Laennec (Laennec) – what it is, what effect it has on the body. Characteristics and composition of the Japanese drug. Cost

“Laennec” is a multifunctional universal drug , the action of which is aimed at treating various health problems, in particular with the liver. In order for the effectiveness of the use of the medication to fully manifest itself, it is necessary to follow the instructions for use, get acquainted with the composition and properties.

How does Laennec work

A unique drug with a human placenta (its hydrolyzate) based on it was developed by the Japanese scientist Hyed Kentaro, whose goal was to create a medicine that can restore cells and functions of a damaged liver.

Laennec (Laennec) - what it is, what effect it has on the body. Characteristics and composition of the Japanese drug. Cost

Numerous studies have shown that the use of this tool can not only achieve the original goal (to cure the liver), but also to suspend the aging process, as well as significantly improve the general condition and functioning of all internal organs.

This effect is due to the composition of the drug, which includes about 100 components, the main ones are:

  • Peptide substances (contribute to increased production of hyaluronic acid, collagen, elastin;
  • Growth factors;
  • Antioxidants (inhibit the aging process);
  • Cytokines (have anti-inflammatory and immunostimulating effects);
  • Proteins and acids necessary for the functioning of normal metabolism;
  • Vitamins are vital trace elements.

When the drug enters the body, blood circulation increases, metabolic processes and the work of all internal organs are established, so the skin receives intensive nutrition, takes on a fresh and toned look.

Laennec (Laennec) - what it is, what effect it has on the body. Characteristics and composition of the Japanese drug. Cost

In Japan, “Laennec” is used to treat more than 80 ailments, in USA it is widely used in dermatology, immunology, gynecology, cosmetology.

Laennec is available in the form of ampoules for injection, and is manufactured exclusively in Japan under strict state control. In USA, the drug passed clinical trials on the basis of several of the largest universities in the country and received approval and approval for therapeutic use.

The price of the drug in USA is from $ 163 per package.

How to apply a course of injections (droppers) – treatment regimen

Depending on the diagnosis or the nature of the cosmetic problem, the attending physician individually selects the dosage and injection schedule of the Laennec drug.

The classic course of placental therapy is 3 weeks. There are 2 main patterns of drug administration:

  • Injection “Laennec”. What is it – the drug is injected into the ulnar vein or into the problem area intramuscularly every other day with 0,14 fluid ounce;
  • Droppers “Laennec”. A course of 10 injections ( 0,34 fluid ounce, 2 per week).

Laennec (Laennec) - what it is, what effect it has on the body. Characteristics and composition of the Japanese drug. Cost

At home, the introduction of the drug alone is possible only with the appropriate medical skills.

“Laennec” for psoriasis

In USA, Laennec is officially used in immunology and dermatology. For the treatment of psoriasis, patients are prescribed a course of 10 intravenous droppers (2 per week).

At the first injection of the drug, it is recommended to introduce 0,07 fluid ounce of the drug, with the second and subsequent – 0,34 fluid ounce. With such a skin disease, “Laennec” allows you to get rid of discomfort (itching, peeling of the skin), and also helps to restore normal skin and strengthen immunity in general.

“Laennec” for infertility

Clinical trials have proven that Laennec is a drug that can eliminate most of the problems with the inability to conceive a child:

  • it normalizes hormonal levels in women,
  • stimulates the restoration of damaged organs of the reproductive system,
  • prevents the development of viral infections and inflammatory processes.

Also, the drug is used as part of complex therapy in preparation for IVF, it helps to strengthen the immune system and increase the chances of an easy pregnancy and the birth of a healthy baby.

The drug is administered via droppers or pharmacopuncture. The input schedule and dosage is selected by the reproductologist individually based on analyzes and ultrasound.

“Laennec” for the endometrium

Inadequate endometrial function is one of the most common causes of female infertility. In chronic endometritis, reproductologists prescribe “Laennec” for the treatment of inflammatory processes on the mucous membrane of the uterus and the restoration of its functionality.

Laennec (Laennec) - what it is, what effect it has on the body. Characteristics and composition of the Japanese drug. Cost

Application in gynecology

In USA, the drug is widely used in gynecology. According to doctors, in this field of medicine he has established himself as an effective tool in such cases:

  • with hormonal dysfunction;
  • with inflammatory processes in the uterus, appendages, ovaries;
  • with the formation of adhesions;
  • with endometritis, etc.

The type and method of treatment is determined by the doctor depending on the disease, the degree of its development and the individual health characteristics of the patients.

Use for menopause

A classic treatment for menopausal disorders is hormone therapy, but in some cases its use may be impossible (due to individual contraindications or unwillingness of women).

In this case, placental preparations, including Laennec, can significantly improve well-being.

