Lip balm. Best: Eos, Carmex, Nivea, Belvedere, Oriflame, Faberlic. Reviews How to do it yourself

Lip care is a daily necessity. You can protect them from the negative effects of the external environment, moisturize, and give a healthy well-groomed appearance in different ways. But the ideal option is lip balm. There are a lot of brands under which lip care products are produced. The most popular EOS, Nivea, Carmeks, Belvedere, Oriflame, Yves Rocher.

What is a part of balms

Lip balm easily fits in a cosmetic bag or pocket of a bag, does not take up much space, but it performs an important task: it protects and restores lips. A good tool performs several functions at once – moisturizes, nourishes, nourishes with vitamins, allowing you to always look attractive.

The market offers the widest selection of hygienic lipsticks, and before making a purchase, you should carefully study the composition of cosmetics. A good lip balm should include several basic ingredients.

  1. Natural wax. It is not only about bee, but also about Candelian or Carnauba wax of plant origin. This is the foundation moisturizing the lips, it makes the skin supple, prevents moisture loss. Lip balm. Best: Eos, Carmex, Nivea, Belvedere, Oriflame, Faberlic. Reviews How to do it yourself
  2. Natural vegetable oils . Cosmetic oils, such as jojoba, shea, almond, coconut, shea butter, nourish and moisturize, providing additional care. And castor and tea tree oil not only softens the skin of the lips, but also heals wounds and microcracks.
  3. The complex of vitamins. These substances are necessary to slow down the aging process, increase the resistance of vulnerable skin on the lips. Most often, lip preparations include vitamins of group B, as well as A, C, E and F, retinol. Each of them is useful, and their combination only enhances the effect of care.

These are the main components, but there are also various auxiliary means: both natural and artificially created.

Manufacturers often add to their cosmetics:

  • honey – it is useful against inflammation and for moisturizing;
  • plant extracts, for example, extract from chamomile or aloe – has a beneficial and calming effect;
  • essential oils are an excellent fragrance, and some, for example, rose, mint or eucalyptus, also have special beneficial properties;
  • azulene – has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effect;
  • squalene – removes toxins, is an antioxidant;
  • UV filters to protect against sun exposure;
  • antiseptics and substances that can fight viruses (characteristic of therapeutic lipsticks, help eliminate inflammation and prevent the manifestation of a herpes rash).

Based on the choice of composition, it is important to remember the main rule: at the beginning of the list always indicate substances contained in a larger volume. The composition of lip balm should definitely exclude oil products.

These include the following substances:

Petroleum jelly Mineral oil Paraffin
Marketers and advertising have convinced consumers that petroleum jelly is good. However, this is very far from the truth. There is a claim that this substance moisturizes the skin, but in fact, with high humidity, on the contrary, it draws moisture from the deeper layers of the skin. As a result, dry skin becomes drier. This substance is not only harmful, but also dangerous. Oil creates a film on the skin, dehydrates, slows down cell division. And some of its varieties can cause a severe allergic reaction, arthritis, diabetes, migraine and even epilepsy. Its effect is similar to mineral oil, but this substance is even more toxic. With it, the skin dries and stops breathing.
Lip balm. Best: Eos, Carmex, Nivea, Belvedere, Oriflame, Faberlic. Reviews How to do it yourself
There should be no petroleum jelly in the lip balm

These substances have a very negative property: they are not excreted from the body, accumulating in the kidneys and liver. Exceeding their content leads to intoxication.

Often in the compositions of balsams you can find glycerin. It was previously believed that this substance helps to moisturize the lips, but modern studies have shown that glycerin attracts moisture from the environment only at a normal level of humidity.

Otherwise, he takes it from the deep layers of the skin. However, the substance will not cause significant harm if it is at the end of the composition of the lip balm.

How to choose

Choosing the right and suitable lip balm for certain conditions is not difficult, if you know what to pay attention to.

Lip balm is a must for lip care at any time of the year for both women and men. And with his choice, it is necessary, in the first place, to make a start from environmental conditions, for example, from the time of year. Manufacturers are trying to create all-weather products, and universal balms still exist. So, EOS nourishes in the winter and moisturizes in the summer.

