Mesotherapy for hair – what is it in cosmetology, how is it done, what drugs are used. Photos and reviews

Mesotherapy performed on the scalp is used to care for hair. It is actively produced both in cosmetology salons and at home.

What is mesotherapy for hair

Mesotherapy allows you to saturate the hair follicles with nutrients and easily solve such problems:

  • stop the process of hair loss;
  • accelerate the growth of healthy curls;
  • to improve the condition of the hair after perming, building or dyeing;
  • eliminate bald patches that arose prematurely;
  • solve the problem with the appearance of early gray hair;
  • give your hair a natural shine, brightness and strength.

Hair mesotherapy is the introduction of special compounds in the scalp, which helps nourish the hair and its active growth. Minerals and vitamins are introduced through the finest needles. Each vitamin cocktail has a special composition, it is selected in accordance with the condition of the client’s hair and his preferences.

Mesotherapy for hair - what is it in cosmetology, how is it done, what drugs are used. Photos and reviews
Mesotherapy for hair is a modern cosmetology procedure.

As a rule, the following elements are included in such cocktails:

  • vitamins;
  • minerals;
  • macrocells;
  • trace elements.

After the introduction of drugs, blood circulation is stimulated in the area of the hair follicles, due to which their nutrition is improved. A feature of the process is the precise introduction of beneficial substances exactly where they are needed, due to which their action begins instantly.

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Indications for the procedure

Mesotherapy is performed on the hair according to the following indications:

  • hair loss;
  • different degrees of baldness, including those resulting from imbalances in hormones;
  • fragility of hair;
  • dryness of strands;
  • the presence of split ends;
  • dandruff;
  • itchy skin;
  • slowdown or cessation of hair growth due to taking medication, ultraviolet irradiation, waving using chemical preparations; Mesotherapy for hair - what is it in cosmetology, how is it done, what drugs are used. Photos and reviews
  • seborrhea;
  • ringworm;
  • hormonal changes in the structure of hair after pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • early onset of gray hair;
  • preparatory process for the transplant procedure.

Are there any contraindications

Mesotherapy for hair can not be used in all people, without exception, there is a clear list of restrictions that make it impossible to carry out:

  • the presence of allergies, sensitivity or intolerance to one or more of the components that make up the injected drugs;
  • pregnancy;
  • lactation period;
  • the presence of any neoplasms;
  • disturbances in the endocrine system;
  • period of decreased immunity;
  • any diseases of the circulatory system (especially: coagulation disorder);
  • mental illness;
  • epilepsy;
  • gallstones
  • any inflammatory skin diseases;
  • taking medications that change or slow down blood coagulation;
  • menstrual bleeding period.

Types of Mesotherapy for Hair

In cosmetology, 2 types of mesotherapy are actively used, affecting the hair follicles:

  1. Allopathic : used to treat diseases associated with baldness and tidying hair follicles. Cocktails for this type of mesotherapy include: Mesotherapy for hair - what is it in cosmetology, how is it done, what drugs are used. Photos and reviews
  • lipolytics;
  • vasodilators;
  • amino acids;
  • antioxidants;
  • vitamins, both natural and synthesized;
  • hyaluronic acid.

Such cocktails are created directly under the existing problem, acting at the cellular level, they allow you to achieve such goals:

  • hair restoration;
  • nutrition and hydration of curls;
  • elimination of toxins;
  • strengthening the root system;
  • stimulation of the growth of existing follicles and the development of new ones.
  1. Homeopathic : used to normalize the functioning of the sebaceous glands and improve the normal appearance of the hair. For injections in this type of mesotherapy, small concentrations of vitamin formulations are used. The substances themselves are homeopathic, which makes it impossible to get used to them and guarantees a long-term positive effect.

An important advantage of this type of mesotherapy: the complete absence of side effects and any allergic manifestations.

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Procedure Efficiency

The effectiveness of mesotherapy, carried out in accordance with all the rules, for hair, becomes possible due to the introduction of healing compounds in the scalp and additional stimulation of biologically active points. Mesotherapy for hair - what is it in cosmetology, how is it done, what drugs are used. Photos and reviews

In combination, this allows to stimulate the work of such mechanisms:

  • immune
  • reflex
  • hormonal.

You can notice the improvement after a completed course of mesotherapy without special devices, the hair will shine again, acquire beauty and well-being, dandruff will disappear and the work of the sebaceous glands will be reduced.

Side effects from this procedure are extremely rare. If it is carried out by a professional, in appropriate conditions, in compliance with all the rules, you can not even expect their occurrence.

Mesotherapy for hair in the salon: how is it done and how much does it cost

This procedure is easily carried out by an experienced master in a beauty salon, its cost varies from $ 48 – $ 61 for 1 session, which may require from 8 to 10.

