How to build legs and buttocks at home. Effective exercises

The adherent of hypodynamia is intolerable to the idea of walking, running or climbing stairs to the upper floor. There is only one way out of this disastrous state – to build up leg muscles. At home, organizing such a charge is very easy.

How to swing legs

The hips, lower legs, feet have a large load, which consists of body weight, efforts when moving, standing, carrying heavy loads. The higher the excess weight, the greater the pressure and the risk of displacements in the joints of the legs, arches of the feet. Progressive curvature, multiplied by age-related arthritic-arthritic diseases, can immobilize, put a person in a wheelchair. How to build legs and buttocks at home. Effective exercises

“Shake your legs at home” – a program to strengthen muscles, which consists in regularity, proper distribution and gradual increase in physical effort. The schedule is built at the rate of 3-4 workouts per week, which are held 1-1.5 hours after a meal.

It is necessary to observe the recommended technique for performing each exercise in order to avoid strong fit, poor health, sprains and more serious injuries.

Exercises for legs at home

Do-it-yourself workouts help correct body imperfections. A male torso with excellent relief, leaning on thin limp legs, looks ridiculous. A woman with a well-groomed appearance, in a beautiful tight-fitting dress simply does not have the right to demonstrate saggy buttocks, flabby contours of her hips, and a heavy gait. How to build legs and buttocks at home. Effective exercises

What settings you need to start with:

  • choose the appropriate duration, pace, load;
  • work out all the muscles sequentially;
  • evenly increase the load by adding the number of repetitions, approaches, and later – weighting agents;
  • be sure to do a warm-up (10 min.) to warm up the leg, heart, respiratory muscles;
  • finish the workout with deep breathing exercises that restore normal lung and heart function.

Squats for legs and buttocks

Exercise allows you to work out the gluteal muscles, medial (median) and internal muscles of the thighs.

How to build legs and buttocks at home. Effective exercises
Squats are the simplest and most effective exercises at home in the “swing legs and buttocks” program.

Starting position – feet shoulder-width apart, turned outward by 35 °, rest on the floor with the entire surface; the back is straight, the press is tense; arms extended forward.

Squat Technique:

  1. Sinking down on a breath, lean forward a little with a straight back.
  2. At the lower point, keep the knees above the feet, focus on the heels with a delay of 1-2 s.
  3. With an exhale, rise without bringing your knees.

Repeat until burning sensation in the legs.

Side lunges

Exercise involves the femoral, gluteal muscles, calves. Involving press, lower back. The breeches are adjusted. How to build legs and buttocks at home. Effective exercises

Initial stance – the back is even, the press is picked up, the hands on the belt, the feet apart, slightly turned to the sides.

Technique of execution:

  1. Inhaling, gently take a step to the left, and move the center of gravity there. Straight back forward slightly forward.
  2. Squat to the right angle in the knee, the right leg is flat.
  3. Breathing out, bend the knee. Slightly pushing back into a straight stance.

Repeat to the right.

Cross lunges

The stand is the same as for the side lunges. How to build legs and buttocks at home. Effective exercises

Technique of execution:

  1. On inspiration, step back with your right foot, leading it behind your left as in a curtsy.
  2. The knee of the hind leg drops, slightly not reaching the floor. Reliance on the sock, which, together with the knee joint, looks straight. At the lower point, a gluteal tension is felt. The knee of the front leg is bent, does not go beyond the line of the fingers and with them turned outward. The front heel keeps the body from blocking.
  3. As you exhale rise. Perform a series of lunges from the same position, or by changing your leg.


Amplitude rises strengthen muscles, hip joints, break down cellulite. Machs forward, backward, sideways are performed in separate series or in combination. First hold on to the support or are located on the floor. How to build legs and buttocks at home. Effective exercises

For standing swings it is necessary that the head, back, legs are on the same vertical line. Each rise accompanies an exhalation. Pulling your fingers toward yourself enhances muscle tension. The back does not bend, the body does not deviate. Lifting height increases gradually.

Swing on the floor in 2 ways from one position – emphasis on the knees and elbows. From the head to the buttocks is a horizontal line.

Technique of execution:

  1. Bring the working leg back to the toes. Raise it straight or bent, pushing the heel up. Do not lower the floor before subsequent swings. No need to raise your head, bend your lower back.
  2. Leave the working leg, without straightening, sideways. As you exhale, swing forward with your knee. On inspiration, take your leg back, straightening a little. Strength invested in moving the knee forward. Do not deflect the housing to the side.

