Beautiful hairstyles for short hair – photo. How to do it yourself at home in stages, quickly and easily in 5 minutes

A beautiful hairstyle is not only long wavy curls or thick braids, there are also many styling options for short hair. From them you can create about a hundred everyday, evening and wedding hairstyles with and without accessories.

Hairstyles for short hair

Short hair is called hair, the length of which is not lower than the shoulders. Stylists distinguish several steps of short hair length:

  1. Very short hair. These are haircuts for a boy or pixie hairstyles.
  2. Hair to the middle of the ear.
  3. Hair to the middle of the neck (in some cases, it is considered short hair that “touch” the shoulders).
    Beautiful hairstyles for short hair - photo. How to do it yourself at home in stages, quickly and easily in 5 minutes
    Beautiful hairstyle for short hair

Varieties of hairstyles:

  1. Pixie hairstyle. This is a very short haircut, which is also called a boy. From a man she is distinguished by the presence of a bang. It can be short or long, straight or laid on its side. “Pixie” helps to emphasize the beauty of the face and is great for fragile miniature girls.
  2. Bob . Bob is a haircut in which the strands around the face are much longer than on the back of the head. There are many options for the bean: textured, asymmetric, with “torn” strands, elongated. This allows you to choose a bean absolutely for any shape of the face.
  3. Four of a kind . This is a hairstyle with one length of strands that usually reach the level of the ear, but above the shoulders. There is always a bang in a classic square, but this is not necessary in a modern hairstyle. There is also a bob, in which the front strands are slightly longer than the rest.
  4. Asymmetric haircut. In this hairstyle, several types of haircuts can be combined at once. It can be either a pixie or an elongated bean. There are also hairstyles with different lengths of curls in different parts of the head.

Everyday options

Everyday hairstyles should be beautiful and simple in execution. Even for short hair, you can come up with a variety of styling and hairstyles that can be changed every morning.

  1. Romantic wreath . To create this hairstyle you will need several hairpins and invisible. It is perfect if you didn’t have enough time in the morning to wash your hair. Curls near the face must be formed into a tourniquet and fixed with hairpins. Then the tourniquet continues to the neck with the addition of new strands. On the other hand, everything repeats. The ends are fixed using invisibility.
  2. In the style of the 60s. Such a hairstyle is suitable for owners of a short bean. The bangs or strands on the face remain flat and are laid to one side. At the top of the hair, the hair is very combed and sprayed with varnish. Behind the pile is fixed “crosswise” with several invisible hair color. The final touch is a silk scarf. It folds into a triangle and is tied so that the knot is between the bangs and the pile, and the main part is on the back of the head. Beautiful hairstyles for short hair - photo. How to do it yourself at home in stages, quickly and easily in 5 minutes
  3. Bezel of braids. Hair needs to be divided obliquely. On either side, any braid is woven: classic, fishtail or spikelet. New braids are added to the braid with each plexus. So that they do not jump out, you can strengthen them with invisibility. The ends of the braids are fixed with thin rubber bands in the color of the hair and hide behind the ears with the help of invisibility.  

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Curls and curls

Curls on short hair make hair easier and make the image more feminine. They allow you to soften male features in the face and style and complement with romance and softness. Most people prefer to twist their hair on curlers or use a curling iron, but stylists have their own secret to creating curls on short hair.

To do this, twist the lock onto the finger, sprinkle it with plenty of varnish and let dry for a minute.

On short hair, you can create the following hairstyles using curls and waves:

  1. “Wet hair . This hairstyle is suitable for any length. It can be created in several ways: first apply the gel for the effect of “wet hair”, and then wind or do the opposite. If the hair is wavy by nature, the gel can be applied to the hair without twisting.
  2. In the style of Marilyn Monroe. This hairstyle is suitable for bob or bob haircuts. Hair is wound with a curling iron or large curlers, and then fluffed with your hands. Then the curls are laid on one side and fixed with varnish. Beautiful hairstyles for short hair - photo. How to do it yourself at home in stages, quickly and easily in 5 minutes
  3. Afro style. Suitable for hair length to the ears. Curls are wound on a lot of small-diameter curlers or on a thin curling iron. Then curls are treated with wax or a special gel.
  4. “Sloppy hairstyle . To create it, most often use an iron. Hair is moistened with foam, then quickly curled and fluffed by hands in a chaotic manner.


Curling allows you to create romantic curls from straight hair, even on short hair. When using it, it is recommended to use styling products with thermal protection. This will help protect the curls from high temperature.

