How to fix a woman’s nose with potatoes. Rhinoplasty, photo before and after surgery, price

The nose does not take up much space but, despite this, has an important place in the formation of the external attractiveness of a person. A potato nose catches the eye on the fragile face of women and looks ugly in the photo. Physiognomy has data on the character of a person through the shape of his nose. Correct the form, and with it fate, can be done with surgery or non-surgical rhinoplasty.

What does a nose look like a potato

The nose of potatoes in women in the photo stands out. The shape was so named because of the round and wide tip. Owners of such a feature in USA are considered rustic and naive. A wide nose can become even larger with age, as tissue elasticity is lost.

Recently, small, neat noses with a narrow nose bridge and tip have come into fashion. Many representatives of the fairer sex resort to all possible methods in pursuit of fashion and beauty.

Methods for nose shape correction

You can correct the shape of the nose to improve the aesthetic side without surgical intervention, by injection. To solve the problem of patients with deformities of the septum, with impaired respiratory function, they resort to surgical rhinoplasty.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty

The nose of potatoes in women in the photo can be removed using photo editing programs, but in life, most often resort to the method of non-surgical rhinoplasty. Correction of the nose with the help of injection plastic allows you to change the shape, size, correct the surgeon’s mistakes after rhinoplasty, and hide skin defects.

How to fix a woman’s nose with potatoes. Rhinoplasty, photo before and after surgery, price

Benefits of cosmetic correction:

  • lack of prolonged rehabilitation;
  • after the procedure there are no swelling and bruising;
  • general anesthesia is not used;
  • the patient can see the changes in real time in the mirror.

The use of general anesthesia, as in the case of surgery, is a risk to the health and life of the patient.

Surgical Rhinoplasty

Classical rhinoplasty, now, is carried out using innovative technologies. Instead of the usual scalpel, surgeons use a laser beam that eliminates errors and irregularities in the cut line. This technique allows you to immediately seal open capillaries, closing the cut line from infections and bacteria.

Rhinoplasty is considered the most complex plastic surgery, so not every good surgeon will undertake to do it only for the sake of changing the appearance of a person.

The recovery period after surgical rhinoplasty is usually 2 weeks. At this time, a tire is installed on the nose of the patient, and a bandage is applied on top. All this time it’s hard for a person to breathe, swelling and pain interfere with him.

Advantages of this correction technique:

  • correction of serious defects that create discomfort to a person;
  • the result of the operation remains for many years.
How to fix a woman’s nose with potatoes. Rhinoplasty, photo before and after surgery, price
The photo shows how the nose is corrected with potatoes in women using rhinoplasty.

The nose of potatoes in women in the photo before the operation looks much larger in size than in the photo after the recovery period. But in many cases, the initial shape of the nose looks much more natural.

Indications for surgery

Absolute indications for open nose surgery:

  • it is required to remove the hump on the nose;
  • there is a curvature of the partitions;
  • congenital pathological conditions;
  • asymmetry that interferes with normal human life;
  • respiratory failure due to trauma;
  • permanent dryness of the mucosa;
  • improper development of bone or cartilage;
  • snore.

Optional indications include aesthetic factors:

  • the need to correct the form;
  • thick tip of the nose;
  • excessively large sizes of the nose, which spoil the appearance and are disproportionate to the rest of the face.

How to fix a woman’s nose with potatoes. Rhinoplasty, photo before and after surgery, price

Rhinoplasty is a complex operation that requires a lot of experience and high qualifications from the surgeon, as erroneous movements can ruin the patient’s future life.


The main contraindications to plastic surgery:

  • oncological diseases;
  • disturbances in the circulatory system;
  • psychiatric disorders;
  • heart failure;
  • some diseases of the endocrinological system;
  • liver pathology;
  • tuberculosis;
  • period of pregnancy.

These contraindications are absolute, even planned operations are done in such cases only if there is a threat to life.

How to prepare for the intervention

Surgical rhinoplasty requires special, thorough preparation for surgery:

  • 30 days before surgery, the patient passes all the necessary tests and is examined by a doctor;
  • for 14 days, it is necessary to stop taking drugs – coagulants and blood-thinning drugs (aspirin, COCs);
  • excludes the intake of alcoholic beverages.

Operation stages

Surgical rhinoplasty is a complex phased operation. The course of the procedure determines the type of defect, the patient’s condition, individual reactions of the body, and the surgeon’s working methods.

How to fix a woman’s nose with potatoes. Rhinoplasty, photo before and after surgery, price

The main, generally accepted rhinoplasty algorithm:

  1. Before the operation, the doctor plans a medical marker for the incision in the nose of the patient;
  2. First of all, defects such as the presence of a hump that needs to be removed are eliminated;
  3. after the steps are taken to straighten the partition to eliminate defects for medical reasons (if any);
  4. Further, the surgeon performs cosmetic corrections: narrows the tip of the nose, brings the bones of the nose together so that the nose looks narrower, shortens the length of the nose, and so on;
  5. then the final stage is performed: nose ligation, tire overlay.

The process of dressing is very important, as it supports the tissue and tip of the nose until it is completely restored and healed.

Recovery after rhinoplasty

The process of patient recovery after surgical rhinoplasty takes an average of two weeks. The duration of rehabilitation depends on the individual indicators of the body and the complexity of the operation. Patients are capable of independent life, after the first days after surgery they can wash their hair themselves.

