Mesotherapy of the face – what is it. Photos before and after, reviews, from what age

Mesotherapy is one of the most popular and effective cosmetic methods for rejuvenating the skin of the face.

Mesotherapy of the face - what is it. Photos before and after, reviews, from what ageHow the procedure goes, when the result is visible, how many sessions you need to conduct for a greater effect, whether there are contraindications, how the photos look before and after – all this should be learned from the experts and read the reviews of experts in the article.

What is face mesotherapy, how does it go, why is it needed

Facial mesotherapy is one of the unique anti-aging facial methods. Over time, a woman develops facial wrinkles, nasolabial folds become pronounced, the facial contour sags. The deep layers of the skin begin to lose elasticity, collagen is damaged.

The face does not look as fresh as before, and ceases to please. A cosmetologist with a medical education anesthetizes, wiping with the medicine areas of the face that need to be adjusted, and injects subcutaneously.

According to numerous reviews of patients, you can verify the safety of beauty sessions. An effective method of exposure to facial tissue leads to amazing results.

Using mesotherapy, you should compare the photos before and after the procedure: wrinkles are smoothed, the contour of the face becomes more toned, “bags” under the eyes go away .

Mesotherapy of the face - what is it. Photos before and after, reviews, from what age
Mesotherapy is aimed at eliminating a number of age-related changes in facial skin. After the procedure, wrinkles are smoothed out, the oval of the face is tightened.

The procedure exists not only to rejuvenate the face. With its help, allergies are removed, skin diseases are eliminated. This method has been successfully used to combat stress.

In order to improve health (remove anxiety, insomnia) and, as a result, reduce age-related skin changes, anti-stress mesotherapy has been used.

After what time does the visible result come

The components that make up the injections are prepared from medications. Each injection is aimed at solving a specific problem: smoothing wrinkles, reducing nasolabial folds, eliminating age spots, smoothing the skin of the face. Mesotherapy of the face - what is it. Photos before and after, reviews, from what age

Active substances enter the deeper layers of the dermis and regenerate them. After the first procedure, the differences are visible.

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How long does the effect last

Hyaluronic acid and beneficial substances are excreted from the body faster with age than before. That is why the result after the procedure lasts from two months to 6 months. Mesotherapy must be repeated.

The widespread belief that skin is used to beauty cocktails is deceptive.

How many procedures need to be done

After the first 2-3 sessions, the result is obvious, but the number of cosmetic sessions depends on the scale of the problem. For example, to lighten and make younger skin, you need from 5 to 10 sessions.

The procedure can be performed 1 time per week, repeated 2 times a year. How many injections are needed, only a cosmetologist or a nutritionist or allergist will say. On average, 4 to 8 injections are required to restore the facial contour.

Indications for use

Face mesotherapy is required for:

  • poor skin color;
  • deepening of the nasolabial folds;
  • age spots;
  • rosacea;
  • scars;
  • facial wrinkles;
  • age-related changes in facial skin;
  • dry skin;
  • worsening oval face.
Mesotherapy of the face - what is it. Photos before and after, reviews, from what age
The method of conducting mesotherapy is prescribed by a specialist, based on the indications for its use and features of the facial skin.

Before the anti-aging procedure, a photo should be taken to make sure that the face is transformed after mesotherapy. According to numerous reviews of women, there are positive changes in the appearance of facial skin.


There are prohibitions in every cosmetic procedure.

You can not conduct rejuvenation sessions:

  • in the presence of infectious, inflammatory skin diseases,
  • during a relapse of herpes,
  • after recently made peeling.

Doctors pay special attention to such health conditions as:

  1. Epilepsy.
  2. Hemophilia.
  3. Pregnancy.

Possible complications and their causes

Clients after conducting face mesotherapy also leave negative reviews. If you had to deal with such a reaction of the body as erythema, photos before and after will not please.

Erythema is divided into 2 types:

  1. The so-called fast erythema arises from strong vasodilator drugs. It passes quickly and should not lead to patient agitation.
  2. Toxic erythema. It can lead to the destruction of skin tissue – necrosis.

Hematomas  occur with a specific method of injection. May appear against the background of the drug itself.

Mesotherapy of the face with the toxic effect of the drug leads to such a dangerous disease as skin necrosis .

Beauticians are sure that the medicine, diluted according to all the rules, will not only not cause any harm, but will also lead to a wonderful result.

You can verify this by comparing the photos before and after and by learning the feedback from the patients. The occurrence of necrosis is possible with a decrease in the body’s immunity.

Complications may occur with:

  1. Too deep drug administration.
  2. Poor skin disinfection.
  3. Inadequately sterilized medical instruments.

Allergies are also possible . The skin can react both to the cocktail of beauty itself and to the substance from which the needle is made. In these cases, the reaction does not occur immediately. Doctors call it “delayed-type dermatitis.”

A quick allergic reaction is manifested by facial swelling and even Quincke’s edema. This complication arises as a result of a mismatch between the cells of the facial tissues and the introduced antigens.

Hypersensitivity is also one of the complications. The skin becomes inflamed on contact with the drug. The body perceives the drug as an irritant.

Mesotherapy of the face - what is it. Photos before and after, reviews, from what age
Preliminary consultation with a specialist and a thorough examination significantly reduces the likelihood of complications after the procedure. To prevent serious consequences, honestly answer questions from your doctor.

To prevent complications after face mesotherapy, you should consult a specialist and undergo an examination before performing a rejuvenating procedure.

The listed possible complications arise mainly with injection mesotherapy.

Types of face mesotherapy

The drug can penetrate the skin in two ways: by injection and non-injection.

Injection Mesotherapy

As a cosmetologist, an anesthetic cream is applied to the face. Next, the mechanism of recovery processes is launched. Injuries during face mesotherapy are minimal.

