Laura cream with hyaluronic acid, peptides for the face. Efficiency, reviews of cosmetologists

The modern cosmetic market has a lot of anti-aging products created on the basis of hyaluronic acid. Among a large number of European-made products, products of American brands are also presented. One of the most effective and affordable at the price, not inferior in quality to foreign analogues, is Laura cream from the Evalar cosmetic brand .

What is the uniqueness of the composition of the cream

The composition of the funds is presented:

  • Natural estrogens of wild yam, which help the body produce the hormone of youth.
  • Hyaluronic acid, which nourishes the epidermis, which helps to maintain the elasticity and tone of the skin.
  • Tera-vital substance responsible for muscle tone. With the regular use of cosmetics enriched with tera-vital, the oval of the face improves, the skin becomes more elastic and dense.
  • Peptides and vitamins E and F, responsible for an even complexion.
  • Vitamin E acts as oxidizing agents responsible for skin oxygenation. It enhances protein-fat metabolism, which is important in the regeneration of skin cells. Using peptides reduces the likelihood of sagging skin.
Laura cream with hyaluronic acid, peptides for the face. Efficiency, reviews of cosmetologists
Original cream “Laura” from “Evalar” for the face

The composition of the product allows you to improve the condition of the skin of the face and enrich the skin with useful elements from the inside.

The effect of the cream on the skin

Due to the balanced natural composition of the cream, a good appearance of the skin, its firmness and elasticity are preserved, and such a component as hyaluronic acid helps to maintain and retain moisture, protecting the skin from overdrying and aging.

Laura cream with hyaluronic acid, peptides for the face. Efficiency, reviews of cosmetologists

Using Laura cream everyday will help:

  • make the skin supple and supple;
  • adjust the shape of the face, as with the lifting effect of a tightening;
  • reduce the number of facial wrinkles;
  • create additional moisture to skin cells;
  • improve complexion;
  • strengthen muscles.

Advantages and disadvantages over analogues

Laura cream with hyaluronic acid occupies a worthy place among the anti-aging products of affordable cosmetic manufacturers. According to American cosmetologists, for a month of regular use, significant results can be achieved in improving the condition of the age of the skin.

Laura cream with hyaluronic acid, peptides for the face. Efficiency, reviews of cosmetologists
Results before and after using Laura cream with hyaluronic acid and mesoscooter

Experts identify a number of advantages of the product over analogues:

  • according to the results of dermatological examinations, the cream does not cause allergic reactions and is absolutely safe;
  • the cream has no age divisions, it can be used by all women after 30 years;
  • the composition of the cream is enriched with nutrients and components that help prevent skin aging, enhancing its regenerative properties;
  • the cream contains all the components necessary for a full face care;
  • in addition to the main action, the cream has a therapeutic effect that helps with inflammation and redness of the skin;
  • in comparison with analogues, Laura cream with hyaluronic acid has an affordable price, which ensures its availability to every woman.

Among the shortcomings of the product, such moments as:

  • some substances that make up its composition can provoke an allergic reaction;
  • prolonged use of the cream can lead to a situation where the processes laid down by nature can stop, as a result of which there will either be a dependence on the use of this cosmetic product, or it will stop working at all;
  • The supply of cream to various of USA is limited.

The effectiveness and speed of the tool

According to experts in cosmetology, the use of Laura cream with hyaluronic acid is able to cope with small facial and permanent age wrinkles. However, you should not expect a quick visible effect from its use. The tool is suitable as a preventative, as it has good efficacy and safety for prolonged use.


According to information from the manufacturer, such factors are contraindications for use:

  • it is not recommended to use the tool for individual intolerance of its constituent components;
  • should not use the cream during pregnancy and lactation;
  • it is better to limit the use of the cream in the presence of ulcers or scratches on the face that have not yet healed;
  • It is forbidden to use the cream to people with diseases such as psoriasis and herpes.

From what age to apply

Beauticians note that the cream “Laura” can begin to be used from the age of 25 years. Until this age, signs of skin aging do not yet appear, and it is pointless to use the tool.

Laura cream with hyaluronic acid, peptides for the face. Efficiency, reviews of cosmetologists

There are also features of using the cream at different ages:

  • Up to 40 years, you can use it as a rejuvenating prophylactic, without supplementing it with other cosmetics of similar action.
  • After 50 years, the action of a cream alone will not save the skin from aging, therefore it is necessary to resort to the help of a specialist to select an individual anti-aging cosmetic complex consisting of cosmetics and effective anti-aging procedures.

Mode of application

Laura cream with hyaluronic acid should be used regularly. It can be used not only for facial skin, but also for hands, eyelids and neck, preventing aging. Using the cream is simple, just prepare the skin by washing, and slowly distribute a small amount of the cream in a circular motion over the face until the cream is completely absorbed.

