How to tighten the oval of the face after 35, 40, 50 years: exercises, masks, massager, creams for correction, gymnastics for the face and neck

The level of development of modern plastic surgery allows a person to maintain a young and attractive appearance for a long time. But you can avoid age-related changes without resorting to radical methods: it is enough to regularly perform certain procedures aimed at lifting the face contour.

Exercises can be supplemented by the use of hardware procedures, special cosmetics and massages in various techniques.

Identification of problem areas

Before you begin the exercises, you should identify the problem areas of the face affected by age-related changes.

Depending on the condition of the skin, subcutaneous fat layer and facial muscles, age-related deformation of the face occurs in different ways:

  1. With insufficient moisture and skin tone, a significant number of wrinkles appear, the skin becomes dry and thinned. Due to the good condition of the muscles, the geometry of the face is almost unchanged. How to tighten the oval of the face after 35, 40, 50 years: exercises, masks, massager, creams for correction, gymnastics for the face and neck
  2. With an excess of subcutaneous fat, the facial contour sags, a second chin appears, sagging cheeks, the face becomes puffy and swollen.
  3. The weak tone of the facial muscles and skin contributes to the appearance of enduring symptoms of fatigue, persisting on the face, regardless of the presence of actual fatigue.
  4. Good muscle and skin tone avoids severe deformation of the facial contour. Age-related changes in this case are the appearance of deep nasolabial folds and the appearance of age spots.

The appearance of each problem zone is due to specific reasons, eliminating which, you can return to the face a young and well-groomed look.

The first signs of age-related deformations of the face can be detected after 25 years, so even at this age you should begin to take measures aimed at preserving the tone of muscles and skin.

Rules for performing exercises for the oval of the face

Exercises that prevent aging and aimed at strengthening future problem areas and facial contours are different for different age groups. A set of measures suitable for 40-year-olds is insufficient at the age of 50 and, on the contrary, is excessive for 35-year-olds.

When choosing one or another type of face care, one should take into account not only the age factor, but also the condition of the muscles, skin, and the possible fullness of the face. Only in this case, the measures taken will not harm.

When choosing facial gymnastics for 35 years, you should pay attention to the following exercises:

  • for the neck and chin;
  • for the area around the lips;
  • for the area around the eyes. How to tighten the oval of the face after 35, 40, 50 years: exercises, masks, massager, creams for correction, gymnastics for the face and neck

For exercises that support facial tone at 40, you should pay attention to the following types of gymnastics:

  • for the neck and chin;
  • for cheeks;
  • for the area around the lips;
  • for the area around the eyes.

When performing facial gymnastics at the age of 50, the list of worked out zones is most complete, regular exercise is required:

  • for the neck and chin;
  • for the area around the eyes;
  • for the area around the lips;
  • for cheeks;
  • for the forehead.

Firming face masks

When performing face care procedures at the age of 35, one should remember the basic rule: the effect on the face should not be very aggressive. Massages and yoga for the face will improve blood circulation in problem areas and will contribute to both muscle work and their subsequent relaxation.

When caring for a person at an older age, the following principle should be adhered to: exercises should not be performed more times than indicated. Muscle overstrain threatens to lead to the opposite result and the face will look worse than before gymnastics.

Applying masks will greatly enhance the effect of gymnastics and massage. Self-made cosmetics do not contain chemistry, and the preparation of masks immediately before use allows its natural ingredients to preserve all the substances and vitamins necessary for the lifting effect.

  • A protein-honey mask is prepared from 1 large tablespoons of chopped oatmeal and 1 egg protein, lightly whipped with 0.5 small tablespoons of honey. Flakes will cleanse the skin well, allowing the components of the mask to absorb more intensively, the protein will provide a skin tightening, and honey will prevent it from being overdried by the protein. How to tighten the oval of the face after 35, 40, 50 years: exercises, masks, massager, creams for correction, gymnastics for the face and neck
  • Cucumber-potato mask consists of 1 small tablespoons of grated cucumber, not small graters, 2 small raw potatoes, grated on a small or large grater and 1 small tablespoons of oil (olive or vegetable). Squeeze the vegetables slightly before adding oil and subsequent application to get rid of excess juice. The lifting properties of potato starch and cucumber are complemented by the moisturizing properties of cucumber juice, and the oil protects the skin from dryness.
  • Herbal mask made from infusion of chamomile and calendula. The grass should be brewed according to the instructions on the package and insisted. The use of this infusion is possible not only in the form of a mask. Much more effective will be grass ice cubes, which have a double tightening effect compared to a mask.

