How to remove a breeches on the hips of a girl. Exercises, training complex in the gym

Starting from a very young age, many women have a desire to remove excess fat deposits on their hips in the form of riding breeches. For efficiency it is necessary to understand by what rules this is done.

How to remove breeches: basic rules

To successfully fight for a beautiful figure, you need to understand the cause of the formation of fatty tissue on the hips. Often, the causes are sought in excess nutrition, sedentary work, and inactivity. However, the reasons for the clear localization of fat accumulations in these places are due to a greater extent to genetics.

And the formation of surpluses in strictly defined places is evidence of the manifestation of symptoms of obesity in the gynoid type. This syndrome at a young age in women is approximately 4 times more likely than other types of obesity. After 40 years, the chances of manifesting all types of obesity are compared.

Having found out the true cause of the phenomenon, it is possible to determine the ways in which it can be stopped.

First you need to give up all bad habits, such as smoking, the systematic use of alcohol and sweets. Then you need to draw up a program of action. In most cases, girls resort to low-calorie diets (about 1000 – 1100 Kcal) and high physical exertion.

According to the results of studies of the American Academy of Medical Sciences, such an approach is not only ineffective, but in some cases brings negative results. Only with an integrated and balanced approach to solving the problem can high results be achieved.

It is necessary to determine the body mass index (BMI) and calculate the calorie content of the current (regular) diet. Then you can reduce the calorie content of the diet, taking away from the current as many percent as in absolute terms is BMI. As a rule, the required caloric intake for the period of the fight against jodhpurs is approximately 1600 – 1800 Kcal / day. How to remove a breeches on the hips of a girl. Exercises, training complex in the gym

This is a complete diet for an active lifestyle. As for physical activity, it is best to give the body a stable average load. Fat burning occurs only with prolonged and intensive muscle work. The first place in terms of effectiveness belongs to classic cardio training.

How to remove a breeches on the hips of a girl. Exercises, training complex in the gym

In some cases (when the hips are already wide by nature), it is better to refrain from active cycling exercises so as not to increase the volume of the femoral muscles. Exercises involving short periods of high load inclusion are recommended to be used as auxiliary exercises for general correction of physical activity.

How often do you need to perform exercises to remove the breeches

To remove jodhpurs on the hips with a single diet, even the lowest-calorie one, will not work. The question arises how often and with what intensity to conduct training. In order not to overload the body, it is permissible to conduct 5-6 workouts per week. Within 5 days you need to carry out regular training, and the 6th – swimming.

Distribute the load by day should be evenly based on 2 cardio workouts, 1 – strength and 2 – gymnastic. A diet and training with intense loads will have to endure for at least 3 months. For about this period, changes for the better should occur.

After this period, the intensity of the training can be reduced, leaving one cardio and 2 – to choose from. The diet can also be made more diverse, adhering to calories not higher than 1900 kcal.

Cardio Exercises for the Outer Thigh

Cardio training will help remove the appearance of cellulite on the hips in the form of a breeches.

It is they who most actively influence the results:

  • increase immunity;
  • reduction in cellulite symptoms;
  • weight optimization;
  • blood pressure stabilization;
  • increased stamina;
  • vascular improvement.

When classifying according to the principle of effectiveness, cardio training can be arranged in the following order:

  1. Run It has always been the most affordable and effective form of aerobic exercise. To get a quick and maximum result, you need to forget about self-pity and work at the limit of the possible. In one training session you need to run at least 3 mile. The best option is a “torn run.” The term itself explains that the movement comes with tempo changes. Such a rhythm creates almost ideal conditions for losing weight: during the transition from a slow pace to medium and then to high, the greatest amount of fat is burned. Movement at a high pace – destroys most of all Kcal. It is recommended to have a bracelet to control blood pressure and heart rate. But you can choose the right load pace and feel. For example, the feeling of “cotton legs” signals the achievement of the ultimate strength. You should slow down a little and work on.After a few workouts, the average pace will become familiar.
    How to remove a breeches on the hips of a girl. Exercises, training complex in the gym
    How to remove a breeches on the hips of a girl. Exercises, training complex in the gym
  2. Jump rope . The simplest gymnastic apparatus, but in this case for many it can become the main one. The fact is that of gymnastic exercises for training the hips, various jumping complexes are especially recommended. A jump rope combines jumping equipment and aerobic training. And unlike running, it does not depend on the place of training. The difference in the level of fat burning and the cost of Kcal compared to running is very small.
  3. Swimming . Also occupies a leading position in the processing of fats. However, as a workout, it is available only to those who swim well and quickly. Normal bathing in terms of weight loss is ineffective.
  4. The bike . Compared to running and jumping rope, the efficiency is 50% lower. In addition, it requires space and takes twice as much time. And most importantly, it is available only to those who actually own the shell.
  5. Walking . In terms of simplicity, it takes first place, but in other indicators it is significantly inferior to all previous techniques.

