Professional makeup – the rules, a technique for beginners at home: blue, gray, green, brown eyes. Photo

Professional makeup is not only the prerogative of fashion stylists. In the presence of step-by-step photos, time, necessary tools and cosmetics, it can be easily performed at home.

What tools and materials are needed

Professional makeup at home (step-by-step photo instructions are posted below) cannot be performed without high-quality cosmetics and the necessary tools for applying it.

Leather is a canvas that should look perfect, so that the makeup is natural and beautiful.

To achieve this goal you will need:

  1. Primer (or base for makeup). It is needed so that the tone and all the rest of the cosmetics lie flat on the skin and hold for a long time. The primer has a light coloring effect and protects from wind, sun and frost.
  2. Foundation. It is dull and with a slight flicker, it allows you to hide skin imperfections and even out tone.
  3. Spot corrector. This tool is available in the form of a compact liquid and a pencil and has the same function as a foundation, but in cases where you need to hide minor imperfections – pimples, redness, age spots, or mosquito bites.
  4. Concealer. It is used mainly for delicate skin of the eyelids and helps not only to protect it, but also to create more lasting eye makeup with shadows and a pencil.

Professional stylists recommend focusing on either eyes or lips when making up. This approach will allow you to look stylish and natural, and not vulgar.

Professional makeup - the rules, a technique for beginners at home: blue, gray, green, brown eyes. Photo

For eye makeup you will need:

  • mascara, preferably brown or black (other shades are not excluded);
  • liner or pencil to highlight or adjust the line of eyes and eyebrows;
  • eyeshadows of various colors suitable for the color type.

For stylish lip make-up you need:

  • lip gloss and lipstick;
  • body liner to create a clear and even border between the lips and skin;
  • eyeliner in tone lipstick to adjust the shape and bend of the mouth.

Thanks to this set of cosmetics, you can create great makeup.

But it would not be complete without:

  • blush;
  • powder
  • eyebrow pencil.

To apply all of these tools you need tools specially designed for them. Some of the objects can perform one or several functions and even interchange each other.

But stylists recommend purchasing professional tools.

These include:

  • applicators – used for applying cosmetics with a dry texture;
  • sea sponges – used for applying creamy cosmetics;
  • brushes of various shapes and types, at least 3 pieces in a set;
    Professional makeup - the rules, a technique for beginners at home: blue, gray, green, brown eyes. Photo
    For professional makeup you will need a variety of brushes.
  • pencil sharpener;
  • sponges and puffs – are used when applying tone or powder;
  • eyebrow brush with comb and tweezers to give perfect shape to the eyebrows;
  • eyelash curlers.

If something went wrong during the application, instead of completely removing the makeup and completely redoing the makeup, you can use additional tools.

These include:

  • cotton pads and sticks;
  • pack of dry and wet wipes.

Instruments must be carefully looked after and washed with warm water and hypoallergenic soap at least once a week. This practice will extend the life of items and prevent skin diseases.

Makeup Sequence

Professional make-up at home (step-by-step photos and videos below) is impossible without following the correct sequence of applying funds.


  1. Foundation. It may have a thick or light texture. The first type is designed for girls with problem skin, and the second is suitable for girls with normal skin type. The foundation of dense texture is applied with a brush, and light – with a sponge.
  2. Corrector. Depending on the color, it can be used not only after applying the foundation, but also before it.
  3. Underline cheekbones. A bronzer is useful for this stage. Liquid and cream bronzer is suitable for those who learn the basics of professional makeup, and powdery is recommended for experienced ones. Professional makeup - the rules, a technique for beginners at home: blue, gray, green, brown eyes. Photo
  4. Powder. Apply funds to the area below the eyebrows by moving from top to bottom, and on the forehead – horizontally and down. Girls with oily skin should prefer mattifying compact products. Owners of normal skin can take advantage of loose powder. And girls with dry skin can skip this step in the makeup procedure.
  5. Makeup for eyes, eyebrows and lips. This type of makeup will be discussed below.
  6. Makeup cheeks with blush. To blush lay beautifully, you must smile broadly. This tricky step will smooth out the folds of the cheeks and create great makeup.

How to prepare your face

Makeup artists who work with Hollywood stars recommend preparing your skin for makeup in 3 important steps:

  1. Exfoliate old cells with cleansing preparations with a gentle composition in the form of acids and enzymes. Such drugs are suitable for girls with oily skin. Owners of normal or dry skin should use lotions and tonics. Scrubs and peels are not recommended in this case, since they dry the skin.
  2. Moisturizing with a moisturizing (in no case oily) cream. The texture of the product should be light and pleasant to apply. You can apply it in a dense layer, and wipe off the excess with a napkin after absorption.
  3. Primer application. It allows you to narrow the pores, add shine, and give the skin a matte color by aligning the relief and tone.

Determination of makeup shades

Professional makeup, despite the fact that it is done at home with the help of step-by-step photos, must fully correspond to the original – even if the application technique is correct and the cosmetics are high-quality, but the color is wrong, this make-up can hardly be called professional.