Rope jumping

In adulthood, skipping gives a big burden on the heart, so you should start with 1 min. jumping, inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth. They increase the duration of skipping when breathing becomes confidently rhythmic, and heart rate is kept within 120. How to build legs and buttocks at home. Effective exercises

How to perform:

  • Exercise with a rope in 3-4 sets of 7-10 minutes.
  • During the jump, the elbows are pressed to the body, the back is straight.
  • The rotation of the rope is created only by brushes.
  • It’s easier to practice rhythmic music, replacing bouncing with both legs for left-right jumps or moving forward.

Gluteus bridge

Lying on the mat face up, confirm bent legs on the floor. Raise one leg vertically, with the other heel rest against the floor. Using the buttock muscles, lift the body to the shoulders. After a delay of 2-4 s, gently lower. Repeat the same in mirror image.

Options, technique for performing the exercise “gluteal bridge”:

Dumbbell Exercises

“We swing legs at home with weights” – a section of the program that provides f
or the use of sports or home-made devices.

These are the following devices:

  • dumbbells;
  • small discs from the bar;
  • metal balls;
  • plastic bottles with water or sand.

Weighting compounds are addressed when the following exercises become easy to perform:

  1. Plie — legs are widely spaced, socks are turned outward as far as possible, arms with dumbbells are lowered. Squat slowly, hold for 2-3 seconds, rise to the starting position. How to build legs and buttocks at home. Effective exercises
  2. Lunges – hands with dumbbells constantly down, a step forward, hind knee down, rise. How to build legs and buttocks at home. Effective exercises
  3. Deadlift – with 2 dumbbells or barbell tilt the body down to the feet. At the same time, the pelvis is retracted, the buttock force is used to lift. How to build legs and buttocks at home. Effective exercises
  4. Jumping – hands with dumbbells on the sides, squat and, pushing off with heels, jump on the rise.

Caviar Exercises

Regular exercises will make the legs not only strong, hardy, but also more beautiful due to the symmetrically convex calf muscles. Girls shouldn’t pump them much.


  1. Pistol – lifting forward straight legs (“muzzle”) and squatting on the other. The same with the load. How to build legs and buttocks at home. Effective exercises
  2. Walking on straight, unfolded toes.
  3. Skipping.
  4. Run.

Climbing toes

In these exercises, the muscles of the core (on the abdomen, back, buttocks, hips), which ensure the stability of the spine, are tensed.


  1. Stand straight, feet shoulder-width apart, arms down. Move the center of gravity to the toes, with a slight tilt of the body forward, sit on your toes. By taking the coccyx back at this moment, balance is achieved. Hands are on the hips. The squat depth is half. How to build legs and buttocks at home. Effective exercises
  2. Socks are apart, looking forward. Tearing your heels off the floor, rise on your fingers as high as possible. Fix in this position for 2-3 seconds, go down the whole foot.
  3. Balance on 1 toe. Raise the second leg, bending at the knee. Alternate lifts on both limbs. How to build legs and buttocks at home. Effective exercises
  4. Press against the wall with your back and hands, stand on your toes. Perform a series of pendulum (cross) swings with one, then the second leg.
  5. To stand with your fingers on the edge of the step, steps. On the shoulders is a bar or bar from it. Rise and fall with heels in the air. Perform smoothly, with fading at the highest point for 2-3 seconds.

Lying on the floor

For horizontal training, you will need a thin roll or thick mat, composed of “puzzle” segments.

Exercise Technique:

  1. The face looks up, hands along the body on the floor, feet on the feet. Move the right foot to the left knee, make a series of buttock lifts. Repeat to the other side. How to build legs and buttocks at home. Effective exercises
  2. Lying on its side, legs straight, hand supports the head. Gently raise the upper leg by 90 ° with the effort of the gluteal and femoral muscles (without lower back tension). Repeat in series on each side.
  3. In the same position, place the upper foot on the mat in front of the knee. Raise and lower the lower leg, controlling the stability of the body.

How to pump muscles of the leg without squats

One of the most effective workouts – squatting – is not accessible to everyone due to existing injuries, hemorrhoids, and heavy weight.

There are other ways to strengthen the lower legs:

  • walking up and down the slopes, on the stairs, including stepping up through 1 step, using weighting materials in the form of 2 bags or a backpack;
  • cycling routes;
  • swimming with an emphasis on legs.

