Massage oils and their properties. Basic and essential for erotic, anti-cellulite, therapeutic, anti-aging

Most massage therapists prefer to use oil than other massage products.

The advantage of oil mixtures is that:

  • oils contribute to good sliding of hands on the surface of the body, which is important for the procedure. This protects the epidermis from damage during very intensive therapeutic or anti-cellulite massages;
  • correctly selected composition of the oil has a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin, introduces microelements and vitamins into the tissues and benefits the entire body;
  • oils make the body fit and supple. Their use during the procedure will relieve cellulite, stretch marks, excess weight and sagging skin;
  • help to cope with stress and bad mood. The use of oils during massage gives not only physical relaxation, but also emotional;
  • Oils are good for all skin types, especially for dry and aging skin.

Base and Essential Oils

Massage oil consists mainly of 2 parts: base and active part (essential oil). The active part is able to enhance the effect of massage, but in some cases it is not used, carrying out the procedure only with the help of the first component.

Base oil or base oil promotes better sliding of hands on the surface of the body, nourishes and moisturizes the skin. All natural base oils are created from plants: fruits, seeds, seeds and other plant materials. Massage oils and their properties. Basic and essential for erotic, anti-cellulite, therapeutic, anti-aging

It is better to choose unrefined cold-pressed base oil: it retains more nutrients. These are fatty acids, antioxidants, phospholipids, wax, pigments, vitamins.

When choosing a base oil, the type of skin, the area of the body part on which the massage will be carried out, and what result must be achieved.

The consistency base is of 3 types: liquid, viscous or solid. Solid, butters keep their shape when heated to + 35 °. These include palm, coconut, shea butter. Almond, grape, apricot oil have a viscous texture. Liquid base oils include olive and corn oils, sesame seeds, sea buckthorn, soybean and others.

Essential oil is a special concentrated substance with a bright smell, which is an extract from plants using high technology. The esters are very volatile, quickly dissolve in air, leaving no greasy residue. In cosmetology, flavored oils need a greasy carrier: base vegetable oils, creams or lotions.

Due to their plant origin, esters contain vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and other beneficial substances. The actions of essential oils are varied and extensive: they warm, relax, soften, smooth, tone, relieve inflammation.

The use of esters enhances the benefits of massage. A pleasant aroma allows you to create an atmosphere of relaxation and peace. Used for massage of the whole body and face.

In its pure form, esters are not used, can cause burns. They must be dissolved in a small amount of a base that holds volatile essential oils.

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Features of oils for face and body

When choosing massage oil, you should consider for which part of the body it is taken.

Facial massage oil should consist only of natural and natural elements. The skin of the face is soft, so any chemistry is excluded. The composition of these oils often includes various vitamin and mineral components.

This is especially important when massaging dry or aging skin. The type of skin determines which essential oil will be used as a base supplement.  For body massage, you can take the same oils as for the face.

In addition to them, the following oils are often used as a base base:

  • Coconut Massage oils and their properties. Basic and essential for erotic, anti-cellulite, therapeutic, anti-aging
  • sunflower oil;
  • avocado oil;
  • sesame seeds;
  • shea;
  • wheat germ oil;

The choice of essential oil as an additional tool depends on the purpose and type of massage. The skin of the body is not the same everywhere, has its own differences and features in different areas. For example, when back massage is used any mixture of base and essential oils.

For massage of the decollete and chest area, it is recommended to take oils that have a rejuvenating and firming effect.

If this is a massage of the lower body, which includes the buttocks, hips and legs, then the ideal choice is a complex of base and essential oils with the effect of tightening and elasticity. Such formulations will help restore skin elasticity, smooth out stretch marks and give it a healthy look.

Oils for relaxing massage

Massage oil for relaxation will not only help relieve muscle tension, but will relax the mind and feelings, relieve tension and stress.

With a relaxing massage, neutral oils that do not have a strong odor will be the best base. These are apricot, peach or grape seed oils. The effect depends on the essential oil chosen for them.

