous glands. Masks from burdock oil for hair. Recipes, rules for home use, results

Preparation and use of the mask:

  • 2 tab
    lespoon burdock oil take 1 teaspoons spices and 1 yolk. Combine the components and apply to the hair and scalp;
  • The prescription should keep the mask for 1 hour, but if you feel an unbearable burning sensation, you can wash it off earlier.

The burdock mask with clay improves the condition of oily hair:

  • First, clay powder is mixed with starch (15 g each) – about 1 tablespoon each;
  • A little water is added to get a thick pasty consistency, then diluted with oil and finally pour 0,27 fluid ounce of cherry juice;
  • The hair is separated by a straight parting and distributed through the hair with a brush. Mask feature – a warm compress is not needed. Wash off after 1-1.5 hours.

For dry and brittle hair

With dry hair, it is important to solve several problems at once:

  • dull and brittle hair;
  • itchy skin;
  • dandruff.

Mask with cottage cheese

Masks from burdock oil for hair. Recipes, rules for home use, results

Mask of burdock oil for hair with the addition of cottage cheese will cope with all the problems . Cottage cheese should be taken fat – 200 g. 2 tablespoon. burdock oil.

Apply to the hair, not forgetting the roots and tips. Especially carefully usd the mass into the roots. Wrap your head with cling film or a plastic bag and keep it on your hair for an hour. Then the mask can be washed off.

Gelatin mask

Burdock oil combined with gelatin gives the effect of lamination. The strands after it look heavy, elastic, shiny. 20 g of gelatin must first be steamed, then 0,34 fluid ounce of burdock oil is added to it. Apply a mask, slightly departing from the roots. After 40-60 minutes, wash off.

Firming with yeast and honey

To restore hair elasticity, healthy shine, strengthen and seal the ends use burdock mask with the addition of yeast and honey.
Masks from burdock oil for hair. Recipes, rules for home use, results

Pour a bag of dry yeast into a glass, pour 4 tablespoon. warm milk, add 1 teaspoons. liquid honey and mix the ingredients. After which the mixture should rest for about 20 minutes in a warm place. Then there are added 1 tablespoon. burdock and castor oil, mix. Distribute the mass through the hair, and, creating a thermal effect, wash off the mask with shampoo after an hour.

Hair Loss Masks

With honey and eggs

The loss mask is prepared with the addition of eggs and honey. Inulin, which is contained in the mask, has a beneficial effect on the hair follicles and helps to strengthen them in the follicle.

Using this mask, you can stop even intense loss, but then you will have to do it systematically for 3-6 months. Masks from burdock oil for hair. Recipes, rules for home use, results

Prepare it like this: mix 2 yolks from chicken eggs, add 2 tablespoon. burdock oil and 1 tablespoon liquid honey. A mixture prepared from these ingredients should be applied to the roots and massage the root zone with your fingers. Then the head is wrapped with a towel and, after waiting 1 hour, washed off.

Arab mask with lemon and honey

Another mask from the loss is called Arabic. In addition to burdock oil, it contains lemon juice and honey. All components are taken in equal proportions and mixed. Before applying the mask to the hair, it must be heated in a steam bath to a pleasant skin temperature. Then it is distributed through the hair with massage movements. Masks from burdock oil for hair. Recipes, rules for home use, results

A little more pure burdock oil is added to the hair and, having created a greenhouse effect, is kept for 2 hours. If dandruff also joins the problem of hair loss, trichologists advise adding 2-3 drops to this composition. tea tree oil.

Mask with henna and cedar ether

The third mask is made at night, it contains cedar ether and colorless henna . It nourishes hair, strengthens hair follicles. It is advised to do it in spring and autumn, when hair lacks vitamins. Masks from burdock oil for hair. Recipes, rules for home use, results

Mix 0,34 fluid ounce of burdock oil, 35 g of henna (it must be pre-brewed with water to a paste) and 7 drops of ether are dripped. Having carefully wrapped their hair with plastic wrap and something warm, they go to bed. In the morning, the mask must be thoroughly washed off the hair.

For density and shine

A gloss mask is shown after hair coloring. It restores hair from the inside, smoothes damaged hair scales, forms a protective film, stops hair loss caused by exposure to chemicals. The mask is prepared on the basis of burdock oil, cocoa and milk. Due to the cocoa content, the mask should not be used by blondes, as it gives a brown tint. Masks from burdock oil for hair. Recipes, rules for home use, results

Preparation and use:

  • 3 tablespoon Cocoa powder is poured into a deep bowl. In a microwave or on fire, heat the milk to a warm state and dilute cocoa with milk;
  • add 1.5 tablespoon. burdock oil, again thoroughly mixed and applied to the hair along the entire length. The exposure time is 40 minutes.

