Hair balms: professional tint, tinting, conditioner conditioner, restorative, indelible. Rating of the best

Professional stylists, hairdressers and make-up artists distinguish several types of hair balms:

Air conditioners. 

They can be used regularly when washing hair. Using an air conditioner is easy enough:

  1. apply by massaging movements on wet curls;
  2. rinse hair immediately with water.
  3. Rinse Aid.

Lactic, acetic or citric acid, which is contained in rinses, well removes traces of shampoo, makes hair healthy.

The strands become soft, silky. They are easy to comb due to increased elasticity. Hair balms: professional tint, tinting, conditioner conditioner, restorative, indelible. Rating of the best

2. Balms from organic components.

The products do not contain artificial additives, but consist of plant components, fatty acids, due to which damaged curls are restored.

3. Balm cream.

Provides instant help for weak and damaged hair. The cosmetic product enriches ringlets with nutritious components and vitamins. Therefore, the strands acquire vitality, become beautiful and silky.

4. Masks.

The effect after using the masks is better than after the air conditioner, but the application is more complicated. Each mask has a unique composition, which has a different effect on curls. Therefore, professionals advise you to carefully read the components of the hair balm and read the instructions.

Professional Brand Balms




Mechanism of action

Mode of application

price, usd.
1 Revlon Professional Instant Hydra Balm Soothing ingredients. Used for quick hydration.

Makes curls soft, adds strength to the hair from the inside, exerting an effect on the shell of the hairline.

With the constant use of the balm, the natural beauty of the curls is restored.

  • apply Revlon cosmetic on wet locks;
  • wait about 4 minutes;
  • rinse well with water.
2 Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime Professional Hair Balm Panthenol, protein and keratin, pearl essence. It is used for normal and dull curls.

Makes the surface of curls smooth and luxurious.

Combing becomes easy.

The essence of pearls enhances the brightness of curls.

  • wash your hair and apply balm;
  • leave for some time;
  • rinse with warm water.
3 Londa balm “Visible Repair” Panthenol, almond oil, silk proteins. Restores and nourishes hair, makes it strong and soft.

After use, the curls are easy to comb. A distinctive feature is the anti-statistical effect.

  • apply balm to wet hair;
  • do not rinse with water.
4 Professional hair balm Estel Otium XXL Power Panthenol, an antioxidant. Used to repair damaged curls.

Moisturizes and nourishes the hair, making it strong and soft.

Promotes easy combing.

  • apply to damp clean curls;
  • withstand 3 minutes;
  • rinse off.

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Balms for colored curls

No. Title Structure Mechanism of action Mode of application price, usd.
1 Matrix Oil Wonders Oil Conditioner Balm Argan oil. A wonderful tool that takes care of all types of hair. Argan oil makes curls soft, gives shine.
  • apply conditioner to wet curls;
  • distribute along the length of the hair;
  • leave for 5 minutes;
  • rinse well with water.
2 Hair mask Gliss Kur UF filter, keratin liquid crystals. The tool protects the color of dyed hair from tarnishing.

The formula fills the damaged areas of hair with liquid keratin, thereby restoring them.

  • after washing, apply a mask to the hair;
  • massage the scalp;
  • rinse thoroughly with water after a minute.
3 Colored hair balm CUREX COLOR SAVE Vitamins, provitamin B5, peach oil. Protects color saturation and maintains color.

Components nourish hair, add silk shine to colored curls.

  • apply balm to wet strands;
  • distribute along the length;
  • rinse off after a while.
4 Balm ESTEL PRINCESS ESSEX Keratin, peach oil. It has nutritional properties. Moisturizes hair.

The components of the balm retain the brightness of colored curls.

Restores weak and s
plit ends.

  • wash curls and dry a little;
  • apply balm;
  • leave for 2 min .;
  • rinse off.
5 Cream mask Wella Brilliance Glyoxylic acid, vitamin E, diamond pollen. Used for fine and normal hair.

Preserves the brightness of dyed hair. The components of the balm give the curls shine and saturation.

  • apply to wet curls;
  • distribute with massaging movements along the entire length;
  • wait 4-5 minutes;
  • rinse off.