But there are differences between seasonal makeup. Low air temperature, piercing wind, vitamin deficiency, as well as ultraviolet radiation negatively affect the quality of the skin. In winter, the lips are often chapped, covered with cracks, peeling appears due to lack of protection and proper care. Lip balm. Best: Eos, Carmex, Nivea, Belvedere, Oriflame, Faberlic. Reviews How to do it yourself

Lip balm, intended for this time of year, must be nourished, and its consistency, as a rule, is thicker. But about moisturizing lipsticks in winter it is better to forget. Moistened lip skin is more prone to chapping.

For spring, products with an abundance of oils, plant extracts and vitamins are ideal, since lips also need nutrition and enrichment with useful elements. During this period, the level of humidity is quite high, so the skin does not need additional hydration.

In spring, the risk of catching a virus, for example, herpes, is increased. To protect yourself, you should choose lipsticks, which include antiseptics, drugs to combat inflammation and viruses of various origins.

In summer, one should not forget about constant hydration and protection against ultraviolet radiation. In the hot season, the risk of overheating and the appearance of burns is not excluded, therefore, protection from exposure to UV rays is extremely important.

In the dank autumn period, complex lip balms are required. Winds and high humidity negatively affect the skin of the lips, so they need nourishment, protection and disi

Lip balm (EOS, Hurraw !, Yves Rocher) with a completely natural composition is more preferable. In this case, there is a lower risk of an allergic reaction or inflammation on the lips.

The physical sensations of lip balm are also important. Consistency, aroma and even color, because balms are not only colorless – all this is very important. For example, some remedies cause a pleasant tingling in the lips or create a cooling effect. Therefore, before buying cosmetics should be tested.

How to apply

Lip balm is applied 1-2 times a day, depending on the current state of the lips, so that the skin recovers, gets everything you need and is protected. It is best to use makeup products before bedtime, as the product has much more time to absorb. Lip balm. Best: Eos, Carmex, Nivea, Belvedere, Oriflame, Faberlic. Reviews How to do it yourself

It is at night that the active regeneration of cells takes place, so that all the nutrients are absorbed and will benefit. For maximum absorption of the balm at night, you should first use a lip scrub.

Before going out, it is also recommended to apply a balm to protect the lips from the effects of the external environment. This rule is relevant for any time of the year.

Lip balm is simply necessary if you often use decorative lipstick, especially matte, as it greatly dehydrates the lips. It is enough to use the balm as a base before applying it for additional moisturizing and even relief.

Types of Balms

All balms are conditionally divided into several varieties, depending on what task they are called to perform.

The most popular products are moisturizers. This is an absolute necessity in the summer, when the body spends much more water. The composition contains vegetable oils and extracts, as well as UV protection.

Lip balm. Best: Eos, Carmex, Nivea, Belvedere, Oriflame, Faberlic. Reviews How to do it yourself

The lip product does not have to be dense, it is applied with a light layer and absorbed in a few seconds.

You can and should use such cosmetics as often as possible. Intensive hydration is provided by Carmex Original Lip Balm , Yves Rocher “Honey and Muesli BIO”.

Nutrient formulas are indispensable in those periods when the skin of the lips and the whole body lack vitamins – this is winter, spring and autumn. Such a tool has a dense and thick consistency to reliably protect the lips from wind, low temperature, UV rays.

The main task of the nourishing balm is to enrich the skin with vitamins, as well as soften it. But it is important to understand: such cosmetics are intended for. At home or in the office, with the heating turned on, it is better to use moisturizers or combine two lipsticks of different actions. Nutrients include EOS Coconut Milk, L’Etoile Bon Appetit Tutti-Frutti.

The composition of therapeutic balms includes antiseptic, antiviral and healing components. These are not cosmetic, but, to some extent, medicines that are designed to solve very real problems: cure herpes, eliminate cracks and dryness.

Therapeutic compounds should be used exclusively for their intended purpose, and as soon as the problem is solved, their use should be discontinued. One example of medical cosmetics is La Roche Posay Cicaplast Lip Balm.

Natural remedies include balms, whose composition does not contain ingredients of artificial origin and any chemistry. Everything is absolutely natural and safe. Himalaya Herbals is a prime example of a natural balm.

