Cindy Crawford Photos now, in youth, changes before and after plastics

Supermodel Cindy Crawford, whose photos in 90 adorned all the famous glossy publications. At 53, the popular actress and TV presenter still does not cease to delight the million-strong army of fans with a flowering appearance and figure, forcing ordinary women to imitate their idol.

Cindy Crawford in his youth

Cindy Crawford (full name Cynthia Ann Crawford) was born on February 20, 1966 in the US state of Illinois. In childhood, the future top model was considered an ugly duckling, which classmates and relatives made fun of. Cindy’s sister called her famous mole a “nasty mark.”

This distinctive feature of the model will be retouched by photographers for a long time, but on the way to fame, the actress flatly refuses to eliminate the mole, which later became her calling card. Harvesting on a corn field forever changed the girl’s life.

The young Cindy got into the picture in the report “On Corn Harvesting” and was noticed by a glossy photographer, offering the teenager a contract with a modeling agency. At the age of 17, Cindy first appeared on the podium, and the ugly duckling ridiculed in the district turned into a beautiful swan in an instant. In 90, Miss Crawford admires the beauty and aristocracy of fans around the world.

Cindy Crawford Photos now, in youth, changes before and after plastics

Fashion publications are fighting for the honor of publishing photos of a young woman, offering for a photo shoot from 60000 US dollars.

Together with Claudia Slate and Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford becomes one of the most successful fashion models of the late 20th century, the face of well-known cosmetic brands and Versace fashion house. Karl Lagerfeld called Crawford “an angel with classic beauty.” At the end of 90 years. the top model is declared the second most beautiful woman in the world (second only to actress Demi Moore).

Having conquered the catwalks, Cindy tries herself as an actress, appearing in 13 films, among which stand out:

  • “Fair game”;
  • “Studio 54”;
  • “Cougar Town”.

The personal life of the top model has developed no less successfully.

The star was married twice:

  • With Richard Gere, Cindy lived for about 4 years and broke up due to the fact that her husband did not consider her an independent person.
  • With Randy Gerber, the supermodel has been married for over 20 years. According to the star, the best spouses are obtained from former friends.

Cindy Crawford Photos now, in youth, changes before and after plastics

Cindy Crawford has always had a gorgeous figure, supported by regular sports activities and diet.

Parameters of the top model in his youth:

Height 5’8 foot
Weight 115 pounds
Chest-Waist-Hips 88-66-89
Bust 2nd size
Hair Chestnut
Eyes Brown

To maintain beauty in 1992, the top model developed her own set of exercises, releasing it in the form of video tutorials, in which she motivates women by personal example to engage in their appearance. At the beginning of 2000 Cindy Crawford has ceased to appear on the podium, but still poses for magazines and occasionally starred in films.

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Beauty secrets

Cindy Crawford (photos of a 52-year-old supermodel posing with her husband and children regularly meet in glossy magazines) believes that the key to beauty lies in constant cosmetic procedures, training and a healthy lifestyle. The top model from youth adheres to her own program for the care of her skin, hair, figure:


Cindy recommends starting to monitor facial skin from a youth.

The main care procedures of the top model:

  • After waking up, Mrs. Gerber cleanses the skin and then applies serum with hyaluronic acid to fill the cells with moisture.

Cindy Crawford Photos now, in youth, changes before and after plastics

  • After 5-10 minutes after absorbing serum, the top model drives a day cream into the skin, and after 15 minutes. lubricates the face with a care agent with SFP factor. The star considers sun protection the main component of preserving a youthful face.
  • In the evening, Cindy rinses off her makeup (after a photo shoot, she has to do it twice), applies caring serum to nourish tissue cells and a cream to smooth the skin around the eyes.
  • Once a month, a star goes through a salon procedure (on the advice of a cosmetologist).
  • Mandatory makeup of the top model consists of lip gloss, blush and mascara. In the evening, decorative cosmetics must be removed.
  • After each photo session, Cindy thoroughly cleanses her face from cosmetics (sometimes twice), applies a hot towel to the skin (to expand pores and remove impurities).
  • The top model nourishes the cells, lubricating the skin with avocado or peach oil.
  • Cindy adheres to Cleopatra’s covenants and tries to wash her milk 3-4 times a week.
  • The star has a special care brush for the face, the use of which helps the skin wake up, enhances blood circulation and removes morning swelling and traces of the pillow.
  • After the plane, the actress always applies a serum that gives the face a radiance.

Cindy Crawford Photos now, in youth, changes before and after plastics

  • Cindy does not eat soy sauce and does not drink wine. These products provoke the appearance of bags under the eyes. The star has replaced seasoning with lemon, and prefers tequila instead of wine.


Healthy hair is the pride of a top model. Cindy Crawford believes that face problems can be corrected by plastic surgery, but untidy, faded hair will always give out the true age of a woman. For a long time, the hair of the top model was subjected to styling that injured them.

