Revitonics. Basic course of exercises 5 weeks of youth and beauty. Video lessons

Revitonics is a set of measures aimed at maintaining and restoring muscle and skin tone in the face and neck. The program contains a list of exercises and massage techniques to increase cell firmness and elasticity.

A plus of the procedures is a natural effect on the skin without the use of aggressive cosmetics and surgical interventions. The main thing is compliance with the rules and the passage of a full therapeutic course.

Why a person is aging – Revitonics theory

Aging, or rather the appearance of wrinkles and a violation of the clarity of the oval of the face, is associated with impaired functioning of the facial muscle system. This failure worsens the blood supply to the tissues and the activity of the lymphatic system. Muscles in the face and neck can be in a tense position for a long time, while the skin will be stretched.

Therefore, in a relaxed state of the muscle corset, the skin will gradually sag. To maintain the smoothness of the skin, it is necessary to be able to timely give muscle mass relaxation. With muscle strain, the movement of blood and lymph further deteriorates.

As a result of this, cells do not receive enough nutrients and oxygen and do not give up decay products.

There is a failure in the exchange system. This is reflected by premature aging of skin cells, swelling and grayness of the face. Also, the functioning of muscles, blood vessels, and lymph deteriorates in violation of posture (stoop). This condition requires constant tension in the muscles, therefore, a violation of the flow of blood and lymph.

Principle and direction of action

Revitonics, the main exercises of which are compiled by Osminina Natalia (is the author of this direction), is based on the following rules and actions:

  • normalization of the muscles of the front, neck and spine by regulating the state of tension and relaxation;
  • restoration of blood flow and the functioning of the lymphatic system.

Revitonics. Basic course of exercises 5 weeks of youth and beauty. Video lessons

As a result of these actions, the appearance of the skin is normalized, facial wrinkles and circles under the eyes are eliminated. The effect has a lasting result due to the restoration of muscle performance and skin cells.

After the program is completed, it is noted:

  • restoration of the tone and elasticity of the skin of the face and neck;
  • elimination of the second chin;
  • pulling up the oval of the face;
  • skin acquires a healthy color;
  • Posture is normalized.

The material metabolism in the tissues is restored, which helps to improve overall well-being. Additionally, the state of the nervous system is normalized, as a result of which arbitrary muscle spasms are eliminated.


This set of measures has contraindications, which should be excluded before starting the procedures.

Revitonics are prohibited in the presence of the following deviations:

  • autoimmune diseases;
  • dermatological pathologies;
  • the presence of cancers;
  • impaired functioning of the respiratory system;
  • increased pressure
  • pathology of the vascular system or a violation of the composition of the blood;
  • recent injuries of the cervical spine or skull;
  • violation of psychological balance and the state of the nervous system;
  • infectious and other diseases accompanied by medication or medical procedures.

If there were surgical interventions on the skin of the face, as well as injections (gel or botox), then before the start of the course, a specialist consultation is recommended to exclude the development of side effects from previous procedures.


Revitonics. Basic course of exercises 5 weeks of youth and beauty. Video lessonsRevitonics is not able to eliminate puffiness or restore complexion if the changes are caused by the presence of diseases (impaired liver, cardiovascular system or kidneys).

Rules for the implementation of the methods of Revitonics

Revitonics consists of a selected set of exercises. Before their implementation, familiarization with the rules for exposure to skin and muscle cells is required.

“The rule of 30 seconds”

Admission is to compress muscle tissue for 30 seconds. This allows you to relax the fibers and remove existing cramps. The selected time period is considered optimal for achieving the result.

Muscle stretching

Revitonics (the main exercises require a smooth and careful effect on the skin, without applying extra effort) includes in each complex the process of stretching muscle tissue.

The procedure allows you to straighten the fibers, compressed during a spasm. It is important to consider that in this case a direct effect is exerted on the membrane of the muscles (fascia), therefore, the stretching should be slow without undue effort.


This effect is a preparatory step for most exercises. It consists in pulling muscle fibers in any direction. The procedure lasts until the muscles of the treated area are completely relaxed.


Consists of fixing the fingers on the affected area for 5 seconds. It is the final procedure in each set of exercises. Allows you to consolidate the new position of muscle tissue.


When performing techniques, it is necessary to observe the strength of the physical effect on the tissues, since muscle fibers and fascia can be injured under strong tension or pressure. Then the procedure will have the opposite result. Revitonics is the effect on the skin and muscle groups by pressing on them or stretching with the fingertips.