Tinted balm performs several functions at once. It provides optimal protection, hydration or nutrition, depending on the composition, and also gives color to the lips. This is a full tint, lipstick or pencil, the difference is only in the intensity of the shade. Hurraw belongs to tinting agents! Tinted Lip.

Lip balm. Best: Eos, Carmex, Nivea, Belvedere, Oriflame, Faberlic. Reviews How to do it yourself

Balm complex action does not solve one, but several tasks. Its composition is so diverse that the tool becomes universal.

It is able to nourish, moisturize, enrich, protect the lips. Such balms are universal and suitable for a variety of occasions. For complex care, you should try NIVEA Aqua Care or Belweder with orange oil.

Lip balm containing SPF filters effectively protects from the sun and the aggressive effects of rays.

Most often, the products have a protection level of 15-25, but for the greater protection that people with sensitive white skin need, there are balms with a high level of protection of 50 or more. For protection, Oriflame The ONE or Maybelline Baby Lips “Intensive Care” are suitable.

A special category is plamper. In their composition, they have irritating components that temporarily enlarge the lips. Peppers, cinnamon, ginger, menthol or mint have this effect.

But at the same time, plampers very dry the skin, so after applying them, the lips will need additional hydration. L’Oreal Paris Infaillible Tube Top Gloss and Faberlic Lip Balm with 3D effect will add volume to your lips.

Release form

The widest variety of lip balms is expressed not only in the diversity of composition, action, but also in form. The most popular, more common and familiar – stick. It looks like the most ordinary lipstick: just twist it and make up lips. This species has very interesting options.

EOS lip balm among them. A convenient format in the form of a ball is the hallmark of this product.

It is convenient to squeeze the balm from the tube and apply it directly on the lips. In this format, balms have a gel or cream texture. One drop of this product is enough for long-term hydration throughout the day.

The liquid balm is similar in format to a regular lip gloss with a convenient applicator. It is not common, but for lovers of this format it is an indispensable product. The product has caring properties.

The balm in a solid format is compact, it even fits in a small handbag. the product is applied with fingers, light pats, and massage movements during application also improve blood circulation.

Due to its structure, oil is produced in bottles, and the applicator is intended for application. Such a tool nourishes the lips as much as possible, creates a light film, creates a unique natural shine and gives a shade. Lip balm. Best: Eos, Carmex, Nivea, Belvedere, Oriflame, Faberlic. Reviews How to do it yourself

A universal remedy is lipstick-balm. It looks like ordinary decorative cosmetics for the lips, but at the same time performs all the functions of a classic balm.

Tint with a nutritious composition not only does not dry lips, like a regular decorative tint, but also has a care effect. And the natural shade that he gives to the lips is a pleasant addition to daily hydration.

Pencil balm is very convenient, with it applying the product will take only a couple of minutes. A pleasant combination of care and color will not leave indifferent lovers of lipsticks.

Unique solutions exist on the market, such as makeup remover. He not only easily removes even persistent cosmetics, but also copes with moisturizing, nutrition, protection.


EOS Lip Balm is a bestseller.

World-famous stars use
it, they buy it in cosmetics stores. This is because it is completely natural, does not contain parabens and petroleum jelly, has a universal effect, enriches the skin with vitamins. Lip balm. Best: Eos, Carmex, Nivea, Belvedere, Oriflame, Faberlic. Reviews How to do it yourself

The tool captivates with the abundance of the proposed aromas and the presence of oils in the composition, for example, shea butter, jojoba oil, olive oil, as well as extracts of fruits and berries in the composition. EOS lip balm perfectly protects against chapping, costs about $ 6,12.


The balm of the American brand Carmex is extremely popular, the brand has successfully existed in the market since 1937. It provides high-quality hydration of the lips, and also helps to heal cracks, soothes the skin. The composition of the product includes menthol, camphor and phenol. This is the best option for moisturizing and treating weathered lips.  The cost of the balm: about $ 4,76.


Lip balm. Best: Eos, Carmex, Nivea, Belvedere, Oriflame, Faberlic. Reviews How to do it yourself

NIVEA’s range of lip care products is diverse: basic balms, intensive care, lipsticks that give a light shade or shine, various oils.

