Salicylic acid from acne. Recipes, instructions for use of talkers, ointments, alcohol solution

Salicylic acid stands out among the effective ways to deal with skin problems. The substance is highly effective in the treatment of acne, which is confirmed by numerous reviews of doctors and cosmetologists.

Composition, release forms and price

Salicylic acid has a crystalline colorless form, soluble in alcohol, essential oils and hot water. It contains aspirin, urea and sulfur.

It is produced in the form of an alcohol solution, ointment, lotion:

  • Alcoholic solution of salicylic acid 1% ( 1,35 fluid ounce) – $ 0,37 .;
  • Alcoholic solution of salicylic acid 2% (40ml) – $ 0,38; Salicylic acid from acne. Recipes, instructions for use of talkers, ointments, alcohol solution
  • Salicylic ointment 2% (25 g) – $ 0,31;
  • Gel with salicylic acid “stop problems” for different types of skin ( 0,51 fluid ounce) – $ 1,01;
  • Pencil with salicylic acid with a masking effect (4.7 g) – $ 0,83 .;
  • Lotions with salicylic acid and calendula or hypericum extract ( 3,38 fluid ounce) – $ 0,5.

Therapeutic action

Salicylic acid performs several useful functions, namely:

Salicylic acid from acne. Recipes, instructions for use of talkers, ointments, alcohol solution

  • Exfoliation.
  • Normalization of the functioning of the sebaceous glands.
  • Drying inflammations.
  • Acts as an antiseptic.
  • Elimination of puffiness.
  • Skin softening and discoloration.
  • Purification of wounds from suppuration.
  • Acceleration of healing processes.
  • The elimination of inflammatory processes.
  • The narrowing of the pores.
  • Removal of age spots, and spots after acne.
  • Dissolution of sebaceous plugs in the pores.

Why Effectively Eliminates Acne

Salicylic acid penetrates deep into the pores due to its composition. Once inside the sebaceous duct of the gland, the acid dissolves fat and cleanses the pore. The antiseptic effect of salicylic acid provides a stop to the spread of inflammatory processes that have arisen through the fault of bacteria.

When treating affected areas of the skin, products with salicylic acid successfully dry acne. Penetrating deep into the epidermis, stimulate skin regeneration, remove pigmentation and redness.


  • Sensitivity to Salicylic Acid, Aspirin, or Vitamin C.
  • Renal failure.
  • Age to 4 years.
  • Tendency to any allergic manifestations.
  • Diabetes. Salicylic acid from acne. Recipes, instructions for use of talkers, ointments, alcohol solution
  • Very sensitive skin.

Any preparations containing silicic acid are contraindicated in moles or warts.

Possible consequences

Salicylic acid is one of the most effective remedies for acne, age spots, purulent wounds, wrinkles and black spots. Reviews after applying various means with this acid confirm the effectiveness of this substance, and also report that the necessary care must be taken during their use.

In case of violation of the rules of use, side effects may occur:

  1. Burn – manifests itself in excess of the percentage of acid in the funds.

  2. Roughness and itching – occurs due to overdrying with too frequent use.
  3. Allergic reactions – can have many manifestations, depending on the personal characteristics of the body.
  4. Burning – occurs in places of local irritation.
  5. New foci of rashes – arise with individual intolerance.

Application rules

In finished products, the rules of use are clearly prescribed by the manufacturer.

When using home-made salicylic acid products, the rules are also very important to avoid side effects:

  1. The amount of acid in the finished mixture is not recommended above 1% (maximum 3%) of the volume. An exception is the means for spot application. In this case, the concentration can reach up to 5% (to remove age spots, the amount of acid is adjusted to 10%).
  2. Non-specialized products with salicylic acid can not be used internally. Salicylic acid from acne. Recipes, instructions for use of talkers, ointments, alcohol solution
  3. It is necessary to protect the eyes from getting into them funds.
  4. Before use, you need to conduct a test for allergic reactions. Apply a little to your wrist and wait a few minutes. In the absence of rash and redness, it can be used as intended.
  5. Medicines should be applied in a very thin layer.
  6. Rinse off preferably with cold or warm water. If washed off with hot water, it can heat the ingredients that are part of it, causing undesirable consequences.
  7. After using recipes with acid, a moisturizer with a low fat content should be applied.
  8. Combining several products that contain salicylic acid is undesirable.
  9. After the procedures are completed, it is required to avoid the penetration of sunlight on the skin surface.