Balms for dry and damaged strands

No. Title Structure Mechanism of action Mode of application price, usd.
1 Dove Rinse Conditioner “Nourishing Care” Coconut and almond oil. Restores moisture and nutrients.

Makes hair soft and beautiful.

  • evenly apply on slightly wet curls;
  • stand for about 2 minutes. and rinse off.
2 Cream-balm Estel Curex Therapy Vitamin E, jojoba oil, betaine. Suitable for dry and weak curls. Instantly restores hair strength and brightness, makes thinning hair elastic and strong. It nourishes and moisturizes well.
  • wash hair;
  • apply the balm evenly;
  • after 2 minutes rinse with warm water.
3 Natura Siberica Sea Buckthorn Balm Oil of Altai sea buckthorn, Siberian flax, Moroccan organs, rose extract and snow cladonia. It strengthens and moisturizes hair.

Saturates with vitamins and minerals, nourishes curls.

Restores damaged hair.

Protects when styling with a hairdryer.

  • wash your hair with shampoo;
  • dry and apply balm;
  • equally distribute along the length of the hair;
  • after 3 minutes rinse with warm water.
4 Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur Liquid Silk Balm Liquid keratins and plant extracts, nutri-silk elements. Gives shine.

Hair becomes obedient and easy to comb.

Restores the structure of curls.

  • apply to damp clean hair;
  • gently massage the scalp;
  • rinse with water.
5 Cream Balm TianDe Master Herb, Plant complex: ginseng, ginger, thyme, lingzhi, ligusticum. Prevents hair loss.

Removes toxins, saturates with vitamins.

Well moisturizes and strengthens curls.

Promotes better hair growth.

  • apply to slightly dried hair after washing;
  • leave for 3 minutes;
  • rinse well.

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Balm for oily hair

No. Title Structure Mechanism of action Mode of application price, usd.
1 Professional hair balm Curex Volume Provitamin B5, vitamin complex. Suitable for oily, weak and thin hair. The constant use of the balm makes the curls soft and beautiful. Restores, nourishes and strengthens them.

Maintains normal fat balance.

  • apply to wet curls;
  • after 3 minutes rinse with water.
2 Green Mama Conditioner Balm Calendula, coltsfoot flowers, Schisandra chinensis, D-panthenol, cetyl alcohol. Recommended for oily hair. Normalizes the sebaceous glands and promotes better growth. Strengthens and nourishes curls. Provides easy combing and beauty.
  • pour a certain amount in the palm of your hand and grind;
  • apply to wet hair;
  • massage into the scalp with massaging movements;
  • rinse with water after 2 minutes.
3 Estel Professional Curex Volume Vitamin complex. It is used to care for oily hair.

Nourishes and makes curls elastic. Moisturizes and promotes easy combing. Creates a chic volume.

  • wash curls and apply balm;
  • massage the scalp;
  • rinse thoroughly with water.

Balms against loss


Name of balm




price, usd.
1 Belita-Viteks “REVIVOR” recovery  Mink oil

nettle and aloe extract.

The balm is ideal for daily hair care after dyeing or curling. Restores structure, makes curls smooth, soft, facilitates combing.
  • apply to wet hair;
  • leave for 4 min .;
  • rinse with water;
2 Cream mask BARK Mud, amino acids, dandelion, mother-and-mahecha, lavender oil, nettle, vitamins, seaweed. Used for hair growth and strengthening.

Therapeutic mud cleanses the scalp.

Prevents the appearance of dandruff.

  • apply to hair roots, usd well;
  • leave for 15 minutes;
  • rinse off;
  • recommended 3 times a week.
3 Natura Siberica Sauna & Spa Cloudberry seed oil, wheat germ, Lungwort, ginseng. Great remedy for hair loss. Moisturizes and nourishes, fills curls with vitamins, restores structure.
  • apply to clean damp hair;
  • withstand 15 minutes;
  • rinse with water;
  • use 2 times a week.
4 “Special” balm from the series “Recipes of Grandmother Agafia” Melt water; a set of 17 Siberian herbs, juniper, mummy, panthenol and vitamin B5. Apply to all types of hair.

