Lymphatic drainage manual massage. The benefits of how to make yourself at home

Therapeutic and cosmetic procedure lymphatic drainage massage is offered by aesthetic salons. Under the influence of massage movements of the hands, lymph flow, blood supply accelerates, metabolic processes are activated, aimed at rejuvenating and improving the body.

What is lymphatic drainage massage

Lymphatic drainage massage consists of stroking and pressing movements of the hands or apparatus, parallel to the movement of the lymph, in order to strengthen and activate the activity of the lymphatic system, which helps restore youth and health to body tissues.

The task of the lymphocytic system is to cleanse the body of toxins and decay products. Lymph nodes enrich the body with vitamins, actively resist the activity of microbes, delaying and neutralizing them. Dysfunction of the cleansing system leads to severe intoxication of the body.

To maintain healthy and youthful skin, experts recommend doing lymphatic drainage massage at least once a week. A massage session is carried out with hands or an apparatus and consists in stroking with light pressure on the massage lines located along the lymph.

Indications and contraindications

Lymphatic drainage massage (manual or performed using cosmetology devices) is prescribed:

  • with a decrease in skin elasticity;
  • with the appearance of cellulite;
  • with severe swelling of the legs;
  • with varicose veins and blood circulation problems;
  • with excess body fat;
  • with metabolic disorders.

Lymphatic drainage manual massage. The benefits of how to make yourself at home

It is forbidden to carry out artificial activation of the lymph flow to persons suffering from:

  • diabetes mellitus;
  • addiction with cardiovascular disease;
  • bleeding disorder;
  • oncology;
  • a tendency to increased growth of benign neoplasms;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • renal and hepatic insufficiency;
  • nervous and psychiatric disorders;
  • diseases of the lymph nodes;
  • frequent migraines with unclear etymologies;
  • infectious diseases.

Massage session is prohibited:

  • pregnant women;
  • nursing materials;
  • girls during critical days.

After a hardware massage on the skin, bruising may occur, resulting from excessive fragility of the vessels.

Massage effect

Manual lymphatic drainage massage (or hardware) is prescribed to improve the body’s health, improve skin condition and overall well-being of a person.

After the course recommended by experts (in 6-12 sessions) is noted:

  • relief alignment, elimination of fat deposits;
  • cellulite elimination;
  • cessation of headaches;
  • improving mood and sleep;
  • the disappearance of chronic fatigue syndrome;
  • stabilization of metabolism.

Lymphatic drainage manual massage. The benefits of how to make yourself at home

Immediately after the session, an involuntary urge to urinate is noted, caused by increased fluid movement. Urine is bright in color due to the increased concentration of toxins and toxins in it. Excess weight is removed with water, the body relief is leveled.

The skin becomes elastic, the complexion improves, dryness, sagging and wrinkles disappear.

Lymphatic drainage back massage helps to relieve muscle tightness, eliminate pain spasm. Muscle development helps restore blood circulation, normalize sleep, and stop headaches. Increased metabolism is aimed at weight loss. To obtain a lasting effect, the procedure should be combined with physical exercise, body wrap, and diet.

Types of massage

Lymphatic drainage massage (manual or with a device in cosmetology clinics) varies depending on how the procedure is performed.

Hand massage

Manual exposure is most in demand and effective. The procedure is carried out by pressing and stroking movements. The line in the direction of the lymph flow and lymph nodes is subject to the influence of the hands.

Lymphatic drainage manual massage. The benefits of how to make yourself at home

Depending on the method and area of exposure, there are:

Name Characteristic Duration
Surface It is carried out with light touches of the fingers. It has relaxing and healing effects, it is used to massage the face and neck. Helps Improve Sleep 15-20 minutes
Deep It is characterized by pressing, chopping movements. It is used if necessary to eliminate body fat, cellulite, withdrawal of excess water 30 minutes.
Spot Hands affect the area of the lymph nodes. Appointed by medical advice 20-30 minutes
Trunk The most popular technique, accompanied by the study of the entire lymphatic system 30-60 minutes

Hardware massage

It is carried out only in the conditions of the salon with special cosmetic devices that help improve the lymph flow, remove body fat, and restore the disturbed relief of the figure. The types and purposes of the procedure are divided depending on the methodology used.

