Dysport in cosmetology. Photos before and after use, reviews of cosmetologists and patients, price

Dysport is the trade name for botulinum toxin, which belongs to type A. Reviews of cosmetologists and patients who have undergone cosmetic skin restoration, eliminate facial wrinkles indicate the high effectiveness of this tool.

Features of Botulinum Toxin Dysport

Dysport is an injectable drug that was originally used as a medicine to relax muscle fibers. The main feature of the drug is that type A botulinum toxin contained in the medication acts on the muscles and nerve endings as a local relaxant.

This property of the drug makes it a universal tool for use in medicine and cosmetology. Dysport can be introduced into all areas of the body, depending on which corrective cosmetic procedure is necessary to perform.

Subject to proper use of the drug and strict adherence to the technique of injecting into the subcutaneous layer of the body, Dysport is a completely safe remedy. In the field of ophthalmology, it is used to treat children from 2 years of age.

Dysport in cosmetology. Photos before and after use, reviews of cosmetologists and patients, price
The article provides reviews on the drug Dysport from clients and cosmetologists.

In the cosmetic field, women who have reached the age of 30-40 years resort to the procedure for using botulinum toxin. Dysport can be used as the main and independent tool for removing facial hypertension, as well as for the prevention of facial wrinkles.

Benefits in Cosmetology

The reviews of cosmetologists and patients who used Dysport indicate that this is the best method of getting rid of wrinkles, wrinkles, and increased muscle fiber tone in the eye area, the eyebrow zone, in the circumference of the oral cavity, on the surface of the frontal lobe of the head.

The advantages of using the drug in the field of cosmetology are that specialists manage to provide the patient with the following effects of rejuvenation:

  • eliminate transverse wrinkles formed over the years as a result of laughter;
  • raise the nasolabial folds that hang over the general contour of the face;
  • remove wrinkles on the surface of the lower eyelid;
  • to relax the overstrained muscles of the facial disc responsible for chewing function (their hypertonicity creates the illusion of massive lower jaw);
  • eliminate wrinkles in the circumference of the eyes that appeared due to poor vision or the habit of squinting your eyes;
  • to tighten epithelial tissues in the neck and decollete area, which is especially true for women over 40;
  • align the contour of the face oval, restore its geometry and symmetry, which, under the influence of age-related changes, can be disturbed;
  • to raise the contour of the eyebrows and corners of the mouth, making the smile more feminine, harmonious and without exposing the gums;
  • eliminate excessive sweating in certain areas of the body where a large number of sebaceous and sweat glands are concentrated.

Dysport in cosmetology. Photos before and after use, reviews of cosmetologists and patients, price

During the administration of the drug, ultra-thin needles are used that cause minimal damage to the skin. Dysport contains an insignificant concentration of neurotoxin butulin.

Due to this, there is an exclusively local effect of muscle relaxation without the spread of the drug into neighboring tissues and its entry into the blood. In the cosmetology industry, Dysport injections have been used for 20 years. At least 200 clinical trials have been performed, confirming the high effect and safety of the cosmetic product.

The difference between Dysport and Botox

Dysport (reviews of cosmetologists and patients indicate an excellent anti-aging effect from the use of these drugs) is an injectable drug containing neurotoxin type A butulin. The main component of Botox is similar, but there are still slight differences between these drugs.

The table below shows the comparative characteristics of Dysport and Botox, as well as the difference between these drugs.

Dysport in cosmetology. Photos before and after use, reviews of cosmetologists and patients, price

Name of cosmetic Distinctive features
Dysport The neurotoxin group of protein compounds is contained in a concentration of 12.5 ng. Dysport contains less albumin and excipients. Dysport contains lactose. According to cosmetologists, in order to achieve the necessary cosmetological effect of Dysport, it is necessary to use a larger amount than Botox.
Botox In the bottle of Botox, the protein complex does not exceed a concentration of 5 ng. The level of albumin is increased, and auxiliary components are represented in smaller quantities. In Botox, lactose is replaced by sodium chloride. The drug is available in bottles of a smaller capacity than Dysport.

In other characteristics, cosmetic products are almost identical. Both Botox and Dysport are injected into the patient’s body. They do not cause circulatory pathologies, only muscle fibers are paralyzed exclusively in the field of cosmetic procedures. Patients do not feel any differences after the administration of Botox or Dysport.

