Butt exercises for girls at home and in the gym: basic, with dumbbells, isolating on the legs

Exercises aimed at the formation of beautiful, elastic buttocks are one of the most popular in the gym and at home. Most girls are dissatisfied with their appearance to varying degrees and want to add volume to their buttocks or reduce them, or adjust their shape by performing various sets of exercises for this.

Where to start

  1. It matters whether there is excess weight and how many extra pounds. If it’s one to 5, then playing sports it’s easy to get rid of them, but if BMI (body mass index) is 25% or more, then you need to start with a diet or switch to proper nutrition, while working on the muscles. Otherwise, beautiful elastic and toned muscles will be hidden by adipose tissue.
  2. It is important what lifestyle is currently being conducted. If he is sedentary, inactive, then you need to start with sparing classes, gradually increasing the load. If physical activity is regular, then you can start with more or less intense activities.
  3. You should reconsider your lifestyle, especially if there is an excess of mass. Replacing the elevator with a pedestrian lift, and the bus with a walk, you can accelerate the appearance of a visible result.
  4. The food should contain a sufficient amount of high-quality protein, since building material is necessary for the formation of the buttocks. High-quality protein can be obtained from meat (chicken breast is especially rich in it), cottage cheese and egg white, milk, lean fish, squid, and whey.
  5. It is advisable to include in the complex aimed at the formation of the buttocks, an anti-cellulite program (scrubs, wraps, creams, massage).
  6. Drink plenty of water.
  7. It is worth putting morning exercises into the daily routine – only 10-15 minutes.
  8. Excellent results are obtained by regular running.

Basic buttock exercises

Exercises that are designed to build beautiful buttocks and are recommended for girls can be divided into two groups: basic and isolating. Basic, they are also called multi-articular, are those that are designed to pump the main gluteal muscles, all at once.

If the goal is to create volume, then the proportion of such loads in the training should be 70-80% of all exercises. This will not only increase the volume, but also give elasticity to the pope, lift the buttocks, and make them round.

These exercises include:

  • deadlift Butt exercises for girls at home and in the gym: basic, with dumbbells, isolating on the legs
  • leg press
  • Squats of various widths, which are done with weights (dumbbells, barbell, in Smith’s car, etc.).

In addition, it is the completion of these exercises that requires the maximum number of calories.

Insulating buttock exercises

Exercises on the buttocks for girls, which allow you to achieve a beautiful relief and improve shape, are called insulating. Unlike the basic ones, they are designed for high-quality study of specific small muscles.

It could be:

  • bending and extension of legs while sitting, standing or lying down;
  • swings;
  • leads to the side or back;
  • exercises with a platform for the step;
  • gluteal bridge;
  • mixing and breeding of the hips.

Dumbbell Exercises

Weights for performing basic exercises are required, since it is thanks to the regularly increasing weight that is used to perform them that the muscles receive the necessary load, stimulating their growth. Don’t be afraid to use dumbbells or a barbell.

A woman who does not use special hormonal supplements will not be able to “pump” just because of the fact that in her body there is not the right amount of hormones responsible for the intensive increase in muscle.

But the use of additional mass affects the condition of the buttocks in the most favorable way. Insulating exercises are also performed with dumbbells or weights. Butt exercises for girls at home and in the gym: basic, with dumbbells, isolating on the legs

You can start with a very small weight or even without it, gradually increasing the load. All exercises must be performed correctly, monitoring the position of the legs and body so as not to get injured or sprained. Haste and sudden changes in body position should also be avoided. It is better to perform a squat 3-5 times, but correctly.

Absolutely any exercise for girls can be performed with dumbbells or special weights put on legs. At home with them it is convenient to do swings or leads. Instead of them, in this case also use an elastic band (expander). If the goal is to reduce the volume of the buttocks, then the use of dumbbells is optional, you can limit yourself to aerobic exercise.

