How to use a highlighter for the face. Scheme, instruction, tips of professionals

Highlighter for the face is a cosmetic novelty that can instantly transform the appearance of a woman. Since its inception, the tool has become a real discovery for makeup artists and cosmetologists, because all modern women strive to look as impressive and attractive as possible, which is a great success for this cosmetic invention.

The tool allows you to make the face perfect, like models or Hollywood celebrities in photographs. True, to achieve maximum effect, you need to know how to use it correctly.

Why do I need a highlighter

Perfect make-up is impossible without a illuminator or bleach, which in essence is a highlighter.

The tasks of a cosmetic product include:

  • giving the face a radiance;
  • visual highlighting of advantages and elimination of disadvantages;
  • clarification of certain areas.

The use of highlighter is called “strobe”. A face with such a make-up becomes embossed, and small wrinkles are invisible. That is, the tool is designed to distract attention from the shortcomings and highlight more successful and outstanding features. With a highlighter applied, the face becomes more youthful and attractive.

With the help of an easily applied illuminator, the face acquires completeness and harmony.

How to use a highlighter for the face. Scheme, instruction, tips of professionals

This professional and economical tool can be used all the time. It actively smooths the make-up blemishes and sometimes can act as powder. Thanks to its glow, the highlighter distracts well, but does not hide, from serious skin imperfections in the form of deep wrinkles. Clarifiers cover overhangs, not hollows.

The Illuminizer also perfectly refreshes and fights age-related dullness of the skin. With its help, minor defects are often masked in the form of prominent vessels and redness in the eye area. The face at the same time looks rested and more well-groomed.

Advantages and disadvantages of the product

How to use a highlighter for the face – this issue is relevant for women. After all, with the help of proper strobing, you can even correct the shape of the nose.

The highlighter’s primary properties include:

  • visible anti-aging effect;
  • help in achieving a uniform tone;
  • emphasis on virtues;
  • masking minor skin defects;
    How to use a highlighter for the face. Scheme, instruction, tips of professionals
  • giving naturalness to the face after matting.

Of the minuses stand out:

  • an even greater allocation, and not a mask of acne and acne, so with problematic skin it is better not to use a highlighter at all;
  • the impossibility of everyday use of the product with more pronounced pigments, since on the face it looks too spectacular and bright;
  • in some cases, additional devices, such as a brush or sponge, are required for application;
  • too bright and saturated shades;
  • the ability to clog pores and make wrinkles more visible.

Difference from concealer

The concealer conceals skin imperfections in the form of bruises under the eyes and acne. It has a flesh color and is similar to a tonal remedy. Highlighter is designed to highlight the bends of the face. It is applied over foundation and powder, and concealer – under them. With a shimmer (another highlighter name) the face becomes more voluminous and radiant.

Highlighter is often used instead of concealer on the upper eyelid, under the eyebrow, thus hiding eye fatigue. Here he does not roll down like a concealer, and camouflages redness and blood vessels. To the face is not too shiny, the tool should be used very moderately. The layer of its application should be transparent and thin. Highlighting areas do not indicate problem areas at all.

The concealer is used pointwise to mask minor skin imperfections. It should not be confused with a tonal remedy.

A denser consistency of concealer will perfectly hide:

  • facial wrinkles;
  • dark spots;
  • redness.

How to use a highlighter for the face. Scheme, instruction, tips of professionals

In addition to correction, concealers can also treat acne (antibacterial sticks or pencils) and moisturize. Liquid forms of the product are suitable for use on clear and thin skin.

How to apply a highlighter on the face: basic principles

A brightening agent is applied to the face with a sponge or brush (preferably fan-shaped). You can also cover the skin with a highlighter using your own fingers. They cover the already cleaned and leveled surface of the face. After application, the liquid or cream product is usually slightly dusted.

Dry highlighter does not need matting.

So that the face does not shine strongly, it must not be completely covered with a highlighter. Women with combination or oily skin are also undesirable to denote them the T-zone. Dry highlighter is compatible with powder, and liquid-like is compatible with foundation. If this is observed, then it will be possible to achieve a very even tone. Multi-textural products on the face will exfoliate and make it untidy.

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How to choose the right highlighter for the face and technique of use

Artificially created radiance on the face should be attractive, and not repulsive. Highlighter choose the one that is most suitable for the type of skin. Indeed, in consistency, as in the application technique, such agents are very diverse.