The entire recovery process takes place at home and is divided into 2 stages:

  1. The first week of rehabilitation is characterized by the most unpleasant pain: swelling, pain, bruising. Patients have difficulty breathing, so the first time it is recommended to use vasoconstrictor drops. From blood clots, the inside of the nose must be washed with a special solution. Also, the nose must be treated with disinfectants.
  2. The second week – the cuff and bandage are remov
    ed, the swelling is usually preserved, the bruises begin to change color. During this period, it is necessary to take all prescribed drugs and not injure the nose.

After 14 days of the recovery period, edema begins to subside, bruises turn yellow, and blood leaves the eyes. The patient begins to return to his daily routine.

Possible complications of the operation

Popular complications of surgical rhinoplasty:

  • lack of the desired result;
  • long subsidence of edema;
  • the presence of hematomas;
  • bone deformation;
  • difficulty breathing due to narrowing of the lumen of the nostrils;
  • hardening of tissues at the tip of the nose;
  • lack of tissue sensitivity.

How to fix a woman’s nose with potatoes. Rhinoplasty, photo before and after surgery, price

Many uncomfortable sensations may remain temporarily after a recovery period, this is due to the individual response of the patient. But due to the erroneous actions of the surgeon, the patient can get serious problems with the respiratory system, which will be very difficult to fix.

How to simulate the shape of the nose in a non-surgical way

Non-surgical rhinoplasty technique involves the introduction of drugs under the skin. After examining the patient and listening to his wishes, the doctor determines which drugs should be used in working with this particular case. Next, an anesthetic cream is applied to the patient, then fillers are introduced into the correction sites.

The main disadvantages of this procedure:

  • short-term effect;
  • high price;
  • the need to maintain the result.

How do injections

An injection technique for adjusting the nose is always carried out using anesthetic gels, which are applied to the patient for some time on the skin for the effect of anesthesia.

There are 2 most popular methods of drug administration:

  • the introduction of gel hypoallergenic fillers to fill voids, dimples, and straighten irregularities on the nose;
  • use for the correction of hormonal drugs that are able to break down fat and excess tissue. This technique allows you to align your nose and visually reduce its tip.

How to fix a woman’s nose with potatoes. Rhinoplasty, photo before and after surgery, price

The procedure of rhinoplasty using tissue-soluble drugs requires a lot of experience from a specialist, since the result directly depends on the calculation of the dosage and the place of administration. Many doctors carry out this procedure in several stages, gradually observing the changes and introducing small doses of filler.

Injection Products

Types of drugs used for non-surgical rhinoplasty:

  • Gel fillers – used to correct external defects, for example, a protruding hump on the nose. The filler is injected subcutaneously with a thin needle:
  • Synthetic preparations – differ in the duration of the effect, now they are little used, since the decay products are not excreted from the body.
  • Biodegradable preparations – are eliminated from the body by 100%, are adjusted to the composition of the skin fiber and adipose tissue. The composition usually includes a large amount of hyaluronic acid and natural collagen. The effect of such procedures has to be constantly extended.
  • Autoimmune preparations – the composition contains real human fatty tissue. The introduction of such fillers under the skin has no contraindications. The body rarely rejects such fillers.

Autologous nose correction procedures are expensive.

Possible consequences and complications of injection rhinoplasty

The main, common complications:

  • severe pain during recovery;
  • the appearance of edema;
  • tissue densification at the injection site;
  • bruises
  • infectious infections;
  • hematomas;
  • allergy to filler;
  • deformation of the shape of the nose.

How to fix a woman’s nose with potatoes. Rhinoplasty, photo before and after surgery, price

Negative consequences can be short-term in nature, as an individual reaction of the body, but can remain for many years. With the first manifestations of complications, it is urgent to consult a specialist, since symptoms can signal infection of the body.

The cost of injection and surgical rhinoplasty

Surgical rhinoplasty is considered the most expensive plastic procedure, as it requires maximum attention and attention from the surgeon. The cost of a non-surgical adjustment procedure varies depending on the method chosen and the tasks set.

The introduction of fillers with hyaluronic acid can cost a patient from $ 190 – $ 340.

The price of a procedure with injections of hormonal drugs is from $ 476 – $ 612. Surgical rhinoplasty is much more expensive. Cost depends on complexity and defect. The average price in New York is $ 1564.

How to hide your nose with “potatoes” without surgery

Externally, the nose of potatoes in women can be corrected without surgery and injection. Proper makeup can change the shape of the nose, in the photo such a correction looks perfect.


To create the correct, correcting makeup, you need a high-quality tone – a sculptor having two colors: dark and light. Places that should look finer, for example, on both sides of the nose and at the bottom of the tip, are darkened.

How to fix a woman’s nose with potatoes. Rhinoplasty, photo before and after surgery, price

The top line of the nose bridge and the point on the tip of the nose are highlighted. Thus, the effect of a thin, aristocratic nose is created. It’s recommended that you go over the whitened places with a highlighter to give a glow effect to your face.


A well-chosen hairstyle can help hide a flaw such as a wide nose. For a distracting maneuver, you need to choose an interesting haircut or contrasting coloring. For the selection of a suitable solution, you must contact an experienced master who understands how to create a full-fledged image.


Hats with visors or brim help visually reduce the tip of the nose and distract the eyes from it.


Bright and interesting clothes will help to complete a full-fledged, attractive image, looking at which no one will notice the flaws.

How to fix a woman’s nose with potatoes. Rhinoplasty, photo before and after surgery, price

The nose of potatoes causes some women to have negative emotions about their appearance, especially when they look at their photos, as the camera tends to increase large facial features. Not every woman decides to lie under the surgeon’s knife, but without contraindications, you can correct the situation with the help of
injection plastic or a competent stylist.

Video about various ways to correct the shape of the nose in women

How to correct the nose with “potato” rhinoplasty method:

How to adjust the shape of the nose with makeup:

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