Balayazh on a square with lengthening, bangs on light, dark and blond hair. What does it look like, com fits, photo

Giving a new color to the hair using modern techniques, often use combinations of different shades. The most fashionable options for coloring in recent years include ombre, batatusha, balayazh. The hair dyed in these techniques looks beautiful, whatever they are: long, medium or very short.

According to hairdressers, original hair dyeing techniques are especially suitable for medium-length haircuts. For example, balayazh look great on a square with elongation.

How do they look on the hair

The mentioned techniques are similar to each other: they are based on the game of halftones, but each has its own characteristics. Coloring balayazh involves the distribution of the coloring composition over the upper layer of individual strands from about the middle (towards the tips, the pigmentation intensity increases).

The border between dyed and natural hair is blurred, the transition is the thinnest, the impression of a slightly careless naturalness is created. Usually a combination of darker roots and light strands is used, but you can dye blond hair and make multi-colored strands.

Masters advise not to use more than 3 colors.

Stylists distinguish 3 types of hut coloring:

  • full – dyes up to half the mass of hair, and unsystematically, at different heights – from the middle, at the ends;
  • medium – paint captures randomly separate strands;
  • at tips – used mainly on short haircuts.

Balayazh on wavy hair

Balayazh – ideal for curly hair: curls and curls give colored strands unpredictability, allow you to further “blur” the border of shades. The cascade, bean, ladder, aurora and other multilayer hairstyles gives the balyazh additional volume.

Who is suitable for

Coloring in the hut technique is suitable for almost all women, and regardless of age:

  • suitable for dark, red, blond, blond hair;
  • Looks great on straight and wavy hair; Balayazh on a square with lengthening, bangs on light, dark and blond hair. What does it look like, com fits, photo
  • It is used for thin hair, and for thick and lush;
  • Suitable for any color type, it is only important to choose the right shades.

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Advantages and disadvantages


  • avoids drastic changes in appearance – leave the existing hair length, their original shade;
  • hair is exposed to paint only partially, their health is preserved;
  • with hair regrowth, the effect remains unchanged, frequent correction is not required;
  • balayazh visually rejuvenates a woman, it is applicable even when masking gray hair;
  • emphasizes the expressiveness of the face and corrects the oval;
  • gives hair splendor and volume.

Of the relative shortcomings can be called a rather laborious procedure for painting at home and its considerable cost in the cabin.

In addition, if the coloring is unsuccessful, you can get an undesirable result in the form of a too obvious transition or an unexpected color (this happens when processing previously painted dark strands).

How to choose a shade

On fair hair

Tints of shades when stained using balayazh technique on fair hair look very gentle and natural.

It would seem that blondes do not have much choice, but this is not so: there are many combinations depending on the color type, eye color and skin:

  • summer color type: strands painted in “hazelnut” are suitable for pearl-ash-colored roots;
  • winter color type: dark chocolate shades and “burgundy” go well with platinum roots;
  • spring and autumn blondes with natural beige or sunny colors will suit strands of chestnut and chocolate shades.

Balayazh on a square with lengthening, bangs on light, dark and blond hair. What does it look like, com fits, photo

Eye color is also important. Mother of pearl, light brown, wheat, caramel shades will give expressiveness to blue and gray eyes. For brown-eyed blondes, professionals recommend coffee and golden. A bolder option for all types is red.

On dark hair

Owners of dark hair to achieve the effect must first lighten the strands that are supposed to be dyed. Such women usually belong to the winter and autumn color type. In the first case, cold shades – ashen, platinum, silver will be appropriate. For the autumn type with brown hair, warm tones are suitable – golden, honey, caramel.

Read more about color combinations for black hair:

  • for a brunette with fair skin and gray eyes, a transition to ashen will be spectacular;
  • bright contrast will give red or fiery red strands;
  • when striving for naturalness, chocolate and coffee shades are recommended, as well as the color of fallen leaves, bronze;
  • black hair can be tinted with color shades – raspberry, lilac, purple and even blue.

Balayazh on a square with lengthening, bangs on light, dark and blond hair. What does it look like, com fits, photo

For brown hair:

  • beautiful natural color emphasizes caramel or honey tint;
  • light brown, beige and golden curls on brown hair will create a flickering effect;
  • a copper shade will give brightness to the natural reddish shade of brown hair;
  • yellow and orange will also be successful.

