Plastic massage of the face and body. What is it, technology, training, reviews and video tutorials

A new alternative to surgical plastics is plastic facial massage. In a short time helps to cope with the first signs of aging. Among non-surgical methods of rejuvenation, this method is the most effective, since the skin is worked out gently, but at the same time intensively, and in this way almost all tissues are involved.

Features of plastic massage of the face and body

Plastic facial massage trains muscles, which, as a rule, are capable of regeneration, independent rejuvenation. The technique of plastic massage helps to train them correctly and with the necessary intensity.

The essence of the massage is that those muscles that are tense – relax, and those that are weakened – on the contrary, become toned. As a result – a tightened facial contour, reducing the number of wrinkles.

In addition, this massage improves blood circulation. The flowing arterial blood, together with skin cells, receives a large amount of oxygen and beneficial substances.

The aging process slows down, the complexion becomes healthier and more natural, the metabolism normalizes, age spots and acne disappear.
And face lifting, which is achieved through outflows of venous blood, eliminates swelling on the skin. Plastic massage of the face and body. What is it, technology, training, reviews and video tutorials

In addition, such a massage helps relieve stress and perfectly fights stress – it affects the cells of the nervous system. During the massage, the production of hormones of happiness (endorphins) occurs, which improves sleep, and also improves mood and improves well-being.

The skin of the face has many biological points responsible for the health of the body as a whole. During the massage, all these points are well worked out, and as a result, not only external rejuvenation, but also internal rejuvenation occurs.

To go on such a massage is better for those girls who are already over 25 years old. Since it is at this age that the first signs of aging begin to appear on the skin.

It can be performed by girls and younger, but with appropriate evidence. Girls aged 30+ should include this massage in their regular skin care. The muscles in women of this age become flabby and weakened, and the skin needs additional care.

Worked Areas

During this massage, all areas and massage lines are worked out:

  • the area between the chin and earlobes;
  • the area between the corners of the lips and ear tragus;
  • the area between the wings of the nose and temples;
  • nose bridge;
  • the area between the superciliary arches and the temples;
  • forehead and temples area;
  • zone from temples to cheekbones;
  • cheek area;
  • from cheekbones to collarbones.

Massage is carried out exclusively on clean skin, always consistently. It begins, as a rule, with stroking the forehead, and then the specialist, going down, works out the whole face.

Indications for

  • first signs of aging;
  • problem skin;
  • unhealthy skin color;
  • fuzzy contour of the face;
  • swelling Plastic massage of the face and body. What is it, technology, training, reviews and video tutorials
  • the presence of a second chin;
  • loose skin;
  • lowered corners of the lips;
  • dark spots.

The face is massaged in several courses. Basically, 8-12 sessions of plastic exercises are prescribed, although changes can be noticed already in just a couple of procedures. One massage session takes an average of 40 minutes. The number of sessions for each person may be different.

The specialist prescribes procedures based on age and skin structure. The older the person, the greater the number of sessions he will have to undergo, as the skin wears out and ages with age.


  • age up to 25 years;
  • the presence of acne, acne, comedones and other inflammations on the skin;
  • herpes;
  • the presence of wounds, scratches;
  • the presence of large moles;
  • diseases such as dermatosis, fungus;
  • oncology;
  • malfunctioning of the thyroid gland;
  • hemophilia, rosacea;
  • diseases of the blood or circulatory system.

Before the procedure, it is necessary to undergo a qualitative examination of the doctor to identify the corresponding contraindications. After the examination, if everything is in order with health, you can go for such a massage. Otherwise, it will only cause harm and exacerbate existing diseases.

Methodology Efficiency

Plastic facial massage is effective both for a girl of 25 years old and a more mature person.

Plastic massage of the face and body. What is it, technology, training, reviews and video tutorials
Plastic facial massage before and after photos

After passing it, noticeable changes appear:

  • facial skin is tightened;
  • the number of wrinkles decreases, and barely noticeable ones completely disappear;
  • the second chin almost disappears;
  • eyebrows are tightened;
  • the corners of the lips acquire the necessary position;
  • the oval of the face is tightened;
  • “crow’s feet” go around the eyes;
  • complexion becomes healthy and natural, swelling and bruising are reduced;
  • blood circulation is getting better;
  • the number of acne, acne is reduced, the skin ceases to be problematic;
  • muscles are strengthened.

Plastic facial massage prevents the appearance of wrinkles, so it can be done for prevention.

Technique for performing plastic facial massage

The technique for conducting such a massage is based on pressing, pressing, stroking, intensive movements, tingling, vibration, which are performed in strict sequence at certain points.

There are several stages of massage:

  • stroking
  • surface kneading;
  • deep kneading;
  • striking;
  • vibration.