Laennec (Laennec) - what it is, what effect it has on the body. Characteristics and composition of the Japanese drug. Cost
Laennec helps to significantly improve the condition of the patient in menopause, as well as to prevent the occurrence of hormone deficiency in women of Balzac age

The World Health Organization recommends that women aged 35-45 take the “Laennec” injection course once every 6 months. It is scientifically proven that this preventive measure will avoid the early symptoms of menopause and hormonal deficiency.

For prophylaxis

The action scheme of the drug on the body allows it to be used not only for the treatment of certain diseases, but also for prevention:

  • the development of heart attacks and strokes, as regulates blood viscosity;
  • colds and flu;
  • skin aging processes;
  • menopausal syndrome.

The preventive regimen of the drug is 2 times a year (autumn and spring), 5 injections are administered over 3 weeks.

For the liver with cirrhosis

This tool was originally developed for the treatment of liver diseases, so diseases such as hepatitis and cirrhosis are direct indications for its purpose.

Laennec (Laennec) - what it is, what effect it has on the body. Characteristics and composition of the Japanese drug. Cost

The complex effect of the drug on the body allows you to maintain healthy liver cells and regenerate damaged tissues, and therefore effectively restore the functions of the organ as a whole.

The dosage regimen depends on the severity of the disease, is prescribed individually by the attending physician. The classic option is intramuscular injection of 0,07 fluid ounce 2 times a week, the duration of the course is 3 weeks.


Numerous studies of the effect of Laennec on the human body have shown that this drug inhibits the growth of cancer cells. In addition, it is a powerful immunomodulator, which significantly increases the body’s resistance.

In Japan, Laennec is officially used to treat cancer. In other countries, it can be used as part of complex therapy for cancer , and this appointment must be made by the attending physician after a detailed examination.

With herpes

In all cases and with all symptoms of herpes, therapy has 2 main directions: suppression of the virus and increase of immunity. Since the drug “Laennec” has a strong immunotropic effect, it is prescribed for patients with acute and relapsing types of herpes.

Studies have shown that the use of “Laennec” as part of a comprehensive treatment for herpes allows you to:

  • get rid of peeling of the skin and itching;
  • quickly remove toxins from the body;
  • boost immunity.

The drug is administered by standard methods – using droppers or intramuscular injections, the amount of which is selected individually by the attending physician on the basis of patient analyzes.

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Application in cosmetology – placental therapy

Beauticians agree that “Laennec” is an effective anti-aging agent, therefore, in recent years, it has been actively used in cosmetology and aesthetic medicine.

The drug allows you to achieve a noticeable anti-aging effect due to the stimulation of the following processes in the body:

  • ensuring the ingress of useful substances into tissues;
  • lipotropic effects;
  • stimulation of collagen and elastin production in the body;
  • promoting rapid tissue regeneration;
  • regulation of acid-base balance of the skin.
    Laennec (Laennec) - what it is, what effect it has on the body. Characteristics and composition of the Japanese drug. Cost
    The use of Laennec in cosmetology is lacental therapy. What can she solve, what skin problems to cope with – shown in the diagram

Thus, due to placental therapy, the elasticity of the skin increases, it becomes more hydrated, acquires a healthy color, wrinkles are smoothed. For cosmetic purposes, the drug is administered by standard methods – in the form of injections, droppers, as well as pharmacopuncture.

Patients of cosmetology clinics who have undergone a course of placental therapy, in their reviews note that:

  • swelling goes away, wrinkles are smoothed out, the skin acquires a healthy color;
  • sleep is getting better;
  • pressure normalizes;
  • overall well-being improves, “lightness” appears in the body.

In addition, the drug practically does not cause side effects, combined with the use of other drugs.

To stimulate hair growth

For people dissatisfied with the condition of their hair (usually due to their loss, dryness, brittleness, etc.), Laennec may seem like a real magic elixir due to the fact that the composition of the drug includes vitamins and antioxidants that can affect the body on the cellular level.

Its drip introduction on biologically active points of the head and neck is capable of resuscitating hair, even in the most deplorable state.

Laennec (Laennec) - what it is, what effect it has on the body. Characteristics and composition of the Japanese drug. Cost
For dry and prone to hair loss, Laennec is a true magic elixir

Patients who have undergone a course of injections and droppers “Laenneca” note, among other effects, increased hair growth and improved their condition and appearance.

Pharmacopuncture (acupuncture points)

Pharmacopuncture is a modern cosmetological method of administering drugs to biologically active points on the face and body. Depending on the goals of therapy, this method of injection allows you to achieve a rejuvenating and healing effect.

Pharmacopuncture using Laennec is effective in the following cases:

  • with nervous strain, constant stress, sleep disturbances, depressive states;
  • with signs of skin aging;
  • with pathologies of the reproductive system in women and men;
  • with reduced immunity;
  • with impaired vision, hearing, cerebral circulation, etc.