Now the actress is trying to minimize the use of chemicals and electrical appliances when creating a hairstyle, as well as:

  • Daily 10 min. massage the scalp and thoroughly comb the hair.
  • Before classes in the gym, he applies a nourishing mask to the ends of the hair (after training, the curls are thoroughly washed).
  • Supports natural chestnut color with tinted shampoos without using ammonia-based pa

Cindy Crawford Photos now, in youth, changes before and after plastics

  • Applies a mask with avocado, olive or coconut oil to the scalp.
  • She goes to bed, be sure to collect her hair in a bun, which helps to get smooth curls in the morning.
  • Does not use elastic bands, supporting styling with stealth or studs.

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The beautiful figure of the top model is the result of constant sports training. Cindy Crawford visits the gym 2-3 times a week, where she is engaged in a special program that has been followed for over 20 years.

Maintain the shape of a star:

  • cardiovascular equipment;
  • lunges and squats;
  • light weight power loads.

Once a week, a top model goes hiking with her friend or goes on a family bike ride. Cindy hates running, believing that his head only hurts.

In addition to sports, the top model:

  • Spends 20 minutes once a week. in the infrared sauna, where he reads calmly. Such rest normalizes sleep, relaxes the body and removes excess water. Infrared rays blink the skin to produce collagen to prevent aging.
  • After a shower, it applies emollient oil to moist skin, which it buys in a pharmacy.
  • Daily rubs the body with a brush for the body (the movement always directs to the heart muscle). This massage eliminates dead skin cells, normalizes lymphatic drainage and prevents cellulite.

Cindy Crawford Photos now, in youth, changes before and after plastics

  • Every 6-7 weeks carries out laser hair removal. According to the star, this painful procedure (opened by her about 3 years ago) is vital, because after it the skin looks healthy and rejuvenated.
  • Before training, always applies nourishing creams to the skin of the feet (under socks).


The top model promotes proper nutrition, but does not accept fasting. According to the star, a hungry body begins to store fats in reserve, which only harms the figure.

Cindy has been following the Mediterranean diet for a long time, consisting of fish, seafood, fresh vegetables and fruits.

Healthy food, according to the star, helps her stay in shape for a long time.

Cindy Crawford’s diet:

  • For breakfast, the top model always drinks a freshly squeezed smoothie made from almond milk, half a banana, coconut chips, spinach.
  • Cindy prefers to dine on chicken salad.
  • A star dies with his family, but never eats complex carbohydrates.
  • The top model loves juices, but does not accept juice diets.
  • Cindy never drinks coffee, preferring green tea.
    Cindy Crawford Photos now, in youth, changes before and after plastics
    Cindy Crawford loves to make freshly squeezed juices herself. The photo shows one of these juices by preparing the model itself.
  • Miss Crawford’s favorite dish is a vegetable soup made from potatoes, cabbage, celery, carrots and onions. A star can eat it all day, which it does when it is at home alone.


According to Cindy Crawford, the secret to beauty is:

  • smoking cessation and active nightlife;
  • eating only healthy foods;
  • thorough skin care for the face and body;
  • good rest;
  • moderate consumption of sunlight.

The top model goes to bed daily at 22: 00-23: 00 and tries to get enough sleep. A full rest helps to feel good. But the main secret of beauty, according to the star, is a sense of gratitude and a positive mood.

Miss Crawford believes that life’s barriers should always be met with a smile and not be afraid of the appearance of wrinkles. The key to the beauty of a woman is the love of her loved ones and a sense of gratitude for everything that fate gives.

Cosmetic procedures

Cindy Crawford (photo of the top model is given below in the article) at least once a month carries out one salon procedure recommended by her beautician.

Maintain youth and beauty of the top model helps: Cindy Crawford Photos now, in youth, changes before and after plastics

  • Microdermabrasion is a gentle mechanical pilling with crystals, which contributes to the production of collagen and the narrowing of pores.
  • Jet Peel is a gas-liquid pilling in which compressed air saturates the skin with oxygen and nutrients.
  • Fractional pilling – helping fight age-related changes with laser beams.
  • Thermolysis is a gentle laser pilling that gently cleanses the face and prevents wrinkles.
  • Mesotherapy with vitamin – mineral complexes and hyaluronic acid. Regular injections support youthfulness and heal cells.

For skin care Cindy uses specially designed cosmetics Meaningful Beauty.

Ultrasonic lifting

Cindy Crawford in the photographs shows perfectly smooth healthy skin that is not characteristic of her biological age. The star owes a good complexion and minimum wrinkles to ultrasonic lifting, which tightens tissues without the use of surgery.

During the procedure, ultrasonic waves penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, warming and massaging the tissues, thereby making the blood circulate actively and enrich the cells with oxygen.

