Igora (Igora) hair dye. Color palette, instructions for use, price, reviews

The color palette of Igora hair dye (Igor) is by far one of the most successful in the line of domestic cosmetics, in the manufacture of which High Definition technology is used. Allows her to penetrate the hair as deep as possible and help in creating a reliable fixation.

Features of Igora Professional Hair Dye

After staining, the resulting shades of strands become very saturated and clean. This is achieved thanks to the pigmented variety of the matrix, which covers 100% of the surface of any hair.

The main features of Igora paint are the following advantages:

  • when stained, penetrates deep into the hair and nourishes their structure;
  • neutralizes the negative effects of dyes;
  • the composition contains special protective substances that help prevent burnout during the use of oxidizing agents;
  • the smell is pleasant, similar to fruity.

After painting, the resulting color is able to last more than 60 days. Tinting at this moment has to be applied rarely and only if the roots have grown.

A rich palette of colors, from classic to special series, allows you to choose the best option, in terms of the condition of the hair and the purpose of dyeing.

Paint since its first appearance has undergone changes in terms of composition and shades. Today it is a persistent cosmetic product that also cares and protects from negative influences.

Color palette: blond

Shades of blond have light colors with notes of sparks of incredible sparkling hue. There is an enhanced lightening effect that will appeal to everyone who wants to look stylish. During the dyeing procedure using this palette, additional hair care is required. Igora (Igora) hair dye. Color palette, instructions for use, price, reviews

Blondes, in addition to the standard blonde and with notes of purple and copper shades, are offered the following options:

  • Sandre.
  • Sandre is light.
  • Light in beige.
  • A light version of golden.
  • Sandre, ultra-blond.
  • Very light blond, beige.
  • Special shades.

Igora’s palette is a hair dye that allows variety with the help of mixtons. They will give the paint a slightly different tone. Due to the latest technology, high quality was ensured. As a result, it can be used without fear.

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Light brown

Igora blond includes the following shades:

  • Dark tones of light brown, including natural, sandre, beige, copper extra, chocolate standard and red.
  • Medium shades from natural, up to golden with the inclusion of beige.
  • Light shades, including sandre and sandre in chocolate, beige, with the addition of a gold color.

Each of the shade groups has its own digital designations and the group to which they belong.


Igora red includes such tones as natural, red-extra, red-chocolate, red-violet. Igora (Igora) hair dye. Color palette, instructions for use, price, reviewsThe last two shades are especially well combined on medium-length hair and when cutting under the Bob haircut. Mixing proportions are standard, as is the case for ordinary paints from the collection.


Among the shades of Igor Chocolate, the leading place is occupied by natural, extra-chocolate, chocolate-golden, chocolate-red, chocolate-golden. This is an interesting shade that will appeal to lovers of quality staining.

The black

Unlike other brands, Igora Black has few shades, namely black and black-extra. When mixed with other colors, the black color dilutes and dissolves in those with which they are trying to connect.

How to choose your own perfect color

Igora hair dye, the palette of which is a large number of interesting and high-quality shades, allows everyone to find their ideal color. The choice depends not only on the condition of the hair and color type of appearance, but also on the presence of various allergic reactions or intolerance to the components.

Royal Line

Paint Igor Royal was created for everyone who wants to learn how to professionally dye their hair in their favorite colors. Permanent cream paint will make the maximum impression due to a fully painted gray hair and ultra-durable color. Igora (Igora) hair dye. Color palette, instructions for use, price, reviews

Another important advantage of this paint is its uniform distribution on the surface of any type of hair, even very porous. All samples offered to customers correspond to the available palette.

Compared with the previous generation, the dye has acquired more pure shades, and hair care has become more comfortable. There is a large palette of colors from classic natural tones to exotic combinations.


A rainbow game with contrasts of warm and cold glare allows you to create a metallic effect. An effective formula covers 70% of gray hair and brightens hair in 3 tones.

The Igora professional paint palette has certain proportions for mixing. In this case, the usual mixing ratio is 1 to 1 with the Royal series oil oxidizing agent.

High power browns

The High Power Browns series is the first dye for beautiful brunettes, which is made to the highest standards. It is capable of highlighting up to 4 tones with a natural dark base. Igora (Igora) hair dye. Color palette, instructions for use, price, reviews

Coloring and lightening are achieved in 1 step without preliminary procedures. Gray coverage is 70%. The rich color palette of Igor allows you to recreate very rich shades of both warm and cold types.


Allows you to create pearl effect on light and light brown hair. There are several dozens of shades, including 2 brightening and tinting shades, 2 fashionable and 4 pastel toners. With their help, soft lightening, rich and intense effects, as well as pastel tinting in 3, 5 or 9 tones are obtained.


Very interesting brightening dye. It contains High Definition technology for high-quality lightening, as well as Fiber Bond. The latter protects the hair structure when stained. Igora (Igora) hair dye. Color palette, instructions for use, price, reviews

This dye not only protects the bonds in the hair, but also maintains the strength and flexibility of the hair. It turns out the coldest of all possible shades. Both technologies work for the result, namely the conservation of hair and the creation of an ultracold tone.


The specified palette contains 20 fashionable shades that completely cover the gray hair and renew the hair to a beautiful look. A hair complex containing silyamine and collagen provides the necessary hair care. There is a technology to reduce odor an
d 3 levels of clarification are achieved.

