American actresses, stars of a Hollywood woman (photos and names) who did not have plastic surgery

Closer attention to the stars of Hollywood makes them resort to a variety of tricks in order to stay in the spotlight longer and be young and beautiful. Many American stars resort to the services of plastic surgeons and do not hide this. But among them there are those who are in no hurry to go to bed under the scalpel, their names and photos are presented in the article.

American actresses and Hollywood stars who did not do plastic surgery

Despite the wide popularity of the cardinal correction of appearance, many actresses find ways to preserve beauty that are more acceptable to themselves.

Sharon Stone

Avoiding plastic surgeons’ offices fits completely into the image of the actress: she is not afraid to show herself to fans in a natural way, publishes photos without makeup and in home clothes. At the same time, Sharon has nothing against plastic, if it allows someone to get away from the complexes.

For herself, she chooses other ways to save form – this:

  • proper nutrition, which excludes alcohol;
  • sport;
  • competent skin care.

Among spa procedures, most often she resorts to peels that give the skin a radiance and moisturizing masks that have the effect of restoring elasticity. The actress does not disdain and the use of minimally invasive cosmetic procedures such as Botox and dermal fillers.

American actresses, stars of a Hollywood woman (photos and names) who did not have plastic surgery
American famous actress Stone named Sharon at 53 never resorted to plastic. Photo

The healthy lifestyle, which the actress leads, involves frequent training, she chose Pilates for herself and does it 5 times a week, combining with power loads and stretching.

The diet of the star is made up of meat and fish, supplemented by a large number of vegetables and fruits and whole grain bread. Sharon tries to avoid caffeine and sweets, occasionally allowing himself a small piece of dark chocolate. The film’s favorite drink is tea.

Meryl Streep

It gained the greatest popularity when it was already in adulthood (the role of Amanda Priestley in “The Devil Wears Prada”, Donna in the musical film “Mamma Mia”). Perhaps that is why the actress respects her years and is not afraid to age. Her style of behavior in relation to this issue is completely opposite to the heroine of the film “Death to Her Face”, which was played by Meryl.

To preserve youth and freshness, the star is limited by the potential of conservative cosmetology: regular cleansing procedures and massage.

In nutrition, the actress also does not intend to go to cardinal restrictions, she loves to cook and treat guests, but adheres to a reasonable attitude to food.

As the main physical activity, Meryl Streep prefers swimming, which is not harmful to health, like some other sports. American actresses, stars of a Hollywood woman (photos and names) who did not have plastic surgery

Another secret of her beauty is peace of mind pacification, which nature gives her the actress has a house on the lake.

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Heidi Klum

Supermodel, presenter, producer and mother of many children. Her appearance and beauty are the envy of colleagues and fans. To maintain this form, Heidi resorts to a certain system, where the main place is sport.

Sport Nutrition Skin care
  • individual training program with a personal instructor;
  • exercises on the legs and buttocks;
  • morning jogging.
  • a glass of milk at night;
  • restriction of simple carbohydrates;
  • protein foods.
  • sun protection;
  • minimum makeup;
  • salt baths;
  • shining makeup.

In turn, plastic surgeons, evaluating the appearance of the star, suggest that her beauty is the result of not only work on herself, but also face and body correction procedures. Experts believe that the smooth skin of the actress is the merit of cosmetologists performing contouring procedures and Botox injections, and the perfect facial features could not do without surgery to change the shape of the nose.

Eva Longoria

The actress claims that she is afraid of facial wrinkles, but does not intend to resort to the services of specialists to eliminate them yet. In addition, pregnancy pushed these concerns to the background.

Experts in the field of cosmetic surgery suspect the star for a series of surgical interventions to smooth the hump of the nose, lip enlargement and fixing the corners of the eyebrows. Eve resolutely refutes all these rumors. American actresses, stars of a Hollywood woman (photos and names) who did not have plastic surgery

The actress considers optimism to be the main secret of her beauty and advises everyone to get the most out of any situation. However, not only a positive attitude allows her to remain sexy and attractive: proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are faithful companions of the star.

She does not deny that her appearance is the result of labor and effort. Keeping her figure in good shape helps her with cardioaerobics, ballet practice and yoga. She considers the protein diet the most gentle and effective, and oil massage is the main weapon of successful close-ups.

Kate Winslet

American actresses, whose photos and names can often be found on the pages of magazines, often resort to liposuction as a means of correcting their appearance. Kate is also credited with this procedure, although the actress herself zealously opposes plastics at any age and is even a co-founder of the British League against Plastic Surgery.

According to her, in a woman’s life there are much more valuable things than lips, breasts and legs.

However, such a position does not negate caring and caring for the appearance. To look good, the actress arranges fasting days for herself, does not eat animal food and does Pilates. A healthy lifestyle also helps to preserve youth. The star has a personal beautician (Tracy Martin), who regularly conducts her cleansing and toning procedures.

