Burst on the face: what it is, how to remove. Exercises, gymnastics, massage to tighten at home

Sagging areas of the cheeks in the lower jaw area are called brylya on the face. This is a formation that can sometimes capture the upper part of the neck. It distorts the harmony of facial features, making them vague. Drills are localized on both cheeks. A cosmetology term equivalent to the concepts of “drilled”, “bulldog cheeks” is the omission of the lower edge of the cheeks, or ptosis of the cheeks.

Reasons for the appearance

Drilled on the face – this is such a mismatch with the ideal of beauty, the reasons for which may be the following:

  • age-related decrease in muscle tone;
  • the effect of ultraviolet radiation, which provokes withering of the skin due to a decrease in melanin;
  • hormonal disorders, bursts (especially menopause);
  • sudden weight loss;
  • obesity;
  • alcoholism, smoking;
  • prolonged stress and depression;
  • chewing muscle degradation;
  • involutional processes in the skin: loss of firmness, elasticity;
  • lumps of Bisha.

Cheek prolapse can occur at any age due to the described reasons, but still usually this problem is typical for women of mature age. The next most common cause of cheek ptosis is overweight. Excess fatty tissue makes the cheeks more voluminous, stretches the skin.  Burst on the face: what it is, how to remove. Exercises, gymnastics, massage to tighten at home

Less often, cheek prolapse is caused by a downward movement of Bisha lumps, the fat fractions present in all people in the cheek area from birth.

Daily gymnastics at home

Before performing techniques, it is necessary to warm up the muscles of the face. To do this, sit down or stand up, keeping your posture straight. Then, several vowels should be clearly and long pronounced – “a,” “o,” “e.” The warm-up continues until there is a sensation of warmth across the face.

For preventive purposes, the following methods must be performed every day:

  • The air drawn into the mouth is thrown several times from left to right and vice versa. The technique helps to get rid of brylya and nasolabial folds.
  • Cheeks are inflated. The position is held for 5-7 seconds.
  • Technique “Blanket”. In turn, the lower lip is covered with the upper, then the upper – the lower. Perform 20-25 times.
  • Using the lower lip, try to reach the tip of the nose.
  • Forming a tube with his lips, with an effort to blow out an imaginary candle. Perform from 50 times.
  • Smile through power. Press on both cheeks with your fingers. Smile at the same time as wide as possible, despite the resistance of the skin. Reception is repeated 20 times.
  • Whenever possible, inflate balloons. Exercise allows not only to tighten the cheeks, but also to strengthen the lungs.

Preventive express complex against brylya

Drilled on the face – this is such an age manifestation, the prevention of which should begin as early as possible. Therefore, those who do not already have them are advised to regularly carry out the following preventive measures.

  1. Tightly close your mouth, cheeks swell. The palms are placed on the cheeks so that the pads of the fingers touch the ears. Then they press on the surface of the face so that resistance appears. The muscles are tense. The position is held for 6-7 seconds. After which the air is released. Perform 5-6 approaches. Burst on the face: what it is, how to remove. Exercises, gymnastics, massage to tighten at home
  2. Both hands are clenched into a fist and placed under the chin. The tip of the tongue rests in the sublingual zone. Then fists create resistance. Muscles are kept in tension for half a minute, followed by 5-second relaxation. Reception is repeated 10 times.
  3. Sit on a chair, holding a straight posture. Lips tightly clasp a clean pencil. The neck and head are motionless. In this position, any image is drawn in the air (flower, letter, word). Reception is performed within 3 minutes. After this there is a short pause, and the exercise is performed 2-3 more times.
  4. The back is held straight. The corners of the lips with effort are lowered to the lower jaw and hold the position for 6-7 seconds., Then follows a return to normal position. Reception is performed 5 times or more until a feeling of fatigue in the muscles occurs.

Saggy Cheek Exercises by Carol Maggio

Burst on the face, like other significant imperfections in the appearance – this is a phenomenon that can be effectively eliminated using facial gymnastics techniques.