Name Characteristic Duration
Vacuum It is characterized by deep development of all parts of the body. Instantly improves skin condition, removes cellulite and body fat. It is carried out by a special vacuum apparatus 40 min
Ultrasonic It acts on tissues through ultrasonic waves directed at problem areas. Ultrasound destroys fat accumulation, improves the outflow of lymph and the output of decay products. The most painless and effective procedure 45 minutes
Pressure therapy The most popular type of lymphatic drainage massage, which helps to eliminate cellulite and extra pounds. Before the procedure, the patient wears a special suit that is subject to compressed air pressure 30-40 minutes
Galvanization The method consists in exposing the skin to a low-frequency electric current. During preparation for the procedure, the client’s skin is lubricated with a special conductive solution. During the session, there is a narrowing of the pores, vasodilation, activation of lymph outflow. Toxins are released and leave the body through the skin. 40 min
Electroionophoresis A technology in which the lymph flow is enhanced and the skin is filled with nutrients. The electrodes, moving through the body, transfer useful, regenerating, stimulating components, distributing willow in the deep layers of tissues. The procedure has a long lasting effect. 50 minutes

Lymphatic drainage massage technique

The technique of lymphatic drainage massage is based on the implementation of light massage movements aimed at warming up and activating the lymph flow and lymph nodes. Manual exposure is intended to accelerate the speed of fluid movement and the removal of toxins.

Lymphatic drainage manual massage. The benefits of how to make yourself at home
The figure shows the lines of the manual lymphatic drainage massage.

Rules of the procedure:

  • Massage is carried out only on a clean body. Before the procedure, you must take a bath or shower, scrub to cleanse the skin of dead cells.
  • A session is prescribed 2 hours after a meal. It is recommended to drink up to 0,4 gallon of clean drinking water per day during the course.
  • The procedure is carried out according to the rules of classical massage. First, the body is prepared, then the lymph nodes are flexed, then the movements of the masseur are sent strictly along the lines of the lymph flow.
  • Massage is allowed only with soft, wavy movements of the palms or the side of the hands. Strong pressure is prohibited. After a manual session, bruises should not remain on the surface of the skin.
  • The procedure ends with cleaning the tissues from the massage cream and a contrast shower. It is advisable to combine lymphatic drainage manual massage with wrapping to more quickly rid the body of excess fluid.
  • The duration of the procedure is from 25-30 minutes. up to 1-2 hours. At the end of the session, you must rest for at least 40 minutes.

For an independent massage, you need to know the location on the body of lymphatic drainage flows and lymph nodes.

Lymphatic flow lines

The procedure begins with warming up the problem area. The movements of the masseur’s hands are aimed at developing the lymphatic drainage duct. The specialist strokes the inflamed part of the body and adjacent areas.

Actions directed:

  • from neck to chest;
  • from the wrist to the shoulders;
  • from the abdomen to the hip joints;
  • from the base of the legs to the hips.

Lymphatic drainage manual massage. The benefits of how to make yourself at home

Light palm movements activate the lymph flow, eliminate stagnant processes.

The main groups of lymph nodes

After accelerating the lymph flow, it is necessary to develop a group of lymph nodes located along the edge and palm surface:

  • in the inguinal;
  • under the knees;
  • on the elbow bends of the hands;
  • in the axillary;
  • on the left and right sides of the neck;
  • in the middle of the chest;
  • in the submandibular (right and left side).

In no case is it possible to knead lymph nodes independently.