Subject to the rules of execution, the result of the exercises will be comparable to the use of expensive anti-aging creams or injections. But this procedure consists in the natural rejuvenation of the body without the presence of side effects and has a long-lasting effect.

Main exercises

Revitonics consists of the following methods of exposure to the skin and muscle system:

  • exercises for facial tissues, cervical spine and posture restoration;
  • the use of vacuum exposure;
  • restoration of the functioning of the lymphatic system;
  • tricks on the roller.

Revitonics. Basic course of exercises 5 weeks of youth and beauty. Video lessons

You can also take a 35-day course, consisting of the main methods under the guidance of a specialist.

Revitonics for the back, spine and neck: shoulder straightening

Straightening the shoulders is the beginning of the course of Revitonica. The shoulders are unnatural in violation of posture and improper tension of the cervical muscles. In this case, there is a strong tension of the skin from the back and its sagging in front.

The muscles are also in constant tension. These changes disrupt the blood supply to the tissues and the outflow of lymph, which leads to premature aging of the skin. To straighten the shoulders, it will be necessary to restore the tone of the muscles that support the spine and neck in a natural position.

After eliminating the stoop, normalization of the activity of blood vessels, lymph and respiratory system occurs. The complexion immediately changes and the sagging of the skin decreases. Without restoring posture, the rest of the exercises will be ineffective.

Revitonica for p

There are several types of exercises to straighten the spine. The following are 2 sets of exercises that have the greatest effect on the back muscles.

Full disclosure of the respiratory system – “Sail”

Stages of execution:

  1. Take a vertical position in the doorway, arms at shoulder level. Leaning with your forearms or palms, hang for 30 seconds.
  2. Relax for 10 sec.
  3. Repeat exercise with arms raised. Hands should resist moving the body forward. Duration 30 sec.
  4. Rest with relaxation 10 sec.
  5. Repeat reception with hands down. Lock for 30 seconds.

Exercise ends with complete muscle relaxation.

The effect of the procedure:

  • straightening of the spine with full disclosure of lung tissue;
  • muscle tone in the shoulder area is restored;
  • the functioning of the lymphatic system improves.

Repeat the “sail” exercise at least 3 times.

Normalization of muscle tone – “Zero Gravity”

Description of actions:

  1. In an upright position, lower your head as much as possible.
  2. Grasp your arms so that your palms are on your shoulders.
  3. Take the shape of a semicircle (the shoulders are tilted forward, the pelvis is advanced forward if possible). Outwardly, it should look like a person is lying on a ball. Lock for 30 seconds.
  4. Straighten up and throw your head back.
  5. Lean your hands in the waist, bring your elbows back.
  6. Bend back. The spine should take the shape of a semicircle in the opposite direction.

This exercise can be performed horizontally using a gymnastic ball. This lesson allows you to strengthen your back muscles, relieve cramping and straighten your posture.

Straightening of the spine – “Active state”

The exercise is to take a vertical position so that the back from the shoulder blades to the coccyx is in an upright position. To do this, try to connect the shoulder blades, the top of your head stretch up, and buttocks (tailbone) down.

Revitonics. Basic course of exercises 5 weeks of youth and beauty. Video lessons
The benefits of revitonics for the face and neck.

In this condition, you need to hold out for at least 3 minutes. Exercise helps strengthen your back muscles to maintain direct posture. Additionally, the activity of the respiratory system is normalized.

Revitonika for a neck

Revitonics (the main exercises consist of complex techniques that develop the muscles of the anterior, posterior and lateral parts of the cervical spine) allows you to restore the youth of the skin integument not only by restoring muscle tone, but also by normalizing the lymphatic system located in the neck.

Back-side surface

Exercise number 1

Allows you to achieve relaxation of the muscle fibers of the posterolateral part of the cervical spine.

To perform, you need:

  1. Take a comfortable sitting position and lower your head in a free position. Without muscle tension or pressing to the chest.
  2. Raise your shoulders (head does not change position) and freeze in this position for 30 seconds.
  3. Return to position number 1.
  4. One hand is placed on the back of the head, the other on the lower part of the neck. Gently stretch the muscles on both sides of the neck.

Exercise allows you to:

  • to lengthen a short neck by straightening it;
  • the functioning of blood vessels and lymph is restored;
  • diseases of the cervical vertebrae are prevented.

Revitonics. Basic course of exercises 5 weeks of youth and beauty. Video lessons

With proper execution in conclusion of the exercise, complete relaxation of the neck muscles is felt.

Exercise number 2

It has a similar effect.

