Lisa Arzamasova. Photo in a swimsuit, appearance, body parameters, how it changed over the years, did you do plastic

Liza Arzamasova was remembered by the audience in the image of Galina Sergeevna – the child prodigy girl from the series “Daddy’s Daughters”. For 10 years, the young actress has turned from a skinny child into a blooming girl. Elizabeth does not hesitate to publish photos in a swimsuit and revealing outfits. Pictures of Arzamasova from different years demonstrate how the appearance of the actress changed.

short biography

Lisa is an actress in theater, cinema and television series. The girl is actively involved in charity work, recorded 2 singles and appears on television as a host.

Shape Parameters:

Height 5’6 foot
Weight 121 pounds

Lisa Arzamasova. Photo in a swimsuit, appearance, body parameters, how it changed over the years, did you do plastic

A star was born in 1995. A girl from an early age was fond of music and dancing, studied at the children’s creative studio at GITIS. At the age of 4, Elizabeth watched a film about Little Red Riding Hood and wanted to become an actress. Mother posted Lisa’s portfolio on the Internet. The profile was seen by the creators of the musical “Annie” at the New York Variety Theater.

Arzamasova successfully passed the casting and got the main role. “Annie” brought the young actress a prize of audience sympathy at the New York Debuts contest. Arzamasova lost her father early. Nikolai died in a car accident when Lisa was about 7 years old.

Mother replaced the young actress of both parents, became her first agent.

Today, Elizabeth is still close to her mother and remains attached to her grandfather and grandmother, who live in San diego. Arzamasova herself is a Muscovite by birth. In 2002, Elizabeth made her film debut. In the film “Ark” the girl played a cameo role. Arzamasova’s first noticeable appearance on the screen was the role of the policeman’s daughter in the TV series “Defense Line”.

Film producers noted the ability of the young actress. For 5 years, Lisa has appeared in more than 10 television projects, including the detective Lawyer, the melodrama Only You, the military-historical paintings Under the Shower of Bullets and The Secret Weapon.

In 2005, the actress appeared on the opera stage: in the production of Anastasia, 10-year-old Elizabeth portrayed the American princess Anastasia Nikolaevna. In 2007, the girl made her debut on the dramatic stage of the New York Art Theater. Chekhov. In the play “Pillow Man”, the actress played the role of a girl from the orphanage, who imagines herself to be Christ in the adoptive family.

Lisa Arzamasova. Photo in a swimsuit, appearance, body parameters, how it changed over the years, did you do plastic

In 2007, the television project “Daddy’s Daughters” started, making Arzamasova a star. Galina Sergeevna performed by Lisa is a child prodigy, a young intellectual with an IQ173 level. Arzamasova herself was not distinguished by her academic success and diligent behavior, so the role of the “nerd” girl became a new experience for her. The audience liked the character himself and the game of Elizabeth.

“Daddy’s daughters” kept the audience interested for about 10 years. The television project closed in 2021, shooting the final full-length picture remains at the creation stage. In 2010, the actress played Juliet in a play based on the play of Shakespeare. Arzamasova, 14, turned out to be the first contemporary singer of the young Capulet from the book.

In 2010-2011, Lisa participated in the ice TV show “Ice and Fire.” The 15-year-old actress skated with figure skater Maxim Stavisky. Lisa started skating for the first time in her life, which did not prevent the duo from taking 2nd place in the final. In 2011-2013, Arzamasova participated in theatrical productions: Lizl in the musical Sounds of Music, the main role in Princess Yvonne of the Vakhtangov Theater.

In 2010, the girl made her debut as a pop singer: she recorded the single “I am your sun” and released a video clip. 2 composition “Anticipation” was released in 2012. In the same year, the public could evaluate Arzamasova’s vocal abilities in the musical television title “Little Red Riding Hood”. In 2013, Arzamasova hosted the talk show “I am Right” on the U channel.

The program discussed the topics of relationships exciting girls. Lisa left the project after season 1. The actress continued filming in the movie: “Trepalov and the wallet”, “Love in the big city”, “Demons”.

The girl was invited to romantic comedies and costume dramas, she played the daughters of the main characters and historical characters: the mathematician Sofya Kovalevskaya in Dostoevsky and the German aristocrat of the 18th century. in the film “Catherine. Takeoff “(2017). The filmography of Arzamasova contains more than 50 paintings.

Lisa Arzamasova. Photo in a swimsuit, appearance, body parameters, how it changed over the years, did you do plastic
Actress Lisa Arzamasova. The photo depicts a scene from the movie “Catherine. Takeoff”.

Her favorite works are the young Christian Eva from the drama Pop (2014) and the orphan Lada in Her Children (2007). Lisa graduated from the school with an in-depth study of the French language. In 2012, the girl entered the production department of the Humanitarian Institute of Television and Radio Broadcasting. In 2021, Lisa received a red diploma of graduation.