Massaging can lead to increased pressure and destruction of the ducts, which will cause lymph to enter the skin tissue with subsequent activation of the bacteria contained in it. Doing massage is allowed only with stroking movements, directed from the bottom-up (or from top to bottom), lightly striking with the edge of the brush, squeezing.

What you need for manual massage at home

Independent lymphatic drainage massage is carried out by smoothing hand movements strictly parallel to the lymphatic current. Before an independent session, you need to study the lines of the lymphatic flow and the location of the groups of lymph nodes. The most popular home technique is Japanese massage by Yukoko Tanaka, which consists in a chaotic warm-up of several areas.

Hands are subject to:

  • collarbones;
  • groin;
  • lap;
  • calves of the legs;
  • folds on the feet;
  • heels;
  • buttocks;
  • stomach;
  • lower back;
  • Hands;
  • axillary hollows;
  • head;
  • rib cage;
  • legs.

Before massage, the body must be warmed up by taking a warm shower or bath.

Lymphatic drainage manual massage. The benefits of how to make yourself at home

During the procedure, it is recommended to use:

  • massage oil;
  • lymphatic drainage creams;
  • anti-cellulite gel;
  • essential oils;
  • honey.

Hand movements during massage should be unhurried. It is forbidden to massage the lymph nodes. The duration of the independent procedure is not more than 30 minutes. It is best to carry out the massage in the evening, before bedtime (after the procedure you need to rest for at least 40 minutes).

Methods and rules for performing the procedure at home

Manual lymphatic drainage massage can be done independently on various parts of the human body.

Manual exposure allowed:

  • on the face;
  • on the neck;
  • on the back;
  • in the abdomen;
  • on arms and legs.

Neck and face massage

The procedure is carried out independently according to the rules of classical massage, accompanied by light stroking and patting movements. Before kneading, you should clean your face and neck with a special foam and scarf.

Finger direction:

  1. Massage starts from the middle of the forehead. With 3 fingers, the cream is driven in from the middle of the forehead to the temples.
  2. Then the nose is warming up. With 3 fingers the T-zone, the area under the eyes to the temples, is sequentially worked out.
  3. 3 kneading nasolabial folds. Motion with pressure along the entire length is recommended.
  4. 4th stage – chin massage. It is carried out in the direction from the middle to the edge of the jaw. The collection is kneaded to the base of the neck.
  5. The neck is massaged with stroking movements, starting from the area located under the ears. During the massage, a gradual downward movement occurs.
  6. The neck is flexed in a circular motion along the entire length. Massage requires the use of 4 finger pads (except the thumb).
  7. Having descended to the chest area, it is necessary to return to the area located behind the ears, completing the warm-up in circular motions with 3 fingers of both hands.

The duration of the massage is 30-40 minutes. After completion of the procedure, the face is cleansed of the gel with the help of a contrast shower, nourished with a moisturizer.

Lymphatic drainage manual massage. The benefits of how to make yourself at home

Lymphatic drainage massage of the face and neck helps:

  • improve blood supply;
  • eliminate fine wrinkles;
  • prevent sagging skin and violation of the oval of the face.


Lymphatic drainage eye massage should be performed at least once a week for all women after reaching the age of 40, as well as when:

  • bruising and swelling under the eyes;
  • fine wrinkles;
  • low skin turgor;
  • sagging upper eyelid.

Before the massage, it is necessary to remove makeup from the eye area with micellar water and apply any cream designed for eyelid skin care or warmed olive oil.

Massage Technique:

  1. Press the index finger on the skin located on the upper and lower eyelids several times.
  2. Draw with 3 fingers along the bend of the upper eyelid (from the inner edge to the outer) and along the area under the eyes (to the inner edge).
  3. Direct the swaying movements of the index finger from the line of the temple to the bridge of the nose (3 times).
  4. 7-10 times click on the area of the nasolacrimal groove.

All movements are carried out simultaneously in 2 eyes. The duration of the procedure is 7-10 minutes. After the massage, the remaining cream is removed. The person undergoes a contrasting wash (cold, then hot water).

