Tinted hair balms Estel, Belita, Color lux, Tonic, Concept, Loreal, Capus. Rating of the best

Often change the color of the hair without harm to them, it is easy if you use a tint balm. The stores offer a wide selection from professional brands to budget options with a diverse palette of shades.

What is a tinted hair balm

Tinted hair balms are the most popular among other tinting agents. They contain caring ingredients and non-persistent dyes. When using them, colored pigment does not penetrate the hair structure, but only envelops it from the outside. This explains the instability of such staining – it will last for a couple of weeks, a maximum of a month. Tinted hair balms Estel, Belita, Color lux, Tonic, Concept, Loreal, Capus. Rating of the best

Tinted hair balm (the palette allows you to choose light, dark, unusual colors) can dye your hair within two tones. Owners of dark hair will not be able to radically change their hair color with its help. But balm can hide gray hair, give a noble shade to hair.

Advantages and disadvantages

Any cosmetic product has advantages and disadvantages. In the case of tint balm, what is a virtue for one consumer may be a disadvantage for another.

Advantages disadvantages
Gentle coloring, does not harm hair with regular use. Color does not last long on the hair.
Tinting balms look after hair. You can choose the one that prevents hair loss or heals the cut ends. To constantly maintain color, you will have to repeat the staining twice a month.
Tonics protect hair from ultraviolet radiation and pollution. The palette, although it provides a choice, but much more scarce than that of hair dyes
The ability to experiment and often change hair color, try unusual shades. Unable to lighten hair.
In case of unsuccessful staining, it is enough to wash your hair with shampoo 2, 3 times. Dark shades from some manufacturers can dry hair.

Color spectrum

Gentle stains have a rich palette.

Some manufacturers produce only classic shades familiar to everyone:

  • warm blondes;
  • cold blondes;
  • shades of light brown, both warm and cold;
  • honey, golden, bright red;
  • red options;
  • dark plum or blue-black;
  • chestnut, dark chestnut;
  • black ones. Tinted hair balms Estel, Belita, Color lux, Tonic, Concept, Loreal, Capus. Rating of the best

Tinted hair balm (the palette of some manufacturers also contains unusual colors) allows you to create trendy, trendy looks.

It can be:

  • pink; Tinted hair balms Estel, Belita, Color lux, Tonic, Concept, Loreal, Capus. Rating of the best
  • peach;
  • turquoise;
  • aquamarine;
  • Violet;
  • lilac;
  • green.

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How to choose a tinted hair balm

When choosing a tint balm, you should adhere to the following rules:

  • You need to focus on the caring functions performed by the balm – getting rid of brittle hair, split ends, excessive grease of the head, gray hair.
  • If the hair was dyed, then you can choose a balm in tone to maintain color.
  • An important rule – with the help of a tint balm you can’t lighten your hair. Brunettes and brown-haired women can choose from more saturated and darker tones – eggplant, plum, coffee, mocha, chocolate, various versions of dark chestnut and copper, red. These colors, depending on the source, will either give a delicate shade and brilliance, or give a more saturated tone.
  • When choosing a tonic color, it is worth remembering that the hair will become darker or brighter by only 2-3 tones.
  • Blonde girls should remember that on their hair tonics look more vivid. If there is no need to radically change the image, attention should be paid to beige, honey, caramel tones. Sometimes golden shades on bleached hair can go yellow, and ashen ones can surprise you with a greenish tint. Therefore, dyed blondes should first consult with a hairdresser before choosing a tinted balm.
  • Girls with fair hair can choose from light colors that enhance the natural color, or give it a delicate shade and shine, or from brighter shades.
  • In order for the shade to fit exactly, it is necessary to find the manufacturer’s instructions on the packaging of the tinting agent, what type of hair it is designed for – gray-haired, lightening, dark, light.
  • When buying a tint balm in specialized stores, you should ask for a catalog table with a separation of shades according to the type of hair with attached colored strands. This will simplify the selection process.