How to use a highlighter for the face, if it is not dry, will be discussed later in the article. Liquid brightener gives the skin a more natural and gentle glow. It is usually mixed with a matting base or base for make-up and applied to the entire face. But it can still be used pointwise, according to the general scheme, applying it on top of the foundation.

How to use a highlighter for the face. Scheme, instruction, tips of professionals

Liquid highlighter can be applied to women with normal and dry skin types.

The liquid highlighter is good for beginners: it is impossible to overdo it with the product. It is easy to create very moist skin with it. But you must remember that the use of powder with a similar tool is strictly prohibited. Liquid clarifier can be used at least daily. But he, however, is not very stable.


The texture of such a tool is very pleasant and easy to use. It is applied to any part of the face. The
usual use of a creamy highlighter is on large areas and on top of a foundation. The glow on the skin becomes delicate and attractive.

It is undesirable to dust such a highlighter, because it will not be visible at all even under a very thin layer of dry matting agent. Cream bleach is also available in the form of a pen or pencil with an integrated small brush. The highlighter of such a convenient plan is very dense and bright.


This type can be used by women with any type of skin. Such compact highlighters in the form of shadows or powder are very convenient even for those who see them for the first time. They are applied with a small lush or fan-shaped brush.

How to use a highlighter for the face. Scheme, instruction, tips of professionals

Pencil is another type of solid highlighter. It is very convenient and quick to lighten the skin below and in the corners of the eyes, as well as above the eyebrows. But this form of highlighter injures dry and sensitive skin.


Capricious shimmering powder is loved by women with oily skin. The face is covered with a synthetic brush. Loose highlighter will have to learn how to use for a long time in order to achieve confident dexterity of applying to facial areas. Excesses of this economical product are usually removed with a brush.

To prevent inflammation on the face, it is necessary to strictly monitor so that the brightening loose powder does not clog in the pores. After the correct application of the product, the skin of the face becomes unusually soft and well-groomed.


This form of the product is used as a moisturizer for dry skin. Highlighter serum is mainly found in a series of oxygen cosmetics.

The tool is also intended:

  • to strengthen the skin;
  • protect from inclement weather;
  • equalize the tone.

How to use a highlighter for the face. Scheme, instruction, tips of professionals

With a cream or liquid-like brightener, the face becomes more prominent. These formats also adjust the facial oval. After drying, such products will look like a velvety tone.

Cream Highlighter:

  • gives freshness to the image;
  • gently envelops the facial oval;
  • creates relief cheekbones.

Liquid highlighter is very convenient to apply and distribute, since it is released with a built-in soft brush. Together with such an illuminator, you can achieve the original radiance. The amount of funds is enough for many applications. For wrinkled and problematic skin, a highlighter with very small particles is suitable.

Flickering powder women with normal skin can be applied to the entire face and decollete. Frosted highlighter indicate the forehead in the center and under the eyes, as well as the chin.

Cream illuminators usually highlight:

  • nose at the tip;
  • labial fold;
  • eye corners of the nose;
  • arches under the eyebrows;
  • protrusions of the cheekbones.
How to use a highlighter for the face. Scheme, instruction, tips of professionals
How to use a highlighter.

With a highlighter pen, accents on the face are spotted using the built-in brush. With this tool it is impossible to process large areas due to its small volume.

It is convenient to use:

  • in the back of the nose;
  • at the top of the lips;
  • in the corners of the eyes.

Before the liquid highlighter, the face is leveled and masked all its imperfections. Shimmers in the form of pencils and pens are used along with a bronzer or contour powder. Dry highlighters shine brightly and visibly.

Their application should always be foot so as not to overload the face with excessive shine.

Highlighters in tubes are designed for large areas of distribution on the face, in jars – for spot application with a brush, in meteorites or balls – for mixing colors and with powder.

How to choose a highlighter shade

Choosing a shimmer tone, do not forget about your own skin tone. For a lighter complexion, a pearl-shiny highlighter is preferred. Its delicate nacreous particles will make the skin naturally radiant.

Tanned and dark-skinned women should use the golden highlighter. A bronze or light copper remedy is also very suitable for them. Such tones are refreshing. Pink and purple tones are usually chosen by girls with a reddish tint of skin. A blue highlighter is also suitable for them.

