How to treat papillomas on the face, body, laundry soap, drugs, folk remedies at home

Papilloma is a neoplasm that occurs due to the activity of the papillomavirus. Such growths most often develop in the area of the ears and nose, but can also be observed on the body. They are light pink or dirty gray, and also resemble a small flower with sharp leaves.

Types of papillomas on the face and body

Skin papillomas Papillomas develop mainly on the hands, less often on the face and chest. In patients infected with immunodeficiency virus, they can take on a common character. The incubation period does not exceed 6 months, and the maximum concentration of the virus in the affected tissue is observed only 6 months after the onset of development.
Pointed view During intercourse, a virus enters the human body, after which after a few days condylomas begin to form on the skin. In rare cases, the disease manifests itself in the form of vesicles with cloudy contents. With any mechanical impact, they burst and emit a strong, unpleasant odor.

Doctors believe that genital papillomas are the most dangerous, as they are often oncogenic, that is, they can pass from a benign tumor to a cancerous one. And also they significantly affect the patient’s life – they interfere with walking, work and sexual intercourse. Most often, they are removed using surgery and liquid nitrogen.

Vulgar look It is the main manifestation of the activity of the human papillomavirus (HPV for short). This form is characterized by the presence of a solid cone with a rough keratinized tissue with a diameter of at least 1/32 inch. Individual growths tend to merge. They always occupy a large part of human skin. Appear anywhere, but are mainly diagnosed on the back of the hand, and in children – on the knees.

A single tumor can exist for many years, while, almost unchanged, but rapid development is possible. It all depends on the state of the immune system and ecology, since, first of all, immunodeficiency conditions affect the spread of the disease.

Intraductal growth of the mammary gland A tumor developing in the milk duct is characterized by unusual symptoms:
  • redness on the nipples;
  • itching and burning of the skin of the chest;
  • with sharp compression, blood can go and a strong pain syndrome appears;
  • instead of normal milk, green or brown discharge comes out.

Initially, a breast disease is not perceived as a malignant tumor, but with untimely or improper treatment at home, papilloma is regenerated as cancerous. The latter in 90% of cases causes breast cancer.

Most often, she is diagnosed in girls who have an abortion, are overweight and weakened immunity.

Plantar shape Her pathogen is HPV-1 and HPV-2. The development process begins with the appearance of a small shiny cone that has standard signs of papilloma. Sometimes around it can be observed numerous bubbles (mosaic warts). The severity of the disease is that neoplasms prevent a person from walking, as they bring pain. The duration of existence varies from a month to 3-4 years and is completely dependent on the state of the body.

This type of pathology is often confused with calluses that occur in places of pressure on the fingers and between them. However, corns, unlike papillomas, have a smooth surface with a clear skin pattern.

Juvenile Most infections occur in small patients younger than 6 years old, because the infection occurs even in the womb or during childbirth. If a pregnant girl has papillomavirus or genital warts in the vagina, then the chance of infection of the baby is almost 100%.

Neoplasms located on the skin integument do not carry a threat. But they can be localized in the throat and interfere with normal breathing. At the first stage, the tumors do not manifest themselves, but after a few days the following symptoms appear:

  • lump in throat;
  • it is difficult to swallow pieces of food;
  • respiratory function is impaired.

In older children, a change in voice is often observed, which is a typical sign of ligamentous lesions. The danger of the disease lies in the fact that, growing, tumors can provoke an attack of suffocation, and later completely block the air passage, due to which a person will die.

Papillomas of the Lewandowski-Lutz This form of growths is extremely rare. Their characteristic feature is the brown color of the neoplasm and uneven edges, but they can also be bright red and crimson. Treatment of such papillomas should be started immediately after the occurrence, since in 40% of patients they degenerate into malignant cells.

Threaded type. This variety got its name because of the small branch, due to which the growth slightly protrudes above the surface of the skin. Basically, they are diagnosed in places where the skin is thin, namely on:

  • breast
  • neck
  • centuries;
  • groin area;
  • axillary hollows.
Filamentous form It is characteristic of patients older than 50 years. The growths have a tendency to rapidly grow as the pathology develops. The head of the papilloma is predominantly yellow or pink, but there is no pronounced pigmentation. Neoplasms of this species are distinguished by the fact that they do not cause pain during trauma, but at the same time 2-3 new ones may appear at the site of the removed growth.

