Facial oils for wrinkles, their properties: olive, linseed, rose hip, castor, peach, camphor, shea, almond, apricot, sea buckthorn, jojoba

Since ancient times, women have used a variety of natural oils in skin care products that have truly incredible miraculous properties. Cosmetic base and essential oils are real “elixirs of youth and beauty.”

The effect of oils on the skin

Oil penetrates the skin and at the cellular level restorative effect on the epidermis. By nourishing the cells, the oil stimulates the production of new ones, which contributes to the renewal of the skin. There is a difference between base (cosmetic) and essential oils.

Base oils are formed by pressing and squeezing fruits, seeds and nuts. They have a mild odor.

These substances:

  • act as an antimicrobial, antiseptic;
  • help the production of hyaluronic acid, elastin and collagen;
  • normalize blood circulation;
  • normalize the work of the sebaceous glands;
  • incorporate the necessary vitamins A, B, E, C, D, F.

The greatest benefit is provided by oil obtained by cold pressing. Such a product better preserves all the beneficial properties. Facial oils for wrinkles, their properties: olive, linseed, rose hip, castor, peach, camphor, shea, almond, apricot, sea buckthorn, jojoba

Essential oils are extracted from fragrant parts of plants: leaves, flowers, peel of fruit, bark, wood and roots. They are a liquid, concentrated mixture. Used in small quantities (1-2 drops) per composition. The combination of cosmetic and essential oils used determines the effect and benefit of the product.

How to choose the right anti-wrinkle oil

By the age of 30, the woman begins to appear the first signs of aging: early wrinkles, dull complexion.

Oil compositions allow you to maintain water-fat balance at an early stage, cleanse the skin of harmful substances, improve complexion.

In the fight against wrinkles, it is important to choose the right oil, taking into account the characteristics of the skin and the problems that need to be solved.

How to apply facial oils

Wrinkle oil for the face is applied undiluted, it is added to the cream, aromatic mixtures, masks are made.

The following steps for applying oil are recommended:

  • the person must be steamed and cleaned of contamination; Facial oils for wrinkles, their properties: olive, linseed, rose hip, castor, peach, camphor, shea, almond, apricot, sea buckthorn, jojoba
  • apply to dry skin with light massage movements;
  • You can cover with a hot towel or just rinse with water after a while.

Before applying, cosmetic oils are recommended to be heated to a comfortable temperature. Apply one oil composition for 2-3 weeks. With a longer reception, the effect of exposure will be reduced.

Olive oil for face health

For the face of wrinkles, olive oil has a wonderful effect – the pride of Greece and the entire Mediterranean. This product is suitable for the care of any skin.


  • fatty acid;
  • vitamins A, E, D, C and K;
  • antioxidants.

It helps:

  • develop your own collagen, maintain skin tone;
  • retain moisture and protect from the negative effects of sunlight;
  • in the treatment of dermatitis.

With olive oil you can make compresses, masks, mix with essential extracts.

Linseed oil

Facial oil for wrinkles, unique in its effect on the body and the saturation with necessary elements, is linseed oil.

It consists of:

  • omega-3, omega-6, omega-9;
  • a large amount of vitamin E and A;
  • thiamine (B1);
  • plant phytohormones (estrogens).

It is used in the care of sensitive skin.

Facial oils for wrinkles, their properties: olive, linseed, rose hip, castor, peach, camphor, shea, almond, apricot, sea buckthorn, jojobaOil is applied through massage lines in certain techniques, thus, you can achieve a tangible effect in smoothing wrinkles and smoothing the tone of the face.

It is combined with oil:

  • olive;
  • apricot;
  • castor;
  • macadamia and argan.

The following aromatic components are suitable:

  • essential oils of lemon, sandalwood, tea tree, and neuroles.

Flaxseed oil undergoes oxidation quickly, it must be stored in the refrigerator for no more than 1 month.


Rosehip oil is extracted from the fruits and seeds of wild roses – rose hips. It is saturated with essential substances and vitamins.

Available in:

  • high content of vitamins C, A and E;
  • acid complex;
  • trace elements – iron, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium and calcium.

