Regecin gel for face wrinkles. How to apply ointment, advice from cosmetologists, reviews

Many creams, lotions, masks and other products are intended for the gentle restoration of aging skin. Products of expensive well-known companies are not affordable for everyone.

Regecin from wrinkles, relying on the numerous reviews of cosmetologists and women on the forums, is an affordable tool that is not inferior to expensive analogues in action. To achieve the maximum effect, it is important to know the features and rules of using the drug, contraindications.

Useful properties of the drug

Regecin is good for all skin types. In addition to treating skin diseases (seborrhea, dermatitis, acne and others), the gel is used to prevent inflammation on the skin and the appearance of wrinkles.

Hyaluronic acid – the main component of the gel – has regenerative qualities:

  • accelerates blood flow to the skin of the face;
  • aligns relief;
  • eliminates rash and other inflammations.

The skin is 70% water, so it is very important to maintain water balance to maintain its elasticity. Up to 25 years, the body copes with this task without the help of special tools.

The use of anti-aging cosmetics by young girls for the prevention of wrinkles can be not only pointless, but also harmful. Obtaining the required components from the outside, the skin “rests” and does not produce a sufficient amount of the necessary active substances. Regecin gel for face wrinkles. How to apply ointment, advice from cosmetologists, reviews

Hyaluronic acid has not only healing qualities. It is able to maintain the right amount of moisture in the epidermis. For the care of aging skin, this component is indispensable.

Thanks to interactions at the cellular level, hyaluronic acid attracts about 400 water molecules. They accumulate between the layers of the skin and give the face freshness and fit. An additional result after using the gel will be a radiance of the skin.

The lack of hyaluronic acid manifests itself in premature aging: the skin sags, the face contour changes, bags under the eyes appear.

Regecin from wrinkles (reviews can be read at the end of the article) is indispensable for aging skin.

Is he:

  • improves blood circulation;
  • makes the skin supple;
  • smoothes out fine wrinkles;
  • evens out deep skin folds;
  • eliminates pigmentation.

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Use Regecin should be after the appearance of the first wrinkles. The gel is highly effective with regular use.

The main advantage of the drug is its low price (about $ 2,72). The gel can be bought at any pharmacy without a prescription.

Regecin from wrinkles (reviews and application rules for the area around the eyes can be read further) are recommended by cosmetologists. As a result of proper use, you can get rid of facial and deep wrinkles.

The gel protects against ultraviolet rays, disinfects, fights pigmentation directly, not due to skin whitening. Regecin has a safe composition, it is recommended by doctors for skin care after 25 years. The gel can be used together with other means, it is not addictive and has practically no contraindications.

In addition to care for aging skin, Regecin eliminates inflammation on the face. Therefore, it is suitable for problem skin.


The first days after applying the product, itching, slight redness and a feeling of tightened skin are possible. If after 3 days of use, such a reaction to Regecin does not disappear, you need to visit a dermatologist.

It is not recommended to use the drug during pregnancy. This is due to the fact that not a single study has been conducted that would study the effect of the gel on the intrauterine development of the fetus.

Composition and form of release

Regecin is available in the form of a gel, the volume of the tube is 15 mg. Thanks to the gel texture, the product is used very economically, is easily applied and absorbed by the skin.

The composition of the gel is concise, it does not contain anything superfluous:

  • hyaluronic acid is the main active ingredient: it retains moisture, has regenerative qualities;
  • distilled water;
  • zinc chloride is an anti-inflammatory component;
  • potassium sorbate – a natural preservative that helps the gel to be stored for longer than 3 days; Regecin gel for face wrinkles. How to apply ointment, advice from cosmetologists, reviews
  • Carbanol is a component due to which Regecin is a gel that is easy to apply and quickly absorbed.

Indications for use

The list of medical indications for the use of Regecin:

  • for the treatment of acne, dermatitis, acne;
  • accelerate healing after surgery (removal of papillomas, warts, plastic surgeries, laser corrections).