Stages and degrees of papillomas

There are 4 stages of progression of growths:

  1. At the initial stage of development, the size of the neoplasm does not exceed 1/32 inch, it can be covered with bleeding ulcers. At the same time, tumor spots appear in the first stage.
    How to treat papillomas on the face, body, laundry soap, drugs, folk remedies at home
  2. The tumor has the following symptoms: the thickness of the papilloma reaches 0’8 inch in the presence of ulcerations and 0’4 inch if they are not. The second degree of melanoma does not yet affect the adjacent lymph nodes.
  3. The disease is accompanied by infection of the adjacent tissue, characterized by the appearance of tumor cells in the lymph nodes.
  4. It is characterized by the fact that most forms of the disease at this stage degenerate into cancerous tumors, affect the lymph nodes and begin to metastasize to internal organs.

Symptoms of papillomovirus

Such formations almost immediately become noticeable due to the prominent color. Papillomas develop both in 1 and in groups. In the first case, they do not greatly spoil the appearance and
rarely bring discomfort. The diameter of one growth does not exceed 0’4 inch, and the shape is different – they are round with smooth edges and are not clearly defined with a rough surface.

With the appearance of multiple neoplasms, especially of the genital type, symptoms such as itching and burning appear.

Due to such symptoms, the patient begins to comb the affected tissue, exacerbating his condition. The growth due to injury is covered with a rough crust and begins to bleed, which causes the spread of the papilloma virus and the growth of growths.

Causes of papillomas on the face and body

HPV is a common viral disease that carries 80% of the world’s inhabitants. It is impossible to completely get rid of it, but at the same time its activity is easily suppressed by the immune system. That is why the main reason for the development of growths is a weakened immune system.

How to treat papillomas on the face, body, laundry soap, drugs, folk remedies at home

This condition is diagnosed due to:

  • the presence of parasites in the body;
  • frequent allergic reactions;
  • severe stress;
  • long medication;
  • failures in the work of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • poor ecology and poor quality food.

Diagnosis of papillomas on the face and body

Before treating papillomas at home, you need to undergo a full examination. To understand exactly whether there is a papillomavirus infection in the body, you need to contact an immunologist and a dermatologist.

To identify the etiology of the development of growths, instrumental and laboratory analyzes are used, among which it is necessary to make general and biochemical blood tests, the polymerase chain reaction method, and also pass a piece of the affected tissue for biopsy. It allows you to identify the stage and form of the neoplasm, the possibility of degeneration into cancer.

The cost of a full examination, taking into account the services of a doctor in a private clinic, reaches $ 41 – $ 54, depending on the. It is advisable to do blood tests in the municipal clinic, in order to save about $ 9,52 on this. This is due to the fact that a high-quality blood test does not require expensive equipment that is available in private hospitals.

When to see a doctor

If unknown neoplasms appear, you need to consult a specialist, depending on the location of the disease. If they appeared in the groin area, then men need to visit a urologist, and gynecologist girls. Most often, you can limit yourself to a dermatologist’s office, since most of the types of pathology are located on the face.

How to treat papillomas on the face, body, laundry soap, drugs, folk remedies at home

The reasons for an immediate visit to the doctor are:

  • bleeding from the affected tissue;
  • pain syndrome;
  • worsening condition;
  • sharp darkening of spots.

You also need to urgently consult a specialist if the tests reveal a high chance of the appearance of malignant tumors and damage to the lymph nodes, since negligence in such a case will lead to death of a person.

Prevention of papillomas on the face and body

Prevention involves a number of measures that must be followed throughout life:

  • during intercourse, you should always use condoms, which significantly reduces the risk of infection, although it does not give 100% protection;
  • observe the rules of hygiene;
  • when injured or deeply scratched, it is necessary to treat it with an antiseptic and bandage tightly so that dirt and infection do not get;
  • avoid skin injuries during hair removal;
  • maintain immunity by taking vitamin complexes and playing sports.

Treatment methods for papillomas on the face and body

Complex therapy of papillomas consists of several components: removal of neoplasms, medication and the use of folk remedies. However, the disease cannot be completely cured, but the virus can be turned into an inactive state.


How to treat papillomas at home with medication – this method is to suppress the activity of the virus and improve the immune system.

Most often they write out:

Isoprinosine. The medicine is made in the form of tablets that contain 500 mg of the active substance – inosine pranobex. The doctor selects the course of treatment individually, taking into account the age of the patient and the characteristics of the development of the disease. But most often, for adult patients, a reception is prescribed according to the standard scheme: 4 times a day, 2 tablets, which must be abundantly washed down with water.

The duration of the course can be from 14 days to 1 month. Then a break is required for 30 days. Isoprinosine is also prescribed for children older than 3 years. The daily dose is calculated taking into account the body weight of the child: 500 mg of the active ingredient per day for every 22 pounds of weight.

Isoprinosine enhances the effect of immunomodulatory drugs, so it is considered the basis for a comprehensive treatment of papillomas.