For very short hair, a curling iron with a minimum diameter is required. Using large forceps, you can create volumetric strands for a square or an extended bean.

Curling allows you to make an evening out of a direct everyday hairstyle in a short time. But using the device on a daily basis is not recommended. Hot metal burns the hair, which makes it weak and break. When using forceps on very short hair, there is a risk of scalp burns.


The iron is used for styling highly curly and naughty hair. Also, various nozzles, for example, corrugation, will help diversify the hairstyle and give volume to thin hair. Beautiful hairstyles for short hair - photo. How to do it yourself at home in stages, quickly and easily in 5 minutes

An iron on short hair is used to create even hairstyles with a rounding on the hair. This may be a rack or bob. Using the ironing to create the effect of negligence on short asymmetric haircuts is unusual and bold.

To create curly curls, it is enough to quickly pass it through the iron, slightly wrapping the device around the axis. For lovers of styling with an iron, hairdressers recommend using ceramic or teflon coating. They do not injure hair as much as metal irons.

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Hair dryer

Styling with a hairdryer is the fastest option for creating hairstyles for short hair. It is used at home after washing your hair almost every day.

A hairdryer helps give hair volume and slightly twist it:

  1. Before styling, you need to dry your hair with a towel, leaving them slightly damp.
  2. Then, a styling agent is applied to them: if volume is needed, it is applied at the roots, for wavy curls – the entire length.
  3. With a round brush, the hair rises at the root, drying from the opposite side with a hairdryer.
  4. To create a curl, you need to stretch the hair and wind it on a comb, and then hold it under a warm stream of air for several seconds.
  5. Lastly, bangs fit.

If the hairdryer is used daily, it is necessary to set the air temperature to cool or warm mode. Too hot air spoils hair and deprives them of moisture.

Hair curlers

Curlers – this is a more gentle, but lasting option to create curls for short hair. They do not burn hair like a curling iron, and the effect lasts longer. Also, curlers are used to create a perm. Beautiful hairstyles for short hair - photo. How to do it yourself at home in stages, quickly and easily in 5 minutes

A beautiful hairstyle for short hair can be created using the following types of curlers:

  1. Papillots are a classic form of curler. They are cylinders of various diameters made of wood, plastic or metal. Hair is attached to them with clips or elastic bands. Suitable for fairly short hair.
  2. Thermal curlers . Before you wind the hair, they must be warmed up in a special device. The effect is similar to the use of a curling iron, but it does not affect the hair so destructively. Different diameter allows you to choose them for any type of styling.
  3. Foam curlers. Plus of these products – they do not harm the hair, minus – they are not suitable for very short hair. Such curlers can be used almost daily.
  4. Curlers with Velcro. Perfectly fix short hair, so stylists often use them to create volume on thin hair. It can be used by those with a short bean and a “boy-like” haircut. The downside is the Velcro on which the hair is held. When removed, they can injure and tear them out.

A bunch

It is quite difficult to make a bun on short hair, and on short haircuts it’s impossible to “boy sex” and “pixie”. The minimum hair length should be no less than the palm of your hand.

First, you need to collect the hair in a ponytail. It is better to form its base on the crown: in this place you can collect the maximum number of strands. If in some places the hair is too short, it can be fixed with invisibility. Further, a bundle or knot is formed from the tail.

A node can be made in several ways:

  • using a special roller (in this case, the length should be up to the shoulders);
  • using hairpins (hair is gathered around an elastic band or tape and fixed with hairpins).

After this, the hairdo must be sprayed with varnish so that the strands do not “fly out” during the day.


Bouffant on short hair suits girls with short and sparse hair. Such a hairstyle allows you to create the illusion of volume. To create a pile it is better to use plastic combs. They do not electrify hair and do not allow split ends. Beautiful hairstyles for short hair - photo. How to do it yourself at home in stages, quickly and easily in 5 minutes

In order not to damage the hair, fleece should be done correctly and without undue tension:

  1. It is necessary to dry the hair and comb it thoroughly.
  2. A small strand stands out from all the hair and stretches up so that it is perpendicular to the rest of the hair.
  3. In the direction from top to bottom it is necessary to make quick movements until the hair begins to beat.
  4. Such manipulations must be repeated on all other strands.

Next, a pile is formed into a hairstyle. From above, the hair is smoothed using a comb and hands. Hairstyle can be decorated with a rim, hairpins, ribbons.


“Babetta” is a beautiful voluminous hairstyle, which gained popularity in the 60s and which can be created on short hair. It is often used in evening toilets, and in everyday life it is suitable for lovers of neatly collected hair.