The basic rules for performing the technique developed by the American Carol Maggio are as follows:

  • Exercises are done while sitting. It is recommended to put a mirror in front of you to verify the correctness of the implementation of techniques. When all the details are studied, you can do it without a mirror.
  • An indicator of the correctness of the exercises is a burning sensation, which the author calls the method “lactic acid” (it occurs after normal physical exertion as a result of the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscle). If there is no this sensation, the muscles do not work enough.
  • After each intake, the face is relaxed while releasing air through relaxed lips.
    Burst on the face: what it is, how to remove. Exercises, gymnastics, massage to tighten at home
    Carol Maggio came up with simple and easy exercises that for many years have been helping women get rid of brylya on the face
  • As a supplement, Carol Madgio herself recommends that you also tighten your buttocks during the complex. Between receptions, they relax, and after that they strain again.

Description of Bryl Technique:

Burst on the face: what it is, how to remove. Exercises, gymnastics, massage to tighten at home The lower and upper lips are wrapped in teeth. The mouth opening should be small. Then they begin to make attempts to smile, holding the initial position (the smile as if wants to appear on the face, but cannot).

Reception is held for 30 seconds.

Burst on the face: what it is, how to remove. Exercises, gymnastics, massage to tighten at home The lips are brought into position, as before pronouncing the long sound “O”. Both the upper and lower lips are in close contact with the teeth. Pads of index fingers are placed on top of the cheekbones.

Then, using the muscles of the cheeks under the fingers, you must try to perform an upward movement. The movement is carried out with resistance. Repeat 10-15 times.

Burst on the face: what it is, how to remove. Exercises, gymnastics, massage to tighten at home Tighten the corners of the lips to make them look like small tight nodules. Imagine that they are sucked in towards the teeth. Index fingers are located on both corners.

Keeping tension, try to slightly raise the corners of the lips, a
nd then slightly noticeably lower. Make 15-20 pulsating movements.

Burst on the face: what it is, how to remove. Exercises, gymnastics, massage to tighten at home Mouth open, lips curled over teeth. The buccal muscles tighten. Without touching the face, you need to tighten the muscles in a circle. Repetitions are performed 30 times.
Burst on the face: what it is, how to remove. Exercises, gymnastics, massage to tighten at home The mouth is open. The lips are reduced to an oval, while the upper lip is pressed against the teeth with effort. In order to maintain tension, it is useful to visualize two points – in the middle of the upper and lower lips.

Then I begin to strain both sides of my cheeks. To enhance the concentration of attention, following the flow of tension, hold up and down with the index fingers. The exercise is repeated until a feeling of fatigue occurs (usually 5-8 approaches are enough).

Reinhold Benz exercises for sagging cheeks

The author of this technique, the German plastic surgeon Reinhold Benz, recommends starting classes with muscle relaxation. The second important factor is the regularity of exercises and the accuracy of the technique. Improper movements lead to the appearance of new wrinkles. Benz advises doing exercises 5 times a week twice a day. The first result appears after 2 weeks.

Session Stages:

  1. Training. Muscles are heated by lightly massaging the face.
  2. Performing Technician. It is recommended to conduct a session in front of the mirror. During the execution of the complex, static and dynamic techniques alternate.
  3. Pause. Between the main part and the end of the session, it is extremely important to completely relax the muscles.

Cheek lift exercises:

  1. The lips are closed, the cheeks are tightly attracted to the teeth. Fingertips pull the corners of the mouth outward. The position is held for 5 seconds. Reception is repeated 5 to 15 times, after which a pause is made. Burst on the face: what it is, how to remove. Exercises, gymnastics, massage to tighten at home
  2. Sit down exactly. One arm is located at the base of the neck. The chin is lifted up while smiling without exposing the teeth. The tension in the buccal muscles and neck is held for 5-10 seconds.
  3. Five fingers are pressed to the cheek. The big one is located on the cheek’s bull’s-eye, above – the remaining 4 fingers. Then muscles are tensed, as if with a smile, for 1 min. Fingers should create a reaction, returning the skin to its original position. In the process of performing the technique, it is recommended that you recall the entire arsenal of your smiles in order to use the maximum amount of muscle. Then the reception is repeated on the other hand.
  4. They smile, making efforts and pulling towards the temple, alternately, then the right cheek, then the left. After several repetitions, air is first blown out from the left corner of the oral cavity, then from the right. After 15 receptions, the lips are pulled in the shape of the letter “O” and the fingers are kissed.

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Lymphatic drainage massage

The peculiarity of this type of massage is to perform movements strictly along the lymphatic flow lines. During the procedure, no pain should occur.