Indications for use

Dysport (reviews of cosmetologists and patients indicate a positive effect from the use of the drug) is indicated for use by women from 30 years old who have the following problems with the skin of the face and other parts of the body:

  • the presence of multiple wrinkles on the surface of the frontal lobe of the head, in the area of the eyebrows and around the eyes;
  • wrinkles on the surface of the lower eyelid;
  • excessive tension of the chin muscles;
  • omitted corners of the oral cavity, creating the effect of constantly dull facial expressions;
  • the need for gum correction;
  • violation of the oval of the face, the appearance of signs of sagging skin of the cheeks;
  • sagging skin of the neck and decollete;
  • smoothing the contour of the protruding muscles, which are responsible for the function of chewing food;
  • hypertonicity of all or certain groups of facial muscles that cause discomfort, cause premature aging and the formation of multiple facial wrinkles.

Dysport in cosmetology. Photos before and after use, reviews of cosmetologists and patients, price

In addition, injections with Dysport are indicated for women who have wide cheekbones, who want to adjust the contour of the zygomatic-orbital joints and improve facial contours. Using botulinum toxin injections, simultaneous lifting of the neck, face and decollete can be done using the Nefertiti technique.

Contraindications (including during pregnancy, lactation)

Dysport (reviews of cosmetologists and patients indicate a positive effect from the use of this drug) is a drug that has a small number of restrictions on the use. Before using a cosmetic product, derma
tologists conduct a conversation with the patient, find out the potential risks, the presence of chronic diseases.

Dysport is contraindicated if the client has the following diseases and pathological conditions of the body:

  • myasthenia gravis, as well as other disorders of neuromuscular origin;
  • hemophilia and blood pathologies associated with an increased or decreased platelet count;
  • individual intolerance to the main and auxiliary components of the drug;
  • local inflammation of the skin, which develops in close proximity to the injection site.

Dysport in cosmetology. Photos before and after use, reviews of cosmetologists and patients, price

In addition to the above restrictions on the use of Dysport due to the presence of concomitant diseases, the drug is contraindicated in women who are pregnant, as well as lactating the baby with breast milk.

Introduction zones

The drug Dysport is injected into the body through injection injections. The areas for applying cosmetic products are determined individually by the cosmetologist in the process of preparing the client for the procedure. Problem areas of the body are identified that require contour correction or relaxation of excessively tense muscles.

The following administration areas for Dysport are:

  • cheek surface;
  • interbrow space;
  • nasolabial folds;
  • frontal lobe of the head;
  • the chin and the entire nose triangle;
  • the entire surface of the neck;
  • decollete zone, including its deep part;
  • contour of the zygomatic-orbital joints;
  • completely all areas of the oval of the face.

Dysport in cosmetology. Photos before and after use, reviews of cosmetologists and patients, price

A cosmetic product can be dosed into other parts of the body where sweat and sebaceous glands are concentrated. In this case, the effect of reducing excessive sweating is achieved, excessive activity of glandular tissues is removed, and the quality of life of the patient is improved.

The dosage of the administration of Dysport injections depends on the area and purpose of using the anti-aging agent. On average, from 0 – 0,1 fluid ounce of the drug is administered per injection.

To smooth facial wrinkles on the face, a minimal amount of botulinum toxin is sufficient. Restoring the elasticity of the skin of the neck and decollete requires large doses of the drug. The final dosage is determined by a cosmetologist based on the results of an external examination of the patient.


Dysport (reviews of cosmetologists and patients say that the long-term effect of using the drug is preserved) is a tool for relaxing muscle fibers and smoothing wrinkles, the use of which requires a minimum of preparatory procedures.

Dysport in cosmetology. Photos before and after use, reviews of cosmetologists and patients, price

On the day of the cosmetology session, the following recommendations are required:

  • Do not apply any cosmetics on the surface of the skin;
  • sleep well, wake up no later than 3 hours before the cosmetology procedure;
  • 24 hours before the session, do not drink alcohol and drugs;
  • on the day of injection, wash your face with warm water and a hypoallergenic soap without using special cosmetics;
  • to keep the face warm, to prevent hypothermia of its epithelial tissues, as well as the neck and decollete.

If botulinum toxin is to be introduced into the part of the body where the sweat and sebaceous glands are concentrated, it is recommended to take care of the hair removal in the area of application of the drug 48 hours before the session. So it will be possible to remove signs of excessive sweating, ensure compliance with hygiene standards and simplify the process of performing the procedure.


The procedure for conducting a cosmetology session to rejuvenate the skin of the face and other parts of the body using injections of botulinum neurotoxin is performed in compliance with the following technique:

  1. The patient undergoes sterile conditions in a beauty parlor designed specifically for such procedures.
  2. He sits down in a chair or lies down on a couch, depending on the application of Dysport.
  3. A cosmetologist performs antiseptic treatment of epithelial tissues.
  4. In a disposable sterile syringe, from 0 – 0,1 fluid ounce of the drug is drawn.
  5. The skin is punctured with a needle of a syringe, and injection contents are injected into the epithelial and muscle tissues.
  6. After removing the needle, the skin is re-treated with an antiseptic solution.

