Castor oil hair masks – benefits, recipes, rules for use at home

Adverse environmental factors, weather conditions and not always useful cosmetic procedures adversely affect the hair, testing them for durability. Homemade masks using castor (ricin) oil act as an indispensable assistant in hair care to maintain their beauty, strength and health.

The benefits of castor oil for hair

Castor oil is generally available, so it is easily applicable at home.

The product has many beneficial properties for hair:

  • glues hair flakes, strengthening the structure (fragility disappears);
  • promotes growth;
  • makes hair shiny, removing dullness;
  • nourishes the follicle, introducing vitamins and minerals. Castor oil hair masks - benefits, recipes, rules for use at home

You can use it without additives or in masks, supplementing with other ingredients.


Castor oil should not be used in the presence of rashes, allergies or ulcers on the scalp.

Rules of procedure

The effect of castor oil depends on how it is used. When using castor oil without additives, allergic reactions are rarely observed.


  • Do not wash your hair before performing the procedure.
  • For greater effectiveness, slightly warm the oil before use.
  • Castor oil hair masks - benefits, recipes, rules for use at homeUsing a film will enhance the effect.
  • Efficiency will also increase if a head massage is done before the procedure.
  • Oil should be distributed evenly over the entire length of the hair.
  • When flushing oil, it is recommended not to wet your hair before applying shampoo. Rinse hair 2-3 times to completely wash out the oil.
  • Using a hairdryer after the procedure is not recommended.
  • If the hair remains oily after several soapings, this means that castor oil is not recommended for use in its pure form in this case. For such hair, you should combine the ingredients, choosing the appropriate composition.
  • Masks with castor oil and various additives at home are used for any type of hair.

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Castor oil masks for hair

Firming mask with vitamin E

This mask nourishes hair follicles, strengthens curls and gives them shine, makes hair strong and elastic. Castor oil hair masks - benefits, recipes, rules for use at home

Mask for weak hair: mix heated oils (burdock and castor seeds 0,54 fluid ounce each), add 0,17 fluid ounce vitamin E, A and 3-4 drops of Dimexidum. Distribute the composition along the entire length of the hair and leave it under a plastic cap for 1 hour. The procedure is performed every 7 days.

Mask for hair growth with an egg

To the heated oil you need to add 2 chicken yolks, grind until smooth. Rub the composition into the hair roots and distribute to the ends. The mixture is absorbed into the hair, which will contribute to their active growth. Keep the composition on your hair for at least 1 hour. A mask for activating growth with honey is more effective, but it has a slight brightening effect.

With kefir for dry hair

Prepare a composition of 0,51 fluid ounce of heated oil, yolk and 0,68 fluid ounce of fermented milk product with a fat content of not more than 2.5%. Castor oil hair masks - benefits, recipes, rules for use at homeAfter application, wrap with a film, hold for an hour.

With lemon for oily hair

Mix equal proportions of vodka, warm oil and lemon juice. Keep on hair 40-60 minutes.

With brandy for shine

Mix oil and cognac in a 1: 1 ratio and apply to hair for 30-50 minutes. A more effective mask, which affects the gloss and growth rate, has the same composition, only with the addition of 1 yolk.

With olive oil against split ends

Keep an equal amount of heated oils (olive and castor) on your head for 1 hour under a film.

With yeast and onion from falling out

Dilute 8 g of dry yeast in warm water, add the same amount of onion juice and castor oil. Rub the composition into the roots and keep the hour under a hat.

With burdock oil

Burdock (burdock) and castor oil are two “magic” remedies that affect the speed of hair growth and their volume.

Castor oil hair masks - benefits, recipes, rules for use at home
At home, it is easy to make a hair restoration mask from a mixture of castor and burdock oil with vitamin A

The ratio of these oils to hair masks at home:

  • 1: 1 – restore damaged hair, give elasticity to brittle curls, volume to the roots.
  • 2: 1 – burdock and castor oil in this ratio and in a heated state can easily be removed from the head. The composition will give shine to the hair, strengthen the roots.
  • 1: 2 – used for dry scalp prone to peeling.