Preparation for Mesotherapy

In order to properly prepare for this medical procedure, you must first do the following:

  • visit a beautician (or trichologist), who will be able to study the condition of the hair and identify existing problems;
  • a week before the planned mesotherapy, you can not take drugs containing ibuprofen, aspirin and antibac
    terial drugs (due to their features affect the rate of blood coagulation);
  • for several days do not use hair styling products; Mesotherapy for hair - what is it in cosmetology, how is it done, what drugs are used. Photos and reviews
  • Do not visit the sauna, bathhouse, solarium;
  • not be exposed to sunlight;
  • do not take alcohol;
  • a day before the day of the procedure, it is necessary to do an allergy test with the help of a drug that will be administered on mesotherapy;
  • on the day of the procedure, you need to clean and dry your hair.

Preparations for the procedure and their active substances

For the introduction into the scalp, during mesotherapy, different types of vitamin cocktails for hair are used. Their composition depends on what substances the scalp and hair follicles of each individual person need.

Some of them nourish the hair roots, others activate the growth of follicles, and others – remove inflammatory processes. Illiterate substances can not only not bring benefits, but also harm the hair.

The following compounds are considered the most popular:

  • Hairloss (biotin, minoxidil, pyridoxine, panthenol, gingko, azelain): helps to eliminate the problem of hair loss and acts as a stimulator of their growth; Mesotherapy for hair - what is it in cosmetology, how is it done, what drugs are used. Photos and reviews
  • Mesopecia (pyridoxine, finasteride, panthenol and biotin): improves the condition of the scalp. Helps in the fight against hereditary alopecia. Follicles, after the received vitamin exposure, pass into the stage of active growth;
  • Andropecia (zinc, biotin, pyridoxine, pantothenic acid): stimulates the growth of new bulbs, improves the condition of the scalp;
  • Keractive : restores blood circulation in the vessels of the scalp, the complex is rich in nutrients and vitamins. It works great in the fight against many types of alopecia (in addition to its hereditary variety), it nourishes the root zone of the follicles with oxygen. Hair becomes noticeably longer in a short period of time;
  • F-HAIR (zinc, hyaluron, magnesium and copper): strengthens hair follicles and accelerates their maturation and development;
  • Meso Hair System (hyaluron, coenzyme and copper peptides): affects the acceleration of hair growth, which have an excellent appearance and strength;
  • Dermaheal HL : it contains about 56 substances, amino acids and multivitamins that actively contribute to the growth of healthy and strong hair. This drug makes it possible to restore the health of the hair as soon as possible: the hair follicles come to life, saturated with nutrients, and the hair itself becomes elastic and becomes healthy. Mesotherapy for hair - what is it in cosmetology, how is it done, what drugs are used. Photos and reviews

In general, all mesotherapy cocktails contain the following substances:

  1. Anesthetics (xylocaine, procaine).
  2. Vascular substances (ginkgo biloba, minoxidil).
  3. Follicle growth stimulants (amino acids, silicon of organic origin).
  4. Antiandrogenic substances (plant compounds, finasteride).
  5. Anti-inflammatory substances (selenium, zinc, biotin and keratin).
  6. Other vitamins and amino acids.

Mesotherapy needles

For mesotherapy, special needles are used, which differ from ordinary ones in their size and diameter. The scalp is a sensitive area, so the craftsmen use the smallest needles to reduce discomfort in patients.

Most often, wizards use these sizes:

  • 32 G – 0/32 inch;
  • 27 G – 1/32 inch;
  • 30 G – 0/32 inch.

A variety of sizes of needles is due to the fact that not every cocktail can be introduced with a device with a small diameter. Therefore, the master independently evaluates the condition and characteristics of the patient’s scalp and makes a decision about the size of the needle for him to use.

All needles that are used in the mesotherapy procedure are treated with diamond, which allows them to be sharpened as accurately and sharply as possible.

In addition, they, even at the manufacturing stage, undergo sterilization with oxygen and ethylene. All this serves as a guarantee of achieving maximum painlessness of the procedure, as well as ease and speed of administration of the drug, without leaving any traces.

Non-injection mesotherapy

Mesotherapy without the use of an injection method of administration is often used for hair. Specially selected preparations actively influence the scalp and contribute to the solution of numerous hair problems. Mesotherapy for hair - what is it in cosmetology, how is it done, what drugs are used. Photos and reviews

Nutrients, in this case, penetrate the skin not through needles, but through microcurrent therapy, ultrasound, gas jets and electromagnetic pulses. Quite often, for this type of exposure, the English BTL No-Needle Mesoterapy apparatus is used. This procedure is quite comfortable, does not cause pain.

As a rule, experts recommend a competent combination of 2 types of mesotherapy, because non-injection does not always give a good effect.