To avoid this blunder, makeup artists recommend that you study the basics of color combinations, starting from your color type:

  • for girls with an autumn color type, makeup artists recommend a red, yellow, orange, golden and chocolate palette; Professional makeup - the rules, a technique for beginners at home: blue, gray, green, brown eyes. Photo
  • owners of the features of the spring color type need yellow, greenish, orange, yellow and pink color palette in makeup; < /li>
  • girls with a winter color type should prefer cold shades of blue, pink, emerald, blue and charcoal;
  • owners of the summer color type are suitable for purple-pink, gray-metal, blue-blue shades.

Tone Alignment

Step-by-step photos will help to do professional makeup at home. And first of all, you need to create the right skin tone. For these purposes, you can use a foundation, foundation or moisturizing tonic.

Makeup artists recommend acquiring two tones: one light for the cold season and dark for the warm. In the spring and autumn periods, two colors can be mixed. When choosing a tone, one should focus not only on the complexion, but also on the neck, so that when applying the product there are no obvious transitions or the effect of the mask.

First apply the makeup base. This can be done with both the fingertips and the sponge. After application, wet the excess with a dry cloth. Then the tonal agent is distributed. Professional makeup - the rules, a technique for beginners at home: blue, gray, green, brown eyes. Photo

There are two ways to do this:

  1. Professionals use a special brush for the tone. It can be a tool with a straight or rounded pile and a kabuki brush. To do this, squeeze a little funds on the back of the hand, take a little tone with a brush and apply it with patting movements until the whole face is covered in a uniform tone. At the end, you can walk with a brush without a remedy along the massage lines.
  2. The second way is with a wet sponge. To do this, you need to wet it and squeeze it well so that excess moisture is gone. After that, you need to apply a little foundation and distribute the product on the face. In no case should you apply the tonal base with a dry sponge, as the cream will be absorbed into it due to the lack of moisture and more funds will be needed than necessary. The result is a dense and uneven layer of foundation instead of thin and perfect.

Face shape correction

The main purpose of makeup is to hide skin imperfections, turning them imperceptibly to others into advantages. One of the disadvantages can be the shape of the face. The ideal shape is oval. Therefore, girls with a different face shape try to get closer to the ideal.

For correction, you will need two tonal products and two powders – both types of products should be one tone darker and lighter than the natural shade.


  1. To visually make a square or round face oval, you need to apply vertically light and dark foundation on the side from the temple to the chin. You need to start from the hairline and light color. Collections are recommended to be darkened. The tool is shaded with a brush. Professional makeup - the rules, a technique for beginners at home: blue, gray, green, brown eyes. Photo
  2. To give an oval shape to an elongated face, you need to apply a dark and light tone horizontally. Light tone is applied to the top of the nose, cheekbones and chin. A dark tone is needed for the lateral surface of the cheekbones and temporal zone.
  3. To give an ovality to the triangular shape of the face, you should darken the temples and the side surface of the cheekbones. On the chin you need to apply a light shade of the foundation. Blush is applied to the top of the cheekbones.

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Eyebrow shaping

Professional make-up at home (step-by-step photos will help to make a make-up according to the rules) includes the stage of developing eyebrows:

  1. Correction of the natural form. At this stage, you need to remove excess hair. If you have a skill, then you can use a thread or wax. But tweezers are best for these purposes. Correction of the form should be carried out in daylight and the procedure should begin on the side of the temples. The trend is the natural shape of medium-sized eyebrows with a bend rather than thin threads.
  2. Eyebrow Makeup. It can be done with a pencil. if by nature rare eyebrows or leave a natural shape and color, if the eyebrows are thick. First you need to define 3 points: the bend, the beginning and the end of the eyebrow. It is very simple to do it yourself. To do this, you need a pencil. You need to attach the pen at 3 points: at the wing of the nose and the beginning of the eyebrow, at the wing and end, and through the pupil. The first two points are the beginning and end of the eyebrow, and the third is the bend. If you have thick eyebrows, you need to get rid of excess hair. Using an eyebrow brush, you need to comb the hairs up and trim the length with nail scissors. Then it should be removed with extra tweezers from above. If the eyebrows are sparse, then it is necessary with a pencil as close to the color of the eyebrows as possible, with point movements, starting from the beginning, draw a line to the end from above and below.The space between the lines is painted over with dotted movements imitating hair growth. Professional makeup - the rules, a technique for beginners at home: blue, gray, green, brown eyes. Photo

Drawing eyebrows with a pencil takes a long time. Therefore, this method can not always be used. Replace this step with the help of dyeing eyebrows. When choosing paint, you need to focus on their natural color.

Rules for Eye Makeup

Professional eye makeup at home (step-by-step photos will serve as a support) can be made exciting or mysterious. The skin around the eyes is very delicate and makeup in this area requires a special approach.