Sequence of movements:

  1. With the palm of your right hand rest on your right side.
  2. Subsequent movements are made simultaneously: move the shoulder toward the spine gradually lifting it up; head tilted to the right shoulder. It is required to turn to the left side and gradually raise the chin up; at the end, fix the position for 30 seconds.
  3. The head is straight, the muscles are relaxed. Use your fingers to gently stretch the muscles on the left side of the back of the neck;
  4. Having reached the maximum stretch, fix the fingertips for 5 seconds.
  5. Repeat movements to relax the neck muscles on the right side.

Multiplicity of repetition of the procedure 3 times.

Front-side surface

To eliminate the second chin and strengthen the front muscles of the cervical, the exercise “Frame” is recommended.

Reception consists of 2 stages:

  1. Take a comfortable upright position (can be sitting). Arms above head. Bend so that the palms grab the elbows. Lower your head and raise your shoulders at the same time.
  2. Put the left palm on the left shoulder, and the right palm (the back) on the left side of the chin. Extend your arms gradually, thereby stretching the muscle fibers of the neck.
  3. Similarly perform for the neck muscles on the right side.

Additionally, the exercise restores lymph outflow, normalizes vascular patency and eliminates spasms.

Alignment of the neck to the spine

To normalize the position of the neck relative to the spine, the following movements are required:

  • hook your hands behind your back. It is forbidden to stretch your neck forward and lower your head. Fix for 30 seconds;
  • the hands are fastened in front, the neck is tilted back, without tilting the head. Fading duration 30 sec.

Exercise relieves muscle spasms and restores the natural position of the cervical vertebrae relative to the spine.

Removing the clip from the side and back

To eliminate spasms and restore blood flow in the cervical, the exercise “Perfect Neck” is recommended.

To execute it, you need:

  • raise your right shoulder and tilt your chin to it. At this time, try to stretch the muscles on the left side of the cervical spine as much as possible. Upon reaching maximum stretch, fix for 30-40 seconds;
  • repeat the technique on the left shoulder.

After completion, blood flow to the face is restored and muscle tone is normalized.

Receptions for the forehead

To normalize the state of muscle tissue of the frontal part of the face and restore blood flow, it is recommended that 2 types of exercises be performed.

Exercise number 1

Allows you to reduce the number of wrinkles on the forehead, returns the eyebrows to the desired position, and also restores the quality of sleep.

Revitonics. Basic course of exercises 5 weeks of youth and beauty. Video lessons

Sequence of movements:

  1. Place the palm of your right hand near the edge of the hair line, forming a kind of vis
    or out of it (as with protection from sunlight). In this case, the fingers (index and thumb) should stretch the muscles in this area.
  2. The left hand should come from the top of the head (not from the side, but from above). The fingertips require drawing spiral-like movements from the eyebrows to the palm of the right hand. In this case, you need to gradually move from the middle of the forehead to the left temple.
  3. Repeat the procedure with a change of hands.
  4. Cover your face with your palms so that the little fingers are in the center of the forehead, in the area of the eyebrows. Repeat the movement in a spiral (little fingers) to the edge line of the hair.

It is important that at the end of each spiral focus on fixing the finger, to consolidate the result.

Exercise number 2

Make pinching movements with the fingertips from the eyebrows to the hairline. Gradually move from the middle of the forehead to the temples. This exercise is recommended to end with a light stroking from the center of the forehead to the temples with the fingers locked for 5 seconds.

Revitonics for the eyes

To reduce the number of facial wrinkles and normalize blood circulation in this area, the following exercises are recommended.

Exercise number 1

Sequence of movements:

  1. On both hands, use the fingers to form the English letter “B”.
  2. To the left eye, attach the left hand with the back so that the index finger is located on the cheekbone under the eye, and the middle one on the eyebrow.
  3. The right hand is located inside to face. In this case, the cushion of the index finger is located on the eyebrow, and the cushion of the middle finger under the eye, next to the nose.
  4. The fingers conditionally form the corners of the rectangle. Gradually, you need to expand the distance between the fingers, evenly increasing the area of the rectangle (that is, both the width and the height increase).

Revitonics. Basic course of exercises 5 weeks of youth and beauty. Video lessons

The procedure is repeated for both eyes.

Exercise number 2

Stages of performing movements:

  1. Close your eyes (if possible stronger) and stay in this state for 30 seconds.
  2. Use your fingers (thumb and forefinger) to open your eyes to the maximum. After that, make up to 5 blinking movements.
  3. Close your eyes and completely relax your muscles for 30 seconds.