Alpizarin. The active substance is magniferin, which is obtained from a plant called penny. A feature of the component is that it completely destroys the papillomavirus DNA.

Since the drug is made from plants, even a child can take it. The daily dose for children is 3 tablets, which must be taken one morning, afternoon and evening, and for adult patients 2 tablets 3 times a day. The duration of the course of admission does not exceed 21 days, but in case of relapse it is extended to 4 weeks.

The disadvantages of alpizarin are its side effects, which include:

  • disruption of the digestive tract;
  • allergic reactions;
  • fast fatiguability.

How to treat papillomas at home with the help of Rimantadine is a powerful medicine that ensures the destruction of the protective membrane of the human papilloma virus. Basically, Rimantadine is prescribed for 2 weeks, 1 tablet per day. Sold in powder form for small patients and tablets for patients over 12 years old.

The drug is often used to prevent relapse after surgical removal of tumors. It is also prescribed to prevent infection after contact with the HPV carrier.

How to treat papillomas on the face, body, laundry soap, drugs, folk remedies at home

In this case, the medicine has a list of contraindications:

  • individual intolerance to components;
  • diseases of the kidneys, liver and gastrointestinal tract;
  • period of pregnancy and breastfeeding, etc.

Folk methods

Folk remedies for the treatment of the disease:

  1. How to treat papillomas at home with celandine – use plant juice, which contains substances that destroy the tissue of viral growths. To get it, you need to take a fresh plant stem with leaves and slowly squeeze the liquid. Juice is treated on the affected skin with a cotton swab or gloves, since the product, once on healthy tissue, will leave a severe burn. On top of the treated area you need to stick a sterile adhesive plaster. Doctors recommend applying the substance every 4 times with intervals of 15 minutes. There should be no more than 3 such procedures per day.
  2. Castor oil is considered an effective folk remedy for eliminating papillomas . It contains acid that irritates the affected tissue. The substance must be applied to neoplasms and the skin around them. Then, within 10 minutes, it is necessary to massage the skin with smooth movements. Treatment lasts no more than 5 weeks.
  3. How to treat papillomas at home with pork fat and garlic – 10 g of melted fat and mashed potatoes from 2 cloves of garlic are mixed in equal proportions. The mass is applied to the papilloma, covered with a clean cloth and sealed with a plaster. You need to wear a bandage regularly, changing every 5 hours. However, before use, you need to check it on healthy skin, since garlic and fat can cause redness and inflammation of the tissues. The course of treatment is 5 days.

Other methods

The following methods are used to treat neoplasms on the skin:

  1. Electrocoagulation is a procedure in which a high-frequency current is sent to infected tissue. After it, the growth is covered with a thin crust, but after 5 days it turns pale and falls off. To remove the papilloma, just 1 procedure is enough. The effectiveness of the operation is about 90%. The cost in the of USA reaches $ 9,52.
    How to treat papillomas on the face, body, laundry soap, drugs, folk remedies at home
  2. Laser therapy is based on the use of rays of different lengths, warming the skin and destroying the neoplasm. The advantage of the procedure is that it does not bring pain, does not require rehabilitation and is absolutely harmless to health. The average price of laser therapy is $ 41.
  3. The cryodestruction method involves the use of liquid nitrogen, which destroys the growth tissue and blood vessels inside it. After the operation, there is no bleeding, since when frozen, veins and arteries are completely blocked. The treated area heals quickly, scarring does not occur. Most doctors recommend this method, as it is the safest and most inexpensive. The price in USA is $ 6,8.
  4. Surgery to remove papillomas is almost never used, because the scars remain on the skin, rehabilitation takes several weeks, and there is also a high risk of relapse. There is a procedure under local anesthesia. Excision takes about 20 minutes, and then stitches are applied. After the operation, the patient remains in the hospital for 14 days. Basically, the procedure is carried out in state hospitals under the compulsory medical insurance policy, so it is free.

Possible complications

Experts advise that after detection of papillomas immediately consult a doctor in order to prevent the virus from spreading through the skin and reduce the risk of injury to formations, which entails a list of consequences.

Among them are:

  • tissue malignancy (the growth begins to acquire the quality of a malignant tumor);
  • accelerating the spread of the virus to nearby tissues;
  • skin necrosis due to frequent damage to papillomas.

It is possible to recover from papillomas at home, but their elimination is not enough. It is necessary to identify the cause of the disease, so that in the future the growths do not appear again. In this case, in no case can they be removed mechanically on their own, since this threatens the degeneration of the tumor into cancer.

Video about the removal of papillomas and warts

Is it possible to remove papillomas at home:

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