Composition for damaged and dull hair: mix 0,51 fluid ounce of oil (burdock and castor) and tincture of hot pepper, apply to hair for 30-40 minutes.  Softening and regenerating mask: mix olive, burdock and castor oils in equal proportions and apply to hair for 2 hours.

With honey

Mix 40 g butter, 20 g warm honey and 1 egg. Castor oil hair masks - benefits, recipes, rules for use at homeThe mixture can be whipped with a whisk. Distribute the mass in curls, leave for 15 minutes under a hat.

With mustard

Mustard powder dries the hair, but this deficiency is filled with castor oil, which in tandem with dry mustard strengthens and nourishes the hair roots.  Mask to accelerate growth: mix castor oil, mustard and warm water for 2 tablespoons, add the yolk of one egg and 25 grams of sugar. Leave on hair for 25 minutes. Castor oil hair masks - benefits, recipes, rules for use at home

Mustard powder and tincture of red hot pepper have a similar effect on the hair, so these two components are interchangeable in the preparation of masks. The facilitation of washing off the mask with mustard powder is provided by adding to it a yolk or a small amount of grape oil.

Before washing off this composition, it is recommended to pour hot water on your hair and only then use shampoo.

With glycerin

  • Mask with the effect of lamination: prepare the composition of teaspoons apple cider vinegar, 0,17 fluid ounce of glycerin, 1,18 fluid ounce of castor oil and 0,51 fluid ounce of argan oil, apply to the hair for 1 hour.
  • Moisturizing and nourishing mask: mix warm oils (burdock and castor 40 g each) with yolk and 0,51 fluid ounce of glycerin. Leave on hair under the film for 40-50 minutes.

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With Dimexide

The drug helps the hair absorb the beneficial elements. It strengthens hair, promotes their accelerated growth. Castor oil hair masks - benefits, recipes, rules for use at home

Recommendations for the use of masked medications:

  • the effect of use will be only in the absence of vitamin deficiency and fungal diseases;
  • use is recommended only on clean, dry hair;
  • when working with Dimexide, gloves must be used;
  • it is not recommended to carry out the procedures more than once a day for 7 days, then withstand a break of 4 months.

How to cook and apply masks:

  • Growth stimulant : mix castor oil ( 1,69 fluid ounce) with Dimexide ( 0,54 fluid ounce). Keep under the film for 1.5 hours.
  • Firming mask : add warmed oil (burdock and castor 0,85 fluid ounce.) To Dimexidum ( 0,54 fluid ounce). Apply the composition to the roots for 40 minutes.
  • Recovery of damaged hair: combine the warm essence of vitamins A and E ( 0,54 fluid ounce each) with yolk and vitamin B6 ( 0,54 fluid ounce), then add Dimexide ( 0,54 fluid ounce). Apply for about 40-50 minutes.

With avocado

Only very ripe fruit pureed with a blender or with a fork should be used. Castor oil hair masks - benefits, recipes, rules for use at home

Hair nutrition: keep castor oil ( 0,34 fluid ounce), honey (1 teaspoons) and mashed potatoes from one avocado on your hair for 30 minutes.

With red pepper

Burning red pepper accelerates hair growth. However, it is worth considering that this ingredient is highly allergenic. Excessive use of pepper can cause weakening and hair loss. Standing the mixture is not recommended for more than half an hour.

How to cook and apply masks:

  • Growth and Shine Stimulator: 1 teaspoons. ground pepper and mustard to combine with 2 tablespoon. warm water and 10 grams of sugar, 1,18 fluid ounce of castor oil and yolk.
  • Firming mask: freshly ground pepper (1 teaspoons), oil ( 1,18 fluid ounce), liquid honey (1 teaspoons) mix and distribute evenly on the hair.

