Lifting stick with collagen Lifting Max Stick for wrinkles. Instructions for use, real reviews, price

Every woman seeks to look young. The Korean anti-wrinkle remedy – Lifting stick with collagen helps in this. Reviews on the drug confirm its effectiveness in the fight against aging.

Description of Lifting Max stick

Lifting Max stick is a preparation created on the basis of natural and plant components. You can use the cream every day. The result is visible almost immediately.

The tool provides the following effect:

  • tightens the skin of the face, making it more elastic;
  • struggling with age-related changes;
  • nourishes and moisturizes cells.

Before the drug became available to the masses, manufacturers carefully checked it. To do this, they chose women 35-40 years of age. After application, almost 70% of women noticed a decrease in facial pigmentation , and 60% noted that most of the wrinkles were smoothed out.

The Korean remedy managed to achieve this result due to the complex effect of the components on the causes of aging.

Lifting stick with collagen Lifting Max Stick for wrinkles. Instructions for use, real reviews, price
Lifting Max Stick – a great tool for tightening the skin and wrinkles

The product has a convenient and ergonomic package in the form of a curved tube, and smells good.


  1. The expense is economical, the cream is not visible on the skin, is quickly absorbed.
  2. Tuba completely repeats the contours of the face due to the unusual configuration, consisting of 4 sides, each has its own number.
  3. The texture of the stick is dense, which makes it possible to rationally use the product.

In order not to get a fake drug when buying, you need to pay attention to the appearance of the package. The original is distinguished by the presence of holographic stickers, the presence of a QR code of the product, and packaging with a golden hue. A tube of original products may not look like a package of glue stick or lipstick.

Principle of operation

According to the reviews of women who used the lifting stick with collagen, it is ideal for tightening the skin of the face without operations and injections. Efficiency lies in the fact that when applied to the skin, a massage is performed that stimulates blood circulation. It is used to rejuvenate the epidermis of the face, decollete, neck and hands.

The range of action of the product is wide:

  • softens, nourishes and moisturizes tissues;
  • stimulates skin cells to produce more collagen and hyaluronic acid;
  • has the effect of gentle massage, which improves blood circulation, restores elasticity, cells are saturated with oxygen;
  • reduces skin pigmentation, visibly brightening it;
  • the lifting effect helps smooth wrinkles, improves tone, sagging and sagging skin disappear;
  • restoration of blood and lymph circulation in the cells of the epidermis. Lifting stick with collagen Lifting Max Stick for wrinkles. Instructions for use, real reviews, price

The effect of the drug is divided into 2 phases. For the first are characteristic :

  • restoration of elasticity and skin tightening;
  • improved complexion;
  • wrinkles are smoothed out;
  • the process of cell regeneration starts.

In the second phase, the drug penetrates into the deep layers of the epidermis, preventing the appearance of new skin imperfections.


The beneficial effect and quick result of the product are due to its composition. It is made from plant components, does not cause irritation and side effects.

What is included in the unique formula:

  1. 17 varieties of peptides. The substance gives the skin youth and radiance. Amino acids contribute to the activation of regeneration processes.
  2. Over 50 organic ingredients. This includes extracts and extracts from plants, oils and minerals. They enrich each cell with essential minerals to prevent aging. Lifting stick with collagen Lifting Max Stick for wrinkles. Instructions for use, real reviews, price
  3. 4 types of collagen. Remove toxins and toxins from the deep layers of the epidermis. Contribute to the improvement of facial contours.
  4. Niacinamide. Vitamin whitens the face, evens out skin tone, eliminates pigmentation. Gently smoothes wrinkles and creases.
  5. Delicate stick. Designed to eliminate “bags” under the eyes, swelling. Used at least once a day.

Indications for use

By age 30, facial skin shows signs of aging. Changes occur slowly and almost imperceptibly. The amount of produced hyaluronic acid and collagen, responsible for the elasticity of the epidermis, begins to decline.

To this are added other factors that inhibit skin health:

  • lack of sleep;
  • unhealthy diet;
  • ecology;
  • bad habits.