How to use tinting products for hair

The rules for using tint balm are simple:

  1. Before staining, wash your hair with shampoo only. Conditioners and caring balms, hair masks do not need to be applied.
  2. Blot your hair with a towel. It is important that they remain moist, but the water stops draining from them. Tinted hair balms Estel, Belita, Color lux, Tonic, Concept, Loreal, Capus. Rating of the best
  3. Using a hair dye brush, apply a balm to the hair. Better to start from the back of the head. It is important to evenly distribute the composition throughout the hair, starting from the roots to the ends.
  4. The next step is to put a special plastic cap on the head for dyeing.
  5. The instructions for tinting balm indicate how much to keep the product on the hair. On average, the procedure will take no more than 25-35 minutes.
  6. Wash off the tint balm with warm running water. At the same time, shampoo or decoctions of herbs should not be used.
  7. It is important to completely wash off the pigment from the hair, otherwise the remaining product will stain clothes or bedding. Pure running water is an indication that the tonic is completely washed off.

No matter how simple the use of tinting agents is,
and in this process there are nuances:

  • So in order to reduce the brightness of the resulting shade, you need to wash your hair with shampoo.
  • In order to initially dye a little lighter in color than stated on the package, you can add a little hair conditioner or caring balm to the balm.
  • You can also get a less bright color by reducing the exposure time of the dye on the hair by 10 minutes.
  • And if you need to get a more saturated color or dyed hair is dark, you can extend the dyeing time by 15 minutes.
  • Dyed hair can be removed from yellowness using an ashy shade of a tinting agent. It needs to be added a little to the care product when washing your hair.
    Tinted hair balms Estel, Belita, Color lux, Tonic, Concept, Loreal, Capus. Rating of the best
    Mix the tint hair balm together with the most similar to the ashen from the palette to get rid of yellowness
  • It is worth remembering that even if you liked the shade obtained as a result of gentle dyeing, you do not have to rush to dye your hair into it with paint. It is necessary to give the balm to completely wash off the hair, otherwise the result from the use of a persistent product will be unpredictable.
  • If the staining is unsuccessful, you can wash off the tonic from the hair with water and shampoo, and some brands also produce retonation products.

Tinted balms from famous brands

In specialized stores and ordinary supermarkets you can find a large assortment of tint balms. They differ not only in price, but also in staining resistance.

Most popular brands:

  • Estel.
  • Belita.
  • Tonic.
  • Concept.
  • L’Oreal.
  • Kapous.


Estel Tinted Balms are available in several ranges. Popular is Solo Ton. The composition of the product is enriched with keratins, UV filters, oils. It does not dry hair, strengthens its structure. Tinted hair balms Estel, Belita, Color lux, Tonic, Concept, Loreal, Capus. Rating of the best

The palette for brightened shades includes:

  • ashen;
  • ash silver;
  • polar;
  • pearl;
  • beige.

For dark hair, shades are suitable:

  • Chocolate.
  • Pomegranate.
  • Red night.
  • Cherry.
  • Chestnut.

For dark blond, golden copper hair, you can use the following colors:

  • Golden nut.
  • Caramel honey.
  • Cinnamon.
  • Cognac.
  • Copper red.

For painting gray hair shades are suitable:

  • champagne;
  • vanilla;
  • Cote d’Azur.

Balm can be used both to maintain the brightness and saturation of dyed hair, and to tint previously unpainted.

The tint will completely disappear from the hair after 6 washes.

Price: $ 2,04.

Belita “Color lux”

The tinted hair balm (Color Lux palette – 24 colors) is produced by the Belita Belarusian brand.