A combination of running, jumping rope and swimming will most effectively help to remove riding breeches on hips and affect health and figure.

Top 6 Proof Hip Ear Exercises

There are many exercise options for training your hips and buttocks. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, with a certain training experience, you can adjust each exercise for yourself and complicate its execution.

Abduction of the leg

Lying with your left side on the rug, put your head on the fist of your bent left hand, put your right palm on the left elbow. With a maximum amplitude, do 20 swings with the right foot. Roll over to the other side and repeat the swing with your left foot. How to remove a breeches on the hips of a girl. Exercises, training complex in the gym

As a complication, you can do the exercise while lying on the fitball.

Exercise is forceful and has nothing to do with burning fat. Therefore, it is used as an exercise that corrects the muscles of the hips an
d buttocks.

Classic forward lunge

From the rack (legs shoulder-width apart) extend one leg forward to the position where the thigh is parallel to the floor, the second leg is stretched back, the knee a few inch from the floor. Then through the starting position, repeat the exercise in a mirror. How to remove a breeches on the hips of a girl. Exercises, training complex in the gym

To increase the load and increase the number of muscles involved, you can do 4 squats without leaving the lunge and turn around in the opposite direction, moving the position of the lunge on the second leg. Repeat squats. The number of repetitions is 15 in each direction.

Plie Squats

The legs are wider than the shoulders, the feet are deployed maximally outward. Squat to the right angle at the knees. Return to starting position. The exercise is performed in 3 sets of 20 times.

Side lunges

The exercise is not a technical difficulty in execution. On the exhale, make a deep lunge to the side while moving the body weight on the leg, which made a lunge. At the same time with a breath, return to the starting position. Repeat lunge the other way. The number of approaches with an interval of 20 seconds. – 3 to 10 lunges in each direction.

The complication of this exercise will help remove the breeches on the hips as follows: from the lunge position, without returning to the starting position and without lifting the body vertically, move the body weight to the other leg. The load in this case, as well as the number of muscles involved, increases by about 50% (depending on the depth of lunges).


Exercise is a continuation of the classic lunges. The technique of movements continues to persist. The difficulty is that when moving it is more difficult to maintain balance. Therefore, the direction of the leg lunging should have a slight deviation from rectilinear movement. How to remove a breeches on the hips of a girl. Exercises, training complex in the gym

She should deviate towards the same foot. To complicate the exercise and the active inclusion of abdominal muscles, it is recommended to include “paradoxical” breathing. It is necessary to take a breath with a step, exhale with a rise, and not vice versa. During the workout, you must do at least 90 steps (45 with each foot).

The side bar is an exercise that is mainly based on statics. Technically, the exercise is a significant challenge for beginners.

Therefore, for its implementation, there are several options for placing the supporting arm:

  • on the elbow;
  • on the brush;
  • both options are on a raised platform.

The supporting arm should always be perpendicular to the floor surface. Beginners are recommended to start with an elevation (bench, chair, better – fitball). Physically, exercising is easier. The starting position is on the side, with a straight hand (or elbow) resting on the floor or elevation, legs are brought together, the body is straight. Lock in position for the available time.

Do the same on the other side. After the exercise began to turn out on an elevation, it is necessary to complicate it with swaying (body deflections) in order to feel the possession of the body. Then add side swings with your feet. And only then – move on to more complex options for this exercise.

Gluteus bridge

The uniqueness of the gluteal bridge lies in the fact that this is the only exercise in which the muscles of the buttocks are loaded not indirectly, but directly. In addition, the muscles of the back and abs are involved. The most interesting thing is that during movements, the back and spine receive indirect massage when moving along the rug. How to remove a breeches on the hips of a girl. Exercises, training complex in the gym

The technique of performance is available to everyone, even a physically unprepared person.

You need to lie on your back, bend your knees at a right angle, arms are extended along the body, palms on the floor. Without tearing the shoulder blades and feet off the mat, raise and lower the buttocks. To increase the effectiveness of the exercise, arms are best folded on the chest. This will exclude their participation in the movements.

Fitball squeeze

Working with a fitball for compression is an intermediate option between a static and strength exercise. You must ride astride the ball, holding it with your inner thighs and knees.