All this becomes an impetus for the deterioration of processes in the skin cells:

  • blood circulation decreases;
  • first wrinkles appear; Lifting stick with collagen Lifting Max Stick for wrinkles. Instructions for use, real reviews, price
  • the skin begins to sag;
  • complexion turns gray;
  • outlines lose clarity.

Timely started care will help to maintain the youth of the epidermis longer.

Lifting – a stick with collagen does not have special indications for use. According to reviews and instructions, it can be used to maintain skin tone and to solve visible signs of aging – deep wrinkles. When a feeling of tightness and dryness of the skin, pigmentation, small facial wrinkles appears, you can start using the product to accumulate beneficial substances in the skin.

Advantages Lifting stick with collagen

A lifting stick with collagen (evidence of confirmation of this) wins by many criteria before botox injections and plastic surgery.

The effectiveness of the drug is manifested in the fight against:

  • fine and deep wrinkles;
  • “Bags” under the eyes;
  • general linking of the integument of the face.

For little money, you can independently carry out a safe procedure at home in 5-10 minutes and look at least 5 years younger.

These are not all the advantages of an innovative Korean drug:

  • the effectiveness and safety of the formula;
  • comfort during and after application of the drug;
  • cost-effectiveness in spending;
  • The stick will fit in a woman’s handbag, so you can use it not only at home;
  • superior quality;
  • affordable price;
  • result noticeable from the first applicat
  • hypoallergenic composition;
  • the ability to use as a base for makeup;
  • complex effect on the epidermis of the face;
  • use on any type of skin;
  • hydration and nutrition;
  • prevention of sagging;
  • the effect of a circular tightening without surgical intervention with prolonged use.


Lifting Max stick is easy to use and harmless to the body.

The plant and natural components that make up the drug do not cause:

  • discomfort
  • redness Lifting stick with collagen Lifting Max Stick for wrinkles. Instructions for use, real reviews, price
  • itching
  • burning sensations.

Before buying, it is worth examining the components that make up the product. If you are intolerant of even one ingredient, the use of the drug must be discarded.

In case of damage to the skin, dermatitis and other violations of the integrity of the integument, it is worth stopping the use of Lifting-stick until the tissues heal completely. Women during childbearing and nursing mothers need to consult a doctor before use.

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Cons of funds

Of the disadvantages of the drug Lifting – stick with collagen, several can be distinguished. The product cannot be purchased in pharmacy chains, professional cosmetic boutiques. An order must be made on the manufacturer’s website. The second minus is the opportunity to get a fake instead of the original. To avoid this, do not order a stick on third-party sites.

How to use the complex for wrinkles

The result depends entirely on the correct use of the Lifting Stick. It is convenient and simple to apply. The package contains detailed instructions on how to apply the drug.

A small stick will fit in a handbag, so you can use it not only at home. Before using the product, it is necessary to carry out cleaning procedures. To do this, use a cosmetic cleansing milk, tonic or gel.

Application Procedure:

  1. Stick the stick no more than 0. 2 – 0’4 inch.
  2. Start applying the drug from the neck, moving from bottom to top along the massage lines. The stick needs to be pressed firmly Lifting stick with collagen Lifting Max Stick for wrinkles. Instructions for use, real reviews, price
  3. The application of the product along the lines of the cheeks and chin is also performed along the massage lines.
  4. For skin care on the temples and behind the ears, hold the stick from the inside of the eyebrows to the temporal zone.
  5. For skin around the eyes – walk with the drug from the inner edge of the eye to the outer.

To achieve high effectiveness, the drug is used daily, preferably before bedtime. One course is a month. After this, the skin must be given rest – 2 weeks.