After the procedure, the surface of the epidermis is treated with a tonic, after which the face is smeared with a cream with a lifting effect in order to consolidate the procedure.

Varieties of massage techniques: classic technique

The classical plastic technique involves the study of massage lines by stroking, kneading, striking, vibration. The master acts on the deeper layers of the skin, subcutaneous fat, muscles, and even bone structures of the face. Plastic massage of the face and body. What is it, technology, training, reviews and video tutorials

The lifting effect is obtained both due to special biological proteins of youth, and due to facial massage, exposure to fatty tissue. The classical technique involves getting rid of excess body fat (cheeks, chin), modeling the oval of the face.

Unlike chiroplastic, plasticizing and similar anti-aging massages, classical massage is characterized by softer, gentle movements and pressures.

The type of massage helps to cope with fine wrinkles, restore skin tone and elasticity.

Due to the effect on the skin, blood circulation improves, the complexion becomes healthier, and thanks
to massaging movements along the contour of the lips, they become puffy.

The classical technique can be an excellent alternative to mechanical cleaning sessions, which are contraindicated for many, since various oils, peels, etc. are used in the massage process. As a result, the pores are freed, the face becomes clean.

Before massage, the specialist treats the face with an alcohol solution. The master’s hands are also disinfected with alcohol to prevent slipping. After the procedure, the specialist fixes the effect with a tonic, possibly a herbal decoction, uses a cream. A good fixing effect after plastic massage is lifting masks.

Despite the fact that after the passage of the procedure, a therapeutic effect is noticeable, plastic massage is not considered a medical procedure. The classic type of plastic massage, in addition to all its anti-aging properties, will help get rid of scars and scars. In addition, a massage course is prescribed for severe stress or physical exertion.

Plasticizing massage

The difference between plasticizing massage and classical massage is that classical massage is carried out completely on dry skin, plasticizing massage is carried out using oils, serums, creams. Unlike the classical technique, plasticizing massage can be carried out in just 1 session, and maybe in 15. Plastic massage of the face and body. What is it, technology, training, reviews and video tutorials

Assign to undergo from 1 to 4 such sessions per week. After which, as a preventive measure, a couple of times a month.

The effect of such massage lasts up to 10-12 weeks.

This massage has more contraindications than the classic one. In addition to the above contraindications, it should not be passed to pregnant women and those who may be allergic to cosmetics used during its implementation.

The basis of plasticizing massage is vibration, tingling and exposure to biological points, activation of metabolic processes.

Plasticizing massage activates blood circulation, adjusts the functioning of the sebaceous glands, normalizes the lymphatic flow in tissues, and breaks down subcutaneous fat.

The result can be seen already after passing 1-2 sessions. But do not stop there, but you should undergo the full course of massage prescribed by the cosmetologist. Since the effect of 1-2 sessions does not last long, fixing is necessary. Plastic massage of the face and body. What is it, technology, training, reviews and video tutorials

Indications for:

  • loose skin, wrinkles;
  • pronounced subcutaneous fat;
  • swelling on the face;
  • tense muscles.

Chiroplastic massage

Plastic facial massage, the main purpose of which is to awaken receptors on the surface of the skin, is called chiroplastic. The cost of such a procedure ranges from an average of $ 14, depending on the choice of a specialist, more experienced and professional can take more.

One massage course includes from 10 to 20 sessions, the state of the patient’s skin surface and his age are taken into account.

Chiroplastic massage is a complete cosmetic procedure. It is carried out using oils, nutrients and other cosmetics. After the procedure, the skin is cleaned with a tonic or lotion.
This type of massage has practically no contraindications.

The only case when chiroplastic massage is prohibited may be the presence of skin rashes that have turned into an inflammatory form.

Reviews of patients after the first chiroplastic massage procedure
Before After
The surface of the skin is dry, peeling in some places The surface of the skin becomes softer and more pleasant to the touch
The presence of shallow wrinkles Wrinkles become almost invisible
Swelling around the eyes Swelling decreases
Skin color is slightly grayish. The skin becomes a healthy, pinkish tint.
There are bags under the eyes Bags under the eyes disappear

Chiroplastic massage is reflected in therapy. With its help, scoliosis and osteochondrosis can be cured. In addition, this massage helps athletes recover from injuries. Chiroplastic massage makes the ligaments elastic, helps to overcome pain and relieve stress.

Myoplastic technique

Myoplastic facial massage helps to cope with wrinkles and sagging skin that occur as a result of aging (reduced levels of elastin and collagen). In addition, myoplastic massage regulates blood supply, outflow through the vessels, eliminates spasms. Plastic massage of the face and body. What is it, technology, training, reviews and video tutorials

With the help of this massage you can even achieve the correct establishment of the zygomatic bones and lower jaw, if their location has changed with age.

