Garnier hair dye. Color palette Color Neutrals, Sensation, Oliya (Olia), Calor and Schein. Features of selection and coloring. Photo

Hair dyes of the Garnier company (Garnier) are famous for a diverse palette of shades . The beginning of the production of paints was launched in 1960 with the release of the professional Cristal Color line and the first-ever Belle Color hair dyeing line in the home.

At that time, Garnier was an independent French company. Since 1965, it has become one of the constituent companies of the world famous French leader in the beauty industry L’Oreal. Thanks to quality products, the Garnier company has achieved leadership in the production and sale of perfumes and cosmetics.

The company works in the following areas:

  • cosmetic Skin Naturals, sunscreens and tanning Ambre Solaire;
  • Fructis Hair Care Series;
  • hair coloring Color.

One of the main areas is the production of home hair dye. In total, 4 series of paints of various compositions are produced, of which 2 series do not contain ammonia. Each series is represented by a rich palette of shades from the lightest to the bluest-black color.

When developing hair dyes, innovative formulas are used, the basis of which are natural grain, fruit and flower oils, fruit extracts, minerals.

Features of paints from Garnier

Garnier hair dye is a favorite among buyers.
The palette of colors and shades of paints has more than 100 items . The choice of consumers from many other manufacturers is associated with the features of qualitative characteristics (focus on natural components) and the maximum safety of the product.

Garnier hair dye. Color palette Color Neutrals, Sensation, Oliya (Olia), Calor and Schein. Features of selection and coloring. Photo

Features are presented below:

  • In the compositions, the minimum proportion of ammonia (2 series – without ammonia) – does not cause skin irritation.
  • There are 4 series in which there is a variety of shades.
  • 3 series Garnier allow you to completely paint over gray hair.
  • The natural components of the product intensively nourish and improve the hydrolipidic balance.
  • Healthy natural hair is emphasized.
  • Over time, hair color does not lose its attractiveness.
  • The coloring mixture has no unpleasant odor.
  • Creamy mass is easy to apply.
  • The affordability of paints for many buyers.

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Composition and active substances

The whole range of paints is presented in 4 series with different composite ingredients; according to the staining technology, they are represented by 2 lines. The paint contains ammonia, it makes the hair scales open, so that the dye gets into the deep layers of the hair.

The line is represented by 2 series:

  1. Color Sensation in its composition ingredients:
  • essence based on wild rose oil , gives the hair a rose aroma, heals the cut ends, eliminates dryness and dandruff, corrects the secretion of fat;
  • natural mother of pearl , reflects light and gives the hair a rainbow-colored natural glow. Garnier hair dye. Color palette Color Neutrals, Sensation, Oliya (Olia), Calor and Schein. Features of selection and coloring. Photo
  1. Color Naturals, a paint based on 3 types of fruit oils:
  • shea wood (shea) – compresses the cuticle (surface layer) thereby protects against leaching of the dye, eliminates dryness, brittleness, strengthens the roots, prevents loss;
  • Avocado – nourishes and fortifies the cuticle and cortex (middle layer), smoothes the hair cuticle, moisturizes, gives strength and elasticity, affects hair growth, eliminates peeling and itching;
  • Olives – nourishes all layers, including the medulla (inner, deep layer), moisturizes, regulates the secretion of fat, strengthens the roots, activates hair restoration and growth.

Another line is paints without ammonia, its function is replaced by softer monoethanolamine (MEA), consists of 2 series.

1. Color & Shine composed of natural ingredients:

  • Argan tree seed oil – intensively restores the hydrolipidic balance and structure, moisturizes, nourishes, strengthens follicles;
  • cranberry extract (a storehouse of vitamins, minerals, tannins) strengthens the hair structure.

2. Olia – another series of oils:

  • olives – see paragraph 2;
  • Argan – see paragraph 3;
  • Camellia – easily penetrates, actively moisturizes, contains natural collagen and antioxidant, vitamins;
  • Sunflower – improves blood circulation, hair growth, fights hair loss, actively moisturizes, nourishes, strengthens, including follicles.