Dysport in cosmetology. Photos before and after use, reviews of cosmetologists and patients, price

The average duration of a cosmetology session is 15-20 minutes.

At its completion, the patient can independently leave the clinic and return to his usual lifestyle. Full restoration of the appearance and smoothing of the skin can occur after 2-3 weeks, but in most cases the cosmetic effect is noticeable much earlier.

Discomfort level

During the injection of Dysport, there is indeed a slight feeling of discomfort. It is associated with damage to epithelial tissues with a syringe needle. The moment of injection of neurotoxin does not cause pain, burning or other unpleasant sensations.

After the procedure is completed, in places where the injections were made, there may be a slight swelling and swelling, which completely disappears within 1-2 weeks.

During this period, the maximum cosmetological effect of the performed rejuvenation procedure is observed. If all actions are performed correctly, there are no complications, then there should no longer be any manifestation of feelings of discomfort.


During the rehabilitation period, the patient should monitor the hygiene of that part of the body where Dysport injections were administered. In the morning and evening, it is necessary to perform drainage massage of epithelial tissues, but without squeezing the skin.

Dysport in cosmetology. Photos before and after use, reviews of cosmetologists and patients, price

Washing should be done with warm water and a hypoallergenic soap. It is recommended to rinse the treated skin once a day with a decoction of chamomile. The average duration of the rehabilitation period is 7-14 days.

Complications and consequences

Most patients who underwent a course of cosmetic procedures with the introduction of botulinum toxin do not face negative consequences.

If the rules of rehabilitation, preparation and execution of the Rejuvenation rejuvenation session are violated, the following complications are possible:

  • the attachment of a bacterial infection;
  • extensive edema of epithelial tissues in the area of drug administration;
  • muscle fiber inflammation;
  • damage and dysfunction of the facial ner
  • increase in body temperature;
  • violation of the symmetry of the face.

Dysport in cosmetology. Photos before and after use, reviews of cosmetologists and patients, price

All of the above pathologies require diagnosis by a dermatologist or surgeon. When the indicated symptoms appear, it is necessary to seek medical help as soon as possible.

When the effect comes, how long does it last

The full-fledged cosmetic effect of Dysport injections occurs 2-3 weeks after the completion of the procedure. During this period of time, the rehabilitation process is completely completed, injured tissues are restored, edema goes away. The main component of the drug – botulinum toxin type A begins to show its effect.

The average duration of 1 injection is up to 6 months.

Restrictions and prohibitions after Dysport beauty injections

Dysport injections are safe and provide the minimum amount of risks that may arise after the completion of a rejuvenation session.

Over the next 2 weeks, it is recommended to adhere to the following rules , which will ensure the fastest possible restoration of the skin and muscle tissues of the face, as well as other parts of the body:

  • avoid overcooling of the skin where the drug was injected;
  • avoid injury and compression squeezing of epithelial tissues;
  • balance your diet;
  • monitor the hygiene of the face, neck, decollete;
  • do not drink alcohol and drugs, as they help weaken the immune system;
  • exclude bathing in open reservoirs and public pools;
  • 3 days after performing the anti-aging procedure, refuse to use cosmetics.

Dysport in cosmetology. Photos before and after use, reviews of cosmetologists and patients, price

All instructions of a cosmetologist regarding the recovery period are mandatory. This will eliminate the likelihood of complications and accelerate the full recovery of epithelial tissues, smoothing wrinkles, removing edema and the inflammatory process.

Anti-Aging Price

The cost of the anti-aging procedure directly depends on the number of injections, the introduction of which will be required to achieve a cosmetic result, as well as the complexity of the work. On average, a session of smoothing wrinkles, relaxing muscles in a state of hypertonicity is $ 61 – $ 109.

Dysport in cosmetology. Photos before and after use, reviews of cosmetologists and patients, price

The reviews of patients and cosmetologists who used the drug Dysport indicate a positive result of the rejuvenation of the face and all parts of the body. The composition of this tool contains botulinum neurotoxin, the concentration of which is safe for the human body.

The local action of injections ensures local activity of the drug without its penetration into the blood and tissues of internal organs. Dysport is indicated for women over 30 who have experienced the problem of facial wrinkles, impaired facial symmetry, and sagging skin.

Useful videos about Dysport and its effectiveness

What is better Botox or Dysport:

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