For example, massage will soothe and cheer you up if you choose a mixture with mint and lavender oils. With the use of aromatic citrus oils, the result will be the overall tone of the body and a surge of strength. To relieve pain and signs of fatigue in the legs, you should choose peppermint, pine oil or jasmine ester.

The most common relaxing oils are

  • lavender oil will relieve stress, eliminate unnecessary excitement, soothe and relax. Provide a good sleep;
  • orange oil will cheer up and relieve stress, soothe. It is also used for baby massage. It is not advisable to be in the sun immediately after application;
  • Peppermint oil relieves depression, fatigue and drowsiness. Restores internal forces and “awakens” the body;
    Massage oils and their properties. Basic and essential for erotic, anti-cellulite, therapeutic, anti-aging
    Peppermint oil is best used for massage after a hard day, as it has a pronounced calming effect
  • Bergamot oil is often called “oil of happiness.” It will relieve emotional overexcitation, stress, and feelings of anxiety and frustration;
  • ylang-ylang oil helps to cope with chronic fatigue and emotional overexcitation. Eliminate feelings of fear and anxiety and provide a calm sleep;
  • tangerine oil relaxes, eliminates depression and negative emotions, removes signs of overwork. Provides a good mood and good sleep.
  • rose oil invigorates and eliminates feelings of anxiety and fear, improves performance and gives self-confidence. Its aroma evokes a feeling of calm and harmony especially among women.

A large selection of essential oils for relaxation in pharmacies will allow you to do a mild manual massage at home on your own.

Oils for anti-cellulite massage

During anti-cellulite procedures, the skin warms up, rubbing and massaging problem areas, improves blood circulation and metabolism. As a result, the skin becomes smooth, returns elasticity and tone. Anti-cellulite essential oils enhance these processes.

Basically advised to take as a basis:

  • almond oil: neutral smell, anti-aging effect on the skin, mixes well with any essential components; Massage oils and their properties. Basic and essential for erotic, anti-cellulite, therapeutic, anti-aging
  • to okosovoe oil: because of its cooling effect reduces the pain during the anti-cellulite massage.

Other vegetable oils such as peach, olive, apricot, and grape are suitable as a base.

After determining the base oil, add from 3 to 5 drops of the selected aromatic oil to it. One teas
poon of base oil is for one taken essential.

Citrus fruit oils, especially orange, grapefruit and lemon, have a vivid anti-cellulite effect. The oils of fennel, bergamot, juniper rosemary will help remove excess water and wastes from the body, normalize metabolism, and fight obesity and puffiness.

The aromatic oils of limetta, anise, jasmine, patchouli will increase skin elasticity, restore elasticity and eliminate its sagging and lethargy. Cinnamon oil improves blood flow, relieves swelling, stimulates metabolism, accelerating the process of fat burning in the body.

If you add a few drops to a regular anti-cellulite cream and do regular manual massage at home systematically, then the result will be noticeable in two weeks.

At home, anti-cellulite massage is advised to do every day. The finished oil is applied to the problem area of the body and rubbed into the skin with circular massage movements for about 10-15 minutes. Excess funds from the skin are removed with a napkin. It is very good to do such a massage at night.

It is not recommended to do anti-cellulite massage using oils during pregnancy. Massage oils and their properties. Basic and essential for erotic, anti-cellulite, therapeutic, anti-aging

There are a large number of recipes for oil mixtures. To prepare a universal remedy for combating cellulite, 2 large tablespoons of honey with the addition of any 4 essential oils of 3 drops each are taken as the basis.

And the most effective composition is an oil composition of 8 drops of geranium, 10 drops of grapefruit and bergamot, 3 drops of cinnamon, 4 drops of nutmeg in 5 small tablespoons of base oil.

Oils for anti-aging facial massage

Facial skin is more sensitive, delicate and more prone to aging than skin on other parts of the body. Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention to her departure. Facial skin massage with oils helps to improve blood circulation, soothe tired skin for a day, slow down its aging and remove wrinkles.