The palette can be divided into 3 groups:

  • for unpainted hair;
  • for gray hair;
  • for bleached hair. Tinted hair balms Estel, Belita, Color lux, Tonic, Concept, Loreal, Capus. Rating of the best

The first one includes 18 shades:

  • Varieties of brown – warm chestnut, chestnut, hazel brown, milk chocolate, golden brown, tobacco, brown burgundy, dark chocolate.
  • Copper, brown-copper – cinnamon, caramel, cognac, copper-brown.
  • Gentle tones – light brown, sand, apricot.
  • Varieties of red – mahogany, ripe cherry, mahogany.

Gray hair can be tinted in the following colors:

  • Violet silver.
  • Beige.
  • Silver.

For bleached hair fit:

  • Champagne
  • Platinum.
  • Pink and pearl.

The tool not only tones the hair, but also cares for them, strengthens the structure, gives shine. In its composition are gentle dyes, oils – olives, brown. On the hair, the color will survive up to 6 head washes.

It depends on the initial condition of the hair. On lightened shades, they last longer, and on previously unstained shades they wash off faster and emphasize the natural shade. With regular use of the balm in the same shade, the result will be more lasting each time.

When dyeing hair, you must strictly follow the instructions. It is important to ensure that the composition does not get on the skin of the face or neck, as it will be difficult to wash it off. The manufacturer does not apply gloves and a paintbrush to the balm.

Price: $ 2,04.

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Another budget option tint balm – “Tonic”. The color scheme has a large number of different shades. Easy to find and calm classic version for unpainted hair and bright – for a shocking image. In the line of balm there are also products for painting gray hair, and tinted bleached hair.

For unpainted hair in the classic line you can find the following shades:

  • Dark – graphite black, black, dark chocolate.
  • Brown – chocolate, mocha, espresso, cappuccino, golden chestnut, cinnamon.
  • Light brown – classic light brown, dark brown, light brown. Tinted hair balms Estel, Belita, Color lux, Tonic, Concept, Loreal, Capus. Rating of the best

The palette of unusual shades includes:

  • Shades of red – saturated cherry, mahogany, burgundy, mahogany, red amber, Cuban rumba.
  • Red – Native American summer, golden nut, red.
  • Blue-violet – iris, wild plum and others.

The gray hair will be able to paint over the following shades:

  • platinum;
  • pink smoky;
  • pearl pink;
  • pearl.

For clarified or highlighted hair, the following tones are suitable:

  • smoky topaz;
  • amethyst;
  • cold vanilla;
  • ashen;
  • Creme brulee;
  • ashy pearl.

“Tonic” not only dyes hair, but also cares for it.

The composition of the balm, in addition to colored pigments, includes:

  • Linseed oil. It moisturizes and nourishes the hair, makes it more powerful and shiny.
  • Beeswax. It protects the scalp, strengthens the hair structure, seals the scales, making hair smoother.

ir dyed with “Tonic” will retain a shade of up to 4-5 washings.
The color is washed evenly. With frequent use of the balm, the shade lasts longer.

Price: $ 1,77.


Tinted balms “Concept” are suitable for maintaining the color of already dyed hair, eliminating the yellowness of highlighted or clarified hair, for tinting gray hair or natural. Each line has a rich palette of shades.

Concept balms prevent hair fragility, nourish them.

Care components:

  • Castor oil. They moisturize your hair.
  • Beeswax. Strengthens the hair shaft, prevents brittleness and split ends.
  • Vitamins Strengthen hair. Tinted hair balms Estel, Belita, Color lux, Tonic, Concept, Loreal, Capus. Rating of the best

To get rid of yellowness and toning of bleached hair, the “Arctic blond” line is suitable. Soft action gives the hair a noble cold shade.

The Fresh Up line is suitable for maintaining the color of previously dyed hair or for toning a natural shade. The palette has a lot of colors from light blond, light brown, to dark chocolate, black. Fresh Up Brown products are suitable for dark shades of hair. The Fresh Up for Fair Hair subline emphasizes the beauty of light brown.

Warm, red shades will support balms – “Concept Profy Touch”. They also toned and regrown roots, even if they are dark.