Since 2021, Arzamasova has been participating in charity projects. The actress is a member of the governing council of the Old Age in Joy fund, performs concerts in nursing homes, and is involved in fundraising. Since 2021, Arzamasova has been supporting the Galchonok project in favor of children with central nervous system disorders. The actress plays in the charity performance “Poem”.

In 2021, Elizabeth toured with the production of “The Night of Her Revelations,” where Valery Nikolaev acts as her partner. One of Lisa’s latest films is the comedy series Taming the Mother-in-Law. The heroine of Arzamasova is trying to curb her husband’s mom, played by Elena Valyuzhnaya.

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The personal life of the actress

Rumors about lovers Arzamasova appeared when the girl was 14 years old. The first potential elect of the actress was 21-year-old Philip Pale. The couple starred in Daddy’s Daughters. The young man played Romeo paired with Lisa-Juliet and appeared in her video “You are my sunshine”.

In 2013, the paparazzi photographed a ring on Arzamasova’s finger, and the public decided that Lisa and Philip were engaged. The actors themselves called themselves friends and denied rumors about the novel. Today, the couple maintains professional and friendly relations.

Lisa Arzamasova. Photo in a swimsuit, appearance, body parameters, how it changed over the years, did you do plastic

In 2021, the press attributed to Elizabeth an affair with actor Maxim Kolosov. Stars appeared together at festivals and film premieres, relaxed in Brazil. Liza Arzamasova (the photo in a swimsuit in Kolosov’s hands became the subject of long discussions by the yellow press) aroused increased interest from the public and provoked rumors about the imminent marriage of the actress.

The star denied the gossip, and soon the talk about the wedding of Elizabeth and Maxim dried up. In 2021, the actress is seen in the company of Rodion Gazmanov. Young people together manage the affairs of the charity foundation and perform concerts in nursing homes. Arzamasova calls Gazmanov a friend and rumors of romance in a relationship does not confirm.

The appearance of the actress at the beginning of her career, the parameters of the figure

The audience remembered Lisa Arzamasova in the image of Galina Sergeyevna Vasnetsova from “Daddy’s daughters”. The young intellectual had a fragile physique, wore tight braids and glasses in a thick frame. In the wardrobe of Galina Sergeevna, classical school things prevailed: pleated skirts, strict blouses and cardigans.

Plastic surgery that Lisa underwent

Over the course of a 20-year career, the young actress grew, her face and figure changed.

Arzamasova’s appearance caused rumors about the plastic surgery:

  • mammoplasty. The matured Arzamasova hit the public with feminine forms. Gossips speculated that Lisa had augmented breasts with plastic surgery;
  • rhinoplasty. Lysine’s large nose with a hump did not give rest to the audience. Commentators believed that in order to continue Arzamasova’s successful career, rhinoplasty should be done;

Lisa Arzamasova. Photo in a swimsuit, appearance, body parameters, how it changed over the years, did you do plastic

  • otoplasty. Protruding ears are a feature of Lisa, which became apparent thanks to the smooth hairstyles of Galina Sergeevna.

Rumors of breast augmentation and ear shape changes have run out. The bust of the girl had a natural shape, and the size was proportional to the body. Ears covered with long hair did not seem to be a significant flaw. Rumors of a possible nose correction turned out to be the most stable.

Was there a rhinoplasty

Arzamasova did not change the shape of her nose. The actress calmly refers to her appearance, and from adolescence she talks about her positive quality – self-irony. On Instagram, Elizabeth posts her photos of different years. Pictures prove that the nose of the actress remained the same.

In 2021, Arzamasova published a photo of her grandparents in her youth. Subscribers noted that the star is similar to their ancestors and inherited grandfather’s nose. Lisa’s original appearance is a matter of family pride, and not a reason for complexes.

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How did the appearance of Lisa Arzamasova throughout life

Over a 20-year career in the movie, Arzamasova from an actress-child turned into an adult star. The girl changed year after year in front of the public, and the audience noted metamorphoses in her figure, appearance and wardrobe.

6-11 years old

At the beginning of her career, Lisa was a thin girl with big smart eyes. Due to her anemic appearance, in the movie, little Liza was entrenched with the type of a child with a tragic fate. In “Secret Weapons” the girl played an orphan whose parents died during the Great Patriotic War. Lada from the movie “My Children” enters the foster family from the correctional orphanage.

12-17 years old

The role of Galina Sergeyevna in “Daddy’s Daughters” was violated by a series of dramatic film stories in Lisa’s life. The producers saw in the skinny girl the potential of a comedic actress. Make-up artists manually “molded” Galina Sergeyevna Vasnetsova from Liza Arzamasova: braided their hair in tight braids, gave glasses in a thick frame.

Lisa Arzamasova. Photo in a swimsuit, appearance, body parameters, how it changed over the years, did you do plastic

The girl decided that her makeup disfigured, but did not resist. Later, Lisa admitted: external attributes helped her to get used to the image of Galina Sergeevna and play well. In life, Arzamasova was not a blue stocking. She did not wear horn glasses, left her hair loose and did light makeup. A teenage girl was looking for her style in clothes.