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Nude tons

The color palette has 6 matte beige shades. The main inspiration came from nude cosmetics. The range of shades is multitonal, from blond to intense brunette.

Igora (Igora) hair dye. Color palette, instructions for use, price, reviews
Hair color palette Igor’s piano Nude Tones

Considered suitable for 90% of customers.

Fashion lights

Hair dye provides up to 5 levels of lightening. The unique pigmentation technology makes it possible to obtain bright and saturated colors. Caring paint along with color enhancers, at the end of staining, provide an opportunity for thorough and accurate conditioning and nutrition.

Also, the hair acquires a noble shade and shine, the maximum color intensity is achieved. The shades of Igor’s colors are presented in the range from natural blond to extra-red and copper gold.


The color palette of Igor in this modification is special and allows you to transform the look of your hair and set a new style. It includes a large number of shades that will help the girl look spectacular and irresistible.


This intense dye for tone-on-tone mixing provides a wide selection of shades to realize any colorist thoughts. Characteristic is the absence of ammonia, easy to mix with activator lotion, as well as apply and rinse. Igora (Igora) hair dye. Color palette, instructions for use, price, reviews

Creates even brighter and more saturated colors, evenly dyes hair. As a result, over 70% of unrealistic brilliance. It must be used on dry hair and the proportion for mixing 1 to 2 must be observed. After 20 minutes, use shampoo from the Bonacure Color Save series. Depending on the needs, apply a mask or shampoo.

Color worx

Dyes of this series have saturation and intensity, protect brightness after 20 hair wash procedures. To date, there are 7 shades for application and 1 to dilute colors.

No oxidizing agent needed, direct application. Use should be for blond hair or bleached. Able to create bright and very intense shades. You can adjust, customize or neutralize the corresponding shades.

Vario blond

The color palette – photo (on hair of various types) allows you to confirm the effect of persistent dyeing, reaches 7 levels of lightening. It is a non-volatile powder of blue color intended for bleaching. Igora (Igora) hair dye. Color palette, instructions for use, price, reviews

Fiber Bond’s integrated bonding technology makes bonds directly inside the cortex stronger and prevents significant hair defects. Neutralization occurs at the maximum level, thanks to pigments of the cold type.

Expert mousse

A wide palette of Expert Mousse makes it possible to mix mousses and choose for each their own hair color. With the help of such shades, you can tint your hair, give saturation without regrowth of the roots. The tinting effect may disappear after 8 hair wash.

Due to the natural tone of the hair and enhancing shine, a new haircut can be emphasized. The gray hair is neutralized due to the saturation of the new colors. Unwanted colors can be adjusted, when repainted in dark tones, pre-pigmentation is provided. You can also refresh previously dyed hair. Igora (Igora) hair dye. Color palette, instructions for use, price, reviews

The foam structure is easy to apply and redistributed through the hair. Igora expert mousse tones not only without problems, but also carefully cares for hair due to the corresponding components. The mousse formula contains P Lipid EFA. It is part of the cell-type hair membrane. The corresponding membrane will be stronger, the quality of the hair along with the appearance will become better.

Expert kit

A very interesting shade for any type of hair. There is a leveling of the hair structure, regardless of the degree of porosity. The color is evenly distributed from the roots to the ends of the hair. Additional care is provided by panthenol and hydrolyzed silk protein. A smooth and uniform hair structure is provided. Combing and styling will be easy.

Igora for gray hair

15 shades for gray hair give a guarantee for 100% shading of gray hair. These are shades from light blond to brown-purple. Schwarzkopf hair dye products include herbal ingredients, natural oils, Moringa Oleifera proteins, which have a beneficial effect on the scalp and cuticle. Thanks to this, hydration, nutrition and protection of the hair occurs.

How to mix and apply paint: instructions for use

Instructions for the use of Igor’s paint are quite simple and any girl can master it:

  • Mix Igora Royal Colorist’s Color and Care Developer in a 1 to 1 ratio. Igora (Igora) hair dye. Color palette, instructions for use, price, reviews
    Igora (Igora) hair dye. Color palette, instructions for use, price, reviews
  • Apply lotion from 3 to 12%, which depends on the desired staining result. The starting base should be from level 3 to 8, from dark brown to light blond. If hair coloring with a high percentage of gray hair is required, then use it only with shades numbered 1, 16, 2, 3, 36. When used at home, an ugly and unnatural gray-blue color may appear.

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Cost and reviews online

Igora – paint (reviews report the results of staining) worthy of its value: from $ 7 – $ 20. Most reviews are positive and they reveal the full benefits of using paint. Among the advantages highlight the ease of its application, the ability to penetrate even the most difficult and porous hair.

But it is also noted that dye can adversely affect hair roots and cause allergic reactions. Such problems can be solved if a competent selection of funds is made taking into account all the characteristics
of the body and the wishes of the person who will use the specified paint in the future.

The cosmetic product has a high level of quality, thanks to the components that make up it. Due to the durability and high-quality coloring of all types of hair, Igor is a hair dye (the palette is suitable for women and girls of all ages), which has earned a large number of positive reviews and high awards.

Igora Paint Video

Video review on the paint Schwarzkopf Igora royal:

How does Igora Brown oxidizer work:

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