Laura cream with hyaluronic acid, peptides for the face. Efficiency, reviews of cosmetologistsWomen who have already reached 30 years old need to use the cream twice a day – morning and evening. In addition, for a more tangible effect, it is better to take a rejuvenation course in parallel with the help of Laura tablets.

The rules for using the pills are the same for everyone – you need to use them every morning with food. Women who have not reached the age of 30 should use Laura cream once a day as a prophylactic.

How to use the product with a mesoscooter

Laura serum with a m
esoscooter is a unique anti-aging agent
, which, according to experts in the field of cosmetology and dermatology , is not inferior in quality to salon rejuvenation procedures.

The main advantage of the product over others is its affordability and ease of use. The use of a special device – a mesoscooter, contributes to the improved effect of the product on the skin.

Laura cream with hyaluronic acid, peptides for the face. Efficiency, reviews of cosmetologists

The mesoscooter is a small massager with a roller on which a large number of very thin needles are located. A large number of small punctures activates the regeneration of skin cells, which rejuvenates the face in a completely natural way.

The principle of action of the mesoscooter is based on the fact that the needles leave punctures invisible to the naked eye, thereby irritating it and at the same time stimulating metabolic processes in it.

Due to the fact that before this procedure, anti-aging serum is used, and after that any cooling cream is used to remove possible unpleasant sensations arising from the mesoscooter, the substances of these cosmetics do not remain on the surface of the skin, but penetrate into its deeper layers, enriching them with useful substances.

Algorithm for the use of Laura serum using a mesoscooter:

  1. After cleansing the skin of makeup with any cosmetic product appropriate for your skin type, apply a small amount of serum, distributing it with your hands throughout the face;
  2. Next, with the help of a mesoscooter, starting from the forehead, smoothly treat the skin, gradually moving to the center of the face and avoiding the area around the eyes, and without touching the nose;
  3. The entire procedure should be performed in accordance with the massage lines, advancing to the temples, and then, at the very end, treat the neck and chin.

Storage and shelf life

Laura cream with hyaluronic acid is considered suitable for use within 2 years. When storing this product, it is worth remembering that for its preservation a cool place is necessary so that the temperature does not exceed 35,6 – 41°F. Also, in order to avoid accidents, it is better to store the cream in a place that is not accessible to children.

Opinions and reviews of cosmetologists

Most cosmetologists recommend the use of a cream, indicating the safety, effectiveness, quality and cost of the product. The components of the composition of the product are produced in Switzerland.

Given the prevalence of counterfeit products from well-known brands in the American Federation, it is recommended to purchase Evalar funds only in specialized stores and pharmacies.

How to enhance the action of the cream

Specialists in the field of cosmetology believe that it is possible to enhance the effect of the cream, using several means of the cosmetic line “Laura”.

Laura cream with hyaluronic acid, peptides for the face. Efficiency, reviews of cosmetologistsThis can be a balanced use of hyaluronic acid cream and tablets for beauty and youth according to age, or the use of serum with a mesoscooter and tablets. However, before you start using this or that complex, you need to consult a specialist.


There are a lot of cosmetics that are almost similar in effect to the skin cream Laura, all of which are distinguished by price and quality.

Among the most famous and used among women rejuvenation products
based on hyaluronic acid, the most commonly used are:

  • Tablets , which include hyaluronic acid from the Japanese company “KWC” . These funds were developed by the country’s leading pharmacists based on natural components and nutrients necessary for human health.
  • Doppel Herz lifting effect tablets manufactured using German technology. The composition of the product includes folic acid and calcium, which have a beneficial effect not only on the skin, but also on the nails and hair.
  • A complex of creams with the rejuvenation effect from Eveline , which includes cosmetic products targeted at different age groups from 30 to 60 years.
  • Merz Cream Mush , which is distinguished by a very delicate texture and good absorbency. The cream is suitable not only for use as an anti-aging agent, but as a moisturizing face cream that protects the skin from peeling in the cold season.
  • Cream of the Vichy cosmetic brand , which due to its high price, belongs to elite cosmetics and, accordingly, is not available to every woman. Beauticians promise that after a week of using this cream, noticeable results will appear.

Laura cream with hyaluronic acid, peptides for the face. Efficiency, reviews of cosmetologists

Laura cream with hyaluronic acid is an effective anti-aging agent that has a gentle action, so you can use it daily. A series of “Laura” products from “Evalar” is represented by a whole range of anti-aging products, such as anti-aging serum with an applicator, eye cream, face tonic, sunscreens and biological additives for internal use.

Author : Chistyakova Karolina Viktorovna (karmelita)

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