Workout on the buttocks and legs at home

Home workouts can be very effective. They should be carried out two to 3 times a week, since the muscles need time to relax and recover. If we are talking about muscle building, then frequent exercises will not give a result not only faster and better, but not at all, except for tone.

You need to start any lesson by warming up, qualified trainers recommend giving her at least 10 minutes and working out her whole body and joints. Rotations of the head, arms, torso, swinging legs, running in place will make the muscles soft, joints flexible and protect against injuries.

After that, you can proceed directly to the exercises:

  1. Squats This exercise is performed in 3 versions – with a wide setting of the legs (feet wider than the shoulders), narrow (feet together) and medium (feet shoulder width apart). The toes of the legs look strictly forward or turned outward, you need to sit down until the knee joint forms an even angle. The back is even, the arms are pulled forward or held near the chest, while the pelvis goes back. To work out the technique, you can stand with your back to the open door, touching it with your heels, and try to close the door with your booty.
    Butt exercises for girls at home and in the gym: basic, with dumbbells, isolating on the legs
    Squats – the main exercises on the buttocks for girls, which must be performed regularly
  2. Lunges. There are straight and crossed. In the first version, one foot should be stepped straight forward and crouched. The knee should not go further than the toe when squatting. When squatted correctly, both legs form right angles in the knees. With crossed execution, a step is made forward and in the opposite direction, i.e. if the leg is right, then you need to step with a bias to the left. The knee and foot of two legs are on the same line. For greater efficiency, you can combine lunges with swings: taking the starting position, you should take your foot to the side or back.
  3. Buttocks walking . A simple but very effective exercise. You need to sit on the floor and, moving your buttocks, “pass” in this way through the room.
  4. Superman . Lying on your stomach, you should stretch straight arms forward, raise them and raise straight legs, holding the position as long as possible.
  5. Plank forward and reverse. A universal exercise in which buttocks, legs, abs and arms work. In the classic version, the support is on the toes of the legs and elbows, the body is stretched in a straight line,
    from the heels to the crown. The back strap is placed face up, the emphasis is on the heels and palms, the body also holds the pose of the “strap”, without bending. Stay in position should be the maximum possible time.
  6. Steps to the platform. If there is no special equipment, an ottoman or a stool is suitable, the main thing is that it is stable. You need to step on it with both legs alternately or approaches, for each leg separately.
  7. Mahi. Standing on all fours, one leg needs to be bent into a right angle and, lifting up, straighten. The same exercise is done with a straight leg, the toe is kept elongated or at an angle of 90. Butt exercises for girls at home and in the gym: basic, with dumbbells, isolating on the legs
  8. High chair. Standing near the wall and touching it with heels, buttocks and shoulder blades, glide down to the position that a person takes while sitting on a chair. Remain in this position for 3-5 seconds and also, without tearing off reference points, rise.
  9. Scissors . Lying on the floor face up, raise straight legs and, spreading them to the sides, reduce so that the left leg is higher. The breeding is repeated, but now the right leg should be at the top.
  10. Bike. The starting position is the same as for scissors. Feet lift and imitate pedaling.
  11. Buttock bridge. Lying on your back, bend your legs, making emphasis with your feet (you can hold the heels with your hands for greater convenience), raise the pelvis up. Complicating the exercise is as follows: the feet can be placed on any elevation, or one leg can be lifted up so that she looks up at the ceiling with her toe. When working with weight, a dumbbell is placed on the basin.

During the exercise, the buttocks should be squeezed at the extreme lower and upper points of the position, feeling how the necessary muscles work. The training ends with stretching exercises, this will help relieve tension, reduce the strength the next day.

Workout on the buttocks and legs in the gym

Exercises in the gym give an excellent result due to the variety of simulators. For many girls, visiting the hall is a motivating factor, setting up for fruitful activities.