Leg and buttocks

Foot massage helps to improve lymph flow, eliminate swelling and vascular networks. Before the procedure, you need to steam out the body by taking a warm bath, and then sit or lie down for several minutes, giving the lower limbs a little rest.

Lymphatic drainage manual massage. The benefits of how to make yourself at home

Massage Technique:

  1. Applying massage cream.
  2. Kneading the skin with massaging movements in the direction from the bottom up (calves, lower leg, knees, hip joint).
  3. Massage is performed with all fingers on each foot in turn.

Massaging the buttocks helps to remove cellulite, stretch marks, formed fat deposits. The warm-up is carried out by patting and chopping movements, helping to remove excess fluid.


  1. Application of massage oil (anti-cellulite cream).
  2. Warming up the skin with patting movements.
  3. The study of the gluteal with the edge of the hands.
  4. Finishing massage with stroking.

After the procedure, you should take a contrast shower and lie down for 10-15 minutes.

Back and abdomen

Back massage is performed with a deterioration in overall health, the appearance of headaches. You cannot conduct it yourself; you need a trained assistant. Massaging the back is most important, since the lymphatic drainage system, which is responsible for the removal of toxins, is located in the upper of the body.

Violation of its work leads to stagnation of the lymph and the accumulation of dangerous substances that interfere with a full life of a person.


  1. Application of stroking massage gel along the entire length of the back.
  2. Hands pressed to the body, drawing a line along the spine and to the sides of it (at least 4 times).
  3. Skin warm-up directed from the lower back to the collarbone.
  4. Massage the back of the neck in a circular motion
  5. Holding along the entire length of the back with the edge of the palm of the hand.

The abdomen should be kneaded very carefully because of the danger of damaging the peritoneal organs. Weekly abdominal lymphatic drainage massage helps to eliminate body fat, tighten the skin. Warm-up is carried out only in circular movements clockwise.

Consistently developed:

  • Bottom part;
  • umbilical;
  • left and right side of the abdomen.

After the massage you need a contrast shower.


Lymphatic drainage massage of the breast is especially useful for women to combat age-related changes and mastopathy. By rubbing and stroking, the blood flow improves, the skin is tightened, pathogenic microorganisms and excess (connective) tissue that provoke the occurrence of pathologies are eliminated.

Lymphatic drainage manual massage. The benefits of how to make yourself at home

It is impossible to independently perform breast massage, as the procedure requires complete relaxation of the body and the establishment of hands behind the head.

Chest kneading is used for:

  • stretch marks warning;
  • improve skin tone;
  • breast growth stimulation;
  • relieve puffiness.

The chest is massaged with wide circular and stroking movements, directed from the bottom up and further into the armpits.

Each mammary gland is processed separately:

  1. At the beginning of the massage, movements are directed from the center to the armpits.
  2. Then, the area between the ribs is stretched in the direction from the bottom up and further down in a circle.
  3. pressure is done with closed fingers along the chest.


Hand massage is necessary for people who have undergone surgery on the mammary glands and sternum.


  1. Hand pulls in front of you.
  2. At first, the area from the wrist to the elbow is kneaded at least 5 times by patting in circular motions. Manipulations are carried out on each arm separately.
  3. Further, the elbow and axillary are developed in the same way.
  4. Upon completion of the massage, the lymph flow is worked out on the hands, moving from the tips of the fingers to the wrist.

Lymphatic drainage manual massage. The benefits of how to make yourself at home

The cosmetology procedure lymphatic drainage massage helps rid the body of accumulated toxins, water and fat deposits by accelerating the movement of lymph. You can independently manipulate with your hands, carefully studying the location of the lymph nodes, lymphatic drainage ducts and the technology of the procedure.

Useful videos about manual lymphatic drainage massage, its benefits and rules

Technique for performing lymphatic drainage massage:

Lymphatic drainage facial massage:

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