It treats dry and damaged curls, prevents their loss.

  • apply to clean hair;
  • withstand 2 minutes;
  • rinse with warm water.
5 Hair mask Belita-Vitex Dr. Hair Care EXPERT Water, citric acid, horse chestnut and nettle extract. Prevents hair loss. Makes hair follicles strong and supple. It nourishes and restores well. Hair becomes elastic and gain vitality.
  • wash hair beforehand;
  • apply a mask;
  • rinse off after a few minutes.

The best balms with healing properties





Mode of application

price, usd.
1 Chitosan Balm Castor oil. 

Extracts: burdock, sage, peppermint, rosemary.

Colloidal silver, 

water, chitosan nanogranular.
Suitable for any type of hair. Strengthens and protects curls. Promotes the growth and restoration of the structure of strands. Reduces the formation of dandruff. Makes hair silky and supple.
  • apply to hair roots after washing;
  • distribute along the entire length with massaging movements;
  • rinse off.
2 Plusonda by Bielita Protein-lipid complex and vitamins. Restores weak hair. Natural components nourish and strengthen hair follicles well, cover with a thin protective film. Makes hair healthy.
  • apply to wet curls;
  • stand for 4 minutes;
  • rinse with warm water.
3 Mask cream “Bathhouse Agafia” Siberian herbs: blueberries, white flax, lunatic, extract of Icelandic moss. Restores and gives shine to curls.

Makes hair soft.

Nourishes the roots. Reduces fragility and cross section of hair. Increases the protective properties of the scalp.

  • wash hair beforehand;
  • apply balm;
  • rinse with water after a few minutes.

Tinted (tinted) balms

No. Name of balm, mask Components Description Application price, usd.
1 Arctic blond Concept color shade balsam arctic effect Balanced complex of conditioners and biologically active substances It has a tonic effect.

Removes yellow pigment from light curls and gives a touch of silver. Nourishes and restores the hair structure. Restores curls vitality and shine.

  • apply a certain amount to clean curls and foam;
  • leave for 10 minutes;
  • rinse thoroughly with water;
  • gloves must be used.
2 Belita-Vitex Color Lux Olive oil and shea butter, citric acid. Natural ingredients nourish and strengthen hair. After applying the balm, the curls become soft and silky. Facilitates combing.
  • wash hair thoroughly and dry slightly;
  • pour a little balm into the bowl;
  • apply to hair, distributing along the length;
  • comb the curls with a comb;
  • leave for 30 – 40 minutes;
  • rinse thoroughly with water.
3 L’oreal colorista  Consists of chemical ingredients. Gives color saturation.

After staining, the curls become soft and silky.

  • apply to clean damp hair;
  • withstand 15 minutes, for a more saturated color 30 minutes .;
  • rinse with warm water.
4 Estel solo ton Mango extract, UV filters, keratin complex. Gently cares for hair.

Makes curls silky and radiant.

  • apply to wet curls;
  • evenly distribute the product throughout all hair;
  • leave for 30 min .;
  • rinse with water.

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Recipes homemade balms from natural ingredients

In addition to professional hair balms, there are many recipes by which you can prepare cosmetics at home from natural ingredients.

Recipe number 1. Aloe mask for weakened curls.

Balms made from aloe juice can be used for any type of hair. To bring thinned hair back to life, you need to take the following components: honey, aloe juice, castor oil. Hair balms: professional tint, tinting, conditioner conditioner, restorative, indelible. Rating of the best

How to cook:

  1. Take the same amount of each ingredient and mix well. For not very long hair, 1 tablespoon is needed. spoon of each ingredient.
  2. Heat castor oil in a steam bath.
  3. Pour honey.
  4. Add aloe juice to the solution.
  5. Give the balm to infuse for about an hour.

It is recommended to apply the drug 2 to 3 times a week until improvements in the condition of the curls become noticeable.

Recipe number 2. Burdock root balm for hair growth.