Trendy coloring “ecaille” (ikayi) is also considered by many professionals to be a kind of balayazh technique. Translated from French, this means “tortoise shell”; the same smooth flowing from dark to light is used when painting.

This is a complex technique, which results in dark roots, lighter tips and sparkling glare across all hair – chestnut, chocolate, golden, caramel, copper.

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On brown hair

Brown hair is the most common and the desire to make it original and brighter is understandable.

For coloring brown hair in the style of balayazh, several shades of similar tone are usually used.

Interesting combinations for brown hair:

  • on a basic copper shade – golden amber curls; Balayazh on a square with lengthening, bangs on light, dark and blond hair. What does it look like, com fits, photo
  • dark purple color revive yellowish strands (eggplant and melon);
  • light brown roots and a smooth transition to a wheat hue – a classic hut;
  • bronze and reddish shades and gold locks – it is bright and fashionable;
  • balayazh in 3 tones – honey shades of different saturations smoothly pass into each other;
  • visually colder optio
    ns: cold ash and ice blond – curls from the middle lighten slightly in the first case and intensively in the second;
  • An interesting arrangement of caramel shades: some strands lighten almost along the entire length, others only at the tips;
  • bright contrast: brown hair at the roots flow smoothly at the ends into a snowy blond;
  • coloring at different heights and several shades resembles sun glare;
  • coloring not thin strands, but large curls, as if with bold strokes;
  • complex, but incredibly beautiful coloring: very thin strands are tinted with adjacent shades from the very roots.

On red hair

Red hair of different shades and saturation always looks spectacular.

Adding to this staining balayazh, you can get bright and stylish compositions:

  • classic options – stretching from the dark root zone to the light tips, lighter highlights, scattered light “feathers”, honey reflections; Balayazh on a square with lengthening, bangs on light, dark and blond hair. What does it look like, com fits, photo
  • clarified strands tinted in copper will add expressiveness;
  • Dark brown locks look very stylish, especially for the entire length of the hair;
  • contrasting coloring in 3 tones – dark, bright, sunny yellow;
  • for bold fashionistas, the option with red locks is suitable, as well as a combination with black: a bright red top, turning into black tips or a dark top and fiery-red ends of hair.

On gray hair

To mask gray hair, highlighting is often used. Hairdressers advise trying a similar technique – balayazh. By mixing with colored strands, gray hair ceases to attract attention, as well as regrown roots. Toning with lilac, purple, silver and platinum shades is ideal for hair with any percentage of gray hair.

Varieties of balayazh technique

Professionals choose a specific type of balayazh staining depending on the length and structure of the hair, as well as on the intended image:

  • chaotic unevenly colored strands, like brush strokes – a torn gradient – will give vivacity and enthusiasm;
  • balayazh at the tips, even or asymmetric, is the most sparing option, as the minimum amount of hair is dyed; It looks the most natural;
  • a full hut also looks natural, but in this case several adjacent shades are used, the strands are lightened from the top and from the middle;
  • the average balayazh is similar to highlighting, but the paint is applied arbitrarily, in different areas, on any number of strands.

Balayazh on a long square

Balayazh on a square with an extension is considered a classic option.

There are several ways to do this:

  • only individual locks are painted; Balayazh on a square with lengthening, bangs on light, dark and blond hair. What does it look like, com fits, photo
  • the product is applied from the roots along the entire length of the hair;
  • only the tips are lightened and colorized;
  • individual strands on the back of the head and on the face give expressiveness and elegance.

Balayazh on a square with elongation is often done with a sharper transition of shades. An interesting and stylish option: on dark straight hair, only the front, elongated strands with a smooth transition along the entire length are lightened and dyed.

Execution technique

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Washed and combed hair lighten at the tips (usually 3-4 tones).
  2. Wrap the ends in foil, apply the composition to the surface to be painted and leave for 15 minutes. Balayazh on a square with lengthening, bangs on light, dark and blond hair. What does it look like, com fits, photo
  3. Remove the foil and spread the paint from top to bottom with a comb. The exposure time is 25 minutes.
  4. Wash with shampoo, apply balm.

Balayazh on a square with elongation can be made in an open way, without wrapping the tips in foil.