Isabella Rossellini

The actress considers the
smile and sparkle in her eyes to be the main decoration of a woman at any age, and self-confidence is protection from plastic surgery. She avoids surgical interventions not only at her venerable age, but did not resort to them and being a top model. American actresses, stars of a Hollywood woman (photos and names) who did not have plastic surgery

Even the possibility of extending the contract with the cosmetics company Lancome did not become an occasion for her to artificially “rejuvenate”. Aversion to any surgical interventions she developed after a serious treatment of spinal deformity, which the star suffered in her youth.

The actress does not keep her cosmetic preferences a secret and says that moisturizing creams, which she has been using from an early age, help her to stay young. In addition, she resorts to the use of eye creams and Sanskrit.

Salma Hayek

She is attributed to the use of Botox, due to the fact that on the face of the star there are almost no facial wrinkles, as well as rhinoplasty. The actress herself refutes such information, but admits that she has thought about visiting a surgeon more than once.

However, fear of the operating table, a long recovery period stop her from this step. The appearance of Salma from an early age was looked after by her grandmother, perhaps careful care and daily care of skin and hair allow the actress to still look stunning

She considers cleansing to be the main principle of healthy skin, therefore she always cleanses her face before going to bed: she removes persistent make-up with hydrophilic oil, and uses foam with chamomile in cases where there is no mei-cap on her face.

Cream Salma Hayek chose from her own line, it contains mimosa extract and nourishes the skin well.

Instead of Botox injections, the actress prefers a bone broth that she drinks every day. It contains a lot of minerals and collagen, necessary for the body to maintain youth.

Julianne Moore

The red-haired beauty in ordinary life hardly uses makeup and stands for naturalness in everything. Therefore, she chose Chinese folk medicine and other oriental practices as an elixir of beauty. To maintain physical fitness, Julianna is not limited only to yoga, she alternates aerobic load on the body with cardio and weight lifting. American actresses, stars of a Hollywood woman (photos and names) who did not have plastic surgery

The diet of the actress left alcohol (the exception is a glass of good wine), sugar and dairy products. A frequent guest on her table is fish and vegetables.

The main principle that the star is guided by when choosing cosmetics is naturalness and environmental friendliness, because the harm caused to the environment by toxic substances used in the manufacture of cosmetics will negatively affect the appearance of consumers.

Emma Thompson

American actresses, whose photos and names are often found in the press, are categorically against solving the aging problems with a scalpel. These include Emma Thompson, who, together with Rachel Weiss and Kate Winslet, created the British League against Plastic Surgery.

Considering the plastic is hazardous to health and even immoral, she prefers simple anti-aging cosmetics, fitness and nutrition control.

Diane Keaton

The actress gives no reason to doubt the naturalness of her mature beauty, for her to resort to plastic means to change herself, to violate her own integrity and authenticity. Conservative methods of caring for a star are quite enough, and the main secret of its attractiveness is its excellent sense of humor.

Jodie foster

The actress, for whom the image of the most intelligent was entrenched in Hollywood, claims that she never resorted to radical methods of rejuvenation. Even the most venerable plastic surgeons, studying her photo gallon under a microscope, could not find traces of plastic surgery. American actresses, stars of a Hollywood woman (photos and names) who did not have plastic surgery

That’s because for Jodie Foster, the main principle of beauty is self-acceptance and adequate self-esteem. A good attitude to oneself without unnecessary vanity and narcissism, in her opinion, is the key to external attractiveness, regardless of age.

Staying in good shape helps her daily workouts. The actress, in her youth, became interested in kickboxing and karate and still remains an adherent of an active lifestyle.

The actress does not abuse the care products, she has enough face cream and regular massage. To preserve youthfulness of the skin, it is important to cleanse it, which the actress never neglects.

Cate blanchett

Strive to preserve natural beauty, because she likes herself for who she is and does not want to change anything. In addition, the actress has repeatedly admitted to journalists that she is panicky afraid of any surgical interventions. With her life credo regarding beauty, she chose the Japanese philosophy of love for imperfections, this principle helps her to be herself and maintain attractiveness.

At the same time, the actress in her 40s looks young and fresh. Simple cosmetic procedures help her maintain her appearance in this form: masks, moisturizer and eye patches. The main skin care woman should take, according to Kate, is This is UV protection, so she always uses sunscreen. American actresses, stars of a Hollywood woman (photos and names) who did not have plastic surgery

In addition, her complex of skin care products includes emu ostrich oil and creams with papaya extract. For a fresh and rested look, the actress puts teaspoons chilled in the freezer to her eyes.

In order to stay young for many years, there is not enough external care, it is necessary to cleanse the body and stimulate digestion. For these purposes, the actress suggests drinking a glass of warm water with lemon on an empty stomach and tries not to eat flour.

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Julia Roberts

According to People magazine, “The Most Beautiful Woman in the World” considers good genes to be the main ally of her beauty. Therefore, she does not have to torture herself with sports (only at will), strictly restrict food (the actress loves cookies and nut paste), and resort to prompt methods of rejuvenation.