Lifting cream

The principle of action of both homemade masks and creams for industrial production is the same: stimulating the skin to produce its own substances that prevent aging and aging: collagen and elastin.

Despite the advertisements of some manufacturers of anti-aging cosmetics, collagen, which is part of creams, is useless, because the skin can not absorb it from the outside. Really effective products containing antioxidants and moisturizing ingredients, since only dehydrated skin can produce elastin and collagen.

  • Origins Plantscription Powerful Lifting Cream has a rich and rich texture, despite which it is perfectly absorbed, leaving the skin smooth and moisturized. A special plant ingredient (evergreen conocarpus) starts the process of intensive production of collagen, skin tissues acquire a noticeable elasticity and firmness. How to tighten the oval of the face after 35, 40, 50 years: exercises, masks, massager, creams for correction, gymnastics for the face and neck
  • Avon Anew Clinical Thermafirm Face Lifting Cream is perfectly absorbed and visibly moisturizes the skin. The natural plant extracts and protein included in the cream have a noticeable tightening effect after a week of daily use. Before applying the product, an allergy test on the wrist should be performed, since there are cases of allergic reactions to the plant components of the cream.
  • The high-tech formu
    la of the Chanel Le Lift Creme anti-aging agent
    allows the antioxidant extracted from the edulis plant to penetrate deep into the skin, toning and restoring its volume to the thinned areas, so that after 2-3 times the application, the lifting effect becomes noticeable.
  • The active ingredients of Decleor Prolagene Lift Lift and Firm Day Cream , L-Proline and Soybean Extract help the skin produce collagen fibers, which contribute to its firmness and elasticity.

Anti-aging lotion

A face oval lift (exercises and massage) will become more effective with sufficient skin hydration.

The principle of action of anti-aging lotions of home or industrial production is to cleanse the skin and rid it of dryness, as well as to combat inflammation and redness on the skin. The use of anti-aging tonics and lotions rather prepares the skin for applying the cream than has a pronounced regenerating effect.

Home Hardware Procedures

A facelift, exercises for which are accompanied by the regular use of special cosmetics, will happen much faster if you carry out home hardware procedures.

The purchase of a special cosmetology device will not greatly affect the home budget, but it will significantly improve the effectiveness of facial care:

  • Darsonval generates a high-frequency current, which, when directly exposed to the skin, significantly improves its condition due to the activation of metabolic processes, acceleration of microcirculation of blood and interstitial fluids. How to tighten the oval of the face after 35, 40, 50 years: exercises, masks, massager, creams for correction, gymnastics for the face and neckThe lifting agents applied before using darsonval better penetrate the skin, and their effect is enhanced. It should be remembered that the effect of current on the surface of wet skin is noticeably stronger and may be accompanied by unpleasant sensations.
  • A mesoscooter, which is a roller with many fine needles, leaving mini-punctures on the surface of the skin. This contributes to better absorption of cosmetics applied before the procedure and enhances their effectiveness.

Gymnastics for the chin

Most exercises to strengthen the chin muscles can be done invisibly to others.

This makes possible their multiple execution during the day:

  1. The most effective and at the same time the simplest exercise to get rid of the second chin begins with a smile. Smiling broadly, you need to press the tip of the tongue as hard as possible on the upper palate behind the front teeth and maintain this position for 5 seconds. You need to do 10 repetitions at a time.
  2. Exercise can be performed while sitting at the table. You should connect the hands, rest your elbows on the table and support your chin with your hands. Then you should try to either open your mouth or lower your head down, putting pressure on your chin with your hands and preventing your mouth from opening or tilting your head. Repeat 5-7 times.