Holders of yellow or olive skin choose peach or cream highlighter colors. Pale-faced light pink lightening agent or illuminator with ivory tone. The beige highlighter is universal: it should be a couple of tones lighter than the skin of the face.

For an evening and glamorous make-up, make-up artists recommend more intense and vibrant shimmers . For almost transparent skin of the face, silver highlights and champagne-colored illuminators are selected. To favorably express the eyes, apply pale pink and white highlighters.

How to apply highlighter on the face: scheme

To the classics of the genre is the highlighting of all prominent facial features.

How to use a highlighter for the face. Scheme, instruction, tips of professionals

The main areas for this are:

  • upper lip (giving volume and masking small wrinkles);
  • corners of the eyes at the nose (their greater expressiveness is achieved);
  • the area above the eyebrows (masking dark traces of fatigue and giving freshness);
  • middle of the nose (correction occurs);
  • protrusions of the chin (artificial shine visually stretches the face) and cheekbones (the effect of rejuvenation is achieved);
  • middle of the forehead (face correction and relief).


It is better to mark it with a highlighter over the eyebrows, drawing a line there. The forehead will gain relief and become higher. Eyebrows from such a trick will also rise. A stroke in the center of the low forehead will visually enlarge it and lengthen the face.


Highlighting the back of the nose will make it more elegant and subtle. The end is not indicated if it is too long. On a short nose, a highlighter draws lines on the sides and puts a dot on the end, slightly shading it afterwards. But if this part of the face has a hump, then it is left generally untouched.


With closely sitting eyes, the highlighters highlight their inner angles, and with widely set organs of vision, the nose bridge is covered with a shimmer. To turn their eyes into bottomless lakes, they highlight their inner corners and brow area with a highlighter.

Lip correction

Highlighter can also make expressive your mouth. To do this, they spend below and above the lips. But it is necessary to ensure that the tone of the product is not much brighter than the face.

How to use a highlighter for the face. Scheme, instruction, tips of professionals

With pronounced wrinkles, it is better not to use a bleaching agent in the lips at all, as they can become even more noticeable. It is better to mark a large mouth with a highlighter in its corners, and then blend these strokes well.


Highlighter treatment of the upper cheekbones makes them higher and hides bruises under the eyes. The designation of these protrusions gallon rejuvenates the face. The skin looks relaxed and healthy.

How to use a highlighter depending on the shape of the face

The technique of applying a highlighter often depends on what kind of face a woman has. Not everyone should use the product the same way.

If the face is dominated by wide cheekbones and a small chin, then the highlighter is applied only to:

  • eyes;
  • forehead;
  • the chin.

Cheekbones on a diamond-shaped face are better indicated by contouring powder, rather than highlighter.

A person with the same forehead and cheekbones and a sharp chin will need a shimmer designation:

  • areas under the lips;
  • forehead;
  • areas under the eyes.

On the oval face cheekbones are plentifully highlighted, almost along the entire length. For a rectangular face, applying a highlighter on the cheeks and chin.

How to use a highlighter for the face. Scheme, instruction, tips of professionals

Chubby flashes at home:

  • cheeks;
  • the chin;
  • forehead.

Women with a square face emit means:

  • middle of the forehead;
  • cheekbones;
  • the central part of the chin.

Useful Tips

How to use a highlighter for the face, recommendations of professional makeup artists:

  • For visual expansion of a narrow forehead, it is necessary to highlight its sides and temples. And highlighter strokes at the borders of hair growth will noticeably lengthen the face and its upper part.
  • A thin and shaded line under the eyebrows, made by a highlighter, will raise eyebrows and make your eyes wider. The area above the eyebrows is highlighted when they want their corners to be raised.
  • The track from the highlighter in the middle of the century visually enlarges the eyes and turns the look into a clearer one.
  • For mature women, the highlighting of the supraorbital and supraspinal zones is enough. Highlighter in this case must be applied in a very moderate amount.
  • To create the appearance of fresh skin, the foundation is mixed with a highlighter of 70 to 30% and applied to the face.
  • The drops of concealer and illuminator combined together and applied around the eyes will make your eyes shine like the sun.
  • Eyeshadows can be easily replaced with a pink highlighter with a pearly sheen.
  • Highlighter itself is the finish, so it is applied very finely at the end of the make-up.
  • If you lighten the top of the lips with the corners of the mouth, you will be able to mask the wrinkles in this area.
  • Traced by highlighter and shaded nasolabial folds also soften and smooth wrinkles.