How to remove a breeches on the hips of a girl. Exercises, training complex in the gym

Squeeze the ball with rhythmic movements. The load depends on how much the fitball is inflated. The second version of this exercise: lying on the floor, legs at the knees bent. Grasp the fitball with your ankles and knees and squeeze it rhythmically

Gym Activities

Many girls expect to remove riding breeches on their hips with the help of classes in gyms. The efficiency of fat burning during training on simulators is on average 30-50% lower than with cardio loads. Thus, the effectiveness of training on a treadmill is lower by approximately 22% than that of jogging.

Therefore, when taking emergency measures to combat riding breeches, it is better to use the most effective arsenal of funds. In the gyms there are specific exercises that can be used as an addition to the main workouts.


At the beginning of the article, the reasons for the formation of riding breeches were discussed. The lion’s share here is gynoid obesity. But to combat it, just working with weightings of the lower body is contraindicated. Therefore, exercises with a bar can be recommended only to advanced users of this type of activity.

To work out the hips, it is better to use a dead (or otherwise – Romanian) deadlift. The femoral biceps are involved. Lifting the bar to the level of the belt is a direct grip with straight or slightly bent knees. It is not recommended for women to use a pickup due to the “screw” load on the lower parts of the spine.

Abduction of legs on the block

Leverage in the crossover is used to correct the shape of the buttocks. Having fixed the bracelet on the leg, from a standing position on all fours the leg is maximally bent back and up. It is believed that exercise should be used after knee injuries instead of squats.


This exercise includes muscle areas that do not work under normal conditions. It is not particularly difficult and is accessible to any beginner. First you need to select and set the required weight on the simulator.

How to remove a breeches on the hips of a girl. Exercises, training complex in the gym

Then, sitting maximally powerfully and with high amplitude to part the hips. Fix at the extreme point by 2 counts and slowly bring it back. The number of repetitions is 8 – 10, 3 approach
es per lesson.

Beginner’s Training Plan for the Month

In conclusion, it is necessary to consider in more detail the training planning procedure. The fact is that in relation to women, one must take into account the inadmissibility of training on critical days. Therefore, the monthly work plan for each woman is individual.

A typical mistake when planning in this particular case of riding breeches is a stable increase in training loads in accordance with the time factor. Therefore, as a guide, class planning based on a typical week with distributed workloads is recommended.

The days of the week are given without reference to the calendar, and the breakdown by week is convenient for joining the training process taking into account the menstrual cycle.

How to remove a breeches on the hips of a girl. Exercises, training complex in the gym
There are many ways to remove the breeches on the hips. The most important thing is exercise and body care.

1st week:



1 Cardio training ( 3 mile run)
2 Gymnastics
3 Strength exercises
4 Jump rope (2000 jumps)
5 Swimming
6 Gymnastic exercises
7 Bath wraps

2nd week:

Day of the week Lesson content
1 Cross 4 mile
2 Gymnastic complex
3 Power training
4 Jumping rope (2200 pcs.)
5 Water training
6 Gymnastics
7 Sauna

How to remove a breeches on the hips of a girl. Exercises, training complex in the gym

3rd week:

Days of the week Classes
1 Fast Track 4 mile
2 Gymnastic exercises
3 Power complex
4 Jumping rope (2500 pieces)
5 Swimming
6 Gym workout
7 Bath procedures, wraps

Advanced Monthly Workout Plan

For those who already have significant training experience and have achieved certain successes, the typical routine changes slightly:

1st week: How to remove a breeches on the hips of a girl. Exercises, training complex in the gym

Days of the week Lessons
1  Run 4 – 6 mile
2 Gym
3 Strength exercises
4 Simulators
5 Swimming
6 Gymnastic part
7 Bath, wrap

How to remove a breeches on the hips of a girl. Exercises, training complex in the gym

How to remove a breeches on the hips of a girl. Exercises, training complex in the gym

2nd week:

Day number  activity
1 Cross training + speed
2 Simulators
3 Power training
4 Training sessions
5 Water training
6 Gymnastic exercise group
7 Water treatments

3rd week:



1 Fast Track 6 mile
2 Gymnastic exercises
3 Power complex
4 Cardio workout
5 Swimming
6 Gym workout
7 Bath day

How to remove a breeches on the hips of a girl. Exercises, training complex in the gym

The material devoted to how to remove the phenomenon of cellulite on the hips, which many women call “breeches”, is quite voluminous, but this article is devoted only to the method of approach to combating this phenomenon.

Exercise video for breeches

Simple exercises for weight loss:

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