Having natural oils and other ingredients in the composition, the dyes force the hair to acquire natural softness and silkiness. Hair receives healthy fats and moisture, due to which it is restored, become strong and elastic, hair growth is enhanced.

Strengthening, the cuticle protects the inner layers of the hair from the negative environment and the sun. The components contain a large proportion of vitamin E – a powerful antioxidant, which helps to repair damage.


The Garnier packing box, regardless of light or dark color for 3 series, contains a coloring kit consisting of 5 items:

  1. Tube with cream-paint – 1 pc.
  2. Developing milk (oxidizing agent) in a bottle – 1 pc. Garnier hair dye. Color palette Color Neutrals, Sensation, Oliya (Olia), Calor and Schein. Features of selection and coloring. Photo
  3. A bag of cream after leaving the stain – 1 pc.
  4. Gloves – 1 pair.
  5. Instruction – 1 pc.

For the Color Naturals series, 2 packs of bleach powder were added to the kit.

Staining safety

Due to the low ammonia content or its complete absence, Garnier paints are known for their safety for scalp and hair. However, before painting, be sure to verify the safety of this particular paint at this stage. Garnier hair dye. Color palette Color Neutrals, Sensation, Oliya (Olia), Calor and Schein. Features of selection and coloring. Photo

To do this, you need to conduct an easy test for sensitivity to paint components. It is produced as follows: apply a solution to the skin inside the elbow or behind the ear, the reaction is checked up to 48 hours. In case of the slightest redness, the product should not be used. It is necessary to check the reaction before each staining, especially when changing the series of the product or color.

If the test went well, but symptoms appeared during staining, immediately wash the dye from the hair with warm water.

Symptoms of the following property:

  • A burning sensation and redness of the scalp.
  • Dizzy, or fainting.
  • There was a rash, especially rapidly spreading.
  • Swelling of the face, near the eyes, it became difficult to breathe.

There are some points at which there are prohibitions on the procedure:

  • Consumer under 16 years old.
  • There are tattoos: from henna or temporary.
  • There is damage to the scalp, a rash on the face and head, or sensitive skin.
  • Allergy to paint components.

How long does the color last

Garnier hair dye (palette – from light to dark) won the hearts of women and one of the reasons was the stability of the dye. The usual classification of paints by color fastness and ammonia content classifies Garnier products as follows.

  1. Permanent (resistance level 3) – ammonia in the paint composition. Permanent penetrates deep to the central layer of the hair. The most indelible paint, lasts up to 28 shampoo washes.
  2. Semi-permanent (resistance
    level 2)
    – there is no ammonia in the composition. In ordinary paints, the pigment enters shallow into the cortical layer, the color changes after 8-10 washings.

In Garnier paints, revolutionary technology allows you to achieve a level of resistance regardless of the ammonia content. In all series, the company achieved a resistance level of 3.

Hair will not change color until 28 washes, an average of 6-7 weeks. In the case of a cardinal color change or noticeable gray hair, the hair acquires its natural color as the hair roots grow, about 4-6 weeks, depending on the growth rate.

The durability of all series of Garnier paints is predetermined by the following points:

  • pigments penetrate to the very depths of the hair;
  • natural oils strengthen the hair cuticle, so pigments are difficult to wash.

After dyeing without proper care, any paint begins to leave the hair after 3-4 weeks. In order for the effect to last longer, it is necessary to use specialized means: shampoos, balms, masks for colored hair.