It includes:

  1. Drawing basis under shadows. This step will help preserve the brightness of the shadows throughout the day or evening and protect them from rolling. The base is cream and powder. The first view is driven in by the fingertips. The second is applied with a special brush in two layers. Powder completes the step.
  2. Application of concealer or concealer. Their function is to remove bruises under the eyes. If they are poorly visible, then you can use the corrector for a couple of tones lighter than the skin. If this method did not help and the bruises are still visible, then a concealer of a shade close to yellow for owners of fair skin and shades of orange for girls with dark skin will come to the rescue. Only after applying the corrector or concealer is the tonal base applied.
  3. Drawing shadows. The method of application depends on the type. Dry shadows are applied using the applicator, which is usually in the kit. Liquid shadows are applied with a brush. The first type of shadow is suitable for beginners, the second – for girls who have the skills to handle such a tool.

Makeup shades should be selected suitable, depending on the color of the eyes:

  1. Ideal shade colors for brown eyes and blond hair are saturated cold (bright blue, fuchsia, green-sea). For girls with black hair and brown eyes, the dark blue eyeshadow palette will be the right choice. If the brown-eyed beauty has dark skin, then it is better to give preference to the olive-brown gamma. Stylists recommend girls with brown eyes make-up in oriental style. It implies the presence of a black eyeliner, which draws a thin line along the upper and lower eyelids. The image will complete the shadows of a suitable color and mascara.
  2. Girls with green eyes should opt for brown, copper, pink, green, purple and purple hues. Stylists do not recommend the use of a blue palette of shadows, but they recommend giving preference to a deep blue contour, which should emphasize the inner eyelid. As for the eyeliner, it is worth choosing gray, chocolate brown, white and golden pencil instead of black. The last two colors will help to visually enlarge the eyes. Professional makeup - the rules, a technique for beginners at home: blue, gray, green, brown eyes. Photo

  3. Stylists recommend blue-eyed beauties to pay close attention to pink, silver-gray, gold, purple, charcoal-gray shades. The latest gamut is perfect for evening makeup. If you want something unusual, then you can use the blue-blue palette. As for the eyeliner, it is purple, emerald, cobalt, terracotta, bronze. You can choose not only black mascara, but also colored – the main thing is that it is combined with eyeliner and eye shadow. Professional makeup - the rules, a technique for beginners at home: blue, gray, green, brown eyes. Photo
  4. Owners of gray eyes stylists recommend paying attention to the shadows, a couple of tones darker than the iris of the eyes. Such advice is suitable for all gray-eyed girls, regardless of their color type. If a girl has gray-blue eyes, then it is better to choose gray-blue, steel, gray-beige and dark gray shades. Golden brown and beige palette is suitable for girls with a warm shade of hair and orange blotches on the iris. With brunettes with gray eyes, it is better to abandon the orange and yellow palette, but you can choose any other colors. Depending on the color type, you can choose a black, brown, blue or gray outline. The main thing is that the line is thin and clear. As for mascara, then choose blue, gray, black, plum shades for daytime makeup and with flickering pigments for the evening.

Lip makeup

With lip make-up, girls are usually limited to applying lipstick or gloss. For a professional make-up, this is not enough.

Star makeup artists are advised to do it in the following order:

  1. Peeling. This step will allow you to get rid of keratinized skin, disperse blood and thereby increase the lips and give them a natural bright color. For this purpose, a mixture of honey and sugar or a toothbrush is suitable.
  2. Application of balm. It will help moisturize your lips. This step should be followed not only in the winter, but always. After 5 minutes, you can apply lipstick or gloss. Professional makeup - the rules, a technique for beginners at home: blue, gray, green, brown eyes. Photo
  3. Contour drawing. This step is usually skipped, but it is necessary if you use bright lipstick or if you need to adjust the shape of the lips. It also allows you to give lip makeup lasting, as lipstick does not spread beyond the created conditional boundaries. Shades of pencil and lipstick should be the same.
  4. Apply lipstick. Makeup artists note that lipstick should be applied from the center to the edges.

Blush and Highlighter

Blush and highlighter complete the makeup. The functions of both tools are to highlight some facial features. Blush is applied to the apples of the cheeks or cheekbones. To do this, you need to smile broadly and apply the product with a wide brush on the protruding parts of the face.

Highlighter is used to brighten the face and give it a light glow. The tool can be liquid, cream, in the form of flickering powder, multi-colored balls, pencil or stick with a brush. You can apply a highlighter on the nose, upper cheekbones, lips, eyes and under the eyebrows.

In no case can it be applied to all the indicated points at the same time, only to one. For example, on the wings of the nose, if you want to lengthen it, or on the area from the bridge of the nose to the tip, if reduced. As you can see from the above photos, you don’t have to be a stellar makeup artist to make high-quality and successful professional makeup.

Even at home, this is quite doable. To do this, you need a set of high-quality cosmetics that are suitable for the color type of appearance and correctly performed step-by-step actions described in our article.

Video on how to do professional makeup

How to make makeup perfect, what mistakes to avoid:

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