The gaze of professionals finds on the face of the star only signs of minimally invasive interventions: Botox and contouring. From the point of view of experts, Julia Roberts did not perform surgical ope
rations. This is confirmed by the actress herself.

Among the care products, the star often resorts to natural methods: a mask of strawberries for the face and olive oil for hair.

To keep the slim figure of the actress also helps an unusual for Hollywood celebrity hobby – knitting. It is this hobby that helps her keep from eating too much, Julia herself says.

Rachel Weiss

American actresses, whose photos and names are found on television screens, avoid not only serious operations, but also Botox injections, because they immobilize the face, destroy facial expressions – the main tool of the actress. American actresses, stars of a Hollywood woman (photos and names) who did not have plastic surgery

Showing emotions on the screen, expressing feelings after anti-aging procedures is simply impossible. This point of view is shared by Rachel Weiss.

She does not seek to enter the race over time, but she tries to carefully care for the skin. In her cosmetic arsenal, there is always an eye cream, and she prefers a massage session to a plastic surgeon’s office, and home peeling with an exfoliating brush to expensive cosmetologists.

Daniel Craig’s wife doesn’t resort to professional trainers either, she does sports at home, using a Pilates disc as an instruction.

The actress does not have a special diet, in her opinion, any restrictions only lead to breakdowns and overeating.

Scarlett Johansson

The American actress, whose name is not mistaken, and the photo looks at many eyes in order to unravel the secret of beauty, thanks her good heredity for her appearance.

However, it did not escape the gaze of professionals that the girl was resorting to the help of specialists: fillers in the chin, correction of cheekbones and lips , contour plastic and botox. The actress herself denies the use of such methods and even sued Us Weekly magazine, which Scarlett suspected of rhinoplasty surgery.

But with pleasure he shares his own finds that help preserve and maintain beauty. American actresses, stars of a Hollywood woman (photos and names) who did not have plastic surgery

Among the beauty secrets of the actress there are quite unusual ones, for example, a bath with aromatic oils, which relieves stress, relaxes the body and makes you feel sexy. Scarlett prefers moisturizing the skin with rose water, which must be applied immediately after washing, until the skin has lost its natural moisture.

In her relationship with food, she tries to maintain a balance between harmful and wholesome foods so that the advantage is always in favor of the second.

She does not observe special diets, but she gets a sports load strictly in accordance with the program developed especially for her by a famous Hollywood trainer.

Katy Perry

A number of rules help the singer to be beautiful and attract attention with her appearance.

  1. Sport 5 times a week.
  2. 5 meals a day.
  3. 0,5 gallon of water per day.
  4. Pleasure in everything and a positive attitude.

The only complex of the singer in relation to her appearance was a modest breast size. However, she does not want to change the size of the bust with the help of implants.

Kate upton

The actress and model began her career in the fashion industry in the plus-size category, but to participate in the filming for the famous magazine Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue said goodbye to her curvaceous forms. Intensive circular training with a fitness trainer, which included a set of exercises with cardio loads and free weight, helped her get in shape. American actresses, stars of a Hollywood woman (photos and names) who did not have plastic surgery

Physical activity is accompanied by a strict nutrition system, the girl adheres to a diet for blood type. The basis of the diet is protein food and salads, from carbohydrates, the actress prefers oatmeal.

Fresh squeezed celery juice and lavender candles, which effectively relieve stress, help her maintain a healthy complexion, which has a beneficial effect on her appearance. In order not to spoil the young skin, Kate tries to remove makeup as soon as an opportunity presents itself.

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Christina Hendricks

American actresses, whose photos and names are constantly found in magazines, are often proud of their figures. Among these is Christina Hendricks: she assures that nature, and not the hand of a skilled surgeon, awarded her magnificent forms. The actress in every possible way emphasizes her merits and prefers dresses with a deep neckline to attract attention to an outstanding bust.

Jessica biel

The actress says that her appearance is the result of hard work, but not of specialists in plastic surgery.

Her work on herself involves a whole range of training under the guidance of a sports consultant:

  • jogging and walking;
  • Yoga twice a week;
  • plyometrics, when stretching alternates with exercises for quick muscle contraction;
  • football;
  • cardio and power loads. American actresses, stars of a Hollywood woman (photos and names) who did not have plastic surgery

The actress’s nutrition is strictly balanced: carbohydrates in the morning, fruits at lunch, fish in the evening. She does not follow such strict restrictions only once a week, when she arranges for herself a cheat day and there is everything that she wants.

Fish oil is another secret beauty weapon of this girl, it contains polyunsaturated fatty acids, useful for fat metabolism.

The main bet in the fight against aging, the actress makes sunscreen and moisturizers.

Rosario Dawson

The actress is credited with surgery to increase breast size, but she herself does not confirm these rumors. Spinning helps her to keep fit in a sporting form – fast cycling and yoga.

The experience of American actresses who do not resort to plastic surgery, an impressive list of names of age stars with their stunning photos convincingly shows that the ability to file oneself and inner confidence are more important than wrinkles and wrinkles on the face.

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Stars who have never done plastic:

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