Opinions of professional hairdressers about the paint

All professional hairdressers and stylists advise, first of all, to opt for salon hair dyeing. But, the official expert-creator of Garnier in USA Evgeny Sedoy claims that there is an alternative to professional dyeing and it is presented by Garnier paints for home use. Garnier hair dye. Color palette Color Neutrals, Sensation, Oliya (Olia), Calor and Schein. Features of selection and coloring. Photo

The gray-haired man appreciates Garnier’s paint for the convenience of painting the house, the quality, safety of the product and color fastness. A magnificent palette of colors and shades is presented in a wide range and allows you to make a choice convenient and enjoyable. When fulfilling all points of the instruction, the color rendering of the paint fully corresponds to its value, the color is identical to the image on the box.

All expert Garnier for hair care and hair coloring Alla Mimikina fully agrees with him. In addition, the dye allows the hair to recover due to its natural components. Another expert Garnier Dmitry Magin notes the comfort and safety of staining at home.

Garnier Color & Shine Series Palette

Garnier hair dye palette of the Color & Shine series consists of 17 shades. Each subton is indicated by numbers consisting of several values separated by a dot. To the point, the number indicates the base color, after the point the hue. Shades of Color & Shine are presented in the table.

Table. Description of the colors of the Color & Shine series.

Garnier hair dye. Color palette Color Neutrals, Sensation, Oliya (Olia), Calor and Schein. Features of selection and coloring. Photo
Garnier hair color palette Color & Shine
No. p / p Colour.


Shade Description Series
Blonde and light brown shades
1 6.0 Dark blond
2 7.0 Light brown
3 8.0 Light blond
4 8.1 Ivory
5 9.0 Very light blond
Chestnut shades
6 4.0 Chestnut
7 5.0 Light chestnut
8 5.30 Dark walnut
9 5.35 Chocolate
10 6.23 Hazelnut
Red shades
11 3.6 Black cherry
12 4.26 Sweet blackberry
13 5.5 Juicy cherry
14 6.45 Copper red
15 6.56 Terracotta
16 6.60 Wild cranberries
Black shades
17 2.0 Ebony

Garnier color sensation

Color Sensation Series – a palette of 27 shades. They are presented in the table.

Garnier hair dye. Color palette Color Neutrals, Sensation, Oliya (Olia), Calor and Schein. Features of selection and coloring. Photo

Table 2. Description of the shades of the Color Sensation series.

No. p / p Colour.


Shade Description Series
Precious pearls
1 7.12 Pearl Ash Blonde
2 9.23 Pearl gold
3 10.21 Mother of pearl silk
4 110 Ultrablond Pure Diamond
5 111 Ultrablond Platinum
6 113 Precious pearls
7 Sw UltraBlond
8 6.0 Luxurious dark blond
9 7.0 Refined Golden Topaz
10 8.0 Shimmering light blond
11 9.13 Cream nacre
12 4.0 Royal onyx
13 4.15 Noble opal
14 4.52 Silk Temptation
15 5.0 Shining topaz
16 5.25 Indian silk
17 5.35 Spiced chocolate
18 5.52 Pearl of Delight
19 6.35 Golden amber
Red and red
21 3.16 Deep amethyst
22 4.60 Rich red
23 5.62 Royal Pomegranate
24 6.46 Fire agate
25 6.60 Imperial ruby
26 1.0 Precious Black Agate
27 2.0 Black brilliant

Garnier color naturals

Garnier hair dye color palette of the Color Naturals series consists of 37 shades. Garnier hair dye. Color palette Color Neutrals, Sensation, Oliya (Olia), Calor and Schein. Features of selection and coloring. PhotoThey are presented in table 3.

Table 3. Description of shades of the Color & Naturals series.

No. p / p Colour.