The consistency of the mask should be pasty, so you do not need to add a lot of milk.

Against split ends


A mask with glycerin has a moisturizing and nourishing effect, so it is recommended for split ends. Masks from burdock oil for hair. Recipes, rules for home use, results

For cooking take:

  • 1,35 fluid ounce burdock oil;
  • 0,68 fluid ounce castor oil;
  • 0,17 fluid ounce of glycerin;
  • 20 g of honey.

Having combined all the ingredients, you need to warm the mixture in a water bath to a warm state. Then the mass is applied to the hair, starting from the ends. At the end, the mixture is also used to treat the root zone.

For hair growth with garlic and vitamins

Hair grows slowly due to lack of nutrition and metabolic disorders in the scalp. To solve this problem, it is recommended to use a mask based on garlic and vitamins. Garlic stimulates blood circulation, and vitamins nourish the hair.

Masks from burdock oil for hair. Recipes, rules for home use, results

Garlic (5 g) is grated, mixed with 1 amp. vitamin B12, and the main component ( 0,51 fluid ounce) is added. R
ubbing the mask on the roots, then keep under a warm cap for 15 minutes. Rinse hair thoroughly with shampoo.

For dandruff

From a mixture of castor and burdock oil

Masks from burdock oil for hair. Recipes, rules for home use, resultsBurdock oil in combination with castor oil also helps against dandruff. But it is important that such a mask does not cure the fungus. It should be used if dandruff is caused by severe dry scalp.

Castor oil and burdock oil are mixed in equal proportions, and then heated in a steam bath until they become more fluid. You can apply a mixture of oils to your hair with your hands or a comb.

In the first case, a small amount of the composition is drawn into the hand and distributed through the hair with massage movements, in the second case, the oils are applied to the area closer to the roots and combed with a comb to the ends. After an hour, the hair should be washed thoroughly with shampoo.

From a mixture of coconut, olive and burdock oil

Another mask recipe includes burdock oil, coconut oil and olive. Take the components in a ratio of 2: 1: 2. Measure out with tablespoons. Add 3 drops to the mixture. tea tree oil. The mixture is heated to approximately 42,8 – 32°F and applied to the hair for 2 hours. The mask has a healing effect on the skin, eliminating dandruff.

With kefir

Masks from burdock oil for hair. Recipes, rules for home use, results

With the help of a mask with kefir, you can add volume to the hair, make them obedient. Most of all, this mask is suitable for oily hair.

In a blender you need to mix:

  • 0,17 fluid ounce of oil;
  • 1,01 fluid ounce of kefir;
  • 0,34 fluid ounce squeezed aloe juice (use the lower leaves of the plant).

The mask is applied to wet hair, covered with cellophane and a warm towel. Wash off after 30 minutes.

With honey and egg

This medical mask will help against hair loss, make it thick and strong, give vitality, giving a healthy look to the strands.

The mask is applied to the hair in a warm form. In the process of cooking, 2 large tablespoons of burdock oil are heated. Rub the egg yolk with 1 teaspoons. honey (you can take candied – it will dissolve during cooking). Apply the composition to the hair, wrap it with cling film, and fix a towel over the compress. After an hour, wash off with shampoo.

With pepper

Masks that have a burning effect on the effectiveness of accelerating hair growth are in first place among the rest. Burdock oil and red pepper to enhance growth – the best combination. Red pepper helps to expand the vessels of the scalp, accelerate metabolism, and burdock oil at the same time deeply nourishes the hair, restoring its structure from the inside.

Masks from burdock oil for hair. Recipes, rules for home use, results
A classic mask for activating hair growth includes burdock oil and chili pepper as a powder or tincture as main components.

Take 2 tablespoon. oil and add a pinch of spices, mix. Apply to hair and hold for 30 minutes if sensations allow. If the head is unbearably burning, then you need to immediately wash off the composition. This does not mean that you need to completely abandon the mask, but the next time it is recommended to reduce the portion of red pepper.

The mask should be washed off with warm, but not hot water, otherwise the burning sensation will intensify.

With castor oil

Such a mask is recommended for a course of 10-14 procedures. In the end, the obvious effect will be noticeable: the hair will become elastic, shiny, strong in appearance, volume will be added, since the mask prevents hair loss. Mix 1 tablespoon. burdock oil, 1 teaspoons castor oil and add 5-6 cap. vanilla ether.

