How to make beautiful eyebrows with pencil, paint, eye shadow, henna painting at home

The ideally correct line of eyebrows, in accordance with the shape of the face and hairdo, looks very seductive, gives the image completeness and emphasizes the individuality of the woman. There are several secrets that will tell you how to make the right contour at home.

Determine the bend line under the shape of the face

The natural curve does not always emphasize the face, and too thick or fused eyebrows repellently affect others and create a feeling of “heavy look”.

How to make beautiful eyebrows with pencil, paint, eye shadow, henna painting at home

And also do not forget about the shape of the face, the fit of the eyes and the location of the cheekbones, all this affects the creation of perfect eyebrows.

The selection of the bending line begins with the definition of the oval of the face, it is divided into:

  • Round – cheekbones are the widest part, and the distance of the length and width of the face is almost the same, the soft chin lines do not protrude and do not stand out against the general background.
  • Square – all lines are symmetrical with each other, an oval delineates an exact square in which the chin and lower jaw stand out. The forehead is wide, the hairline is clearly marked.
  • Triangular (heart-shaped) – the forehead is much wider than the chin, it can be slightly pointed. The width of such a person is narrower than the length.
  • Rectangular (elongated) – The chin, cheekbones and forehead are located on the same line, the length of the face is elongated.
  • Diamond shaped – is a rather rare oval, representatives of this type are distinguished by a narrow forehead and chin, but protruding cheekbones. The face in the cheek area is much wider.
  • Trapezoid (pear-shaped) – the width is less than the length, and the face becomes narrower to the forehead. The chin stands out, and the lower jaw is massive, the cheekbones can also bulge.

How to make beautiful eyebrows with pencil, paint, eye shadow, henna painting at home

Eyebrow shapes

It is divided into several types:

  • Horizontal – the beginning and end are located on the same line, which runs in a straight line;
  • Elongated ascents – the beginning of the eyebrows is located slightly lower than its final arc, which goes beyond the brow line;
  • Thick falling – the final part is much lower than its beginning. This form gives the look a strict, heavy look;
  • Smooth lines, a dome-shaped arc – is considered ideal, its beginning and the final part differ in the same length, and the middle of the eyebrows is slightly raised. They outline a small, even slide;
  • Round shape – the middle part is raised and forms a semicircle, the initial and final lines are all short;
  • The shape with a kink is the eyebrows, whose lines are slightly broken and lifted. It can be either in the beginning or in the final bend. This form is rare;
  • Eyebrows – houses – the beginning of the eyebrows is slightly raised, then the line is located relatively lower.

How to make beautiful eyebrows with pencil, paint, eye shadow, henna painting at home

Choice of shape by face type:

  • For women with a round oval, horizontal or elongated ascending ones are suitable, they will visually expand the forehead and make the face elongated;
  • Girls with a square type are recommended to stay on smooth lines, slightly rounded, this will make the oval softer;
  • The triangular shape of the face is universal, women can choose almost any shape, with the exception of the round one;
  • Rectangular type – domed or round eyebrows are ideal, they will visually make the oval less elongated. It is necessary to avoid a form with a kink and eyebrows – houses;
  • Diamond shaped – to increase the width of the forehead, it is recommended to make the look deeper. This can be achieved with a falling, thick, well-defined shape;
  • Trapezoid – owners of this type should not overload the face with thick eyebrows, because the chin and lower jaw visually stand out. To give charm and completeness to the image, it is recommended to make eyebrows – a house or a shape with a kink and a slightly elongated eyebrow.

During correction, it is also necessary to take into account the shape and section of the eyes, in turn they have several types:

  • Small eyes – eyebrows should be made thicker, especially closer to the bridge of the nose, this will visually make the look more expressive;
  • Deep set – an illusory upper eyelid is lowered over the eye socket, there is a feeling of a “hard look”. Makeup artists recommend using only thin lines for eyebrow correction;
  • Almond-shaped incision – is considered optimal, both thin and thick are suitable;
  • Round eyes – to visually increase them, it is recommended that when correcting, the eyebrow line is lengthened and thickened;
  • Close-cut section – should extend the end of the brow line and make it more expressive;
  • Wide-set eyes – eyebrows should be thicker, at the very beginning, closer to the nose.

How to make beautiful eyebrows with pencil, paint, eye shadow, henna painting at home

To create perfect eyebrows at home means to shape them with tweezers. A step-by-step guide on how to work, next.