Exercises for oval face from sagging cheeks

When the mandibular muscles weaken, the effect of sagging cheeks occurs, since the muscles and skin under the influence of gravity tend to go down, and the existing muscle tone is not enough to prevent the prolapse.

The trained muscles of the lower jaw will protect the facial contour from sagging:

  1. The exercise is performed in a sitting position with a straight posture and an even head position. The chin should be extended as far forward as possible. Place the lower lip on top of the upper, as if trying to reach the tip of the nose. Hold in this position for 3 seconds, feeling the tension of the muscles. Then you should simultaneously squint your eyes and lift the corner of your mouth alternately on the left, then on the right side of the face. Repeat 5 times on each side of the face. It is recommended that the corners of the eyes and lips be held with the thumb and forefinger of the right or left hand to avoid the formation of additional facial wrinkles.
  2. You need to smile as broadly as possible and try to round your lips (as for pronouncing the letter “O”). Gradually bring the muscles to the limit of tension and hold it for 5 seconds. As in the previous exercise, the corners of the lips and eyes should be held with your fingers. Repeat 5-7 times. How to tighten the oval of the face after 35, 40, 50 years: exercises, masks, massager, creams for correction, gymnastics for the face and neck
  3. You should alternately pronounce the vowel sounds of the alphabet, opening your mouth wide and tightening the muscles of the lower jaw. When pronouncing each sound, fix the position of the mouth for 5 seconds. Repeat all sounds 3 times.

Lip area

A face oval lift (exercises to strengthen various facial muscles) cannot do without strengthening the area around the lips:

  1. As much as possible tensing lips, you need to alternately pronounce the sounds “O” and “U”. The longitude of each sound should be 3-5 seconds, the number of repetitions – 5 for each sound.
  2. Slightly stretch the closed lips and for 5 seconds. press them to the front teeth as hard as possible. It is important that the corners of the lips do not change their position (you can fix them with your index fingers). Run 10 times.
  3. When lowering the corners of the mouth, it is necessary to place the index fingers on top of the nasolabial folds and firmly press the fingers, thus preventing deepening of the folds. Try to stretch your lips in a smile. If done correctly, the muscles around the mouth will be firmly fixed, and only the corners of the lips will move. Perform 7-10 repetitions of 5 seconds.

Nasolabial fold

A combination of special gymnastics with massage and the use of anti-aging cosmetics will help reduce the depth of the nasolabial fold, since the appearance of this problem area is no longer associated with muscle weakening, but rather with thinning of the skin due to facial movements. How to tighten the oval of the face after 35, 40, 50 years: exercises, masks, massager, creams for correction, gymnastics for the face and neck

  1. Place index fingers over nasolabial folds. To inflate the wings of the nose, while not allowing the skin to move under the fingers. Repeat 10 times for 5 seconds.
  2. Grasp your face with your palms so that the little fingers are on top of the nasolabial folds. Squeeze your palms with force, trying to smile at the same time. The pressure of the palms and fingers should be such that, at maximum muscle tension, they should not be allowed to move. Repeat 5-7 times for 5 seconds.

Forehead and eyes

The forehead and the area around the eyes are prone to the formation of a large number of facial wrinkles.

Fighting the notorious “crow’s feet” and eyebrow wrinkles will help timely skin hydration, as well as the following exercises:

  1. To strengthen the upper and lower eyelids, you need to close your eyes and try to keep them closed with maximum eyelid pressure on the eyeball. It is important not to close your eyes, namely to keep them closed. Repeat 5 times for 5 seconds.
  2. To combat wrink
    les on the forehead, you should place your fingers on the superciliary arches, and then pressing with your fingers, as if to move the eyebrows down, while with the muscles, on the contrary, try to raise the eyebrows up (as if surprised at something). Repeat 5-7 times for 5 seconds.

Neck exercises

When sagging skin on the neck, to combat sagging should perform special exercises.