And it allows you to quickly give the buttocks the desired shape:

  1. Squats . Perform with dumbbells or bar, placed on the shoulders. In the gym, you can work out this exercise in the Smith machine. They are done with different legs, and squats can be performed with emphasis not on the feet, but on the knees.
  2. Leg press platform. It works on the gluteal muscles and legs. When performed with straight feet standing next to each other, the load on the biceps of the thigh increases, with the feet wide apart and the socks outward, the inner part of the thighs is actively worked out, and the narrow setting of the feet focuses on the outer part of the quadriceps. Butt exercises for girls at home and in the gym: basic, with dumbbells, isolating on the legs
  3. Deadlift is useful for the formation of elastic, well-defined buttocks, it involves the main large muscles of the body. The starting position of the leg is shoulder width apart without bending the knees. Grip is done in the middle of the neck, knees are bent, the pelvis is laid back. The shoulder blades slightly flatten and keep the back straight. Looking forward, you need to slowly straighten your back to an even body position. The reverse move begins with the movement of the hips, not the knees. The Romanian variation is performed in the same way, but on straight legs, and the sumo thrust repeats the first (classical), but the setting of the legs is wide, as are the hands.
  4. Traction on one leg (Bulgarian squats, lunges) . It is made in the Bulgarian version of the deadlift, with one leg standing on the floor (the load is on it), and the second is laid back, bent at the knee and lies on a raised platform.
  5. Plier . A variety of squats, while the legs are as wide as possible, socks and knees are laid to the sides. You need to squat until your knees form right angles or lower (negative plie).
    Butt exercises for girls at home and in the gym: basic, with dumbbells, isolating on the legs

  6. Hyperextension .
    It is carried out in a special simulator, makes it possible to pump the buttocks and strengthen the back. When performing the legs are kept slightly apart.

If previously the girl has never visited the gym, it is advisable to take at least 1-2 workouts that will be held under the supervision of a trainer.

It will cost more than independent classes, but a professional will show how to use the simulators and put in the technique of performance. Such “extra” expenses will save you from injuries due to violation of the technology of exercises and will positively affect the result.

How many repetitions do

To achieve the goal, you need to follow the training schedule and know how many repetitions of each exercise you need to do. Buttock growth occurs when muscle tissue receives microtrauma (fissures) that the body heals in between workouts.

Repeat each exercise included in the training should be from 15 to 20 times with 3-5 approaches. The load is selected such that the last two times are done at the limit of forces.

How to increase the load

Another point that affects the result is proper weight selection. It is better to start training without weights, working exclusively with body weight, this is important primarily for those girls who have a high BMI (otherwise this will create additional stress on the joints of the legs).

Gradually, getting in tone, weights are added. For starting, training with small dumbbells of 1 -2 pounds is suitable, the next day it will be clear as to whether it is worth moving on. Women do not have the syndrome of “muscle failure”, as in men, she will not be able to do the exercise really with all her strength – this is how the body works. Butt exercises for girls at home and in the gym: basic, with dumbbells, isolating on the legs

But with the right weight, the last one or two actions will be very, very difficult to perform. When after one or several training sessions with this weight there is a feeling that after the last exercise in the approach you can work further, this will be a signal th
at it is time to throw 1 -2 pounds to the dumbbells.

How to increase efficiency

If a girl is well engaged, has a good rest and eats properly, but there is no result, then it only seems to her that she is doing it right. An ideal body is not created in a month, but during this time the very first hints of a change in shape should already appear.

It is advisable to visit the gym or perform exercises at home on the same days, evenly distributing the workouts. The human body respects the graphics and gratefully responds to them.

Lose weight at the table, not in the gym. Training is the quality of the body, and the fight against excess weight is in the kitchen. But an excessive calorie deficit will not lead to the goal. In drawing up the menu and diet, common sense is needed.

If a girl correctly and regularly performs exercises on the buttocks, then the result is manifested quickly, since anatomically in women the lower half of the body is more muscular and more willing to respond to training than in men.

A positive attitude, regular, intensive training and proper nutrition are prerequisites for achieving this goal.

Video on how to pump up the buttocks

How to quickly pump up your hips and buttocks:

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