Basically massage procedures are carried out only with the use of base oil, essential oils are added at will. According to the rules, the cooked oil is kept in a cool place, but before the procedure, the mixture is warmed to room temperature. Before massage, you should prepare your skin: steam it and clean it with gel or scrub from dirt.

IT’S IMPORTANT TO KNOW! For the best effect, it is recommended to massage the course, then give the skin a little rest. To maintain elasticity, carry out the procedure 1-2 times a week.

The simplest wrinkle recipe is almond oil with honey. The composition is used to nourish the skin and reduce wrinkles around the eyes.

IT’S IMPORTANT TO KNOW! When adding oil to the base, you should remember the type of skin. To do this, it is better to consult with an experienced cosmetologist. Massage oils and their properties. Basic and essential for erotic, anti-cellulite, therapeutic, anti-aging

Universal oils are considered:

  • flaxseed. Cleanses, restores the lipid barrier, eliminates peeling, accelerates healing, reduces swelling and redness;
  • almond. Moisturizes, gives elasticity, removes wrinkles;
  • hazelnut oil: for everyday use, tightens pores and nourishes;
  • shea butter or shea butter . Consistent, cleanses, softens and nourishes. It synthesizes collagen and restores skin tone, removes wrinkles;
  • olive for a high content of vitamins A and E.

With the dry type, nutrition and hydration of the skin are important. You should pay attention to cranberry ether, in which there are a lot of fatty acids, wheat germ oil, smoothing wrinkles, and macadamia, which removes peeling.

With the fatty type, it is advised to choose grape seed and sesame oils, in which there are many antioxidants. They cleanse toxins and have a healing effect.

Sensitive and mature skin will be saved by esters of avocado (for delicate skin around the eyes) and jojoba (restoring and healing effects). If the skin is dehydrated, then aromatic oils from apricot kernels and coconut will help: moisturize and restore the water balance.  Sea buckthorn, palm, and castor oils help well against wrinkles. Massage oils and their properties. Basic and essential for erotic, anti-cellulite, therapeutic, anti-aging

The aromatic oils, which are often used in the fight against age-related skin changes, include extracts from sandalwood, rose, sage, rosewood, lavender.

In addition to the anti-aging effect, essential oils are added to improve the general condition of the skin of the face: from puffiness (cinnamon), to narrow pores (lemon, lemon balm, peppermint, rose), to increase tone (myrtle), to give freshness (eucalyptus, lemon, peppermint, grapefruit), for cleansing more oily skin (bergamot).

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Oils with whitening effect

Essential oils help to cope with age spots on the skin . Unlike many purchased cosmetic products that contain mercury or hydroquinone, oils are a natural and environmentally friendly product.

Essential oil is applied in two ways:

  • mix it with a base base suitable for the type of skin;
  • add the product to water or to a skin care cream that is used for massage.

IT’S IMPORTANT TO KNOW! When whitening the skin, one should not forget about the basic rules and contraindications for the use of essential oils. The best option is to consult a doctor who specializes in this field.

Bleaching with essential oils is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • individual intolerance and allergies. It is recommended to initially test the skin for a reaction. To do this, drip a small amount of oil onto the skin at the bend of the elbow and see how the skin reacts during the day;
  • during pregnancy should not be carried away by such procedures. It may adversely affect the course of pregnancy and the development of the child;
  • during hormonal disruptions. In such cases, a consultation with the attending physician is necessary;
  • with diseases of the heart and blood vessels, problems with pressure;
  • You can not carry out bleaching procedures in young children and adolescents, only with the permission of the doctor. Massage oils and their properties. Basic and essential for erotic, anti-cellulite, therapeutic, anti-aging

Especially popular for the purpose of skin whitening are esters of lemon, tea tree, sandalwood, rose oil and eucalyptus.