Balms of this brand can be 3 levels of resistance:

  • 0 – quickly washed off. After 2-3 times washing your hair with shampoo.
  • 1 – suitable for maintaining color. More persistent staining. Wash off after 4-6 times washing your hair.
  • 2 – semi-permanent tinting agents that can replace hair dye. They will last on the hair for about a month, subject to periodic renewal of the shade.
  • 3 – persistent products, can be compared with hair dye.

Important! To hide the gray hair, you need to choose balms with a high level of resistance, in shade as close to the natural color of the hair. For clarified hair, funds with a resistance level of 0.1 are suitable, for dark hair 2.3.

Price: $ 4,76.


The L’Oreal Paris company produces a variety of products for gentle hair coloring. Balms are suitable for maintaining the shade of already dyed hair or toning natural. Tinted hair balms Estel, Belita, Color lux, Tonic, Concept, Loreal, Capus. Rating of the best

The Chroma Care line has a diverse palette. In it you can find natural colors, and bright, unusual. The tone “Iris” neutralizes yellowness after lightening. To add a golden shine to light and blond hair will allow the tone of “Gold”.

To make the shade more saturated on dark hair, the shades “Warm chestnut” or “Cold chestnut” will help. For hair with a red or copper tint, the “Copper” shade has been developed. Shades of “Mahogany”, “Red” look good on dark hair, giving them a rich color.

Balms from this line contain apricot kernel oil, nourish and moisturize hair, are able to color gray hair.

A novelty from the L’Oreal brand is the Colorista Washout tint balm. He will last on his hair for about two weeks and give them unusual bright colors.

The palette is divided into 3 groups. The first two are suitable for light or bleached hair, the third – for dark, as bleached can give a very rich and bright color that lasts longer than the manufacturer declared two weeks.

Pastel shades for blond hair:

  • pink;
  • peach;
  • lavender.

Bright shades for blond hair:

  • purple;
  • blue;
  • blue.

Bright shades for dark hair.

  • paprika;
  • burgundy;
  • turquoise. Tinted hair balms Estel, Belita, Color lux, Tonic, Concept, Loreal, Capus. Rating of the best

To use light colors “Colorists” on dark hair, their preliminary bleaching is necessary. The intensity of the result will depend on the exposure time – for 15 minutes, the balm will give the hair a calm shade, and 30 minutes of exposure – more vibrant and saturated. The shorter the time the product was applied to the hair, the faster it will be washed off.

Price “Colorista Washout” – $ 6,12, “Chroma Care” – $ 11,83.

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Kapous brand Life Color tinted balms are suitable for maintaining the color of dyed hair and getting rid of yellowness. Previously unpainted hair thanks to it will acquire a deeper shade.

The balm contains UV filters, components that prevent the appearance of static electricity on the hair, nourish and strengthen them. Tinted hair balms Estel, Belita, Color lux, Tonic, Concept, Loreal, Capus. Rating of the best

There are 6 shades in the Life Color palette:

  • Sand. Suitable for light or bleached hair.
  • Brown. It will give dark colored hair a more saturated shade. Suitable for toning dark blond and brown hair.
  • Copper. Extend life to red shades. Unpainted blond hair will give a bright red color, dark – a copper-gold shade.
  • Eggplant. Suitable for dark shades of hair or dyed black or purple.
  • Pomegranate. On unpainted brown hair it will look advantageous, it will give a rich dark red tint – dyed in black and dark brown.
  • Violet. Suitable for dark and blond hair. The latter will give a brighter and more saturated tone.

Tinted “Kapous” balms will last on your hair up to 7 times washing your hair with shampoo.

Price: $ 6,12.

Contraindications to the use of tonics

Hue balms, despite their sparing formula, have a number of contraindications. First of all, this is due to the initial condition of the hair.