For “babette” use a special roller that raises the hair and simulates their volume. For short hair, stylists recommend using false hair or a chignon.

Without artificial hair, “babette” can be done as follows:

  1. Hair should be combed and straightened thoroughly.
  2. Strands near the forehead and bangs need to be pulled out with forceps and secured with invisibility.
  3. The remaining curls are very stuffed.
  4. Then, with the help of long teeth or knitting needles, a babette is formed from the pile.
  5. Upper hair is smoothed and sprayed with varnish. Beautiful hairstyles for short hair - photo. How to do it yourself at home in stages, quickly and easily in 5 minutes

To keep the pile longer, the hair must be dried, head down. You can decorate the finished hairstyle with beautiful hairpins, a string of pearls or a rim.  

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“Fish tail”

“Fish tail” can be woven from different parts of the head and in different directions. This styling on short hair is quite difficult, so hairdressers recommend fixing the strands with an elastic band before creating it. Using all the hair for braiding is quite problematic. Therefore, you can weave it from the temples or create a braid on the bangs.

Weaving “fish tail” on a short square is possible as follows:

  1. Hair is aligned and combed.
  2. It is necessary to make a parting in the middle of the head.
  3. Large strands stand out to the right and left, from which 2 braids will weave.
  4. On the one hand, the strands are divided into 4 equal parts and intertwined, like a classic braid.
  5. At the end, you need to fix the pigtail with an elastic band and repeat all the steps on the other side.

At the end, both braids are connected with a hairpin, elastic or invisible. The rest of the hair can be twisted or twisted into a knot, if length allows.


Creating a “spikelet” is also possible on short hair, although it is much more difficult to weave it than on long strands. Before you create a hairstyle, you
need to wash your hair and dry it slightly. In the process of weaving, curls can be sprayed with water – so they are easier to lay in a pigtail. Beautiful hairstyles for short hair - photo. How to do it yourself at home in stages, quickly and easily in 5 minutes

There are many options for weaving “spikelets” on short hair:

  1. The little dragon . This is a hairstyle in which several braids from the back of the head are braided. The hair must be grabbed at the very root to hold the strands.
  2. Side weaving . In such a hairstyle, “spikelets are woven on the sides of the head. In each new weaving, it is necessary to supplement a new strand. With this option, you can create a kind of rim or the effect of the absence of hair along the temples.
  3. Scythe bangs . A braid weaves on an oblique elongated bang along the forehead and temple. Then the hair is fixed with an elastic band. The tail must be fixed behind the ear with the help of invisibility.  


Scythe-waterfall looks very impressive on short hair. A beautiful hairstyle can be used to complement the daily look and for going to a party. The hairstyle is quite easy to perform, it looks delightful on straight hair up to the lengths of the ears or to the shoulders.

Before weaving, you need to carefully comb the strands so that in the future you do not get tangled in your fingers:

  1. It is necessary to distinguish 3 strands in the face at the temple level. They are intertwined, like an ordinary braid.
  2. Then at each step it is necessary to take a new strand of hair, and lower one of the workers.
  3. It is necessary to ensure that a new strand lies on top, and only the one located below is released. Beautiful hairstyles for short hair - photo. How to do it yourself at home in stages, quickly and easily in 5 minutes

When creating a braid-waterfall, you need to monitor the level of hairstyles. He constantly slides down, especially for those who create a hairstyle for the first time.  


To make a beautiful hairstyle for a wreath on short hair is quite easy. This styling is ideal for the length to the middle of the neck and ears. Hairdressers advise making a “wreath” when the hair is not washed for 2-3 days. On clean curls, styling is practically not kept.

To create a “wreath” you will need a styling product and short hairpin to match the color of your hair.

First, the hair must be treated with foam. Parting should be made uneven, then the hairstyle looks more romantic. Separating on a straight lock from the face, it is necessary to twist the hair into a tourniquet and style them, curled up with a tube.

It’s best to use your fingers for this. Hair at the back is best secured with a hairpin or long invisible. If the hair is very thick, you must use invisibility in addition to strengthen the hairpins.  

Greek hairstyles

Greek hairstyles are customary to create only on long curls, but even at home it is quite easy to make this beautiful styling on short hair. Beautiful hairstyles for short hair - photo. How to do it yourself at home in stages, quickly and easily in 5 minutes

If the hair is very short or cropped “under the boy”, just a bandage. Hair is straightened, then foam is applied. Then the strands need to be ruffled a little. A bandage should preferably be used with contrasting hair color.