The introduction of drugs into biologically active points significantly improves blood circulation, has a beneficial effect on the work of internal organs. This method of therapy allows you to feel better after the first session.

After completing a full course of therapy, patients note resistance to colds and viral diseases , exacerbation of hearing and vision, as well as a noticeable anti-aging effect.


Another effective cosmetic method of localized exposure to problem areas of the face and neck is mesotherapy with the Laennec drug. What this implies is the introduction of the drug in small amounts (up to 0,02 fluid ounce) under the muscles of the face to biologically active points.

This procedure is carried out by specialists in cosmetology clinics who have undergone special training. Mesotherapy with a placental preparation activates the regeneration of the skin and the production of substances necessary for its elasticity.


Biorevitalization is one of the most popular anti-aging procedures in modern cosmetology.

Laennec (Laennec) - what it is, what effect it has on the body. Characteristics and composition of the Japanese drug. Cost
What is it – biorevitalization of the face, many know. The use of placental preparations such as Laennec allows you to achieve the maximum effect in this technique.

The use of placental preparations (“Laennec” – one of them) in this technique allows to achieve the maximum lifting effect due to the launch of skin renewal at the cellular level, restoration of its hydr
o-lipid balance.

After the first 2 biorevitalization procedures with Laennec, a visible anti-aging effect is observed

A full course usually consists of 4-8 sessions, their number is selected individually depending on the nature of the problems and the skin condition of the patients.

Indications and contraindications for use

The unique composition of Laennec and the characteristics of the effect on the body explain a wide range of its application.

Indications for the appointment of placental therapy are:

  • skin diseases (psoriasis, dermatitis, herpes);
  • allergic reactions;
  • menopausal syndrome;
  • liver pathology (hepatitis, cirrhosis, etc.);
  • infertility, preparation for IVF;
  • sleep disturbances, nervous strain, stress, depression;
  • decreased immunity.

Laennec (Laennec) - what it is, what effect it has on the body. Characteristics and composition of the Japanese drug. Cost

In cosmetology, “Laennec” is indicated in the following cases:

  • wrinkles;
  • dryness, sagging skin;
  • acne;
  • dark spots;
  • hair loss.

Despite the obvious benefit of the drug, there are a number of contraindications to its use:

  • age up to 16 years;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • individual intolerance to the components.

Numerous clinical studies of the drug showed that in extremely rare cases during therapy, such side effects can be observed:

  • allergic reactions;
  • pain, short-term numbness at the injection site.

Patients who have undergone a course of injections or droppers “Laennec” note that not only the main ailment is leaving, but also an improvement in the functioning of all body systems, from improving overall well-being to normalizing the condition of the skin and hair, is felt.

Alcohol compatibility

In order to avoid toxic effects, experts recommends completely abandoning alcohol for the duration of treatment with Laennec.

Laennec (Laennec) - what it is, what effect it has on the body. Characteristics and composition of the Japanese drug. Cost

Can I take during pregnancy

Studies have proven that the substances that make up the drug are able to penetrate the placenta and have a negative effect on the development of the fetus. Gynecologists recommend refusing to take the drug during the period of gestation and breastfeeding.

Analogs Melsmon or Laennec – which is better

Melsmon is another Japanese drug derived from the placenta. Unlike Laennec, only terminal chorionic villi are used for its production, and not the entire placenta.

Thus, about 100 substances fall into the composition of the drug, the complex combination of which has a strong anti-aging effect on all systems of the body.

Laennec (Laennec) - what it is, what effect it has on the body. Characteristics and composition of the Japanese drug. Cost

When developing Melsmon, scientists focused on creating a drug that can regulate the female hormonal background, but clinical studies have shown its effective effect on other body systems, in particular, on the nervous system and cell regeneration.

According to doctors, the main difference between these 2 drugs is that Melsmon faster begins to be absorbed by the body and acts on it, and also gives a more noticeable anti-aging effect. Otherwise, there are no significant differences.

The final choice of the drug should be carried out by the attending physician, depending on the main diagnosis and the individual characteristics of each patient.

Application results, positive and negative reviews

Despite the proven effectiveness, reviews about taking the drug are found both positive and negative. Negative experience is usually associated with the high price of the drug, as well as with the use of fakes, which do not give the desired effect.

In order to avoid such incidents, experts recommend purchasing Laennec only at trusted pharmacies and clinics , as well as exploring in advance on the manufacturer’s website the distinctive signs of the genuine drug.

“Laennec” is a quality tool, which is confirmed by patient reviews. In the vast majority of cases of its use, exclusively positive effects from taking the drug are observed.

The result is noticeable after the first procedures: the condition of the skin improves, strengths appear, hearing and vision are sharpened, the performance of internal organs improves.

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