Under the influence of ultrasound, the production of collagen and elastin is stimulated, due to which the skin is smoothed and acquires a healthy appearance. The 52-year-old top model has repeatedly admitted that creams nourish the skin well, but only collagen and elastin that appear after cosmetic procedures can smooth out wrinkles.

Botulinum toxin injections

Cindy Crawford (photos of the supermodel in the 90s of the last century were full of glossy editions) constantly stated in her interviews that her beauty and youth are the result of the use of cosmetics.

Cindy Crawford Photos now, in youth, changes before and after plastics

Cindy repeatedly resorted to Botox injections to prevent age-related changes. A 52-year-old star r
egularly conducts a course of botulinum toxins, but tries to do them carefully so as not to damage facial expressions.

Plastic surgery

The top model has repeatedly told reporters that she never did plastic. The opponent of plastic surgery is the husband of the star Randy Gerber. Nevertheless, when comparing early photographs of the top model and photographs taken relatively recently, it becomes noticeable that the actress corrected her cheekbones and nasolabial triangle with fillers.

The introduction of drugs smoothes wrinkles and enlarges the cheeks, making them look like pillows.

After applying fillers, the face takes the form of a triangle with a narrowed chin. In the last interview, the 52-year-old star publicly refused her words, admitting that she often visits a plastic surgeon and slightly corrected the shape of her nose, making rhinoplasty at 21.

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Training “The secret of the perfect figure”

In 1992, Cindy prepared and recorded her own video course, “Secrets of an Ideal Figure,” which included her set of exercises aimed at quickly losing extra pounds and keeping the figure in good shape. The video course presents a system of 3 courses of exercises, each lasting from 10 to 40 minutes.

Cindy Crawford Photos now, in youth, changes before and after plasticsLessons consist of a set of classes focused on working out a specific muscle group.

“The secret of the ideal figure” very quickly gained worldwide popularity, making the top model a fitness trainer for many generations of women.

The exercises included in the training are easy to perform at home independently, with:

  • 2 dumbbells weighing from 2 -7 pounds (they can be replaced with plastic bottles with the same weight, filled with sand or liquid);
  • gymnastic rug;
  • a chair with a back.

Pros and cons of the course

The advantage of training is that they:

  • suitable for any category of people, regardless of age, state of health and level of physical fitness;
  • include simple exercises that do not require extra effort.
  • aimed at developing all categories of muscles;
  • with regular execution, they help to quickly lose weight and keep it in the right settings;
  • conducted by the top model, a personal example of inspiring admirers;
  • performed at a slow pace, without loading the body.
  • end with a mandatory stretch.

The disadvantages of the training include:

  • lack of cardio workouts to quickly eliminate extra pounds;
  • the possibility of constant muscle building, which is undesirable for most women;
  • monotony of the course.

For a quick and lasting result from training, you must:

  • Hold them regularly . Exercises can be done in any order, but you need to do at least 1 time in 3 days.
  • Combine sports with proper nutrition . Losing weight is possible only after refusing fatty, fried foods, fast food, and lots of sweets. The diet should be composed of meat and fish products, fresh vegetables and fruits. For dessert, bitter chocolate is allowed.
  • Supplement fitness drinking regimen. Every day you need to drink up to 0,5 gallon of water.

Cindy Crawford Photos now, in youth, changes before and after plastics

When conducting a set of exercises, it is very important to give the body a good rest and get enough sleep.

In addition to the “Secret of the ideal figure”, sports video courses are attributed to the authorship of the model:

  • “How to achieve a perfect figure”;
  • “A new dimension.”

Part 1

The first 40 minute part contains exercises aimed at:

  • the formation and strengthening of the hips and buttocks;
  • Structuring the beautiful neckline.

You need to approach the exercises gradually. It may be difficult for a person with a minimum level of physical fitness to immediately completely complete all the movements. The top model recommends a gradual approach with a constant increase in load. Should not be practiced by force.

Part 2

It is a movie lasting 40 minutes and indicating how:

  • strengthen the muscles of the arms and shoulders;
  • remove excess fat from the abdomen and pump up the press.

Cindy Crawford Photos now, in youth, changes before and after plastics

Exercises are accompanied by the use of dumbbells. In the absence of sports equipment, they can be replaced with bottles of the same weight filled with water or sand. If it is impossible to lift 7 pounds dumbbells, you need to choose a lower weight. The video ends with a stretch.

Part 3

A 10-minute course designed for people with limited time. It includes a set of exercises aimed at working out all muscle groups and maintaining the body in good shape. It does not help to lose weight; it can only maintain the shape obtained after 2 previous courses.

One of the leading supermodels of the late 20th century, Cindy Crawford, a 52-year-old star whose photos repeatedly appeared in all fashion magazines, said in a recent interview that she was able to maintain her previous shape through exercise and careful personal care.

The actress urges all fans not to neglect modern cosmetology and sports, starting to maintain a figure as early as possible.

Cindy Crawford Fitness Video for Perfect Fit

New dimension complex A:

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