Cleanse your face from makeup


  1. To achieve the optimal shape, you can use a stencil to draw an ideal bend, especially if the procedure is carried out for the first time.
  2. If you have personal experience in correction, it is enough to draw lines with a pencil.
  3. A large wall mirror is needed so that you can see the oval of the face and another eyebrow for comparison.
  4. Antiseptic should be treated with tweezers and hands.
  5. Lighting should be natural, if it is not, then additional illumination should be included.
  6. If significant pain is felt during the adjustment, then local anesthesia is recommended. It is enough to use ice cubes and hold them in this area for several seconds, until the sensitivity becomes dull. Then calmly perform all the manipulations.
  7. With swelling and redness of the superciliary arches after adjustment, you can use a warm compress.
  8. Tweezing eyebrows should begin with the nose, with those hairs that visually go beyond the perfect line.
  9. Remove hair by hair growth, do not pull out in the opposite direction.
  10. Smoothly and slowly, moving in the direction of the temple, removing hair first from above.
  11. Find the bend line and gradually narrowing it to continue to remove hairs.
  12. For a perfect transition, it is recommended to work out the line under the eyebrows, and then return again to their upper area for final decoration.
  13. After the bend and the upper line are adjusted, you should go to the bottom of the nose and move on.
  14. Lastly, an eyebrow line is formed near the nose, is plucked if it is heavily overgrown or slightly corrected.
  15. If the eyebrow hairs are sloppy or grow in different directions, then experts re
    commend cutting them slightly with manicure scissors.
  16. After adjustment, treat the skin with lotion.

Thread correction

Make eyebrows at home can be not only tweezers, many women prefer to use ordinary thread.

How to make beautiful eyebrows with pencil, paint, eye shadow, henna painting at home
To create perfect eyebrows at home means to shape them with a thread.

Step-by-step instructions on how to correct correctly:

  • Comb the hair of the eyebrows up;
  • Tie the ends of a thin thread together;
  • Put them on the fingers of both hands;
  • Then hook her hairs and twist about 10 turns;
  • Hair tightly clamped;
  • Pull the thread sharply.
  • After the procedure, treat with lotion.

After the perfect shape is made, it is necessary to draw eyebrows with a cosmetic product.

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Means and tone

The means to create the perfect tone include:

  • Pencil;
  • Eyebrow dye;
  • Natural henna;
  • The shadows.

Eyebrow Pencil

It is the most common tool, it is easy to use, gives the eyebrows an optimal color, has a large color gamut. He harmoniously paints over imperfections of hair pigmentation, perfectly masks their lack, makes eyebrows visually thicker.

How to make beautiful eyebrows with pencil, paint, eye shadow, henna painting at home

Pencils are divided into hard and soft, and both are used for correction. Only soft ones make the hairs much brighter, therefore it must be used in a dosed manner, otherwise the tone will look vulgar.

Hard pencils are more resistant, they do not leak in hot weather, especially they are recommended for women with oily skin.

To make the perfect eyebrow tone at home with a pencil means choosing it for your skin type.

What you need to pay attention to and how to do it:

  • Darken eyebrows only 2 – 3 darker than natural color;
  • If a girl has fair skin, use only light shades, for example, light brown, light brown.
  • Brown-haired and dark-haired can take a darker range, but it is recommended not to use black tones, especially on wide eyebrows;
  • For redheads, you can use all the warm shades, from light to dark (do not use black!).

The best brands:

  • Maybelline New York – 3 tones, these are bronze (No. 250), brown (No. 255) and deep brown (No. 260). The cost is about $ 6,53;
  • Clinique, Quickliner for eyebrows – an automatic pencil, with a variety of colors, it is black, dark brown, brown, gray, light chestnut, red, ash gray, bronze. Thanks to such a variety of shades, you can easily choose the perfect color. The cost is $ 3,4.
  • Max Factor, Liquid Effect Penci l is a universal tool for eyes and eyebrows, on one side of the pencil on the other is an eraser for blending eyebrows, this will add naturalness and make color adjustment invisible. Colors are brown, black, gray. The cost is $ 4,76.
  • Clarins, Paris Crayon Khol – eyebrow pencil with a brush for blending. Shades: black, brown, dark gray, gray, light brown, bronze. The cost is $ 10,2.

Eyebrow dye

This is a professionally cosmetic product for coloring eyebrows and eyelashes, is particularly resistant, the result lasts up to 6 weeks. Therefore, makeup artists strongly recommend that you carefully choose the tone of the paint.