Burdock is one of the few plants that has medicinal properties. It is also called “burdock”. Hair balms: professional tint, tinting, conditioner conditioner, restorative, indelible. Rating of the best


  • nettle leaves; Hair balms: professional tint, tinting, conditioner conditioner, restorative, indelible. Rating of the best
  • lavender flowers;
  • hellebore root;
  • burdock root.

Cooking method:

  1. Prepare all components in the same amount.
  2. Mix well.
  3. Take a tablespoon of the mixture, add a glass of water and boil for 10-15 minutes.
  4. Ready herbal broth to usd well into the roots.

Recipe number 3. Onion mask against hair loss.

Onions are a good remedy for treating hair. If you mix onions with other products, then its beneficial properties increase. Hair balms: professional tint, tinting, conditioner conditioner, restorative, indelible. Rating of the best


  • onion – 1 pc.;
  • a decoction of any healing herb – 0,85 fluid ounce .;
  • castor oil – 2.5 tablespoon;
  • raw yolk – 1 pc.

Cooking method:

  1. Shuffle all components.
  2. Rub thoroughly into the scalp.
  3. Wrap in a plastic bag and a towel on top.
  4. Soak for 25 minutes.
  5. Wash off with any healing broth.

Which balm is better

To choose the right cosmetic for hair, first we’ll look at what balm is and why it is needed.

Professional hair balm is the main and main cosmetic product, as:

  1. thanks to the balm, the hair is combed better;
  2. It protects the curls from the effects of a bad environment;
  3. gives hair shine and beauty.

The stores offer a huge assortment of balms from popular manufacturers. The most important thing is to choose the right tool. It is difficult to say specifically which remedy is ideal for hair.

Professionals recommend the following factors when choosing hair balms:

  • hair structure and type;
    Hair balms: professional tint, tinting, conditioner conditioner, restorative, indelible. Rating of the best
    Hair balm must be selected depending on the structure of the hair: damaged or healthy
  • a problem that needs to be solved, for example, color brightness, recovery, fragility;
  • age of the girl and so on.

It should be remembered that the use of balms allows curls to look beautiful and healthy.

Rules for the use of balms

  • Cosmetology professionals recommend purchasing a hair balm of the same brand as shampoo. Balm and shampoo from the same manufacturer contain components that are perfectly matched and have the same effect, for example, strengthening, restoration, etc. If you use the means of different brands, incompatibility of the constituent ingredients may occur, due to which the effect will be significantly less.
  • Be sure to select the balm that is suitable for the type of hair.
  • A mask or balm is usually applied to clean, damp hair, starting from the tips and rising to the roots. The balm must be kept for 3 minutes, and the mask for 15 minutes, then rinse with water.
  • It is not recommended to usd the product into the scalp, as it may form a greasy film, as a result of which the hair will look oily; seborrhea may appear; hair may begin to fall out over time.
  • It is important that before using the balm carefully read all the manufacturer’s recommendations indicated on the packaging of the product.
  • To rinse the hair, it is necessary to use water 35,6°F less than that of the water that washed your hair. As a result, the pores on the scalp are closed, and the hair will be clean and well-groomed for several more days.

Trichologists advice

  • With hair loss, you can use tools that actively affect their growth. The composition of balms or masks should include components that can improve blood circulation in the scalp, for example, ginger or pepper. Vitamins and yeast are required.
  • You can use physiotherapy, such as head massage or the use of various sera recommended by trichologists. From hair loss garlic helps well. Hair balms: professional tint, tinting, conditioner conditioner, restorative, indelible. Rating of the best
  • To eliminate dandruff, it is important to use tools that include components against the appearance of a fungus or herbal remedy and containing zinc. From dandruff, you can prepare an infusion.

An effective and easy to prepare infusion is prepared as follows:

  1. Chamomile flowers, birch buds, oak bark and burdock root – 1 tablespoon. a spoon;
  2. Next, add 0,3 gallon of boiled water;
  3. Let it brew for 1.5 hours.
  4. 1 cup of the prepared solution must be added to the water, which will rinse the hair;
  5. Use the composition about 2 times a week.

Hair Balm Video

What is hair balm and how to choose it:

What is most important in hair balm:

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