Natural antioxidant. Deeply nourishes, refreshes and tone the skin. Delicately caring for the eyelids. It retains moisture, able to cope with fine wrinkles. It has regenerative abilities, prevents acne scarring. Well manifests its properties in combination with aromatic compounds.

Do not use for people with skin prone to the formation of excess fat and rashes.

It goes well with jojoba oil and olive oil. It is used for compresses and facial massage.


Wrinkle oil for the face, extracted from the seeds of a poisonous plant – castor oil, known to everyone since childhood – castor oil. Excellent antibacterial ability combined with a tonic and anti-aging effect. Oil whitens, removes age spots, smoothes shallow wrinkles in the frontal and near the eye. Facial oils for wrinkles, their properties: olive, linseed, rose hip, castor, peach, camphor, shea, almond, apricot, sea buckthorn, jojoba

Suitable for skin prone to excessive dryness.

The composition includes:

  • vitamins A and E;
  • 85% ricinoleic acid, responsible for skin elasticity;
  • antioxidants.


  • reduce dark circles under the eyes;
  • protecting the skin from ultraviolet radiation and other negative factors;
  • moisture retention, maintains firmness and elasticity of the skin.

The substance has a viscous consistency, recommended in combination with lighter, olive or almond oil. Combined with essential compositions – ylang-ylang, carrots, sandalwood, roses.

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Peach oil is extracted from peach kernel.

It contains:

  • acids, the main of which is oleic;
  • vitamins A, P, E, C, B;
  • minerals.

By its texture, peach oil is gentle and freely absorbed by the surface of the skin. Often used undiluted.

Effectively care for aging, mature skin. This product saturates, rejuvenates, makes the surface of the skin more fresh.

Used in the care of lips and nasolabial folds. Eliminates small facial wrinkles. Promotes delicate cleansing of contaminants when removing makeup. It is combined with sesame, olive, oil of wheat germ and jojoba. From essential oils – acts in combination with esters of the citrus family.


Japanese laurel oil or camphor tree has a miraculous effect in the fight against wrinkles. Facial oils for wrinkles, their properties: olive, linseed, rose hip, castor, peach, camphor, shea, almond, apricot, sea buckthorn, jojoba

In this case, there is a clear distinction between base and essential oils. Base oil is a diluted 10% ether in vegetable oil.

Essential concentrate is an extract from the roots and bark of Japanese laurel. It has a characteristic, recognizable smell. The composition of camphor oil is very complex.

It contains:

  • camphor;
  • eucalyptol – a natural septic tank that smoothes fine wrinkles;
  • bisabolol – a substance similar to the action of panthenol, retains moisture.
  • fellandren – contributes to the production of its collagen and elastin;
  • pinene – a resinous substance that evens the porous surface of the skin.

This product is especially suitable for inflamed, oily, skin prone to early wrinkle formation.

It cannot be used undiluted. Camphor tree ether is used in home lotions, creams and masks, by adding 2-3 drops of the product to the base. Base camphor oil (10%) is used for massages and body wraps.

Camphor goes well with wheat germ oil and black cumin. Mixtures of camphor ether, sea buckthorn oil and jojoba are useful for mature skin.

Shea Butter

The most valuable oil that is extracted from the fruit pulp of the Shea tree. Used in cosmetic compositions.

Facial oils for wrinkles, their properties: olive, linseed, rose hip, castor, peach, camphor, shea, almond, apricot, sea buckthorn, jojoba
Shea butter is one of the most effective facial oils for wrinkles.

In its composition has:

  • vitamins A and E;
  • triglycerides (the main sources of energy) make up 80% of the composition.

The oil is universal, suitable for different skin. Moisturizes, smoothes and rejuvenates the face. Penetrating into the deeper layers of the epidermis, it stimulates the production of collagen. Suitable for the delicate area around the eyes. Helps in the treatment of various wounds.

It is a good base for cosmetics. It is combined with essential concentrates: lavender, chamomile, rosemary. Effectively combined with macadamia oil, avocado, almond and jojoba oil.


Almond oil is made from nuts, both sweet and bitter almonds, by cold pressing. Suitable for different skin types. It has a rejuvenating effect, is a natural antioxidant.