If they are, this indicates that the technique is not performed correctly. All movements should be soft. To perform the massage correctly, you must first study the location of the lymph nodes:

The trajectory of movements during the session is directed to:

  • parotid;
  • carbon maxillary;
  • submandibular;
  • behind the ear lymph nodes.

The effect of lymphatic drainage massage:

  • accelerated lymph flow;
  • purification from toxins;
  • skin nutrition enhancement;
  • facelift, the disappearance of the “bulldog cheeks.”


  • Age is under 16 years.
  • Recent surgical interventions (including in the face, for example, rhinoplasty). After them, a period of at least a month should pass.
  • The presence of wounds on the face.
  • Colds (including the common cold).
  • High or low blood pressure.
  • Fatigue, depression.
  • Cuperosis or other skin diseases.
  • Diseases of the ENT organs.

The algorithm of the procedure:

  1. Before the procedure, the face is cleaned, peeling is done.
  2. A massage base is applied to the surface of the skin. Any oil or special cream will do.
  3. Previously, the skin is heated by soft movements of the palms.
  4. Basic manipulations are performed.
  5. The session ends with light patting movements.

The procedure is enough to perform once a week.  Burst on the face: what it is, how to remove. Exercises, gymnastics, massage to tighten at home

After each reception of lymphatic drainage massage, a final movement is made. It consists in the fact that the fingers are directed towards the posterior lymph nodes, and then along the neck down to the area of the base of the neck.

A set of exercises aimed at smoothing bryly:

  1. The pads of the index fingers are placed in the center of the nasolabial fold. A movement is made a little down to the submandibular lymph nodes, not forgetting the final intake.
  2. Thumbs are placed in the middle of the chin, then with effort they are parted along the line of the lower jaw. The exercise ends with a final movement.
  3. To move the lymph down, several strokes are made along the trajectory from the bottom of the chin along the neck to the collarbones. The final movement is in progress.
  4. Finger pads are located at the bottom of the nasolabial fold. An upward movement is made along it, then the fingers are completely laid on both cheeks and parted to the parotid lymph nodes and the final movement is made.
  5. The left palm is placed on the left cheek, fixing the position. The right movement is made from the right corner of the lower jaw towards the inner corner of the eyes. Then the hand “goes” to the tragus of the ear and down, not forgetting the final movement.

Oils and masks from brylya on the face

The most effective masks from the “bulldog cheeks” are the following:

  • Egg The mixture is made from 1 egg, a small
    amount of medium-fat cottage cheese, a few drops of olive oil. The components are thoroughly mixed to a creamy consistency. The mixture is applied to the face for a quarter of an hour.
  • Protein . Protein is extracted from the egg and applied to the face. After 10 minutes washed off.
  • Protein-egg . Egg white is mixed with a small amount of flour – so that a creamy gruel comes out. It is applied for 15 minutes.
  • Rice and Egg. Rice flour is thoroughly mixed with protein. Apply for a quarter of an hour.
  • Dairy. A small amount of milk is warmed to room temperature. Then 2 tablespoon of sour cream are added to it, mixed and applied to the face for 20 minutes. Milk should not be too hot, otherwise the sour cream will clot.
  • Lemon. In a blender, grind the zest of lemon, put in it 1 large tablespoons of linden honey and apply on the face. The mixture is washed off after a quarter of an hour. Burst on the face: what it is, how to remove. Exercises, gymnastics, massage to tighten at home

Drilled on the face – this is such an imperfection of the appearance that with the help of home care is eliminated for a long time. Masks must be carried out for several weeks before a visible result appears. Before using any mask from the face, cosmetics are washed off and the skin is cleaned. It is recommended to resort to procedures before bedtime. Alternation of different mixtures between each other is allowed.

