Breast lift (mastopexy) on credit. Price, where and how to issue

Over the years, women’s breasts lose their elasticity and beauty. Achievements of plastic surgery allow you to return the female breast to youth thanks to a number of manipulations.

The cost of plastic surgery is quite high, so many clinics offer their customers to pay for a breast lift on credit .

Breast Lift: What Problems Does This Procedure Solve

In addition to age, the condition of the breast is adversely affected by pregnancy, as well as sharp weight loss. The mammary glands very quickly lose their elasticity; sagging breasts (ptosis) occur. An unaesthetic appearance of the breast reduces the self-esteem of some women.

They seek to return to their bust their former forms and decide on a breast lifting operation. A breast lift (the medical name is mastopexy) solves the problem of a woman’s dissatisfaction with the shape of her breast , allowing her to regain her breast height and reduce or increase the size of her breasts.

Plastic surgery for breast augmentation, its features

Breast augmentation is a very popular operation, which is solved by many women , complexing about the small size of their bust. This procedure will make the breast fit and attractive and help to cope with the complexes.

Breast augmentation is performed under the following circumstances:

  • a woman is unhappy with the shape of her bust and its small size;
  • the chest sagged and changed shape;
  • asymmetry of the mammary glands is observed;
  • one mammary gland was removed;
  • breasts decreased due to a sharp decrease in body weight.

There are certain contraindications for the operation:

  • disturbances in the work of the cardiovascular system;
  • various inflammatory and infectious disorders in the body, oncology;
  • if there is AIDS and HIV, and the level of the immune system is reduced;
  • the period of formation of the mammary glands;
  • diabetes;
  • blood coagulates poorly;
  • the woman is pregnant or breastfeeding.

Having decided on such an operation, a woman should be prepared for the fact that the result will be visible only a few months after surgery.

Breast lifting or mastopexy, its features

Mastopexy is a breast lift operation, as a result of which a woman’s bust will regain its former height and beauty. There are non-surgical methods for lifting the mammary glands.

  1. With a thread tightening of the breast inside the mammary glands, threads are fixed that fix the breast in an elevated state. This procedure is used if the breast is not larger than the second size.
  2. If a woman wants to enlarge the bust without surgery , she may be asked to insert a macroline filler into her breast. This is a special gel, the main component of which is hyaluronic acid.

A breast lift on credit is rational for many women, since the effect of non-surgical lifting methods lasts up to a year and a half. Then the procedure must be repeated.

Breast lifting operations are of the following types:

  1. Lipofilling. It consists of transplantation of adipose tissue into the breast. Lipofilling is done if the sagging breast is not large, and you just need to slightly adjust the shape of the breast.
  2. Lifting and simultaneous breast augmentation.
  3. Lifting and simultaneous breast reduction.
  4. Mastopexy. During this operation, excess skin is removed from the chest.
Breast lift (mastopexy) on credit. Price, where and how to issue
The method of conducting mastopexy is prescribed by a plastic surgeon, based on the individual characteristics of the patient.

The following types of mastopexy are distinguished:

  • periareolar (the incision is performed around the nipple);
  • vertical (from the nipple down under the mammary gland);
  • anchor (cuts in the form of an anchor).  

Breast lifting with simultaneous implantation, its features

Often mastopexy (breast lift surgery) is combined with breast augmentation. During one operation, adipose tissue and excess skin are removed, the areola is repositioned, and implants are placed in the chest. The operation is complex, breast tenderness lasts about a week.

Breast lift (mastopexy) on credit. Price, where and how to issue
The installation of implants makes it possible to enlarge a small breast during a facelift operation. Breast implants come in many forms – the optimal type of endoprosthesis is chosen by the doctor based on the individual characteristics and wishes of the patient.

Within 1-1.5 months after surgery, it is mandatory to wear compression underwear, it is forbidden to lift weights, physical activity is limited. The operation can not be done during pregnancy and lactation, with exacerbations of chronic diseases, the presence of any tumors.