In the composition of:

  • all essential vitamins;
  • oleic acid (50%);
  • minerals and salts.

This product not only moisturizes, nourishes and smoothes the skin, it helps cleanse pores from impurities, regulates the functioning of the sebaceous glands, and eliminates various dermatitis. Suitable in the care of the delicate eye area, to prevent the early appearance of wrinkles. Facial oils for wrinkles, their properties: olive, linseed, rose hip, castor, peach, camphor, shea, almond, apricot, sea buckthorn, jojoba

In combination with sandalwood oil, it is used for age bags under the eyes. Apply as a cleanser when removing makeup. It is used in its pure form, added to day and night cream. Almond oil is very light, which prevents the formation of a clogging film on the skin when applied.


Apricot kernel oil is a popular anti-wrinkle treatment.

In its composition:

  • vitamins A, C, B, F;
  • fatty acid;
  • minerals, especially rich in iron and copper.

Light in texture, it refreshes and tones the face, eliminates shallow wrinkles, softens and restores the skin . Used in the care of any skin. Also behind the problem areas of the eyelids and lips. Recommended daily use, including when removing makeup. Facial oils for wrinkles, their properties: olive, linseed, rose hip, castor, peach, camphor, shea, almond, apricot, sea buckthorn, jojoba

It is used in pure form, as part of creams and masks. It is combined with peach, almond, avocado and jojoba oils.

The following aromatic compositions are useful from essential oils:

  • citrus fruits – oil of orange, bergamot, lemon;
  • exotic – sandalwood, ylang-ylang, patchouli;
  • coniferous – juniper and pine.

Sea buckthorn

This sunny berry is truly a storehouse of beneficial properties. Extract oil from the pulp and seeds of sea buckthorn. Sea buckthorn oil is able to cope even with deep wrinkles. Indispensable in the nutrition and saturation of the skin with all the necessary elements. It has regenerative and anti-inflammatory properties. Caring for the skin around the eyes.


  • a large amount of carotene, which gives the berry such a bright color;
  • acids – omega-6 and omega-9;
  • high content of vitamin C (more than in lemon), vitamin E and K.

It is not recommended to use the product in its pure form to eliminate wrinkles.

Frequent use can reduce the properties of the protective layer, which will lead to skin susceptibility to external negative factors. Sea buckthorn oil is used in masks and creams, diluted with other base oils.

Such as:

  • olive;
  • flaxseed;
  • almond;
  • grape seed oil.


One of the most expensive oils. It is superior in composition to most vegetable oils. It is extracted from the nuts of the Simmondsia plant, an evergreen shrub.

It is able to nourish the deeper layers of the skin, transporting the necessary nutrients.


  • Vitamin E
  • amino acids that are similar in structure to collagen;
  • eicosenoic acid – responsible for the restoration of cells;
  • peptides.

This oil is suitable for various skin types. Dry, it moisturizes, relieves irritation and peeling. For oily skin, it will be an excellent anti-inflammatory and smoothing agent. Age-related, it will help to refresh and restore tone, get rid of small wrinkles on the face. Promotes a balanced release of sebum. Facial oils for wrinkles, their properties: olive, linseed, rose hip, castor, peach, camphor, shea, almond, apricot, sea buckthorn, jojoba

To eliminate wrinkles around the eyes, a mask of the following oils will help: jojoba, olive, argan and avocado. Jojoba oil is a powerful antioxidant that has a rejuvenating effect. Daily use is possible when cleaning and removing makeup. Not subject to a strong oxidation process, which allows to extend its shelf life.


Macadamia oil came from faraway Australia. It is obtained from succulent and delicious walnut seeds – kindal. It differs from other base oils in its ability to be quickly absorbed without leaving a greasy film on the face. Delicate and easily distributing, it makes it possible to breathe the skin, filling them with the necessary oxygen.

It acts directly on the skin cell, prevents its aging and the development of wrinkles.

In its composition has:

  • contains the largest amount of palmitic acid;
  • vitamin PP and the whole group B;
  • all types of fatty acids.