As for oils, the following types are used to control brillas:

Butter Act Mask example
Olive Suitable for any kind of skin. Contains vitamins A and E, well absorbed into the skin and improve its structure
  • 0,34 fluid ounce of oil;
  • the flesh of one avocado;
  • a little sour cream. The ingredients are combined and applied to the skin for a quarter of an hour.
Castor Helps moisturize and tighten dry skin
  • 10 gr. oils;
  • 15 gr honey;
  • a small amount of oatmeal. The components are mixed and applied for 10 minutes.
Sea buckthorn Deeply moisturizes and regenerates the skin. It has firming and anti-aging properties
  • 0,44 fluid ounce of oil;
  • 10 gr. gelatin;
  • hot broth of calendula. The ingredients are mixed until the granules are completely dissolved. The mixture is applied to the skin warm. It is removed in the form of a film.
Almond Carries out effect of lifting
  • 8 gr. oils;
  • 13-14 gr. grated pulp of apples;
  • yolk. The mixture is held on the face for 20 minutes.

Intraoral massage

Drilled on the face – this is an education that requires a comprehensive trip, therefore, in addition to the classical techniques for getting rid of them, this type of massage, like intraoral, is also useful. Burst on the face: what it is, how to remove. Exercises, gymnastics, massage to tighten at homeThis technique consists in working out the inside of the cheek using the tongue.

Technique receptions:

  1. Mouth open. Pressing a little, “paint” the surface of the cheeks from the inside. Movements are made from left to right, up and down.
  2. The tongue moves under the upper lip, where the line is painted in the same way from left to right and back.
  3. Exercise is performed in the lower lip area.
  4. Then the reception is carried out in the chin area. It is important to move not along the gums, but on the inner surface of the muscles.

Massage L. Body

Receptions must be performed in a complex. Only under this condition can a result be achieved. Before the session, massage oil is applied to clean skin.

Burst on the face: what it is, how to remove. Exercises, gymnastics, massage to tighten at home The expression on the face is like a scary mask from the movie “Scream”. Having opened the mouth, the jaw is lowered as far as possible – but so that there is no pain. Lips are tense and take the form of the letter “O”.

By movements of the hands they try to lower the muscles, making a movement perpendicular to the jaw and along an oblique trajectory. Reception is performed several times.

Burst on the face: what it is, how to remove. Exercises, gymnastics, massage to tighten at home Helps restore cheek roundness by warming the cheekbones. The skin near the mouth is fixed with fingers, while trying to smile.

Important: the first and second methods are performed only in combination with each other. Otherwise, as a result, the center of roundness of the cheeks will move down.

Burst on the face: what it is, how to remove. Exercises, gymnastics, massage to tighten at home Helps to correct the bottom of the “bulldog cheeks” at the point where they are attached to the chin. Reception trains the muscle responsible for lowering the angle of the mouth.

The corners of the mouth are tightly fixed with the fingers of both hands, while trying to lower them (as with a sense of disgust). It is performed 10-15 times until fatigue appears.

Burst on the face: what it is, how to remove. Exercises, gymnastics, massage to tighten at home
Burst on the face: what it is, how to remove. Exercises, gymnastics, massage to tighten at home
This technique helps to reduce the hypertonicity of the lower part of the cheeks, tighten existing brylls and serve as a preventive measure for their formation.

1. The index and thumb are bent and placed on the side opposite the arm (alternately, the fingers of the right hand are placed on the left side, then the left – on the right).

2. With the help of bent fingers, a smooth movement is carried out along the lower part of the cheek, similar to the process of shaving with an electric razor. Movements should be made with effort, but be short-lived.

3. Reception is repeated for 30-40 seconds. on each cheek.

Burst on the face: what it is, how to remove. Exercises, gymnastics, massage to tighten at home Helps lift up the “lumps of Bisha.” Clenched fists are carried out from the bottom of the cheekbones to the orbits. After that, lightly stroke the skin.

Massage by Tahakashi Mika

The technique consists of 3 actions, each of which is performed 3 times. But if the shots significantly deform the face, it is useful to increase the number of repetitions to 7-10 times.

  1. Using the joints of the fingers pinch the chin. With effort, they are carried out along the jaw towards the ears.
  2. An array of cheeks is wrapped around the fingers of both hands. A roller should form. It is rolled up. Reception is performed several times.
  3. Light, stroking movements are made along the entire cheek, from the lips to the ears.
  4. Actions 1-3 are repeated on the opposite side of the face.

The problem of the appearance of bryly on the face requires an integrated approach. Therefore, it is recommended to combine such methods that are listed above: for example, use nutritious oils and exercises.

If we are talking about a combination of massage techniques and exercises, they must be alternated: one day – massage, another – exercises.

Fragmentation video on the face

How to remove bryly on the face:

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