Repeat at least 3 times.

Lip revitonics

Exercise aims to give the lips a natural shape.

To complete the exercise:

  1. Grab the area around the lips with your fingertips. This requires the index fingers to be placed on the sides next to the upper lip. Thumbs on the bottom of the chin.
  2. Without excessive pressure, gently lower the index fingers to the large, wavy movements.
  3. In conclusion, stretch out your lips and alternately grab one lip with the other.

After completion, give the muscles of the face to relax.

Revitonics from nasolabial folds

Exercise allows you to reduce nasolabial folds and normalize lymph outflow in this area:

  1. The index and middle fingers should be placed on the cheekbones near the nasal passages.
  2. Slightly open your mouth, forming a small oval from the lips. At the same time, slightly press on the cheekbones.
  3. After 10 seconds, increase the opening of the mouth, while continuing to affect the cheekbones.
  4. Lock fingers for 30 seconds.

Relax the muscles of the face for 10 seconds, and repeat the exercise up to 3 times.

Revitonika for face contour lifting

Revitonics (the main exercises for lifting the oval of the face are separated from the type of muscle aging) eliminates sagging cheeks and skin without the use of injections.

Revitonics. Basic course of exercises 5 weeks of youth and beauty. Video lessons

A universal exercise for all types of skin aging:

  1. Lean your cheeks in your palm until they stick to each other. The mouth is closed.
  2. Slightly move your palms from your cheeks, but do not tear them apart. The procedure lasts 5-7 minutes.

Do not exert strong pressure on muscle tissue during exercise.

Vacuum therapy

Vacuum therapy consists in acting on muscle tissue using specialized cans. At the beginning of the course, vessels with a large diameter are used. In subsequent procedures, the diameter value gradually decreases. The most effective is therapy using small diameter jars.

It is important that all movements are made only along massage lines. The procedure is performed on previously cleansed face skin. Using moisturizing oil. After therapy, muscle tone is restored, blood supply and lymph drainage are improved, pores are additionally cleaned.

Lymphatic drainage techniques

To activate the activity of the lymphatic system, it is recommended that in the mornings make at least 100 jumps. In this case, the socks are slightly detached from the floor, when lowering the foot, focus on the heels. It is small jumps that can improve the outflow of lymph, which will be accompanied by the elimination of puffiness. With high bouncing, spinal overload is possible.

Roller revitonics exercises

It is possible to relieve tension from the back muscles and restore blood circulation with the help of exercises on a medical roller (preferably from juniper).

Sequence of movements:

  1. Sit on the floor so that the roller is behind.
  2. Carefully lie on your back so that the “pillow” is under the navel.
  3. The hands are located above the head and touch the little fingers. Legs are straight, little fingers are also in contact with each other.
  4. At the beginning of exercises, stay in this position for 30 seconds. With a gradual increase in the time interval, but not more than 15 minutes.

Revitonics. Basic course of exercises 5 weeks of youth and beauty. Video lessons

After completing the lesson, carefully turn over to its side, then take a vertical position. Otherwise, back muscle damage is possible. This method evens out posture and restores the activity of all systems, additionally contributes to weight loss.

5-week course for rejuvenation and beauty: class schedule

A full course of medical classes can be completed in the LFK office or in beauty salons. The following complexes are included in the 35-day course program.

Days The name of the complex Lesson objectives
1-7 Natural rejuvenation
  • normalization of blood supply;
  • removal of muscle tone;
  • normalization of the neck muscles;
  • restoration of the lymph with the elimination of puffiness.
8-14 Oval recovery
  • return to the contours of the face of clarity;
  • elimination of the second chin;
  • restoration of neck length.
15-21 Smooth forehead
  • elimination of wrinkles on the frontal part of the face;
  • normalization of the height of the lowered eyebrows;
  • withdrawal of excess fluid from the body;
  • reduction of facial wrinkles in the eye area;
  • raising the tone of the skin of the face.
21-28 Aesthetics for the face
  • lip shape normalization;
  • elimination of wrinkles near the mouth and nose;
  • restoration of muscle tone of the face.
29-35 Final course
  • individual, final program.

This program can be completed at home through video lessons or under the supervision of specialists with support and individual adjustment of exercises.

Revitonics allows you to rejuvenate the skin of the face without surgical intervention. When you complete the full course of exercises, the result is fixed for a long time. Mandatory daily training is the main nuance of this technique.

Author: Kotlyachkova Svetlana

Video about revitonics, its effectiveness and technique

Basic complex for beginners:

Revitonics for the abdomen:

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