On a square with extension and bangs

If an elongated rack is worn with a fringe, the question arises: should it be painted, and if necessary, how. If hair coloring is done only in the lower part, it is better to leave the bangs in their natural color. Balayazh with a short bang on a square with an extension is also better not to do, especially on dark hair. But a long or asymmetric fringe can be slightly colored.

Balayazh on a square with lengthening, bangs on light, dark and blond hair. What does it look like, com fits, photo
Balayazh on a square with an extension looks attractive.

This should be done with a thin brush, very carefully, by a thread. To mask gray hair, staining begins high, so the bangs also need to be processed. The fantasy of experienced masters can create original compositions, for example: with light brown hair, the lower part is evenly painted in a darker color and the bangs are also tinted.

On a bob car with extension

The technique of coloring a bob-car is slightly different from the previous one:

  1. Divide the hair into 4 parts and fix it, apply a paint that brightens 1 tone to the ends, wrap it.
  2. Withstand time according to instructions, rinse, dry.
  3. From top to bottom, from the roots to the tips, gently apply the next tone.
  4. After 10 minutes, you should stretch the paint with a comb, withstand the set time.
  5. Rinse, apply balm.

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Precautionary measures

In order not to harm your health and beauty, you must follow certain rules:

  • dye only healthy, undamaged hair;
  • carry out the procedure only with quality dyes from trusted manufacturers;
  • a couple of days before painting, you should not wash your hair: sebum serves as a hair protection, and the coloring will be more even;
  • Before the procedure, lubricate the skin along the hairline with cream or petroleum jelly;
  • do not increase the prescribed exposure time;
  • do not use natural dyes after dyeing: a reaction may occur and the hair will turn green.

Toning balazyazh

The use of gentle, unstable dyes is justified in case of an unsuccessful attempt to stain balayazh – an unpleasant yellow hue, a too sharp transition. In this case, tinting is a way to eliminate the disadvantages. Balayazh on a square with lengthening, bangs on light, dark and blond hair. What does it look like, com fits, photo

Using a tinting agent, you can:

  • refresh or slightly change the shades;
  • make the transition smoother;
  • soften sharp contrast;
  • get rid of yellowness;
  • mask gray hair.

Toning products do not contain ammonia, so they do not spoil the hair. On the contrary, they contain plant extracts, natural oils, keratin, which helps strengthen hair. So, without harm, you can change the shade or give the hair a rich color and healthy shine.

Care after staining

Dyed hair requires constant care.

Even slight clarification affects them negatively, so it is necessary to adhere to the recommendations of specialists:

  • choose a special shampoo for highlighted and colored hair, it contains components that moisturize and nourish the hair, as well as preventing the paint from quickly washing out;
  • After washing, be sure to use balm: apply to wet hair and hold for 5 minutes;
  • regularly restore and nourish masks;
  • minimize the use of a hair dryer, curling iron, ironing, etc .;
  • washing water should be warm (but not hot) and soft;
  • wet hair cannot be rubbed vigorously with a towel; this makes them thin and fall out;
  • wash your hair after staining should be two days later, comb with a damp, rare comb;
  • Protect hair from sunlight with hats or a heat-protective spray.

Stackings for a Bob haircut

A haircut allows you to create many hairstyles for everyday life and special occasions. Balayazh on a square with lengthening, bangs on light, dark and blond hair. What does it look like, com fits, photo

Coloring in the technique of a hut gives them originality and brightness:

  1. Perfect smoothness – recommended for owners of thick hair. As an option – a smooth hairstyle in retro style.
  2. Laying a square back is an evening option, when drying, each strand is combed back.
  3. With straight hair, you can experiment with parting – make it straight, oblique or in the form of a zigzag.
  4. Always fashionable curls – they can also be curled on straight hair.
  5. From straight hair with the help of a special nozzle on the curling iron you can get small structured strands – corrugation. Reminder: use thermal protectors!
  6. An elongated square from Christian Dior – a characteristic smooth top and curled curls at the bottom.
  7. Deliberate negligence – strands seem to be scattered in the wind. Hairstyle for the bold and creative.

Thus, dyeing using the balayazh technique has many advantages for any haircut, in particular, on a square with extension: it increases the volume, is suitable for straight and wavy hair, preserves naturalness and demonstrates elegance and delicate taste.

Video about balayazh technique

How to dye short hair with balayage:

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