Massage technique using a lifting stick

Using the Lifting Max stick together with the massage will bring the expected effect even faster. For the procedure, apply a special cleansing toner or gel to the skin, apply the Lifting Max stick. Lifting stick with collagen Lifting Max Stick for wrinkles. Instructions for use, real reviews, price

Proceed to the exercises:

  1. Smile broadly, lips folded with the letter “O”. Lifting stick with collagen Lifting Max Stick for wrinkles. Instructions for use, real reviews, priceFingers put on whiskey in the eye area. The skin needs to be pulled a little to straighten small folds around the eyes. The muscles of the cheeks should tighten to the limit. Fix for 5 seconds, relax the muscles.
  2. Smile strongly without opening your teeth. Wrap your arms around your face. Little fingers hold nasolabial folds. With other fingers, pull the crow’s feet lightly around the eyes. Muscle tightly, after 5 seconds to relax the face.
  3. With a smile, without opening your mouth wide, pronounce the letter “A”. Tighten your muscles, relax after 5 seconds.

You need to start with 5 repetitions, then increase the number of repetitions to 15.


  • helps to tighten the muscles of the face;
  • tones up;
  • improves skin elasticity;
  • restore the shape of the face.

In this way, you can remove wrinkles from the forehead and tighten the skin on the cheeks. Classes are held for 10 minutes 3 times a week.

The effect of a facelift in conjunction with the use of a lifting stick will help to achieve another set of exercises:

  1. Take air in your mouth, inflate one cheek. Roll air from one side to the other.
  2. Take air in your mouth, puff out your cheeks, and tighten your lips. Press forefinger on both cheeks at the same time, do not let out air. After 10 seconds, finish.
  3. Stick out your tongue, pull it down a little, say “a,” like at a doctor’s appointment.
  4. Open your mouth, while pushing the lower jaw forward. Move it left, right.

Exercises are light and comfortable in that you can do it without breaking away from household chores.

Monthly Results

Lifting a stick with collagen, which user reviews are positive, from the first application gives a visible effect. When used once, it lasts an average of 8 hours. For maximum results, use the drug for 30 days.

After a course of application, the face looks a decade younger:

  • skin tone evens out;
  • the skin becomes velvety and supple;
  • the oval takes on a clear outline; Lifting stick with collagen Lifting Max Stick for wrinkles. Instructions for use, real reviews, price
  • small wrinkles disappear – “crow’s feet” in the eye area;
  • deep wrinkles are smoothed out, become hardly noticeable;
  • dryness and tightness of the skin disappears;
  • the skin is tightened, as after applying plastic or Botox.

What provides the lifting effect

The lifting effect of the drug is achieved thanks to the unique components that make up its composition:

  1. Argillerin is a low-cost alternative to Botox. It also acts, but has a safe formula. This is a synthetic polypeptide based on 6 amino acids. It is considered harmless, because get the component from the proteins of the nervous tissues of animals.
  2. Argilerin is used as an independent tool and as components in the complex formulation of anti-aging drugs. Used with the onset of initial symptoms of skin aging or after 30 years of age.

Regular application of the substance to problem areas reduces the severity of wrinkles. It relaxes the muscles of the face, due to which the folds are smoothed out. The substance has a soft texture, is well absorbed, does not tighten the integument and does not give the effect of pa
ralysis. To save the result they need to use constantly.

Another component of the drug with the lifting effect is the secret of spider venom.

The main component of this substance is peptides, which include:

  • toxins;
  • proteins;
  • amino acids;
  • saccharides.

In total, the number of biologically active components of spider venom toxins is more than 1000 items. Lifting stick with collagen Lifting Max Stick for wrinkles. Instructions for use, real reviews, price

In small doses, toxins isolated from the secret of spider glands:

  • able to start the regeneration of the skin;
  • have a relaxing effect on the facial muscles;
  • activate metabolic processes in the cells of the epidermis;
  • stimulate additional collagen production.

Penetrating into the deeper layers, this component, which is part of the Lifting Max stick, starts the natural process of rejuvenating the skin of the face. Snake venom in combination with argylerin fixes the result of the drug, keeping it for a longer period.

Unlike analogues and other methods of rejuvenation

The cosmetics industry produces hundreds of anti-aging products. They really make the face a little younger, removing small wrinkles. But not every drug can solve the problem of deep folds.