It is important to pay special attention to the correctness of the exercises: if the head is incorrect or the posture is incorrect, exercises to strengthen the neck can be traumatic:

  1. Sit straight. Strongly straining the muscles of the neck, slowly turn the head, first in one direction, then in the other. Make sure that the chin moves all the time in a line parallel to the floor. It is important that when the neck muscles are stressed, the corners of the mouth do not fall. Turning the head in each direction and back should take 10 seconds. Repeat 5 times in each direction. How to tighten the oval of the face after 35, 40, 50 years: exercises, masks, massager, creams for correction, gymnastics for the face and neck
  2. Sit straight. Tilt your head back. Pull the lower lip vertically up. Feeling the tension of the cervical muscles, stay in this position for 5 seconds. Repeat 5 times.

The rules for performing gymnastics to strengthen the facial muscles are the same for all types of exercises:

  • You should start with a small number of repetitions and approaches, subsequently increasing their number by 1.5 times every 10 days.
  • It is not recommended to strain the muscles too much, as this can lead to the opposite effect – instead of a tightened and younger face, the face will become haggard and aged.
  • Only regular exercise will lead to the desired result.

Features gymnastics Carol Maggio

Gymnastics for the face, invented by the American cosmetologist and esthetician Carol Maggio, is aimed at strengthening various groups of facial muscles and is generally very different from traditional complexes of tightening exercises. Gymnastics is based on 14 exercises for different parts of the face: the area around the eyes, cheeks, neck, forehead and even the nose.

One of the exercises is aimed at strengthening the oval of the face as a whole:

  1. Sit upright, observing the posture and the level position of the head.
  2. Open your mouth wide, covering the upper and lower teeth with your lips, overcoming muscle resistance.
    How to tighten the oval of the face after 35, 40, 50 years: exercises, masks, massager, creams for correction, gymnastics for the face and neck
    Exercises from Marol Madoggio for several generations helps to tighten the contour of the face
  3. Press the index finger firmly against the middle of the chin.
  4. Without changing the position of the lips and without removing your finger, try to open and close your mouth.
  5. Perform for 10 seconds. twice a day.

Gymnastics for the neck is recommended to be performed while lying down.

Then the muscles will be sufficiently tense, and the risk of injury will be significantly reduced:

  1. Lie on the floor.
  2. Place the palms on the surface of the neck so that the ends of the fingers are under the ears.
  3. Try to raise your head a few inch above the floor, while resisting your palms.
  4. Perform for 3 seconds. 25 times.

A face oval lift (exercises according to the Carol Maggio technique) should be performed with the abdomen retracted, the maximum tension on the inner surface of the thighs and gluteal muscles, as well as posture. Every tense muscle of the face should be tried to feel: to feel how it tenses and relaxes. The end of the gymnastics is accompanied by pats and vibration of the trained muscles.

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Pressing fingers on certain points of the face can lead to noticeable results. Stimulation of certain energy points should not last longer than 2 minutes, and the total duration of the massage should be 8-10 minutes. How to tighten the oval of the face after 35, 40, 50 years: exercises, masks, massager, creams for correction, gymnastics for the face and neck

  1. A point in the interbrow zone is massaged with the thumbs.
  2. Also, thumbs are massaged at the junction of the wings of the nose and nasolabial folds.
  3. Pressure is placed on the point under the lower lip by the pads of the index fingers.
  4. The middle fingers massage the points located on the temples.
  5. In the end, the points located in the middle of the junction of the auricle and cheek are massaged.

Contrast wash

The elasticity and tone of the skin will be restored with regular contrast washing. Changing the temperature of the water will improve microcirculation inside the cells, as well as increase their immunity.

It is important that the temperature change occurs from warm to cold: water should in no case be hot. Beauticians prohibit washing with hot water due to the poor effect of high temperatures on the condition of the subcutaneous vessels, as well as on the general appearance of the skin as a whole.

Without proper care, the facial muscles tend to become weak and cease to “hold” the contour of the face. However, lifting the oval of the face with the help of exercises, the use of cosmetics, massage will quickly return the tone to muscles and skin, the appearance will improve, the face will shine.

Regular facial care, as well as the systematic performance of special gymnastics, will help to keep youth back.

Video about facelift techniques

How to pump up the cheekbones and tighten the oval of the face:

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