Selection is carried out according to your own natural color type. Owners of fair skin, light hair eyes should use shades of only 1-2 tones darker, it is medium gray, light brown.

How to make beautiful eyebrows with pencil, paint, eye shadow, henna painting at home

If a woman has hair and skin of medium tone, i.e. not light, but not dark, the best color scheme is brown, chestnut, sometimes dark gray.

For a dark-haired type, black or dark brown hair, but medium or even fair skin is an ideal option to tint the color of the eyebrows 1 tone lighter than the color of the hair. Otherwise, the eyebrow line looks defiant.

For swarthy girls with a very dark complexion – you can stay on black or dark brown.

Red-haired women should prefer warm colors, it can be from 1 to 4 tones darker than the color of the hair.

Professional eyebrow dye is of 2 consistencies, it is powdery and cream. Usually, the result of resistance is the same, the only difference is who is more convenient to mix. In addition, the paint composition is different, therefore it is recommended to do an allergy test before the first use of any paint.

The best brands:

  • Schwarzkopf Igora Bonacrom – suitable for sensitive skin, very soft and resistant. Colors: black, brown. The kit includes all the necessary equipment for coloring. The price is $ 12,51.
  • RefectoCil is a hypoallergenic paint with a large selection of tones; it is black, brown, dark blue (for those who prefer extreme colors), graphite (dark gray) and even dark red. Cost – $ 6,39.
  • Estelle for eyebrows and eyelashes is a very gentle paint, it is suitable even for sensitive skin, does not cause irritation of the mucous membrane. Range of shades: black, gray, brown, light chestnut. Of the extravagant: dark purple, dark green, rich burgundy. The price is $ 2,72.
  • RoKolor is a professional paint of a domestic manufacturer, characterized by durability and ease of use. The color scheme is very scarce, it is only black, brown and light brown. The price is $ 2,31.

Eyebrow Shadow Correction

The fastest way to correct eyebrows, but not persistent. In rainy weather or under sunlight, the effect quickly disappears.

How to make beautiful eyebrows with pencil, paint, eye shadow, henna painting at home

How to choose the color for correction:

  • It is known that tinting eyebrows you need to use only friable, dry shadows, wet ones are not used;
  • For girls with a light face tone, you need to select a color scheme from: light brown, blond, medium gray tones;
  • For dark ones – dark gray, dark brown;
  • For red-haired: all golden shades, this is bronze, brown;
  • Makeup artists recommend mixing tones to get more interesting shades.

The best brands:

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  • Oriflame – produce excellent shadows with a beautiful texture, lie flat and do not crumble, emphasize eyebrows well. Colors: a very diverse palette, all shades of brown, gray, chestnut, beige, green, blue. Cost – from $ 4,08.
  • AVON is a great alternative to Oriflame, it is easy to buy, it is perfectly applied, it is laid flat, without irritating the skin, it holds throughout the day. The color palette is also very diverse, replete with various shades. Price – from $ 3,4.
  • L’Etoile – this makeup has prepared special eye shadow for eyebrow correction, they are called Regard Fatal. It has everything you need, shadows, wax to fix the result and a special brush. Colors: a set of dark tones, medium and light (pastel) shades. The price is $ 12,92.
  • Essence  offers eyebrow shadows, specially designed for maximum durability and color, perfectly fit and do not crumble. Shades: Beige, dark brown, dark gray palettes. The price is $ 2,86.
  • Eyebrow Henna

    Henna is a natural product that contains only natural ingredients. Using henna provides a very rich palette of shades, it is reddish, light brown, dark chestnut, for this it is enough to change the contact time.

    How to make beautiful eyebrows with pencil, paint, eye shadow, henna painting at home

    The longer the henna lasts on the eyebrows, the darker the tone.

    But for dark-haired girls, henna staining may not be suitable, because of the warm colors, in this case, experts recommend simply adding basma to the powder (it is also a natural absolutely harmless cosmetic product). This will give a dark, and with increasing contact, even black.

    The price is about $ 1,36.

    Perform the perfect correction step by step.

    Eyebrow correction using a cosmetic product is carried out step by step, depending on which one is selected.

    Create an eyebrow shape with a pencil


    • Draw an eyebrow contour with a white pencil;
    • Then apply small strokes with a dark pencil (for color adjustment) starting from the nose, moving in the direction of the final arc;
    • It is strongly not recommended to press the pencil, this will give the eyebrows a too saturated shade, you need to carry out a cosmetic product according to the growth of hairs;
    • Feather the tone with a special foam brush;
    • Comb with a brush.