It retains its useful properties for a long time. Suitable for all skin types. Beneficial effect on dry, problematic skin. Daily use is recommended for lifting the effect of the area around the eyes. It is used in combination with base oils in cosmetic mixtures, creams and masks.

Grape seed

Grape seed oil is obtained from grape seeds and has been used in skin care since ancient times. Facial oils for wrinkles, their properties: olive, linseed, rose hip, castor, peach, camphor, shea, almond, apricot, sea buckthorn, jojoba

In the composition of the oil:

  • fatty acids, contains up to 70% omega-6;
  • vitamins A, E, C, PP;
  • trace elements, volatile, tannins, rich in phenols and steroids;
  • antioxidants.

Antioxidant properties in the composition, contribute to the production of collagen, which allows you to restore skin elasticity. It is applied in pure form. Combined with jojoba oil and lavender, rosemary and sandalwood essential oils, it is an excellent restorative and cleanser for aging skin.

It has regenerative and anti-inflammatory properties, helps to remove the stratum corneum of the epidermis.

Protects from ultraviolet radiation.
It is used as the main component for masks, scrubs and creams for skin care of various types.

Wheat germ

The seedling oil contains a powerful bioactive resource that gives strength to the plant during the growth period. It is this energy mixture that becomes indispensable for maintaining youthful skin. The process of extracting this product is quite time-consuming and its price is not cheap. Facial oils for wrinkles, their properties: olive, linseed, rose hip, castor, peach, camphor, shea, almond, apricot, sea buckthorn, jojoba

The oil contains:

  • vitamins A, E, PP, F and a group of vitamins B;
  • trace elements – iron, selenium and zinc;
  • antioxidants;
  • fatty acid.

By its texture, wheat germ oil is heavy and should be used in small quantities, along with other cosmetics.

It is used in combination with oils:

  • apricot;
  • peach;
  • olive;
  • grape seed.

Aromatic mixtures of oils and wheat germ oil give excellent results in maintaining youthful skin. If you mix the product with esters of mint, orange, sandalwood and apply to the face in the form of compresses, wrinkles will become less noticeable.

Wheat seed oil has a beneficial effect on aging skin, tones, cleanses it, removes toxins, tightens the oval of the face, making the skin more elastic. The product is suitable for normal to dry, sensitive skin. Protects from ultraviolet radiation.


Oil, the home flower of pink or lemon geranium, is a great way to fight wrinkles. This substance is extracted from the petals, stems and leaves of flowering geraniums. It is an essential concentrate. It is well diluted in all base oils and combines with other essential oils. Facial oils for wrinkles, their properties: olive, linseed, rose hip, castor, peach, camphor, shea, almond, apricot, sea buckthorn, jojoba

The composition of geranium oil contains about 100 healing components, the most important for the skin are:

  • Vitamin E
  • terpene alcohols with antiseptic properties.

The essential composition of geranium is suitable for any type of skin. It nourishes dry skin. Normalizes the work of sebaceous glands in oily skin type.

Geranium oil acts comprehensively. Tones up, relieves swelling, eliminates inflammation, refreshes the face, smoothes early wrinkles.

Like any ether concentrate, it is used in small quantities.

It works well on aging skin as a part of lotions, creams, and cosmetic ice. The anti-aging effect is in combination with shea butter, jojoba, avocado and macadamia oils, with the addition of rose oil.

Essential oils

Essential oils complement cosmetic and enhance their effect on problem areas of the face. The organic compounds present in the esters penetrate deep into the layers of the skin, nourish the necessary components, improving the quality and color of the skin, fighting the signs of aging. They are used in creams, lotions, and aromatic compositions.

The most popular essential concentrates used against wrinkles:

  • citrus fruits – orange, bergamot, lemon;
  • herbal – mint, rosemary, sage;
  • coniferous – pine, cedar, juniper;
  • floral – geranium, chamomile, lavender;
  • spicy – ginger, cinnamon;
  • Exotic – patchouli, ylan-ylang, sandalwood.