How is the procedure

The mesotherapy procedure is as follows:

  • the master treats the scalp with an antiseptic;
  • the drug is administered at pre-planned points on the scalp;
  • first, injections are given along the hairline, then along the partings, which make a thin comb, throughout the head;
  • if the injections cause severe discomfort, a specialist can add an additional dose of anesthetic to the cocktail;
  • at the time of the injection, the master slightly stretches the skin with his hands, and after it again treats the injection site with an antiseptic. Mesotherapy for hair - what is it in cosmetology, how is it done, what drugs are used. Photos and reviews

The duration of the mesotherapy session is from half an hour to 1 hour. If quality preparations are used for the procedure, which are administered by a qualified specialist, the risk of developing complications is minimized.

Combination with other procedures

Mesotherapy of the scalp can be combined with other cosmetic procedures. It should not be done during the period of treatment with other drugs, as well as within 2-3 weeks after lightening the hair or after perming.

Rehabilitation period

By itself, there is no rehabilitation period after this procedure, but do not neglect these rules:

  • not to combine with other medical procedures;
  • hair washing and bathing within 12 hours after injection is prohibited;
  • prevent sunlight from entering the body as a whole, and the head in particular, within 48
    hours after the procedure;
  • a slight burning sensation and redness of the skin can be observed for another 1-2 days, and small bruises at the injection site can remain in sight for up to 1 week.

How long is the course

Mesotherapy of hair is carried out in courses, the only way to achieve a high-quality result and change the appearance of hair.

On average, the course lasts from 7 to 10 sessions, and each subsequent session is required to be carried out no earlier than 10 days after the previous one.

After that, you need to repeat the procedure once a month to consolidate the effect. The fixing course can be repeated 4 to 6 times.

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Mesotherapy for hair at home: is it possible and how is it carried out

Mesotherapy can be carried out to strengthen hair at home, most importantly, follow the necessary recommendations and carefully follow the instructions. Mesotherapy for hair - what is it in cosmetology, how is it done, what drugs are used. Photos and reviews

Step-by-step instructions for the procedure:

  1. Wash hair and scalp thoroughly.
  2. Dry your hair naturally.
  3. Prepare the mesoscooter by sterilizing it, dry it.
  4. Using alcohol, chlorhexidine or another antiseptic, thoroughly treat the scalp.
  5. Apply the selected vitamin hair shake to the mesoscooter.
  6. You need to start processing from the back of the head:
  • applying the scooter to the skin, slowly move it from the back of the head to the top of the head, not moving to the sides;
  • to process the entire surface of the head in parallel movements;
  • the entire surface of the skin should be covered only 1 time, the movements of the mesoscooter should go strictly in one direction;
  • On procedure 4 or 5, you can try moving the roller in different directions.

After the injections are made, you need to apply a special preparation that comes in the kit (usually minoxidil) to the skin. The mesoscooter needs to be washed thoroughly and completely dried. Wrap the scalp with warm tissue and leave for half an hour. After the procedure, 2 days you need to refrain from visiting the sauna, bath, bath and shampooing.

It is best to conduct a mesotherapy session before going to bed, nutrients during this period are absorbed much better and faster. In this case, wounds from injections will be protected from the smallest droplets of dirt and dust.

What complications may arise

It is best to carry out this procedure in a beauty salon with a specialist who has the appropriate qualifications and has disposable tools on hand.

Otherwise, the risk of such complications is high:

  • the appearance of scratches and small scars if the injections are carried out very quickly;
  • the development of infections if antiseptic measures are not followed;
  • the appearance of headaches, redness at the injection site, if the master uses needles for insulin, and not for meso injections;
  • if technology of injections is violated, hematomas, granulomas can occur, and even the correct process of blood coagulation can be violated.

What can not be done after the procedure

After the procedure, it is very important not to wash your hair for 2 days, to avoid visiting saunas, pools, baths and other public places during this period. In addition, injections should not be made during or before menstruation, when the pain threshold is slightly elevated.

Efficiency and feedback on the procedure

Mesotherapy, carried out to strengthen hair, has its positive aspects , which are reflected in numerous customer reviews:

  • the disappearance of brittleness and lifelessness of hair, they lend themselves perfectly to styling;
  • the hair becomes soft, silky, moisturized;
  • baldness stops in both men and women. Hair grows even where it has already fallen out;
  • the appearance of the hair is transformed – they become healthy and beautiful;
  • hair becomes noticeably thicker;
  • the process of hair loss stops, their active growth begins;
  • the pain experienced during the procedure is worth the result that is achieved after active nutrition of the hair follicles with vitamin formulations.

Mesotherapy performed on the scalp, provided that it was carried out by a specialist, with the necessary skills and compliance with all requirements, can have a tangible beneficial effect on the condition of the hair. After the course of vitamin therapy, you can expect accelerated growth of healthy, strong and beautiful hair, density and volume.

Hair Mesotherapy Video

Mesotherapy for hair in the salon:

Video review of mesotherapy for hair:

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