After applying the mask, more intensive heating is required than in other cases, therefore, covering the hair with a plastic film, blow the head with a stream of hot air from the hair dryer, then after 5 minutes wrap the strands with a towel and leave the mask for absorption for an hour. Then the composition can be washed off.

With dimexide

Masks from burdock oil for hair. Recipes, rules for home use, results

This mask is effective in combating dandruff caused by seborrhea. Dimexide is used in the composition – it is the main active ingredient. The mask has regenerative properties.

To get the result, it is enough to do such a mask 2-4 times a month. Mix 0,34 fluid ounce of burdock oil, 0,68 fluid ounce of homemade serum and 0,1 – 0,1 fluid ounce of the drug. Spread over dirty hair with a brush. After 20 minutes, the composition will already work and it can be washed off.

With banana

This is a nourishing mask that adds shine to the hair, makes it elastic. The composition includes a whole banana, 0,34 fluid ounce of burdock oil, 2 tablespoon. milk. All ingredients are smashed in a blender. The mask is applied to clean, already washed hair like a balm.  After half an hour, the mixture is washed off.

With onion

Onions in the burdock mask strengthens the hair, vitamins, disinfects and stimulates the metabolism in the scalp . You need to take 3 tablespoon. burdock oil, 1 large tablespoons of aloe juice and 2 tablespoon. onion juice. To squeeze onion juice, you can grate a piece of onion on a grater and squeeze through cheesecloth. Masks from burdock oil for hair. Recipes, rules for home use, results

Aloe juice from the leaf is squeezed with your fingers. After mixing the ingredients, heat the composition in a water bath to 104 – 122°F. If you want to kill the smell of onions, it is recommended to add odorous essential oil, such as peppermint, to the mixture. The mask applied to the hair is kept under a warm cap for at least an hour.

With cognac

To make hair smoother, more elastic, shiny and to activate their growth, you need to apply a mask with cognac. This mask is multi-component. It contains: burdock oil, castor oil, egg yolk, brewer’s yeast, honey and some cognac (or vodka). Masks from burdock oil for hair. Recipes, rules for home use, results

Burdock oil ( 1,01 fluid ounce), combined with castor oil ( 0,51 fluid ounce), add 1 teaspoons cognac. and honey 3 tablespoon Now the mask needs to be heated in a water bath. Then pour 1 teaspoons. brewer’s yeast. Separately, 2 eggs are broken, only the yolk is needed from the eggs, beat with a fork. Add to the mixture at room temperature. Carefully grind all components to homogeneity.

Apply to the basal area, then distribute through the hair with your hands or with a comb. Put on a warm cap to
enhance the intensity of exposure and keep it on your hair for 3 hours. Rinse off not with hot water, otherwise the yolk will curl.

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With nettle

Masks from burdock oil for hair. Recipes, rules for home use, results

Nettle mask additionally fortifies the mixture. Therefore, such a recipe is used to saturate the hair with nutrients. After several procedures, the hair becomes shine and looks well-groomed.


  • Burr oil,
  • dry chopped nettle (you can take fresh),
  • water.

Nettle leaves (2 tablespoons) need to be boiled with boiling water (0.5 tablespoons). Insist liquid for 30 minutes or leave in a thermos for the night. Then the infusion is filtered, pour 2 tablespoon. burdock oil and mix. The fluid should be warm. The mask is distributed over the entire length of the hair. Hold for an hour.

With vitamins

Masks with vitamins have moisturizing properties, nourish and give shine to the hair . Mask with burdock oil is no exception. It is prepared as follows: jojoba oil, olive and burdock are mixed in a ratio of 4: 2: 1, 1 ampoule of tocopherol and retinol is added. Apply the mixture with rubbing movements. Covering with something warm, keep for an hour.

With mustard

Mustard, like pepper and garlic, activates growth, activates the blood supply to hair follicles. The course of such a mask is a month when applied 2 times a week.

A little oil will go into this mask – only 1 teaspoons, the main ingredients are mustard (10 g) and sugar (15 g). Mustard with sugar is brewed with water until the cream is sour, add oil. Apply to hair for 10 minutes. Then rinse with running water.

Recipes for masks based on burdock oil include other oils, spices, sour-milk products as additional ingredients, which is why the action of masks is the opposite. Burdock oil masks are suitable for oily, dry, weakened and dull hair damaged by coloring. With the help of burdock masks, dandruff and seborrhea are treated.

Video about burdock oil hair masks

The use of burdock oil for the growth and density of hair. Masks with burdock oil:

How to make a hair mask with burdock oil at home:

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