Lemon Oil The very first remedy in the fight for fair skin. It contains two intense natural remedies for discoloration of the manifestations of pigmentation. These are limonene and citric acid. Limonene helps in evening out and brightening the skin. The second component is used as a natural peeling: exfoliates dead cells. Lemon oil-based bleaching agent is recommended for use at night. It is not worth using it during the day and is with it under the sun. To cook it, you should take a base in the amount of 3 tablespoon. tablespoons and add 3 drops of lemon oil to them.
Sandalwood oil. It has moisturizing and emollient properties, in cosmetology it is used to remove age spots. It brightens and protects it from aging. Best used at night: drip 2-3 drops of sandalwood and almond oils and make a light massage. You can not rinse, the result of the procedure will manifest faster and better.
Eucalyptus oil It has healing qualities: it cures from sunburn, various inflammatory processes and other injuries. To whiten and get rid of stains, you need to mix it with jojoba oil in a ratio of 1: 4 and apply to problem areas.

Therapeutic massage oils

Massage oil has healing properties, enhancing the action of the procedure.

Having studied the medicinal characteristics of oils, choosing the right ester or composition from them will not be difficult:

  • from rheumatism and back pain will save a massage with the addition of shea butter; Massage oils and their properties. Basic and essential for erotic, anti-cellulite, therapeutic, anti-aging
  • from peeling of the skin and cracks coconut oil will help;
  • against stress and fatigue, use orange, tangerine and lemon oils
  • massage oil with the addition of peppermint ether and cloves will relieve stretch marks;
  • inflammation removes the composition with cloves or chamomile;
  • from peeling and dry skin will save orange and sandalwood oil;
  • from frequent colds, cedar and lemon oils are suitable;
  • lemon, mint and lavender oil help with headaches;
  • muscle pain will relieve massage with the addition of rosemary ether;
  • eucalyptus ether is used for inflammation;
  • massage using almond oil will relieve sprain pain

Erotic massage oils (stimulating)

Erotic massage can enhance arousal or, conversely, relax and tune into romance. Like any other type of massage, this procedure involves rubbing and stroking parts of the body. To prepare a universal massage mixture in 0,34 fluid ounce of a base with a neutral smell, add 2 to 4 types of ether dropwise.

When choosing aromatic oils, it is important to consider individual preferences in aromas.

An oil with a softening effect is selected for the base, making the touch pleasant during massage. Suitable olive, grape, apricot, almond.

The second important ingredient is ether. During erotic massage they are used to create an intimate and sensual atmosphere and enhance tactile sensations. To esters that increase sensuality and self-confidence, sexual desire and emotional openness include ginger, geranium, cinnamon, jasmine, patchouli, bergamot. Massage oils and their properties. Basic and essential for erotic, anti-cellulite, therapeutic, anti-aging

Roses, jasmine and geranium are considered to be more feminine scents; for men it is better to choose vetiver, ginger. In addition, cinnamon, ginger and cloves enhance the sensations of massage and blood circulation due to the warming effect. Massage oils and their properties. Basic and essential for erotic, anti-cellulite, therapeutic, anti-aging

The most popular erotic oil is considered to be ylang-ylang: it enhances sexual desire and self-confidence, helps to reveal sensuality in oneself, to better understand and feel the partner.

IT’S IMPORTANT TO KNOW! It is necessary to remember safety measures in work with essential oils. In no case intimate places are affected: it is dangerous for health due to the content of saturated aromatic oils in them.

Top 7 oils from cosmetic brands

Cosmetic oils can also be a good remedy for massage. Having studied a large number of customer reviews and the compositions of the oils offered on the market, 7 oils from cosmetic brands in different categories are distinguished.

The best facial massage oil


The French remedy has a restorative effect, the cost of $ 6,65. Massage oils and their properties. Basic and essential for erotic, anti-cellulite, therapeutic, anti-aging

The oil is made by extradition based on 8 essential oils with the addition of extracts of rose hips and shea plants. The product tones, restores water balance, and also has protective properties.

Reviews on this remedy are mostly positive: many noted that after several days of use, the skin began to look more well-groomed.

Some users are unhappy with rashes and redness. The cause of this effect may be frequent use and skin type.