Dear branded creams are a temporary remedy for rejuvenation. As soon as the drug ceases to be applied to the skin, the effect of it evaporates. This occurs when the components of the creams act only on the upper layers of the epidermis, without penetrating deeper. Natural regeneration mechanisms do not start. Lifting stick with collagen Lifting Max Stick for wrinkles. Instructions for use, real reviews, price

Other creams for youth give an effect only after prolonged exposure to skin cells. The result has to wait up to 6 months, until vitamins and nutrients accumulate in the cells of the epidermis. Sometimes there are no changes in the passage of 6 months, this is due to the fact that the components are not suitable for a specific skin type.

Some women, after numerous unsuccessful attempts to get rid of wrinkles with creams and other products, decide on expensive cosmetic procedures. The most popular of these are butolotoxin injections.

The desire to look younger than his age puts in the background the possible consequences of the procedure, its cost:

  1. Botox injections are painful, and after surgery, the face becomes a puppet – too smooth and taut.
  2. Natural facial expressions are disturbed due to the feeling of freezing.
  3. The shortcomings of the rejuvenation effect are also added to these shortcomings, after a while the expensive procedure must be repeated and again consult a specialist in the cosmetology office.

A lifting stick with collagen (reviews confirm its effectiveness) rejuvenates the skin of the face from the first use, in contrast to the above methods.

The drug provides the following results:

  1. With long-term use, the corrector starts the process of self-rejuvenation of the epidermis at the cellular level. Lifting stick with collagen Lifting Max Stick for wrinkles. Instructions for use, real reviews, price
  2. The composition of plant and hypoallergenic components is not able to cause negative consequences and unnatural facial expressions.
  3. Another advantage compared to other creams – a lifting stick not only rejuvenates, but also nourishes, moisturizes skin cells, which makes it possible to use only one remedy, instead of 2-3.
  4. The price of the drug is low – it is equal to the cost of one procedure in a beauty salon, but does not require the intervention of a cosmetologist, which allows you to use the product at any convenient time.

For these reasons, the drug is widely popular among women – 96% of customers were satisfied with the result of using the corrector.

Another tool of the Korean manufacturer, which is popular among women – Bee-Tox Smoothing Gel Mask. Its composition is based on bee venom toxins. It tones the face and gives freshness to the epidermis. A distinctive feature of this drug from Lifting Max stick is the duration of action on the epidermis, which is only 4-5 hours.

The opinion of experts about the tool

Masters of the cosmetic sphere and dermatology note that the product justifies the expected result in 90% of cases. This is the best alternative to Botox and plastic surgery today. The sooner you begin to maintain a youthful face, the more pronounced the effect will be. After all, after 25 years, the process of collagen production decreases, and after 40 years, it practically stops. Lifting stick with collagen Lifting Max Stick for wrinkles. Instructions for use, real reviews, price

Best of all, the Lifting Max stick helps restore skin tone and rejuvenate your face if you use the product when the primary indications appear – fine wrinkles and the initial stage of skin aging.

The effectiveness of the drug is due to the fact that it produces a complex of actions on the skin:

  • lymphatic drainage;
  • nutrition;
  • massage;
  • recovery;
  • tissue regeneration.

Before use, experienced cosmetologists and dermatologists recommend a test for the manifestation of an allergic reaction to the components of the Lifting Max stick. To do this, the product is applied to the elbow bend from the inside. If after 2-3 hours there is no burning, redness or itching, then the tool is suitable for prolonged use. The procedure is preferably done in the evening.

In pursuit of youth, women’s faces are ready to go for any experiments. You should not choose dangerous surgical intervention, expensive creams or painful techniques.

For rejuvenation, a Lifting stick with collagen is suitable – a drug whose reviews characterize it better than any advertisement. And the result of using the product occurs after 1-2 minutes after application to the integument, it remains with the course application for up to several months.

Wrinkle Treatment Video Lifting Max Stick Collagen Lifting Stick

Features of the application of the Lifting stick with collagen:

Lifting Max Stick for facelift:

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