Use for pregnant women

During pregnancy, doctors do not recommend using salicylic acid. But external use, subject to the rules, refers to safe treatment for both mother and baby.

Salicylic acid from acne (reviews of women carrying a baby or nursing, confirm the safety of the use of drugs) should have a solution concentration lower than usual. At the same time, you need to use it only if necessary, exclusively by spot application.

Pregnant women throughout the entire period of bearing a child should not be treated with courses of drugs with salicylic acid.

Apply acid 1 time per week or 1 time in several weeks. Even periodic use more often than weekly can harm the child. Given the constant changes in the hormonal background of pregnant women, such procedures will not bring long-term improvement.


  1. Lotion – 4,4 fluid ounce of chamomile broth, 0,07 fluid ounce of grape oil, 0,17 fluid ounce of salicylic solution (% depends on the complexity of the problem and the state of the epidermis). Chilled chamomile broth is mixed with the rest of the ingredients. Apply during the day locally or on the entire surface of the problem area, the frequency of use depends on the problem.
  2. Salicylic acid from acne. Recipes, instructions for use of talkers, ointments, alcohol solution
    Salicylic acid from acne. Recipes, instructions for use of talkers, ointments, alcohol solution
  3. Lotion (recipe No. 2) – calendula flowers 20 g, hot water 3,38 fluid ounce, salicylic acid solution 3,38 fluid ounce, tea tree (essential oil) 5 drops. Pour calendula with boil
    ing water and insist, strain the broth, mix with an acid solution, insist for another day and add the essential oil. Use for rubbing the skin of the face 1 time per day.
  4. Tonic – 1 large spoonful of dried calendula, 4,23 fluid ounce of alcoholic salicylic acid solution. Pour the flowers of calendula with alcohol and insist for a day, then strain. When using 1 large spoonful of infusion, it is bred in a glass of water or herbal decoction.
  5. Ointment – beeswax 5 g, salicylic acid solution 0,03 fluid ounce, rice oil 0,34 fluid ounce. Melt the wax to a liquid consistency, add oil and beat in a blender. Then add salicylic solution and pour the mass into a convenient dish. The finished mixture is used after cleaning the skin. It is applied in a thin layer and is not removed.
  6. Tonic – dried chamomile flowers 40 g, Salicylic alcohol solution 0,68 fluid ounce, dry white wine 6,76 fluid ounce. Mix everything and insist 5 days in a dark place. Use 2 to 3 times a week. Salicylic acid from acne. Recipes, instructions for use of talkers, ointments, alcohol solution
  7. Rejuvenation lotion – salicylic acid solution 0,68 fluid ounce, strawberry juice 2,37 fluid ounce, vodka 3,38 fluid ounce. Stir and immediately use twice a day.
  8. Mint lotion – salicylic acid pharmacy 1,01 fluid ounce, mint leaves 1 large tablespoons, tincture of calendula 0,34 fluid ounce, boiling water 0.5 tablespoon. The mint is steamed and allowed to cool, filtered and combined with the rest of the ingredients. Use daily 1 time. Duration of storage no more than 7 days.
  9. Alcohol free lotion – water 3,38 fluid ounce, Salicylic acid in a powder of 2 g. Boil and pour the powder in water, mix and remove from heat. Strain and cool, pour into a dark dish with a tight lid. Use dotted once a day for a 3-week course.

Acne salicylic acid (reviews of home recipes are mostly positive) has a noticeable effect after a short period of use.