Regecin has practically no contraindications. The gel can be bought at any pharmacy without a prescription.  Before the first use of the product, you must familiarize yourself with its composition. If a woman is allergic to one of the components, the use of the drug is prohibited.

Medical Terms of Use

The instructions for use indicate that Regecin is recommended to be used twice a day for 5-7 weeks. For preventive purposes, the gel is applied a maximum of twice a week. Regecin gel for face wrinkles. How to apply ointment, advice from cosmetologists, reviews

In accordance with the rules of use, the product must be applied to cleansed, dry skin and gently massaged throughout the face.  The maximum duration of the course of application of the gel is 3 months.

After laser skin correction, Regecin is applied to the lesions daily for a week until complete healing. In the acute form of dermatitis, the gel is used 2-3 times a day for 4 weeks. With acne in mild form, the gel is applied according to the instructions, with moderate and severe form, hormonal therapy and antibiotics are added to the treatment.

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Application in cosmetology for wrinkles

A significant result from the use of the gel can be obtained by using the drug course. The duration of each course is 30 days. After which it is important to give the skin a break for 1-2 months. This will help the body not get used to the active components of the gel and make the maximum benefit from the use of the drug.

In order to achieve the desired effect and not get the opposite in the form of inflammation, allergies or dermatitis, it is important to use the product correctly.

  1. First of all, you should cleanse your face from cosmetics, dust, sebum.
  2. To enhance the effect, you can steam the face. To do this, pou
    r hot water or a decoction of herbs into a bowl and bend over the steam with a towel. After 5 minutes, the skin will be ready for further action.
  3. Use a soft towel to dab your face.
  4. Rub the gel into dry skin in a circular motion, thoroughly treat the problem areas. Regecin gel for face wrinkles. How to apply ointment, advice from cosmetologists, reviews

It is important not to overdo it or stretch the skin when applying the gel. In places where there are many wrinkles, it is necessary to usd the product especially gently.  The gel is recommended to be used before bedtime. It is well absorbed into the skin, it does not need to be washed off after application.

To get rid of wrinkles in the cosmetologist’s office, you can take a course of medical procedures: chemical peeling, mesotherapy and others. As a result, the skin is damaged, sometimes even the deeper layers are affected.

Beauticians advise using Regecin before and after undergoing the procedures. Its use will help the epidermis recover faster. In addition, the gel moisturizes all layers of the skin, has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

How to use under eye makeup

Regecin effectively fights facial wrinkles, so it is often applied to the area around the eyes. Many women use Regecin as a makeup base.

The gel is applied to cleansed skin, previously you can use a moisturizer. Especially carefully you need to apply Regecin on the eyelids and the area around the eyes with gentle patting movements, without stretching the skin. Regecin from wrinkles is suitable for women with any skin color, since it does not have a coloring pigment.

After application, you need to allow the tool to completely absorb for 1-2 minutes, after which apply the shadow. Cosmetics, according to reviews, after applying Regecin does not roll, the shadows lie brighter and smoother than on dry unprocessed skin. In addition, the gel has beneficial effects on the skin throughout the day. Regecin gel for face wrinkles. How to apply ointment, advice from cosmetologists, reviews

The drug can be used as a general base for makeup. It is spread over the face with a thin layer using a sponge. Or the gel is applied pointwise on the face with your fingers, then gently spread it over the skin with massaging movements. If not all the agent has been absorbed, it should be soaked with a paper towel. After applying Regecin, it is recommended to powder the skin or use foundation.

When using the drug in the morning as the basis for makeup, it can be applied before bedtime only during the first week of use. After which the product is applied only 1 time per day.

What are the expected results

Using the drug according to the instructions, the course, not forgetting to apply it daily, you can achieve significant results.