It is considered the best anti-wrinkle drug, made by Morocco, costs from $ 6,79.

This product is noted by specialists and buyers as unique in the fight against age-related changes. The product is based on rice bran, penetrates deep into the layers of the skin. Thanks to its effect, the body actively begins to produce hyaluronic acid, which smoothes wrinkles.

The best body massage oil

  • SIBERIAN HEALTH. Massage oils and their properties. Basic and essential for erotic, anti-cellulite, therapeutic, anti-aging
    The drug is American-made, tested and certified, has a warming effect. The cost of the product is from $ 3,06. The product contains herbs and natural ingredients. Heats the skin during massage procedures, is used sparingly. The tool reduces swelling, increases elasticity, can be used as a prevention of varicose veins.
  • NATURA SIBERICA. American cosmetics, a natural product, costs an average of $ 9,47. Natural Daurian oil does not contain harmful chemical elements. It is based only on organic components. It cleanses and restores skin well, works especially well in or after a sauna. Positive reviews confirm the quality of the product: most buyers liked the presence of Siberian herbs and a pleasant aroma.

The best o
ils for anti-cellulite massage

  • American cosmetics , has the effect of deep drainage, costs from $ 1,9. Oil, according to customer reviews, is not expensive, but very effective. Among the components are extracts of citrus fruits, vitamin E, peppers and minerals. These components penetrate deep into the skin, warm and remove excess water in problem areas. The product smoothes the skin and prevents the further formation of cellulite.
  • PLANETA ORGANICA. It is considered the safest product, manufactured in USA, costs from $ 4,72. The tool is completely safe and effective. Contains shea butter, avocado and green coffee, as well as plant extracts and the UNISLIM complex. The oil has a solid consistency, rather greasy, economical consumption. The pros consider buyers the lack of allergies and irritation, as well as a tangible result and an affordable price. Massage oils and their properties. Basic and essential for erotic, anti-cellulite, therapeutic, anti-aging
  • German drug, an effective anti-cellulite effect, costs about $ 28. The basis of this tool is an extract of birch leaves. Additional components are esters of jojoba, rosemary, wheat germ, apricot and other plants. Due to this composition, the drug accelerates blood circulation and helps the intracellular treatment of cellulite. The tubercles become less visible. Buyers note the positive effect of the drug, in addition, this oil very favorably affects the condition of the whole organism, gives strength, energy.

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Oil Mixing Guidelines

When working with oils you need to remember:

  • it is important to accurately follow the dosage when composing the mixture;

On average, 10 to 15 drops of essential oils per 1,69 fluid ounce. the basics.

  • when making massage oil, it is recommended to use about 5 aromatic oils;
  • it is necessary to choose the right components of the mixture, focusing on the type of skin and the purpose of massage;
  • to prepare the product in small quantities, it can not be stored for a long time. If the oil remains after the session, then keep the residue in a dark bottle in a cool cupboard or pantry.
  • Do not use esters in their pure form, be sure to mix it with base oil;
  • before using unfamiliar ether, test the skin and body for allergic reactions;
  • when preparing the aromatic mixture, it is advised to add essential oil, which favorably affects the emotional state. The mixture should cause pleasant feelings and emotions.

Where to buy oils and prices

You can buy a massage tool:

  • in pharmacies;
  • online stores;
  • cosmetic departments of shopping centers;
  • specialized stores of cosmetic products. Unlike other points of sale, the assortment will be larger.

When buying ether, you should carefully inspect the packaging, read the instructions for it and a description of its properties, this will help you choose the right tool. The price of aromatic oils depends on their quality, type, manufacturing company and volume of the bottle.

Base oils are cheaper than essential oils, but a small price is the first sign of poor quality. On average, base oil is sold from $ 1,36. up to $ 9,52. per 3,38 fluid ounce, the cost of essential oil is more expensive.

The use of oil will make the massage procedure pleasant, improve the body and eliminate negative thoughts.

Massage Oil Video

How to choose the right massage oil:

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