The most popular essential oils:

  1. Tea tree oil is an extract from the leaves of a shrub of the myrtle family, native to Australia. It contains about 40 biologically active substances. A particularly important quality is its ability to kill microorganisms (fungi, bacteria, viruses). Recommended for oily skin. Effectively cleanses, tones the skin. Useful properties when heated disappear. Combined with rosewood oil, bergamot, cinnamon, sandalwood, rosemary, geranium and lavender. Frequent use is not recommended.
  2. Rosemary oil – is made from the flowering part of the medicinal rosemary shrub – “heart grass”. It contains camphor, esters. Indicated for use in oily skin care. It has bactericidal properties. The smell is pungent, mixed with: lavender oil, patchouli, cypress, orange and geranium oil. These compositions in a mixture have a tonic and anti-aging effect.
  3. Peppermint oil is an ether that is extracted from the flowers of peppermint and its leaves. It contains menthol, contains molecules that affect the nervous system. Promotes skin tone and elasticity, evens out tone, smoothes wrinkles. Particularly suitable
    for oily, mature skin. The smell is strong, mix with light aromas. Facial oils for wrinkles, their properties: olive, linseed, rose hip, castor, peach, camphor, shea, almond, apricot, sea buckthorn, jojoba
  4. Juniper oil – extracted from berries, needles and wood of coniferous undersized shrubs. Contains: ascorbic acid, organic acids, trace elements. It has strong phytoncide abilities. A panacea for many diseases, including skin. Promotes cell regeneration, eliminates sagging, poor complexion, is an antiseptic. It tones and smoothes the skin well. Suitable for skin of any type. It is combined with orange, bergamot, grapefruit, sandalwood ether.
  5. Sandalwood oil – is an active biological substance. Obtained by distillation of sandalwood shavings. The age of the tree must be at least 30 years. Composition: 90% substance santalol. It has a pronounced aroma. It can have antiseptic, bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effects. Suitable for skin care in the eye area. Nourishes dry, sensitive skin, cope with fine wrinkles. Whitens, moisturizes the skin. Regenerates cells.

The spectrum of the variety of oils and their combination, for effective action on aging skin, is wide. You should adhere to the safety rules for the use of substances – no more than 2-3 drops per composition. Also, do not abuse the amount of mixed esters. In the mixture there should be no more than 5.

Mask with aloe juice

The anti-aging effect has aloe juice on the face and eye area. At the same time, this plant will help to cope with most age-related skin problems. The skin is smoothed, tightened, acquires a smooth and radiant color. Aloe juice can be used immediately by cutting the plant leaf in half and spreading the face with pulp juice. You can make a mask. Facial oils for wrinkles, their properties: olive, linseed, rose hip, castor, peach, camphor, shea, almond, apricot, sea buckthorn, jojoba

To do this, you must first prepare the leaves. Cut, rinse with water, dry and refrigerate for 7 to 12 days. Thus, activating all the beneficial properties of the plant. Cosmetic oil, sour cream, cream, honey can act as a basis. The main biologically active raw material will be aloe juice.

Squeezed aloe juice – 1 tablespoon., 1 teaspoons. olive oil and 1 tablespoon mix honey. Apply to the cleansed face with a thin layer. The exposure time is 20 minutes Remove residues with water.

Eye mask

Peach, olive or almond oil can be used as the basis for the mask. 1 tablespoon base oil, 1 potato, 1 drop of peppermint ether. Grate the potatoes and combine with other ingredients. To mix everything. The mixture is carefully distributed on the eye area. The exposure time is 15 minutes Wash your face.

Eyelid compress

A warm compress for the eyelids will help the eyes relax, soften the skin, increase blood flow, eliminate swelling and circles under the eyes. A cool compress with the addition of essential oils will help restore skin tone and elasticity. Contrast compress prevents lethargy and sagging skin. Facial oils for wrinkles, their properties: olive, linseed, rose hip, castor, peach, camphor, shea, almond, apricot, sea buckthorn, jojoba

A warm compress is made on the basis of a mixture of oils. A cotton swab dipped in a solution of 1 teaspoons is applied to the skin of the eyelids. warm peach oil and olives, with the addition of a couple drops of ether of the citrus family. The exposure time is up to 30 minutes. An oil compress will make the skin softer and more well-groomed.