Do not use tonics if:

  • More than 50% of the hair is gray. The composition will not be able to completely hide the gray hair.
  • Hair dyed with henna or basma. The balm will not “take”, or the coloring will be uneven.
  • Perm done. The result of staining can be unpredictable, and the resulting color will differ significantly from that declared by the manufacturer. Tinted hair balms Estel, Belita, Color lux, Tonic, Concept, Loreal, Capus. Rating of the best
  • Hair is dyed containing ammonia. Also, as is the case with perm, most likely the result will be unsuccessful.

The last paragraph does not apply to balms from prof
essional brands, prolonging persistent staining.

Where to buy tint balm

Tinted balm (the palette of which allows you to experiment) can be bought in stores with professional hair cosmetics (“Concept”, “Kapous”). In this case, you can see the catalog table, which will facilitate the selection.

On the shelves of many supermarkets in the department of hair care products you can find popular brands of tinting balms (Tonic, L’Oreal, Color Lux), some may include catalogs.

In chain stores selling cosmetics and related products, you can also find tinted balms. In this case, sales consultants can help with the choice.

On the official websites of manufacturers or online stores, there is also a wide selection of products for non-persistent staining. On sites, you can often find unusual shades that are not always found in offline stores.

When choosing tinting agents, it is important to carefully study the manufacturers’ recommendations indicated on the package. This will avoid unsuccessful staining and help you choose a balm for your hair type.

Vegetable Dyes

You can change the color of hair with the help of vegetable dyes. The most popular of them are henna and basma. In addition, with the help of these natural colors you can strengthen the hair and enhance their growth.

Henna is suitable in the case when you need to get a shade from copper to honey-red. Basma will dye his hair black, dark brown. By mixing these dyes in different proportions, you can get golden chestnut shades. Tinted hair balms Estel, Belita, Color lux, Tonic, Concept, Loreal, Capus. Rating of the best

It is important to remember that both henna and basma give persistent staining, and you can use hair dye or tonic only after they are completely washed out of the hair.

  • You can give a golden shade to light and blond hair with a decoction of onion peels. Half a gallon of water will require 200 g of husk. The mixture must be brought to a boil, and then boiled for another 40 minutes. Cooled and strained gauze should be applied to the hair for 30-45 minutes, then rinse with water.
  • To give brightness and shine to fair hair or lighten them by 2-3 tones, you can use a decoction of chamomile. It is necessary to pour 50 g of dried chamomile in 0,1 gallon of boiling water, leave for 45 minutes. Treat hair with a cooled broth, wrap your head in a towel for 40-50 minutes, then rinse.
  • You can lighten your hair with honey and lemon. It is necessary to add a tablespoon of honey in the juice squeezed from half a lemon, everything is thoroughly mixed. The mixture is applied to the hair for 2-3 hours. On a head it is necessary to put on a special hat for coloring and to wrap a towel. After time, rinse the composition with hair. To get noticeable results, you need to carry out several similar procedures.
  • To give blond hair an ashy shade will help a decoction of jealousy. A half pounds of jealousy is put in the pan, a gallon of cold water is poured, brought to a boil and boiled, to reduce the amount of liquid. Should it stay in the pan from the initial volume.

It is important to remember that natural dyes are suitable for hair previously not dyed with chemical compounds, with the exception of henna and basma.


Reviews about the tinted balms of professional brands are positive. Many girls use them to maintain the color of dyed hair or to eliminate the yellowness of bleached ones. Tinted hair balms Estel, Belita, Color lux, Tonic, Concept, Loreal, Capus. Rating of the best

Budget tonics are popular because of the rich palette. But sometimes they can dye hair unevenly. There are many positive reviews about Colorista Washout Balm, but there are also negative ones.

The product can be washed, changing the original shade or poorly “taken” on the hair. The main advantage of all the tinted balms of the girl is called the absence of harm to the condition of the hair.

Video about tinted hair balms

How to dye your hair with a tonic balm Tonic:

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