Shade Description Series
Flawless blond
1 101 Crystal Ash Blonde
2 102 Mother of pearl blond
3 110 Super-luminous natural blonde
4 111 Super-luminous platinum blonde
5 112 Pearl blond
6 131 Cool beige blonde
7 9.0 Champagne
8 9.1 sunny Beach
9 9.13 Light brown ash
10 9.3 Flower honey
11 10.1 White sand
12 7.1 Alder
13 7.3 Golden blond
14 8 Wheat
15 8.1 Sandy shore
16 6.41 Passionate Amber
17 7.40 Captivating Copper
18 4.3 Golden chestnut
19 4.15 Frosty chestnut
20 6 Hazelnut
21 6.25 Chocolate
22 6.34 Caramel
Coffee collection
23 4 1/2 Coffee glaze
24 5.15 Spiced espresso
25 5.25 Hot chocolate
26 5 1/2 Coffee with cream
27 3.6 Beaujolais
28 460 Flaming ruby
29th 5.52 The Red tree
30 1 The black
31 2.10 Blue black
Mirrored Black
32 1.17 Black coal
33 3.2 Blueberry Gloss
Deep black
34 1+ Ultra black
35 2.0 Black cherry
36 2.6 Black raspberries
37 3.3 Caramel black

Garnier olia

The Color Olia series is a palette of 23 shades. You can see them in table 4.

Garnier hair dye. Color palette Color Neutrals, Sensation, Oliya (Olia), Calor and Schein. Features of selection and coloring. Photo
Garnier olia

Table 4. Description of shades of the Color Olia series.

No. p / p Colour.


Shade Description Series
1 7.0 Light brown
2 7.13 Beige light brown
3 8.0 Light blond
4 8.13 Cream pearl
5 8.31 Light blond cream
6 9.0 Very light blond
7 9.3 Very light golden brown
8 10.0 Light light blond
9 4.0 Brown hair
10 4.15 Frosted chocolate
11 4.3 Golden dark chestnut
12 5.0 Light brown
13 5.25 Pearl Chestnut
14 5.3 Golden chestnut
15 5.5 The Red tree
16 6.0 Dark blond
17 6.3 Golden dark blond
18 6.35 Caramel Dark Blonde
19 6.43 Golden copper
20 4.6 Cherry red
21 6.60 Flaming red
22 2.0 The black
23 3.0 Dark chestnut

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How to choose the right shade for hair

Garnier hair dye (a palette in several colors from light tones to black) in each color scheme has its own number of shades. With the determination of the color of the paint and its shade, the color type determined by the colors of the skin, eyes, hair will tell. They correspond with 4 seasons.

The summer type of people combines a pale or olive skin tone, light blond or chestnut gamut of hair color, a green-blue eye palette. Restrained cold blond or light brown hair shades are suitable for such people, the nuances of chocolate and sand will give brightness.

The contrasting winter is characterized by the paleness of porcelain-white or slightly dark-skinned skin, dark hair, eyes
can be of all shades. Hair color for girls with this color type is preferable to have a very dark, chestnut tint will emphasize a bright personality. Garnier hair dye. Color palette Color Neutrals, Sensation, Oliya (Olia), Calor and Schein. Features of selection and coloring. Photo

Spring is characterized by light skin tones with nuances of ivory and bronze, hair is naturally blond, eyes are blue-green, hazel. The representatives of this color type are suitable for blonde hair of warm tint, the bright copper and amber colors will look amazing.

Autumn color type is represented by transparent-white skin with freckles, slightly dark skin, hair with a redhead, eyes with golden sparkles of brown, green, gray-blue can be found. Hair should acquire a gold, copper or amber tint. Chestnut or chocolate shades will look especially bright.

Instructions for dyeing hair with dye Garnier

Garnier hair dye. Color palette Color Neutrals, Sensation, Oliya (Olia), Calor and Schein. Features of selection and coloring. Photo

Garnier hair dye (a palette of any shade) must contain instructions for use.

Before staining, it must be studied, since nuances in the staining procedure are possible. Hair is dyed only dry, not washed for 2-3 days (natural protection of the scalp).

You need to prepare all the items necessary for the process in advance:

non-metallic bowl, brush. Before the procedure, it is necessary to cover the clothes in order to avoid indelible spots.