With parsley

Parsley is suitable for all types of hair, it reduces oily skin, restores hair and treats seborrhea. Castor oil hair masks - benefits, recipes, rules for use at home

Mask recipe: finely chopped parsley (3 tablespoon) put in oil ( 0,51 fluid ounce), add willow-tea extract ( 0,34 fluid ounce) and vodka ( 0,17 fluid ounce). Soak under polyethylene for half an hour.

With parsley seeds

Mask against split ends: mix the infusion of parsley seeds (2 tablespoons) and castor oil ( 5,41 fluid ounce), heating over low heat for half an hour. Keep the resulting composition in strands for 30 minutes.

With yolk

Treatment of weak damaged hair: prepare a mixture of warm oil ( 1,18 fluid ounce), 1 yolk, acetic acid (1 teaspoons) and glycerin (1 teaspoons). Distribute on hair for 40 minutes.  Mask for moisturizing hair and scalp: heated castor oil (20 g) and 3 yolks mix and apply for 1 hour.

With seaweed

In cosmetology, seaweed is used dry. You can buy it at the pharmacy. Castor oil hair masks - benefits, recipes, rules for use at home

Mask for shine and hair growth: use porridge made from seaweed powder (50 g) and water with the addition of warm castor oil ( 1,18 fluid ounce) for 40 minutes.

With sea salt and banana

Nutritious mask: 1 banana puree, castor oil ( 0,54 fluid ounce) and sea salt (25 g) are mixed and mixed on the hair for 50-60 minutes.

With dandelion root

Moisturizing mask for dry tips: mix infusions of chamomile, dandelion root and mallow in equal proportions with castor oil (1/2 tablespoon.). Soak at the tips for about an hour. Repeat the procedure every other day.

With tincture of pepper

Castor oil hair masks - benefits, recipes, rules for use at home

  • Nutrition of hair and acceleration of their growth: a mixture of pepper extract (1 tablespoon) and oil ( 1,18 fluid ounce) is applied to the hair roots and scalp under polyethylene for 40 minutes.
  • Composition for hair growth: prepare a mixture of pepper tincture (1 tablespoon), oil ( 1,18 fluid ounce) and shampoo (2 tablespoons), keep it on your hair for an hour.
  • Hair strengthening: mix tincture of pepper (1 tablespoon) with oils (castor and burdock 0,17 fluid ounce each), place on hair under polyethylene for an hour.

With vodka

Firming mask: evenly distribute an equal amount of vodka and castor oil on hair and keep for 2.5 hours.

How to rinse castor oil from hair

It is difficult to remove the oil, since it practically does not mix with water. To quickly remove oil from the hair, it is recommended to rinse it off with the most hot water, and then wash your hair with shampoo 2-3 times.

Castor Oil Flushing Tips:

  • Egg yolk will facilitate the washing off of castor oil after applying a hair mask at home. You can not wash your hair with hot water if the yolk is used, since it can curl and wash it off the hair will become much more difficult. Castor oil hair masks - benefits, recipes, rules for use at home
  • It is strongly not recommended to use soap, otherwise it will negate the entire recovery procedure, since it has a pronounced drying effect.
  • Facial cleansing of castor oil is facilitated by masked essential oils
    (grape, almond, etc.).

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Expert Advice

  • If it is not possible to heat castor oil, add peach or almond oil to the mask.
  • Preference should be given to cold-pressed saturated yellow oil.
  • Castor oil should be in a dark glass bottle.
  • The shelf life of the oil should not exceed 2 years.
  • An open bottle should be stored in the refrigerator.
  • A spray of castor oil, mineral water and ylang-ylang ether can be sprayed onto your hair every day.
  • It is advisable to implement procedures with hair masks based on castor oil at home every other day for 3 months, for prevention – 1 time per month.
  • The blood circulation of the skin will improve if massaged with a mixture of castor and lavender oils once a week.

Castor oil hair mask videos that are easy to make at home

The best recipes for hair masks with castor oil:

Mask for split ends of castor and olive oil. How to make at home:

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