    How to color eyebrows with shadows

    To create an ideal image, make-up artists recommend mixing the palette of shadows among themselves, this will create an iridescent gamut, not plain, but live.

    How to make beautiful eyebrows with pencil, paint, eye shadow, henna painting at home

    How to make eyebrows at home no worse than in the salon using shadows, a few secrets:

    • Comb the hair of the eyebrows against their growth, thereby exposing the skin;
    • It is better to use the brush for applying with a bevel, this will help to optimally evenly put the shadows;
    • Slowly, slowly, outlining the contour of the eyebrows with a brush, first with a dull shade;
    • Then comb the hairs according to their natural growth and apply the main tone of the shadows with blotting movements;
    • At the end, draw their outline with a darker palette (only 1 tone darker);
    • Fix the result with wax.

    How to use eyebrow dye

    It is an excellent choice for color correction, does not require daily tinting, and the whole process is not difficult to perform.

    How to make beautiful eyebrows with pencil, paint, eye shadow, henna painting at home

    But this will require some additional accessories:

    • Cotton pads;
    • Cream;
    • The dishes are either made of plastic or ceramic (metal can not be used!).

    How to make eyebrows at home using persistent staining:

    • Give the desired shape in advance;
    • Around the eyebrows, apply a little cream – this will soften the skin and help remove excess paint, without unnecessary staining;
    • Circle the outline with a white pencil – helps to observe the bending line;
    • Dilute the paint according to the instructions;
    • Use gloves throughout the process;
    • With a special brush, gently starting from the area closer to the bridge of the nose, apply a little paint, its bed in an even layer, without excess weight;
    • Remove excess cotton from the eyebrow or the skin around with a cotton pad;
    • Time to control strictly by the clock, do not overexpose, otherwise the tone will become much darker;
    • Wash off the paint, you can anoint the skin with an ordinary baby cream.

    Each time if paint with a new brand is used, it is recommended to do a sensitivity test, this will help to avoid an allergic reaction to the components.

    Henna Eyebrow Tint

    Before starting the staining procedure, it is necessary to carry out a preparatory stage where you need to degrease the skin from its natural shine. This will help the natural dye to penetrate the structure of the hair more actively and lightly stain the skin under them, which will give a more natural look.

    How to make beautiful eyebrows with pencil, paint, eye shadow, henna painting at home

    Then dilute about 50 gr. henna powder in hot water, stirring all the time, until the mixture acquires the consistency of sour cream. Cool to room temperature.

    You need to breed henna in any dish, except metal.

    To create darker tones, it is recommended to add a little basma, about 50 gr. henna take 25 gr. Basma To get a rich black color, take both colors in equal proportions.

    How to make perfect eyebrows by coloring them with natural dyes at home, the algorithm:

    • Add 1 drop of lemon juice to the finished mixture;
    • Cover with polyethylene to allow to settle for 30 minutes;
    • I use a special brush to apply the solution on the eyebrows; moving from their beginning towards the final arc;
    • Do not shift paint;
    • Remove excess with a cotton pad;
    • Control time by hour;
    • Rinse the mixture thoroughly, then treat the skin with a nourishing cream.

    Attention! Despite the fact that henna and basma contain only natural ingredients, it is still necessary to conduct a
    sensitivity test!

    How to care for eyebrows after correction

    Care is an integral part that helps to strengthen the result and keep it further.

    But for each correction method, there is an individual approach:

    • After the pencil, it is enough to wash off the makeup with the eyebrow along with the rest, but in order to prevent the skin from drying out, you should use cream at night;
    • After the shadows – hydration is also required, then if you use this type of correction, experts recommend applying castor oil at night every other day;
    • After staining with paint – here, in addition to moisturizing creams, it is necessary to perform morning brushing with a hair. And also, every night at night, perform a light 2-minute massage, for this you need to lightly tap the fingertips along the superciliary arch, and closer to its completion, stretch the skin a little;
    • After natural dyeing – moisturizing is not required, on the contrary, every day in the morning it is recommended to remove excess shine from the eyebrows, it is enough to dab the hairs with cosmetic lotion for your skin type.

    These are the main recommendations on how to create perfect eyebrows at home and how to care for them.

    A beautiful form without visiting the salon is simple, just find the time, stock up with the necessary equipment and choose a correction method. Also for a change, you can try to change your image, discovering something new in yourself, for this you just need to change the shape of the eyebrows.

    Posted by: Elena Petrova

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