It can be decorated with ribbons, jewelry or artificial flowers. The top of the bandage is fixed between the forehead and the back of the head, and the bottom can lie on or under the hair. The last stage is the mandatory fixing of the bandage with invisibles.

With the length of the hair to the ears or the middle of the neck, you can experiment with a haircut.

To begin with, it is advisable to wind the hair or dry it with a volume brush. The front strands are wrapped around the armband, and the back ones are teased with invisibility.

In the style of “retro”

In the 20 years, a fashion for short, almost “boyish” hair for ladies arose. One of the most popular beautiful hairstyles at that time was “Marseilles” or “cold waves”. This is one of the rare styling, which is rather problematic to create on long hair.

For it you will need a gel or mousse, a spray with water and special hairdressing clips:

  1. Hair is washed, but not completely dried, but left a little wet.
  2. Then you need to make a parting on either side and apply a large amount of mousse or gel to the hair.
  3. The strand closest to the face should be combed with a large tooth, imitating the letter “S”.
  4. At each turn of the comb, the wave is fixed by clamps.
  5. Everything must be repeated with the remaining strands. Beautiful hairstyles for short hair - photo. How to do it yourself at home in stages, quickly and easily in 5 minutes

After the hair has dried, it is necessary to process it with varnish with maximum fixation force.

For a short haircut “pixie” suitable for easy smooth styling.

To do this, foam is applied to the hair, and then they are leveled with an iron and combed, pressing the strands to the head. It is important that there is no excess volume on the hair. If there is a bang, it is laid to one side.  

Evening hairstyle options

Beautiful hairstyles for short hair at a holiday or for going to the theater can be no less varied, as are the options for long hair. To create evening styling for short hair, you can use mousse (foam), gel, wax, as well as many accessories.

Options for evening styling:

  1. For very short hair . The hair is dried using a hair dryer with raising at the roots. Then the locks around the face are highlighted with cosmetic hair wax and slightly curled with your fingers. It is important to create the effect of negligence. At the end, the hairstyle must be fixed with varnish. Beautiful hairstyles for short hair - photo. How to do it yourself at home in stages, quickly and easily in 5 minutes
  2. Curls in the style of Hollywood stars. In the morning, you need to wash your hair and blow dry a little. Then, foam is applied to them throughout the growth, the curls are wound on curlers with a large diameter. After a few hours, the curlers can be removed, and the curls formed with the fingers fluff. It is necessary to make a side part, and to lock the strands on the larger side at the roots for volume and lay back. Spray
    your hair with varnish.
  3. Fashionable negligence. This hairstyle is suitable for a square. Clean and dried hair must be straightened using an iron and a little fluff. Then, at ear level, divide the hair into two halves. Comb the top and fasten with invisibility, and leave the bottom straight. Invisibility can be hidden by a beautiful comb or hairpin.

Wedding hairstyles

To make a wedding out of evening and even everyday hairstyles will help accessories and, of course, a veil. There are many options for styling for such a celebration, even on very short hair.

  1. Cold waves . For very short hair, this is the best option. Such a hairstyle can be decorated with pearls or hairpins with various ornaments.
  2. Waves with a rim . For such a hairstyle, you need to create large curls and separate them with a side part. A rim with rhinestones, feathers or artificial flowers is put on the head. A diadem can become a replacement for the rim. Beautiful hairstyles for short hair - photo. How to do it yourself at home in stages, quickly and easily in 5 minutes
  3. Hairstyle with a veil . For short hair, it is quite problematic to fasten a veil. Therefore, a short veil may become its replacement. It can be attached using a rim, invisibility or hair clips. Recently, veil hats, which are placed on one side, have been quite popular. This accessory is suitable for straight bob and bean.

Hairstyles with a rim

Headbands are a hair accessory that always remains fashionable. They look especially cute on the pixie hairstyle. In this case, it is better to use thin rims of any material that can be decorated with bows or stones. To give impudence and unusualness, you can use rims with imitation of cat or fox ears.

For evening hairstyles and styling in the Greek style headbands can be used. They not only serve as an accessory, but also support curls. In some cases, stylists can use the headbands as a means to fix individual strands using invisibility.

On short hair, wide rims can also be used. They look spectacular on beautiful hairstyles in the style of 60 and 70 with a high pile and elongated bangs to the side. Hairstyles for short hair never go out of style. They are practical and allow you to create different styling options and change the color of your hair, for which women of different ages, status and financial situation have fallen in love.

Video about beautiful hairstyles for short hair

Fashionable hairstyles for short hair:

Styling for short hair at home:

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