When introducing a medicinal cocktail, needles are used that are inserted into the skin to a depth of no more than 2/32 – 5/32 inch. According to reviews, traces of injections disappear gallon right away.

Injection Mesotherapy is one of the most effective procedures to prevent age-related changes in facial skin. Patient reviews, photos before and after indicate a good result.

The price depends on what drugs the doctor will offer, given the condition of the skin of the face.

Mesotherapy of the face - what is it. Photos before and after, reviews, from what age
Injection mesotherapy for the face is most effective, since the components of the drug are delivered to the deep layers of the skin, smoothing wrinkles and improving its nutrition from the inside.

A dermatologist uses an individual approach when choosing a medical beauty product , so the photos before and after the procedure will show the maximum effect. In a short time you can become 10 years younger.

Non-injection mesotherapy

Doctors have made a breakthrough – made mesotherapy completely painless! Nutrient active substances get deep under the skin without injections.

The sequence of non-injection mesotherapy is as follows:

  1. Preparing a cocktail of organic substances, vitamins, homeopathy, hyaluronic acid.
  2. The solution is applied to areas requiring correction.
  3. The problem area with the help of a cosmetic apparatus is handled by a doctor.
  4. The active ingredients of a beauty cocktail penetrate deep into the skin of the face.

Mesotherapy of the face - what is it. Photos before and after, reviews, from what ageThe device is selected by the doctor, taking into account individual indications.
The session does not last long, about 20-30 minutes. Before starting non-injection mesotherapy, a specialist will recommend an intensive course (from 2-12 sessions) and fixing (1 procedure per month).

As a result of beauty sessions, facial wrinkles, pigmentation, acne, stretch marks will disappear. The oval of the face will tighten.


According to cosmetologists, buying a mesoscooter is possible and at home to conduct beauty injections for the skin. With the help of microneedles, a large amount of the drug enters the epidermis, collagen begins to be actively produced.

The mesoscooter is safe since the needles do not penetrate deep into the skin. It is the first remedy similar to acupuncture. The mesoscooter is very easy to clean. After the procedure, it is enough to treat it with alcohol.

Mesotherapy of the face - what is it. Photos before and after, reviews, from what ageUsing the device at home, you can forget about nasolabial folds, deterioration of the facial contour, pigmentation, dry skin. Manual mesotherapy is an effective, safe and affordable way to rejuvenate your face.

The method of the hardware procedure does not involve injections, but the effectiveness is similar to injections. After the first session, an excellent result is achieved.


Hardware mesotherapy is almost painless and completely safe. The cosmetologist, using thin needles, introduces vitamins and minerals into the shallow layers of the skin, if necessary using an anesthetic cream.

With a hardware facial rejuvenation procedure, the following are excluded:

  1. Swelling.
  2. Inflammatory manifestations of the skin.

Result: the disappearance of wrinkles, a significant improvement in complexion.

Preparations for mesotherapy

The composition of the drugs also varies.

Allopathic Mesotherapy

The preparations are prepared mainly on a plant basis, but also they can include substances of animal origin and synthesized artificially.

They mainly consist of:

  • a variety of vitamins;
  • extracts of various plants;
  • medicines;
  • hyaluronic acid;
  • collagen, elastin.

Depending on the problem, additional substances are added to the drug.

Using the diuretic compositions of the cocktail, swelling on the face is eliminated. The composition of the components that improve blood circulation will help overcome rosacea. Beauty cocktails from collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin will return youth.

Homeopathic Mesotherapy

The nutrients included in homeopathic medicines allow the body to use its own resources. Plant extracts, various vitamins relieve many skin problems of the face.

Mesotherapy at home

The technique of the procedure allows you to carry it out at home.

Types of mesoscooters

Different lengths of needles of the device are designed to solve individual problems:

  • to get rid of wrinkles – VR3 ( 0/32 inch needle);
  • to improve complexion – VR5 (needle 1/32 inch);
  • to restore facial contour – VR10 ( 1/32 inch needle);
  • to remove pigmentation -VR15 ( 2/32 inch needle).

Homemade Cocktails

Preparations for mesoscooter are popular. Unique compounds eliminate a number of facial skin problems.

Mesotherapy of the face - what is it. Photos before and after, reviews, from what age
Mesotherapy of the face. Reviews, photos before and after make it possible to evaluate the effectiveness of the procedure.

Their main advantages include the following:

  • hyaluronic acid and collagen take the first place among cocktails, smooth facial wrinkles, remove nasolabial folds, tighten the oval of the face;
  • ascorbic acid brightens the skin, removes pigmentation;
  • artichoke extract eliminates puffiness;
  • Aloe vera perfectly moisturizes dry skin and heals problematic;
  • Chamomile eliminates allergic reactions.

Cocktails must be selected on the recommendation of a specialist doctor. Professionals advise to purchase drugs only at the pharmacy, when buying, be sure to pay attention to the expiration date.

The package should indicate that the drug is suitable for use at home with a mesoscooter.

The use of powder mesococtails should be avoided. Using them at home is simply inconvenient.

For a positive result of a home beauty procedure, you must:

  1. Cleanse and treat the skin.
  2. Disinfect the drug.
  3. Apply the cocktail to the problem area of the skin and apply a mesoscooter.

These are the features that distinguish facial mesotherapy. Reviews, photos before and after allow us to talk about the effectiveness of the procedure, its relative painlessness and accessibility even at home.

Useful videos about face mesotherapy

The procedure for conducting face mesotherapy, features of the procedure, specialist consultation:

Mesotherapy of the face. Reviews, photos before and after, how to choose drugs for the anti-aging procedure and the nuances of its implementation:

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