Salicylic acid solution

A solution of salicylic acid in its pure form is used as follows:

  1. Removing cosmetics from the skin, preferably with a special product.
  2. The skin is cleaned with soap or gel.
  3. To improve the effect, the pores are expanded using a steam bath with herbs added to the water.
  4. Wash yourself not with burning, but with the most hot water.
  5. To clean the face with a degreasing agent (if possible).
  6. Apply the solution to a cotton pad and wipe the skin (with small areas of a spot lesion, treat the skin), the first several times a 1% solution is used, and then, if necessary, the concentration increases to 5%.
  7. Rinse your face with cool or cold water (if the concentration is above 3%, wash off the rest of the product with a gel or soap).
  8. Apply a moisturizing, non-greasy product.

Chatterbox with chloramphenicol

The talker consists of:

  • Chloramphenicol 5 g;
  • Salicylic acid 1% alcohol solution of 0,34 fluid ounce;
  • Boric acid 1,7 – 2,4 fluid ounce.
    Salicylic acid from acne. Recipes, instructions for use of talkers, ointments, alcohol solution
    According to reviews, this is the most popular acne talker recipe for salicylic acid.

This recipe is the most common. In order not to cook a talker yourself, you can order it at a pharmacy.

Use a talker once a day, preferably before bedtime, according to this algorithm:

  1. Cleans skin from cosmetics.
  2. Steamed.
  3. Apply a talker with a thin layer, and incubate for several minutes.
  4. Wash off with cool water.
  5. Moisturize the skin with a non-greasy product.

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Boric and Salicylic Acid

For talkers from Salicylic and Boric Acids, they are mixed in equal amounts ( 1,69 fluid ounce each), sulfur and Streptocide powder (7 g each) are added. All ingredients are thoroughly mixed, stored in a dark, well-closed container and shaken before use. Salicylic acid from acne. Recipes, instructions for use of talkers, ointments, alcohol solution

The order of use is as follows:

  • Skin cleansing.
  • Steaming.
  • Drawing a chatter with a thin layer (for several minutes).
  • Rinse off the mixture with cool water.
  • Moisturizing the skin.

Use in cosmetology

Salicylic acid from acne (reviews help to rank the most popular products), is actively used in cosmetology, it is added to various products.

The most widely used and well-known means: Salicylic acid from acne. Recipes, instructions for use of talkers, ointments, alcohol solution

  1. Belosalik lotion ( $ 4,9 – $ 9,52) and ointment ( $ 6,39). It is necessary to wipe the skin with lotion after cleansing, and then moisturize. The ointment is applied pointwise to the affected areas with a thin layer.
  2. Aquiderm ointment and cream ( $ 1,35. – $ 2,45.). Both funds are applied spot 1 – 3 times a day, in a thin layer. The course of treatment is up to 3 weeks.
  3. The Vichy Normaderm skin care line , which includes all the necessary products for comprehensive care (approximately $ 75 per set).
  4. Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment ( $ 3,94.) Is applied pointwise up to 4 times a day.
  5. Benefit Cosmetics Boo Boo Zap! Medicated Acne Treatment ( $ 18) to be applied precisely from 1 to 3 times during the day.
  6. The Garnier range of clean skin assets consists of several types of face gels, tonic, scrub, mask and cream.
  7. Mask for radiance Turnaround, Clinique ( $ 41) is used 1 time in 7 days. Beauticians do not recommend using it for people with dry skin.
  8. The Pure ZoneL’Oreal series includes all the necessary components involved in skin care.


Salicylic acid successfully fights against:

  1. Brown spots – complete or partial discoloration.
  2. Acne – drying acne, no redness after acne, preventing the appearance of a new rash.
  3. Black dots – cleansing and narrowing of the pores.
  4. Psoriasis and eczema – a decrease in the foci of the active phase of the disease.
  5. Purulent wounds – stimulates the exit of pus from the subcutaneous areas, dries the wound, stimul
    ates healing.
  6. Lichen – destroys bacteria, and stimulates healing.

Salicylic acid is one of the most effective acne remedies. Reviews confirm that this tool is safe. Compared to laser and chemical peels, such preparations have a much lower probability of undesirable effects with similar efficacy.

Acne Salicylic Acid Video

Video review of salicylic acid peeling:

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