How to build legs and buttocks at home. Effective exercises

In the exercise “boat” not only the calf muscles, but the whole body are actively working. Lying on his stomach, stretch and raise his arms and legs. After 2–3 s, relax. Alternatively, you can swing longitudinally on the stomach.

Complexes of exercises for different leg muscle groups

At home, if necessary, you can pump legs selectively, for example, to adjust the contour in their problem areas.

For the wide front muscles (quadriceps)

Sit on a stool, a hard chair. Raise the socks of the legs together, lay on them a heavy backpack, barbell. Grasping hands on the sides of the seat, raise the lower part of the limbs to a straight line with the knees. How to build legs and buttocks at home. Effective exercisesDo not fall back, do not jerk. Initially, 10 lifts in 3 sets with an interval of well-being are enough.

For the back of the thighs, calves

Lie on your stomach so that your legs hang from your knee. Closer to the feet to put the load. Lift it, bending your knees. Perform the same number of times as in the previous exercise.

For lateral thighs

Lying sideways on the rug, straighten your legs, socks on yourself, hand under your head. Raise the leg up so much so that the second can join it. Lower limbs one after another.

Burpee for buttocks, front and back muscles of legs

Consistently, without stopping, the following are executed: How to build legs and buttocks at home. Effective exercises

  • deep squat;
  • strap;
  • push ups;
  • deep squat
  • climb in a jump.

Variations of “Climber” for all muscles.

  1. Standing in a high bar on straight arms (later on 1 arm) or in a low bar (on arms bent at the elbows), pull the knee forward and pull back, simulating climbing mountains in series on each side. In the starting position of the legs together. How to build legs and buttocks at home. Effective exercises
  2. Leaning in a lateral position on the palm of a straight hand, place the feet on the floor sideways and one after another. Raise the upper and lower knees alternately in front of you.
  3. In high bar legs wide. “Walk” with your knees forward along the homonymous sides of the body, in the next block – along opposite ones (diagonal). Another option is to return the foot not to the starting point, but with a step back each time to the left by 3-4 steps, then also to the right.
  4. Leaning on the bar with outstretched arms, jump with your legs bent back and forth, sideways, to the starting point. How to build legs and buttocks at home. Effective exercises
  5. With your hands on your feet, set your socks on a raised platform so that your head and heels are at the same level. Without bending, tighten your knees in turn.

Weekly lesson schedule

“Shaking our feet at home” may seem like a monotonous program. But it is not necessary to make the same movements every time. It is necessary to distribute them into 3-4 groups according to the days of training, pick up stimulating music, involve family members and friends in the classes. How to build legs and buttocks at home. Effective exercises

Example of grouping exercises during the week:

Day of the week Traffic Number of repetitions
Monday Joints from the neck to the ankles 10 time.
Jumping – legs to the side, clap hands over head 30 sec
Running without moving
Skipping 100 time.
Regular squats 20 time. x 3 sets
Buttock bridge 10 time. x 3
Simple bar 30 s x 3
The final stretching of the muscles of the legs 30 s.
Tuesday Warm up 10 time.
Squats 15 time. x 6
Squats 20 s., 10 s. – rest, total – 3 min.
Burpy 10 time. x 3
Jump Squat
Stretching 30 s.
Thursday Warm up 10 time.
Running without moving 30 sec
Skipping 100 time.
Jumping on a step directly, sideways; quick touch of the edge of the step with the fingers of each foot 7-10 minutes
Lunges 10 time. x 3
Lifting buttocks with arms resting on the bench from behind 10 time. x 3
Trims: Plain, Side 30 s.
Friday Warm up 10 time.
Jump Squat 10 time. x 6
Strap 30 sec after 30 s recreation, only 6 approaches


Climber variations


30 s. after 30 s rest, first to the end do 2 cycles
Stretching 30 s.

Professional Tips

  • Training should take place in a well-ventilated room, because burning fat, active heart, lungs need oxygen;
  • It is important to correctly assess the adequacy of the load – not to spare efforts, but also not to bring yourself to overwork;
  • To a large extent, the success of training depends on a balanced protein, carbohydrate, fat, nutrition. During classes you need to periodically drink good quality water.

Beautiful posture, muscular strong legs, easy gait, stamina – all this can be obtained at home , if you break away from the TV, computer, beer and begin to regularly pump up muscles.

Video on the topic: swing legs at home

Effective exercises for pumping leg muscles at home:

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