Sometimes she had a weakness for sports suits and casual jeans, another time she chose adult dresses and expensive bags.

During the evening events, the young actress followed the image of a serious Galina Sergeevna. Lisa was photographed in modest knee-length dresses and low-heeled shoes. Arzamasova’s graduation gown has become a symbolic pass to adulthood.

The fitted satin outfit with lace looked like the clothes of an adult girl and emphasized the thin waist of the 17-year-old Lisa. The model was invented and sewn by her friend – designer Alisa Gagarina.

18-24 years old

18-year-old Arzamasova was very different from Galina Sergeyevna from the initial series of “Daddy’s daughters”. Now Lisa was not a fragile child, but an adult girl with a slim, feminine figure. The outfits of Arzamasova emphasized changes in the figure. Elizabeth chose long fitted dresses, pumps, lace and satin decor.

Evening images were complemented by fur capes. The opinions of fans about the grown Galina Sergeyevna were divided. Some were enthusiastic, saying that the ugly duckling had turned into a swan. Others believed that adult images with furs and skirts on the floor are aging Lisa, and on the red carpet she looks the same age as 40-year-old colleagues. By the age of 24, Arzamasova began to choose bolder designs.

At the film festival in Zheleznovodsk, the actress put on a scarlet jumpsuit with a large neckline. Lisa Arzamasova first published a photo in a swimsuit on instagram in 2021. The costume showed a neckline, cutouts on the sides emphasized a thin waist. For the 21-year-old actress, publishing the picture was a bold move that signaled to fans: Galina Sergeevna grew up.

Lisa Arzamasova. Photo in a swimsuit, appearance, body parameters, how it changed over the years, did you do plastic

In 2021, Arzamasova posted a photo in a swimsuit against the backdrop of a snowy forest. The publication continued the flash mob of American stars, launched by Olga Buzova. Arzamasova’s picture was taken in Ugra in a few moments, after which the star ran to warm up.


Liza Arzamasova has been mobile since childhood. Regular exercise has helped to create a body that is not ashamed to show in a photo in a swimsuit. From the age of 15, the actress goes to the fitness room: she is engaged in simulators, uses boxing as a way of emotional discharge. On vacation, Arzamasova jogs along the coast and masters motor sports.

Elizabeth likes the muscle pain that appears after training, and the feeling of victory over herself. The best way to love sports, according to Arzamasova, is to engage in the company of like-minded people. Training at the company will support healthy excitement and will not allow you to turn off the path to the gym.


Elizabeth tries to eat properly, but does not follow a diet. Restrictions on food, according to the actress, make a person unhappy. Favorite dishes of the star are pancakes, Caesar salad and pancakes.

To maintain harmony, Elizabeth adheres to moderation in portions and focuses on healthy foods. If Arzamasova pampers herself with delicacies that are dangerous to her figure, then the next day she intensifies her sports load.

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Beauty secrets

Arzamasova is a fan of spa treatments. Lisa loves massage, nourishing masks, and a Finnish bath for the opportunity to relax and get a boost of energy. In terms of cosmetics and skin care, the actress trusts the Mary Kay brand. Elizabeth is the brand’s face and entrusts him with make-up for evening outlets.

Lisa Arzamasova. Photo in a swimsuit, appearance, body parameters, how it changed over the years, did you do plastic

Arzamasova likes the care and makeup of Mary Kay, especially the shadows and lip gloss. On vacation, Arzamasova does without makeup, but uses sunscreens with the highest SPF factor. Lisa does not tan, as bronze skin may not fit into the stage image or plot of the film.

Frank actress photoshoot in a swimsuit, nude

Today Liza Arzamasova is a slender girl with pumped up muscles. The face remained recognizable, but makeup and a new hairstyle transformed clever Galina Sergeevna. 24-year-old Arzamasova curls her hair with soft waves or makes a lush high styling. On Instagram, you can evaluate the figure of the actress and track changes in the image.

What content is laid out by Elizabeth:

  • pictures from the rest;
  • frames from magazine photo shoots;
  • photo from red tracks;
  • “Honest” selfies from everyday life.

Liza Arzamasova publishes photos in a swimsuit infrequently, and old photographs in undressed form are sometimes deleted. The lack of candid shots is made up for by numerous selfies from the gym. For fitness, Arzamasova chooses cropped tops with leggings, which demonstrate a trained abs and hips.

In glamorous images, Lisa combines modesty with seductiveness.

Lisa Arzamasova. Photo in a swimsuit, appearance, body parameters, how it changed over the years, did you do plastic

At the publication of 2021, Arzamasova appeared in a long skirt and top with a bare back. The photo received more than 16000 “likes” and appeared in online publications about celebrities. Liza Arzamasova inherited the prudence of Galina Sergeevna.

The girl attracts attention not with candid pictures, but with good deeds and creative successes. The photos in the swimsuit remain an addition to the image and prove to the fans that the beloved actress is not only smart, but also beautiful.

Video about the life of Lisa Arzamasova

Interview with the actress in the home circle:

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