Most of the girls who underwent the procedure noted that the myoplastic technique – the most effective among other types of plastic massage, can not be compared even with medical preparations. Unlike chiroplastic and plasticizing massage, the effect of the myoplastic technique persists for a longer period.

Pros and cons of myoplastic massage

Positive sides Negative sides
Makes the face contour symmetrical, close to ideal. It is impossible to hold it at home correctly. A professional approach is needed here.
The lips become more puffy and supple, the contour of the lips becomes more pronounced. The cost of one procedure is not
comfortable for all segments of the population (from $ 10,88 and above).
The complexion acquires a healthy shade, acne, acne disappear, age spots become less noticeable (and weak spots disappear altogether).
The technique removes small wrinkles (large wrinkles and become less noticeable) and prevents the appearance of new ones.
Bruises under the eyes and other problems are also eliminated.
The skin becomes soft, light and toned. Its elasticity and tone improves.
Due to the stimulation of biological points, vitality, mood and well-being in general are increased.

Plastic massage of the face and body. What is it, technology, training, reviews and video tutorialsThe essence of myoplastic technique, like any massage, is to work out all the facial tissues and muscles. 
The master, while working on the top layer of the skin with gentle but intense movements, at the same time, activates biological points. And this, as you know, affects the health and well-being of a person.

Indications for:

  • wrinkles, sagging skin;
  • muscles are not in good shape;
  • acne, problem skin;
  • unhealthy skin color.


  • skin wounds;
  • large moles;
  • ulcers;
  • herpes, rosacea;
  • diseases of the kidneys, heart.

There are several levels of myoplastic massage:

  • Intraosseous. Massage at the intraosseous level implies restoration of cartilage and joints after injuries and bruises of the skull. In addition, intraosseous massage affects the energy of a person and his mood.
  • Neural. During this massage, vagus nerves are worked out, which affect the tone of a person’s muscles and his condition. After the massage is carried out at the neural level, the rejuvenation effect continues (i.e., the sessions have already stopped, and the skin is still getting cleaner, softer, more pleasant and younger).
  • Vascular. The main purpose of this massage is to influence the vessels of the brain through the study of biological points. Blood circulation after such a massage becomes better not only in the tissues of the face, but also in the human brain. This means that the likelihood of depression, stress and other troubles after a session of such massage is reduced to 0 within a few weeks.
  • Lymphatic. With massage at the lymphatic level, the lymph becomes cleaner, which means the tissues are more saturated. Thus, facial skin tissues receive more nutrients. Plastic massage of the face and body. What is it, technology, training, reviews and video tutorials
  • Energetic. Thanks to special meridians passing through the skin, energy is increased, mood is improved, a person becomes more efficient and energetic, and healing takes place at a biological level. Myoplastic massage at the energy level helps to soften the skin, it becomes more elastic, wrinkles are pulled together. Energetic myoplastic massage eliminates stress, forms an oval of the face.

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Facial skin care after the procedure

You can extend the effect of plastic massage if you properly care for your skin. There is a false opinion that after going through the procedures with the skin, nothing needs to be done. Basically, proper skin care consists of 3 points:

  1. Cleansing. It is necessary to cleanse the skin with water 2-3 times a day. More often it’s better not to do this, as you can dry your skin. Each time, while cleansing the skin, it is important to massage it lightly. This will improve blood circulation and nutrition of the epidermis.
    Once a week you need to include peeling procedures in your traditional skin care. This is best done when the face is well steamed.
  2. Toning You can choose a skin tonic in the store, or you can prepare it yourself. For example, adding a few drops of lemon juice in 6,76 fluid ounce of green tea. Or squeeze the juice from half a cucumber in 6,76 fluid ounce of water. The effect is no worse than from the store funds.
    Herbs and skin ice cubes are well toned. Chamomile tea is brewed (you can also use a decoction of calendula), then it is cooled and frozen in a special form. You can use these ice cubes in the morning, immediately after waking up. This helps reduce facial swelling after sleep.
  3. Nutrition. There are a huge number of nourishing creams and masks. It is better to choose those that are suitable for the type of skin and with the presence of a lifting effect. This will tighten the skin again and visibly rejuvenate it. Each cream is accompanied by instructions. If there is none, then apply the cream 2 times a day, morning and evening, on cleansed skin. To make the cream more nutritious, you can add an Aevita capsule to it.

Recently, plastic facial massage has completely pushed traditional plastic to the background. Since the consequences after massage are more satisfactory than after plastic surgery in a few years. At the very least, plastic massages have no side effects, but only benefit both health and beauty.

Video about plastic facial massage

Myofascial and plastic facial massage:

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