Breast reduction: advantages and disadvantages of the procedure

Too large breasts can cause a woman certain inconveniences and health problems, therefore, surgery is performed to reduce it.

The main disadvantages due to large breasts include the following:

  • heavy mammary glands can disturb posture and lead to pain in the back and neck;
  • in the warm season, diaper rash may appear under the breast;
  • mastodynia develops;
  • it is difficult to choose the right clothes and underwear;
  • physical activity is limited;
  • severe sagging chest;
  • asymmetry of the glands develops.

In all these cases, reduction mammoplasty is indicated.

The essence of the operation is to remove excess skin and fat. A new contour of the mammary glands is formed, while the chest is pulled up.

Breast lift (mastopexy) on credit. Price, where and how to issue
Breast reduction (reduction mammoplasty) is a complex operation.

The operation takes a lot of time and is quite complicated, therefore it requires careful preparation. Breast reduction is performed only for patients over 18 years of age and only in cases when breastfeeding is no longer planned.

After surgery, women face the following problems:

  • pain in the mammary glands;
  • the occurrence of edema and hematomas;
  • nipples lose their sensitivity.

The more distant negative consequences include the following:

  • scarring (1-1.5% of patients);
  • asymmetry of the mammary glands;
  • in 1-3% of women there is necrosis of the nipples and halos;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • thromboembolism.

Women who underwent reduction mammoplasty note that the back and neck pains have disappeared, but the recovery after surgery is rather difficult, healing is characterized by severe pain and itching.

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How much is a breast lift depending on its type

The price of a breast lift operation is formed depending on its initial state and how complicated the procedure is.

A kind of surgical intervention Operation cost ( New York), usd.
Thread Breast Lift from 95000
Macroline gel lifting from 120000
Vertical incision mastopexy from 100000
Periareolar mastopexy from 107000
Breast Anchor Lift from 112000
Breast lifting with increase + cost of implants from 162000

Prices for mastopexy in other American cities may differ from New York. The cost of the operation is formed from the following components: cost of hospital stay + cost of surgery + cost of anesthesia and others.

Can I have a breast lift on credit

Prices for breast reconstruction surgery are quite high. Payment for the operation can be made in various ways.

The main payment methods for the operation include the following:

  • cash;
  • bank card
  • breast lift on credit.

There are special lending programs that are developed by clinics in conjunction with partner banks.

Breast lift (mastopexy) on credit. Price, where and how to issue
Breast lift on credit is a rational way to perform an operation, since it is possible to gradually pay the cost of mammoplasty.

On the sites of some clinics that perform breast correction surgery, you can calculate the amount of the monthly installment using a loan calculator. To do this, you need to know the estimated amount of the operation.

How is a breast lift credit made out

A loan for breast lift can be obtained directly at the clinic. This is a very simple procedure. First you need to conduct an examination and determine how breast reconstruction will be carried out. To do this, consult a surgeon.

The cost of the operation should be determined as accurately as possible. Clinic administrators send a loan application to banks. The amount of the loan payment per month will depend on the total amount of breast lift surgery.

A loan can be provided for up to 2 years, without down payment. With early repayment of the loan there are no penalties, as well as restrictions on the maximum age of the borrower.

Breast lift (mastopexy) on credit. Price, where and how to issueTo apply for a loan at a bank, the following conditions must be met:

  • work experience of at least 3 months;
  • the age of a man is more than 20 years old and a woman is 19 years old (in some banks this is 21 for men and 20 for women);
  • the presence of a American passport.

Some banks require permanent registration of the borrower in the city where the lender’s branch is located. Additionally, the bank has the right to request a passport, driver’s license, certificate of assignment of TIN and other documents.

The operation to correct the shape of the breast is becoming very popular. It solves mainly aesthetic problems of women, and in cases of reduction mammoplasty, it directly affects health. Thanks to such a service as a breast lift on credit, any woman can make a bust beautiful and supple.

Useful videos about breast lift and surgery cost

Breast lift (mastopexy) – what it is, how to carry out the procedure, the result:

Breast lift on credit – the price of plastic surgery, which affects the total cost:

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