The use of Regecin for aging skin:

  • restores complexion, gives the skin a healthy glow;
  • eliminates yellowness and age spots;
  • tightens the oval of the face;
  • maintains water balance;
  • smoothes out fine wrinkles after 2 weeks of use;
  • reduces deep skin folds in 4 weeks;
    Regecin gel for face wrinkles. How to apply ointment, advice from cosmetologists, reviews
    Regecin gel for the face will help remove fine wrinkles in two weeks. It is convenient in that it can be applied under cosmetics with a thin layer.
  • eliminates bags under the eyes and facial wrinkles.

For problem skin with acne and dermatitis:

  • after a week of use, the gel eliminates inflammation;
  • after 2 weeks, skin tone and relief are leveled;
  • after 4-5 weeks, the skin will become clean without scars and scars after acne;
  • eliminates traces of post-acne in a week.

In other cases:

  • heals wounds, cracks and other skin lesions;
  • disinfects.

It should be remembered that in individual cases, the use of Regecin may be ineffective.

Possible side effects

Regecin from wrinkles (reviews of drug intolerance are rare), like any other cosmetic product, can cause adverse reactions:

  • itchy skin;
  • inflammation and redness; Regecin gel for face wrinkles. How to apply ointment, advice from cosmetologists, reviews
  • dermatitis;
  • an allergic reaction;
  • the appearance of acne;
  • feeling of tight skin.

Before use, an allergic reaction test should be performed – usd a little gel into the skin on the wrist. If after 10 minutes there is no burning and redness – Regecin can be used.

The cost of funds in New York, Los Angeles,

< td style="border-color: #000000; width: 151px; height: 130px;"> $ 2,57

Drug name Country Name of pharmacy Price
Regecin gel USA “E Pharmacy” $ 2,68
Regecin gel USA Pharmacy chain “Floria” $ 3,43
Regecin gel USA “Zhivika” $ 2,71
Regecin gel USA “Aloe” 187 time
Regecin gel USA “Pharmacy for the Lean”
Regecin gel USA Vita-Express 196 time
Regecin gel USA “Be healthy” $ 2,52

Analogues of the drug

Regecin was developed by American scientists as an analogue of the Kuriozin drug invented by the Hungarians. Unlike Curiosin, Regecin is designed for use by Americans. The composition of the gel is designed for the needs of residents of USA with a harsh climate and adverse ecology. In addition, the Hungarian drug is 2 times more expensive than domestic.

Other analogues of Regecin:

  1. Metrogil gel.
  2. Tetracycline ointment. Regecin gel for face wrinkles. How to apply ointment, advice from cosmetologists, reviews
  3. Acnestop
  4. Salicylic acid.
  5. Zinerite.

Drugs differ in cost, effectiveness and duration of use.

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Reviews of doctors, cosmetologists, women on drug forums

Beauticians agreed that every woman should try Regecin gel for facial skin care. Most cosmetologists themselves use this drug. Many of them consider Regecin the best cosmetic product for wrinkles today.

This natural product with a good composition does not contain harmful, as well as unnecessary, unnecessary skin components. Due to its low price and low consumption, the gel is available for long-term use.

Beauticians say that applying the gel too often can worsen the condition of the skin, cause allergies, inflammation, and severe itching. Therefore, doctors strongly recommend that you follow the instructions and not wait for noticeable changes in the early days. Personal care should be reasonable.

Most women write on the forums that they decided to try the drug because of the low price and good reviews. Almost everyone is happy with the result, but some had unpleasant sensations in the first days of use (itching, redness) and they stopped using Regecin. Some, on the contrary, did not notice any result after a course of application of the gel.

Women write that a remarkable effect can be achieved by using Regecin with other anti-aging procedures at the beautician and at home.

After taking the course of using Regecin from wrinkles, you can achieve a noticeable anti-aging effect.

According to numerous reviews of doctors and women using this gel, in terms of its effectiveness, Regecin will replace expensive procedures with a cosmetologist if used correctly and regularly.

Wrinkle videos about Regecine

The best remedy for facial wrinkles – Regecin:

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