Cool compress – dissolve 10 drops of mint concentrate in 1,69 fluid ounce of water with a temperature of 18 degrees. Moisten a tissue with this solution, apply to eye area. The exposure time is not more than 10 minutes.

Mask with essential oils for wrinkles around the eyes

The following mask can be made with essential oils. Composition of oils: 0,68 fluid ounce of rosehip oil, 0,34 fluid ounce of jojoba, 3 drops of lavender, jasmine and rosemary esters. The mixture is distributed on the eyelids and under the eyes. After a quarter of an hour, gently remove with a towel.

Anti-aging mask

Nourishing and anti-aging mask for all skin types: stir until smooth: 2 tablespoon. cottage cheese, 2 teaspoons linseed oil. Cover your face evenly. Hold for 15 minutes. Wash off with water.

Tonic mask

The mask acts quickly, tones, removes traces of fatigue. 1 teaspoons honey, 1 teaspoons fat cream or sour cream, 0,34 fluid ounce of almond oil, 2 drops of peppermint, juniper and orange oil. For greater viscosity, slightly heat the honey and oil, mix with cream, add the remaining ingredients. Apply the composition in a thin layer for half an hour. Wash off with water.

Essential Anti-Aging Mask

A good effect is given by a rejuvenating mask with clay and essential oils: mix 1 tablespoon. clay (green or blue), 2 tablespoon. grapefruit juice, 1 egg white, 3 drops of sweet orange ether, 1 drop of rosemary and lavender. Spread the mixture evenly on the face. The exposure time is 15 minutes Rinse with water.

Anti-aging cream with a soothing effect

The basis for the cream can serve as glycerin, petroleum jelly, beeswax, cream, baby cream. The composition of the anti-aging cream: beeswax, previously melted in a water bath -10 g, warm glycerin – 10 g, boiled water – 0,68 fluid ounce, olive oil 0,85 fluid ounce. Facial oils for wrinkles, their properties: olive, linseed, rose hip, castor, peach, camphor, shea, almond, apricot, sea buckthorn, jojoba

Boil the composition for 1 hour. After cooling, beat until smooth with the addition of rose ester. Store in a sterilized jar.

Composition for removing deep facial wrinkles

When deep and noticeable wrinkles appear, the following composition is recommended : mix equal amounts of jojoba oil, avocado, wheat seedlings, add a couple of drops of lavender, sandalwood and 4 drops of rose.

The mixture is applied in the direction of the massage lines, on areas with the deepest wrinkles. After 30 minutes, dab the excess with a tissue.

Composition for eliminating fine lines of wrinkles

To eliminate fine lines of wrinkles, you can use the following aromatic composition: 0,17 fluid ounce of macadamia oil, 5 drops of vitamin E in a capsule are taken as a base, mixed with 3 drops of orange, 2 drops of rosemary, lavender, lemon and 1 drop of neroli oil. Store this mixture in a dark glass bottle. Apply a thin layer every evening on the area of fine wrinkles.

The composition for smoothing wrinkles

To smooth wrinkles, you can mix together: olive, grape and apricot kernel oil, heated in a water bath, add 2 drops of oil: geranium, rosemary, patchouli and sandalwood. Apply in a thin layer.

How to store oils

Using oils as active cosmetic additives, do not forget the rules for storing the product and follow the instructions on the label.

Keep in mind:

  • high-quality and natural oils cannot be cheap;
  • must be sold at specialized points and pharmacies;
  • must have a specified shelf life, for some oils it does not exceed 1 month (linseed oil);
  • stored in dark, glass, t
    ightly corked bottles, in an upright position; Facial oils for wrinkles, their properties: olive, linseed, rose hip, castor, peach, camphor, shea, almond, apricot, sea buckthorn, jojoba
  • storage temperature 23°F to 77°F, with the exception of citrus and coniferous esters;
  • the temperature should not be sharply cool or sharply warm;
  • Essential oils have a longer shelf life than base oils.

Wrinkle oil can make a miracle in the struggle of women to maintain the health and beauty of their skin. A person is not able to stop the aging process, but in his hands there is a natural treasure with precious gifts that can prolong the youthfulness of the skin.

Wrinkle Facial Oil Video

Rules and tips for using face oil:

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