Among such a variety, choosing a suitable product is quite simple. In addition, the low price of the balm bribes.  The cost of the product is about $ 1,36.


This is Polish cosmetics, in the range of which there are useful products for the lips. All products manufactured under this brand are hypoallergenic.  The price depends on the form of the balm: from $ 1 – $ 4.

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The Oriflame line includes emollients, tinting, restorative, multi-active balms, as well as products for instant lip enlargement. The Swedish manufacturer produces natural cosmetics, so you should take a closer look at the products of this brand.  Price: from $ 3 – $ 9.


Faberlic offers balms based on natural ingredients, with a wide range of products. You can find tools for moisturizing, nourishing, lip augmentation, as well as tint balms.

Lip balm. Best: Eos, Carmex, Nivea, Belvedere, Oriflame, Faberlic. Reviews How to do it yourself

The brand produces high-quality cosmetics, which fully meets the expectations of users.  The cost of Faberlic balms: $ 3 – $ 5.

La cree

La Cree offers anti-inflammatory non-hormonal agents based on natural ingredients. The range includes several products: balm with a soothing, calming and moisturizing effect, restoring for very dry skin of the lips and sunscreen. Funds are sold in pharmacies . Cost: about $ 2,04.


L’Etoile offers cosmetics of its own production, among which there are lip balms. Solid texture products are sold in a jar, in the form of a stick, and a choice of moisturizing and glossing oils is also available.

Lip balm. Best: Eos, Carmex, Nivea, Belvedere, Oriflame, Faberlic. Reviews How to do it yourself
Lip balm. Best: Eos, Carmex, Nivea, Belvedere, Oriflame, Faberlic. Reviews How to do it yourself

Some balms give the lips a light shade, and not only provide quality care. L’Etoile lip care products cost from $ 3 – $ 10.


Great solution for the winter – Hurraw! This is a completely organic product, which includes coconut oil, cocoa, as well as completely natural fragrances. The tool is available both in the format of a regular balm-stick and tint, which gives the lips a natural color.

It is ideal for winter use.

It costs about $ 6,8.

Yves Rocher

Yves Rocher is a French cosmetic brand that also focuses on the naturalness of its products. Basically, the brand’s assortment is represented by stick balms with oils and various fragrances, however, there is also a nourishing balm in the tube that soothes, nourishes and protects the lips from aggressive environmental influences. Lip balm. Best: Eos, Carmex, Nivea, Belvedere, Oriflame, Faberlic. Reviews How to do it yourself  Cost: $ 2 – $ 3.

How to do it yourself at home

The most natural cosmetics – do-it-yourself cosmetics. Homemade balm, depending on the added ingredients, will perform strictly defined tasks. The combination of components will allow, for example, to make a nutritious composition with a pleasant aroma or moisturizing balm with a useful vitamin complex. Lip balm. Best: Eos, Carmex, Nivea, Belvedere, Oriflame, Faberlic. Reviews How to do it yourself

The only minus of home balm is a short shelf life. The product must be placed in plastic jars or containers and stored in the refrigerator.

So, to make a protective balm, you need to heat the almond oil in a water bath, add about 12.5 grams of beeswax and mix well. For aroma and some additional useful properties, any aromatic oil is added, for example, a rose for skin rejuvenation and honey. It should be remembered that honey is a product that can cause allergies.

For vitamin balsam, almond oil is melted with wax in a water bath, after which honey, olive oil are added for additional moisturizing, as well as the contents of 8 capsules of the AEvit preparation – a mixture of vitamins A and E for youth and beauty of the skin.

If you want to add shine, you can make a balm based on wax, olive, coconut and almond oils. In a water bath, the wax is melted together with coconut oil, then olive oil and almond oil are poured. Shine will be persistent.

The regular use of lip balm helps to solve many aesthetic and medical problems. Care for the skin of the lips should be part of the daily ritual of beauty, so you can avoid the appearance of cracks, dryness, premature wilting, sunburn.

EOS, Nivea, Carmex, Belvedere, Oriflame, Yves Rocher – the widest range will allow you to choose a balm for your needs and at an attractive price.

Lip Balm Video

How to choose a lip balm:

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