  1. Wear gloves, prepare the mixture.
  2. Apply hair dye. Strands to paint first from roots to ends.
  3. If paint gets on the skin of a non-hairy part, it must be quickly removed.
  4. The staining time according to the instructions (for each series and shade may vary).
  5. Wash off the paint with water.
  6. Apply hair care cream, hold, rinse with water.

Release form and price

Garnier dyes for home use reach the consumer in boxes. Packing boxes with a glossy surface have 2 types, vary in weight and size.

  1. Dimensions (LxWxH) – 6’7 x 2’8 x 2’2 inch, weight of the packed box –155 g, volume in the box: paint – 2,03 fluid ounce, oxidizing agent – 1,35 fluid ounce, balm after staining – 0,34 fluid ounce.
  2. Dimensions (LxWxH) – 6’3 x 3’9 x 2’2 inch, weight of the packed box – 245 g, volume in the box: paint – 2,03 fluid ounce, oxidizing agent – 2,03 fluid ounce, balsam – 1,35 fluid ounce.

It should be noted that the sizes of boxes vary slightly among different manufacturing countries, but the basic proportions are preserved. The difference in the size of the boxes is based on the increased volumes of paint and cream after staining in the Olia series.

The price of 1 package of 3 series (without the Olia series) depending on the series and the shade is in the range:

  • for 3 series (without Olia series) – $ 2 – $ 3. in traditional stores – $ 2 – $ 2., in online stores – $ 2 – $ 3 .;
  • for the Olia series – $ 3 – $ 4.

The price includes discounts for stores, especially large discounts on certain types of paints are offered by online stores.

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Where to buy Garnier paint

Garnier hair dye of various palettes is widely represented in stores and pharmacies specializing in retail sale of cosmetic products. Products can be purchased at traditional nearest retail outlets, or you can choose at a remote store or pharmacy, having studied all aspects of the product according to customer reviews.

Buying in an online store may be cheaper than at a traditional point, due to the fact that they have various bonus programs and promotions. But it must be borne in mind that the delivery of goods will take some time.

Regardless of where the product will be purchased, it is recommended that you first study it according to reviews and recommendations on the Internet and only then purchase the product.

Features of colored hair care

After dyeing, the hair acquires an increased texture porosity, and this fact affects the ability of the hair to receive injuries and damage from the following factors:

  • the negative impact of the environment, especially the sun;
  • Garnier hair dye. Color palette Color Neutrals, Sensation, Oliya (Olia), Calor and Schein. Features of selection and coloring. Photoquality of water used for washing hair;
  • hot hair styling;
  • chemical styling products – mousses, varnishes, gels, waxes, texturizers.

To minimize the influence of factors, you must adhere to the following rules:

  1. The choice of coloring agents should dwell on trusted manufacturers who use a large proportion of natural ingredients in their paints.
  2. Before washing, it is advisable to lubricate the hair for 2 hours with oils: argan or coconut. Argan oil is a natural protector against the harm of the sun, promotes healing and activates hair growth. Coconut oil strengthens the structure, gives a radiant shine.
  3. Shampoos for washing should have a low pH. They tend to smooth the hair cuticle – the paint stays in the hair structure longer.
  4. You can apply a slightly toning shampoo of a suitable tone. It will maintain the brightness of the hair between stains.
  5. Stylings should have either a minimum percentage of alcohol, or it should be completely absent. Alcohol negatively affects the opening of the cuticle, and accordingly washes the paint.
  6. On hot days, it is necessary to carefully monitor the health of the hair. Conventional summer hats will help neutralize the effects of the sun.
  7. Hot water, the content of chlorine in tap water help the cuticle to open, so to wash your hair you need slightly warm, minimally chlorine-containing water. To reduce the amount of chlorine, you can use a water filter. It will reduce the proportion of chlorine and further reduce the pH level of water.

Garnier hair dye with a variety of tint palettes is firmly entrenched in the market for home dyeing hair dyes due to its characteristics. Many customers are satisfied with the quality of the products and leave gratitude reviews on the Internet.

Video on paint and its benefits

Garnier paint at home:

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