How to use a highlighter for the face. Scheme, instruction, tips of professionals

  • Highlighted facial features look good with shiny or pearl lipstick, as well as lip gloss.
  • Redness in the eye area is best masked not with a concealer, but with a highlighter, since it does not roll.
  • With a liquid bleaching agent, the skin is moderately coated and shaded.

Usage errors

To avoid them, do not do the following:

  • Apply highlighter where it is unacceptable. For example, in those areas that, on the contrary, should be shaded. This is especially true for the bottom of the jaw: this clarified area can significantly make the face heavier, giving it a visually second chin.
  • Too zealous with a highlighter, because an unclean greasy gloss may appear on the site of a healthy glow.
  • Ignore lighting when applying product. Highlighter does not work in different light.
  • Leave the product unshaded.
  • Replace shimmer with concealer and vice versa.
  • Lighten skin without a base.
  • Cover the forehead on the sides, the wings of the nose and the cheekbones with an illuminator.

How to use a highlighter for the face. Scheme, instruction, tips of professionals

  • Highlight the prominent chin, as this only exacerbates the problem.
  • Choose a highlighter that differs in texture from other cosmetics on the face.

Top 10 best means, cost

Name of facility price, usd. pros Minuses
1. Liquid Globe Stick by Bobby Brown 2040 Great for shading Too expensive
2. Liquid illuminator from Knicks 640 It has a resistance of up to 12 hours. No
3. Highlighter pen Lumi Majic from Loreal 780 Great moisturizing No
4. Solid Highlight Product from Make Up For Ever Artist 1500 Economical and natural Quite expensive
5. Compact Highlighter Alliance Perfect Tru Match by Loreal 980 Easy to use, with 4 shades, a mirror and a brush Fairly expensive, the presence of large sequins
6. Compressed strobe by Sephora Collection 1000 Steady, has several shades Quite expensive
7. Loose Highlighter by Km Cosmetics 530 Economical, budget, volumetric No
8. Liquid Highlighter by Gosh Lumi Drops 640 Affordable, voluminous, neutral, easily distributed No
9. Compact and bright highlighter from Eva Mosaic 250 Low cost, comes with a brush, easy to apply Emphasizes irregularities
10. Master strobing stick from Maybelin 500 Cost-effective, very stable, economical, and also moisturizes and does not accentuate peeling No

How can I replace the highlighter and how to cook

How to use a highlighter for the face is not the only topic that interests women. They are still very interested in how to replace this tool and how to cook it yourself.

If suddenly the strobing cosmetic is not nearby, then you can use:

  • Cream fluid for moisturizing the skin. Its light texture will give a natural glow.

How to use a highlighter for the face. Scheme, instruction, tips of professionals

  • Primer with a reflective effect. They cover their face in the same areas as the highlighter, but only before applying the foundation. The skin will shine from the inside.
  • Concealer with shiny particles. They can indicate the upper lip and the corners of the eyes.
  • Light pearl or shiny shadows. They should not crumble.
  • A very small amount of neutral lip gloss.
  • Light lipstick with flickering effect.
  • Peach or pink blush.
  • Bronzer with shimmer effect.
  • A mother-of-pearl eyeliner or lip pencil that is thoroughly shaded after application.

You can also make a face cleanser with your own hands at home.

To do this, you will need:

  • light pearl shades;
  • oil or body lotion with natural ingredients;
  • light or colorless friable powder;
  • shallow capacity;
  • thick brush or teaspoon.

Algorithm for creating a home highlighter:

  1. A small amount of powder is poured into the container.
  2. Then add shadows and mix until color uniformity.
  3. Pour in a little oil or lotion and stir again.
    How to use a highlighter for the face. Scheme, instruction, tips of professionals
  4. The resulting product is placed in a small jar, twisted and put in the refrigerator.

Such a self-made highlighter is stored from one to one and a half months.

After the expiration date, a new remedy is made, and the remaining is thrown out.

The topic of using a brightening agent is quite extensive and requires careful study. After all, before applying a highlighter, you need to know what type and complexion of the face it is intended for. For each scheme of applying the tool, there are rules.

Video about the correct application of highlighter

Makeup for beginners, all about highlighters:

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